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on January 30, 2017
In my “retirement” after 30 years as a field artilleryman with 13 years overseas including a combat tour in Vietnam followed by 13 years as a high school history teacher, I have become addicted to apocalyptic novels. The first novel in this series, “Trudge,” so totally hooked me on the series that I bought the remainder on the volumes. I found “A Pound of Flesh,” book four in the series, to be better than “Soldier On” or “In Harm’s Way.”
The author unknowingly foreshowed our new president (Donald Trump) in the statement: “…the major downfall was that no one was brave enough to intervene when he went on a rampage.”
The character, Mike Desantos, exemplified true American heroism, and I mourned his loss.
The author stretched reality when he wrote that the Army dropped the Oakland Bay bridge. It would never happen.
Brook, Cade’s wife and a nurse, was unrealistically out of line on several occasions.
The author effectively used references to old movies and TV shows to personify situations, such as Morgan Freeman driving Miss Daisy, the Night Stalker, Deliverance.
The author overstated the effects of a five-kiloton bomb.
The author overused old and incorrect sayings such as “What does not kill us only makes us stronger” and “terminate with extreme prejudice.”
Reference to “the farm” at Camp Peary brought back some not so fond memories.
Cade’s ritualistic murder of Francis / Pug was over the top.
The author incessantly had soldiers using “Copy that.” “Copy that” is cop talk. Soldiers would say “roger” or “wilco.” My head was about to explode on occasion due to such radio talk.
The novel ended on a slightly hopeful note for the sharp-eyed reader, and I am anxious to read the next in the series to see how Cade and his comrades cope with what appears to be a hopeless situation.
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on July 14, 2014
Another good one from Chesser.

Cade is still reeling from having to kill his best friend and teammate Gen. Mike Desantos after Desantos was bitten by a walker.

They made it back to base only to discover that Fuentes, Hansen and the anti serum had been destroyed in a fire sealing Desantos's fate.

Pug got into the base and was supposed to kill the POTUS but went off the rails, killed Fuentes and the others, and was caught. Unknown to anyone on the base there is another agent of Christians on site. This guy will cause more death and destruction at the base

Daymon is in Jackson Hole. He's been designated as an "essential". Daymon is a BLM firefighter hence his essential status. He's granted that status by the Police Chief Jenkins. A Jenkins who's forced into helping Christians NA.

Daymon is looking for Heidi and what he's found is hundred of folks sacrificed on crosses. Christian is ruling with an iron hand in Jackson Hole. Ian Bishop is his head of security and killing the locals as well as the walkers has become the norm.

Bishop is getting sick of Christian though and beginning to think he needs to leave.

Cade, Tice, Maddox, Hicks and Lopez are headed to Jackson Hole to kidnap Christian. Along the way they pick up Daymon and head for the House.

So begins another great read.

This one has Cade, Daymon, Tice, Maddox, Lopez, Hicks, Raven, Brook, murder, death, the walkers, a raid in Jackson Hole, the escape of Ian Bishop, a man named Elvis, loads of walkers and one great read.

Five Stars and then some.
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on February 27, 2014
First I have to say that Shawn is very active AND interactive with his fans on Facebook. It's nothing for him to comment back to you or drop something in your inbox (which surprised the hell out of me).

Take the time to read this series. It's full of characters who are fully fleshed out and diverse in ethnicity, gender and skills. The Z's are a pain to deal with, but the real monsters are the bad guys they have to deal with. I'm talking James Bond villain levels. The kind of bad guys you really want to catch and throw in a pool full of crocs AND sharks because they're such bastards and deserve it times 10!
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on April 10, 2016
This is one of my favorite books so far, with everything happening like the fires & 2 hordes traveling toward the Camp they're staying at you'd think Cade would take his family & find a safer place, if there even is one. But this book brings back some old friends & even though some pretty bad things have happened at the camp so far, everyone does their best to make it their home.
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on March 20, 2013
Shawn's series is outstanding. If you've been along for the ride since "Trudge", you know just what I mean. The characters are loveable, and interesting, the action is rock & roll and some of the scenes are on the edge heartbreaking cool, and yeah, you'll find a lot to laugh at as well. Grizzly, twisted horror, and light hearted humor all make for a great mix of entertaining storytelling and yeah, a fun read, that makes you seriously anticipate the next chapter in this page turning series of books. I understand that the next one is coming out soon, and can't wait to see what happens next. Just wish i could write this well. If you are a ZPA fan, this is like candy, you will only want more, once you get started.
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on December 8, 2012
Shawn Chesser does not disappoint in the latest installment of his 'Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse' series. Lots of gore, bad guys, and heroes abound. This series is at the top of my Must Read list, and whether you're a fan of zombies, post-apocalyptic fiction, or just a damn good story in general, you must pick up this book! Shawn does an excellent job of moving the story along at a breathless pace, with vivid descriptions (without too much of the weapons over load that you get in some Zombie fiction), characters that are multi dimensional and believable, heroes that are as bad ass as they come, and zombies, zombies, zombies! He has a knack for blending a great story, the right amount of character development, and a scare the hell out of you plot that actually goes somewhere! Be prepared to read this one through, because stopping is not an option!
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on June 19, 2017
Cade's story is such a great one. This whole aeries is a thrill ride. Multiple characters that you care about and can't wait to see what happens next
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on December 11, 2012
I have to be honest when I first saw this series on Amazon, I just kept going. Why you may ask? I fell to one of life's classic errors; I judged a book by its cover. The lurking zombie on the cover was a real turn off; I felt it made the book look like a cheap horror novel. Thank goodness I got past the cover and eventually purchased the book. With my prejudicial view of the cover I denied myself a great book and the beginning of a wonderful series. Now I have confessed and cleared my conscience of ignorance.

In this fourth installment of STZA Chesser takes his story to a new level. He has turned the characters loose on the world and they have no regrets. His main character, Cade, has grown with each book and in this one, he realizes just what it is going to take and save his family in this world. The lose he suffers in book three help catalyze his change and is a great new direction for the character. Brook, his wife, is still conflicted within herself over wanting to be more active with defense or staying closer and protecting her daughter. The supporting cast from the book gets enough page time to keep them involved in the story and keeps the flow of a non-military perspective going with a hint of their roles later on in the series. The book moves along at a fast pace with lots of action and intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chesser has done a marvelous job not only of making the story flow, but he has weaved in other plot lines so subtle that you can see he has lots more of this world to share with us. I look forward to the trip.

Cade's ruthless handling of Francis/Pug puts him in my book as one the "Baddest MFers" in the zombie genre today.
***** End Spoiler******
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on June 2, 2017
I don't know how much these just keep getting better and I'm moving on now to the next book because that cliffhanger- whoa!!!
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on November 25, 2016
There are lots of different baddies in this one. Scary situations and awesome rescues. And not all of the good guys make it home. This series is amazing.
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