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on July 3, 2014
I got this to go into my 1997 F-150. I initially wanted a double din, but when I realized I would have to modify the dash to make a double fit, I opted for a single din instead. I like how it automatically folds away when I shut the truck off. Makes it looks like a piece of junk old radio in there which (hopefully) no one would want to steal.

Interface / Screen
I purposely didn't read the directions for how to use anything (who needs that, anyway?), and it was all pretty easy to figure out. Everything on this unit works pretty well and is easy to figure out. Movies, backup camera, bluetooth, USB... It all works pretty seamlessly and the touchscreen is very responsive. The screen is bright enough, though I wish it had an auto-dimmer for when driving at night. I'd seen others that hook up to the dash lights to do that. I usually close screen to keep the light down at night. There are still control buttons available, so I'm content. There's a bit of glare in direct sunlight that makes it hard to see, but I think that's prob true for most units.

USB drive
The interface for playing music off the USB could be easier. Forward and back are fine, but there's no easy way to scroll through the music. So if you've got a lot loaded in there, it might be hard to get to a specific song. I haven't tried playing off the SD card, but I assume it's the same?

One thing I was disappointed in was the bluetooth for music. Oh, it hooks up easily, works great and voice commands through my iPhone work surprisingly well. But for whatever reason, you lose a bunch of bass. I've got a subwoofer in the truck, and it looses like half it's volume over bluetooth. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, LITTLE CAR STEREO?!?! That being said, bluetooth for calling and other stuff works and sounds great.

The radio picks up signal find on both the AM and PM side, and both sound pretty good.

Backup Camera
I love this. I got the TaoTronics TT-CC22 waterproof camera. Easy to hook up, and the screen switches to it without hesitation. If the screen is closed, it'll pop out automatically. The picture is great, which I'd attribute to both the camera and the screen. My truck is lifted a little, and this makes a HUGE difference. Parallel parking? Backing into a tight spot? Hooking up a trailer? No problem. Yay. Now, whenever I backup in my wife's car, I keep looking for the camera, which isn't there of course. Then I actually have to turn around to see where I'm going. GEEZ. First world problems.

So yeah, I like the thing overall. I almost gave it 3 stars, but then I remembered how little I paid for it! Biggest complaint is the lost bass over bluetooth. Makes it hard to get my hip-hop on. But since I'm some average white guy, I should probably just get over it. Maybe I should listen to country or polka or something.
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on June 3, 2016
The unit functions perfectly and it was relatively easy to install install. it seems to be of high quality workmanship. my beef is primarily with the user interface. and software.

The good
The unit has good power running to the speakers. although I decided to run an amp anyway. The display is crisp and the touchscreen seems accurate.
Movies play well and it has a lot of options for connecting to it (aux, sd, bluetooth, usb)
You cant beat the price for a bluetooth touchscreen (but you get what you pay for)

Here are the downsides.
The unit only has 2 adjustments on its "equalizer," treble and bass. It is not a traditional equalizer. While it does have a few preset modes (rock, poo, classic, etc) none of them sound all that fantastic.

When in bluetooth mode the screen does not display song title... or any information for that matter. It is just a 7" screen with 4 buttons (back, forward, play, stop)
If you wish to adjust the sound, backing out and going to the options menu will halt the music until you go back into bluetooth where, again, you only have 4 buttons.

All in all, I was impressed with the physical unit itself, but extremely underwhelmed with the user interface and features once I powered it up and played with it.
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on May 25, 2016
I am really enjoying this radio. I also installed a backup camera.
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on June 2, 2017
Do not.. I mean do not buy this radio. I've have had two and they both did not work. I called the company that sells them,and was told that there was nothing they could do...
The problem lies in the memory chip of the unit. The time does not set on it. The radio does not memorize the stations,and that is just the start of it.
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on October 19, 2016
Works great, not to bad to install it took about 1 hour took my time. The movies look great in was amazed, the only thing that I didn't like was that it didn't include a microphone to hook on when you get calls. The other thing that I give it 3 star's was because sometimes the screen would act up when I press the open button. Other than that it does the job.
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on April 6, 2014
I've had it for a little over a month. The installation was easy after I purchased a harness kit for my 2002 expedition. With the installation kit, I had to get one with the pocket on top to allow room for the screen to open because of little "lip" on Expedition dash.
Pros: easy install, easy to understand features, Bluetooth works great, good dvd display, adequate inputs, complimentary bag for detachable face, remote control, radio stations easy to set up.
Cons: Display icons look outdated, radio gets really hot to touch, minimal equalizer settings, after three weeks "open" button doesn't always work to roll out screen, remote buttons not efficiently placed and not good to use at night.

I haven't used the SD card feature or the AV-In feature, so can't give feedback on that. Sound is good enough if you just want to listen to your music, but I will probably install some hi's to balance it out.
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on October 7, 2012
When you get a head unit with a motorized screen for 175 bucks from a company called "Power Acoustik", you don't expect much. I'm no audiophile, so as long as I get okay sounding music from a head unit, i'm good with it. I believe it said the retail price was $550 or something like that, and I take that with a big grain of salt (no one would actually buy a "Power Acoustik" head unit for $550, i'm sure). I got it for extremely cheap (for having a motorized screen), and so I expected the quality to be very low as well. Also, apparently some people got faulty units as well, which makes me nervous, like when I play the lottery. You have that feeling like you *hopefully* have a winner, but more than likely not...

When I got the unit and installed it, I was pleasantly shocked. The unit looks pretty good to me. Overall quality of the unit looks as good as any head unit i've had in the past. The screen rolls out quickly, movies look pretty good on it. I put it into an Acura Integra, so the viewing angle is weird because of the dash layout, but I can still see the whole picture perfectly. When you plug a USB drive into the unit, it scans it for videos and plays them automatically, which was pretty cool. it does play xvid and divx encoded avi, checked both of those already. I haven't tried bluetooth yet, so can't comment on that, but i checked out the interface, and the layout looks pretty easy to use. The subwoofer channel (only single/mono RCA out, so if you have your amp set up for dual input you'll need a splitter) works very well. You can change the crossover on the unit easily on the touchscreen or using the included remote, as well as the subwoofer volume level. There's also 3 more sets of pre-outs; front stereo, back stereo, and then front/back dual out. It comes with a nylon bag for the face, and not a case, but I never remove the face anyways (head units are so cheap nowadays that car thieves could make more profit siphoning your gas out than stealing your head unit).

Oh, and to kill that annoying little "safety" feature (the parking brake switch), where the videos will only play while the parking brake is engaged, that was way easily skirted by grounding the parking brake line, unlike other units where you need a completely separate component to "fix" it. I mean, what's the point of having a DVD player in your car if you can't watch movies in traffic?? (just joking, Officer)

And 14 bucks more for a rearview camera (sold separately)? I'm in an integra, so it absolutely is neither needed or really useful, but for 14 bucks, count me in. Not what I bought the unit for, the unit does have inputs for the cam and tail light switch, so i ran the wires but didn't hook up the camera in back yet. I did test it out in the car before putting everything back together, to make sure i get picture, but haven't hooked it to the tail light yet or mounted the camera (license tag mount). If the quality sucks, i'll attribute that to the camera i got (ha 14 bucks, of course it's the camera) and not the head unit.

All in all, i'd buy this thing again, especially for 175 bucks. I've had my share of cheap-ass head units in the past, and while this isn't Kenwood or Clarion or whatever, it doesn't reek of crapola like a Dual, Pyle, or Boss does. If you have had one of those in the past, you'll know the stench of low quality very well. For the price, I seriously doubt you could beat this thing. If you get a working unit, that is, which I did. And i'm happy with it.

P.S. the USB input does not read an iphone... just FYI if you were getting it to try that. it does not work; they'd probably have to pay Apple royalties to have that function (HA just ask Samsung about how that works). I didn't try my iPod yet, but did happen to have my iphone in my pocket so i gave it the ol' college try... You can, however, (supposedly - haven't tried yet) hook up your phone and stream over bluetooth (A2DP). If i ever actually try that, i'll update the review.
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on March 18, 2015
I've had this unit for over 2 years now and it has worked perfectly fine for me. Touch screen is pretty good, Sound quality is excellent (of course with a good amplifier), Video quality is also just awesome. Flipping screen function has never blinked, The only thing i've noticed is that it does not support all types of USBs memories then in this case i switched to a SD Card and now is perfect again. I would definitely recommend it. It's a Master Piece for this price.
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on April 14, 2013
Okay so just so you know.. THIS THING IS AWESOME!

I did the install myself (you can find a mount for this on amazon, and a wiring guide on the internet). it connects with my phone just fine!

all the features work great, I wish I had paid the extra $30 for the built in tv tuner.

Only one problem so far (Ive owned this for a year) the volume control is messed up. So now when I turn it up, it goes down a little sometimes, very werid. I am glad its not the other way around! but totally managable, just have to turn real fast and it goes to where I want it.
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on June 14, 2017
Total garbage, do not buy this!!! It showed up broken, which is awesome once you have your dash pulled apart to find out. Read the reviews.. everyone talks about the massive amount of issues.
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