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on March 7, 2017
I'm loving this book. The first half is a fast read and full of great questions I was able to put to use right away. But then I got to the chapter Take Stock of Your Life and it felt like I got like slapped in the face. They way Andrew wrote out and asked the reader questions regarding his personal mission statements blew me away. Of course I've seen questions similar in the past but somehow in this book they really hit home and there was no way I could continue to read unless I redid my personal mission statement. So I did and now I'm back to the book.

I am also thankful for this question I'll ask my kids every night from now on that I picked up from the book "What made this day more special then any other day in your life" Wow, what a simple powerful question to ask our kids every night. Thanks for the questions. Thanks for the book.
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on March 21, 2017
Power Questions by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas is an excellent book that highlights over 300 essential questions that can lead to deeper meaningful answers. In each short chapter, they highlight a question(s) using their real life professional experiences consulting with hundreds of management teams. They go into detail on 44 of these questions and give a list of 293 more in the back to use in different situations.

Quite often I’ve been on the phone with a CEO or management team and you can sense they want to say more. A simple question the authors talk about which I’d like to use more effectively is “Can you tell me more?” Or when someone is complaining about someone and you need to refocus them on fixing the problem, “What do you wish they would do more of?”

Let me give you an example of a bad question [the authors agree] to ask in a first-time meeting with management:

“What Keeps You Up At Night?”

Early in my investing career I used to ask this question, until one day I asked it to an executive and he replied, “Son, do you expect me to tell you the truth? I don’t even know you”.

He was right. It was a stupid question to ask him, and I immediately took it out of my question set. Don’t expect a personal and real answer from a person you don’t have a personal and real relationship with. “What keeps you up at night?” is an impersonal lazy question to ask someone you barely know.

The first step to asking great questions is listening more and talking less. Power questions can be very potent and influential. Add them to your life.

You will enjoy Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others
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on November 22, 2015
You want to get better at networking or overall hack a way to get to know people better in a short amount of time... so you think, "Oh my! I want to learn to ask better questions." WELL this is the best book I have found so far. It outlines a scenario, tells you what to say and why, and provides a practical scenario. I'm learning so much from this book. Some of the questions I use and it's reassuring, some I can't wait to use. Highly recommend for the business professional seeking solid insights.
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on July 22, 2013
I have read most of the best selling books on sales and business management over the last 30 years. I rank Andrew's book in the top 5. He delivers current strategy clearly and concisely while introducing us to fascinating business people. One of the greatest gifts this book offers is advice on what NOT to do and what doesn't work anymore. His choice of war stories allows us to be a "fly on the wall" during high-level discussions where the conversations tackle some of our most challenging business issues. As he recounts these discussions, he clearly identifies the skills he is using, why he is using them and how they effect the outcomes. I was nearing the end of the book and patting myself on the back for buying it when I turned what I thought was going to be the last page, only to find that Andrew ends the book with an avalanche of more useful information. This book will influence the way I approach everyone I interface with, become required reading for my management team and sales people as well as be my choice for the next book club pick for everyone in the company. Thanks to Andrew for sharing.
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on March 5, 2017
Asking the right questions at the right time can make all the difference in business and in your personal life. The book offers 250+ "power questions", that can be asked during interactions to effectively connect with people and win new business. I have been in sales related occupations for my entire professional career, and in that time I have learned that asking good questions at the right time is essential to success. It has been said that "timing is everything", I verily believe that to excel, more is needed than just asking good questions. I had very high hopes for this book prior to the reading of it and unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the content in this book.
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on November 3, 2014
A inspirational read and fulfilling to use the information. Short chapters 2-3 pages each and rich resource for business and your personal life. Now I'm more about asking questions vs. telling what to do all the time. This book opened my understanding to the point I now relate to my adult son and daughter much better. I now ask them power questions instead of telling them what to do.

This book has helped me with all my relationships. Dating and relating, Power Questions is a must!
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on April 8, 2013
The book powerful questions offers valuable solutions in a professinal setting. Some lead directly to the heart of an issue, some inspire people to talk what's important. They are valuable for anyone who seeks to advance a career, or build strong and deep personal relationp. This book is interesting and easy to read. Andrew introduces every question in a story, beginning with a challenge, moving to a solution, and wrapping up with a "take home question". The author also summarizes the questions up so it will be easy for reviewing.

Why I need questions? I find myself often trapped in this situation, sitting in front of somebody important, and after exchange of greetings, I can't continue the conversation anymore. Particularly so if when the other person is much more experienced or from a different culture/financial background.

Not many people can resist the opportunity to talk about themselves. The questions this book offers go much further beyond "maintaining a professional relationship." They open doors for new relationships. They are inspiring. some of them soul-searching. Overall, this is a valuable book.
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on February 7, 2014
“You’ve heard about people who talk too much. You never heard about a person who listens too much.”

Power Questions is about the productive use of questions in a variety of contexts. Co-authors Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas are experts on client loyalty and fundraising, respectively.

“The need to be heard turns out to be one of the most powerful motivating forces in human nature... There is nothing more potent than these four words: What do you think?”

“If you do all the talking, you learn nothing about the person… You will not build their trust… You will squander an opportunity to build the foundations for a rich, long-term relationship.

Sometimes a question will make the other person stop and think. “Never, ever interrupt a productive silence!”

In sales, intelligent questions are essential. But weak questions can damage credibility. “’What keeps you up at night?’ is a terrible question. First, it’s a shot in the dark… It’s also a question that requires no preparation… Second, if someone doesn’t already know you pretty well, they are probably not going to tell you what is really on their mind… The great salespeople ask indirect questions that show they know their stuff. They say things like... ‘How is your push into Asian markets going to impact your financial controls and risk management requirements?’”

An effective follow-up question could be as simple as, “Really? Can you tell me more?”

“A buyer is created when a clear need is identified, a trusting relationship is established, and the value is demonstrated. The most successful salespeople in the world create these conditions by asking great questions.”

Questions can make meetings more productive. “Start creating a culture of decisiveness.” At the start of each meeting, ask “What is the purpose of this meeting?” or “What decisions do we want to make today?”

Ask questions to resolve complaints or disputes. “When a person is upset… emotions are like facts. People want to be heard and understood. Rational argumentation will not win the day. Worse, it will inflame the tension. When there is a disagreement, your goal is to win the relationship, not the argument! During the first phase of any crisis or problem situation, you must lead with questions. By doing so you will learn essential information and—most importantly—create an ally in solving the problem.”

Leaders can ask empowering questions. “If their employees come up with the answer—if they feel ownership of it—there is a good chance it will bear fruit… Answers make you feel like a leader, but questions create real followers.”

“Good questions challenge your thinking. They reframe and redefine the problem. They throw cold water on our most dearly held assumptions, and force us out of our traditional thinking. They motivate us to learn and discover more.”
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on July 7, 2013
One of the keys to business development and client service is LISTENING. Listening is easy, fun and--most importantly--meaningful to your clients and prospects when the conversation shifts to their critical needs and values. How do you do that? Ask the right questions.

Power Questions enables you to deepen your connections and add substance to your conversations. The book is well written; the back of the book features about 20 pages of great questions, organized by category (e.g., Discussing a Proposal, Getting Feedback about a Professional Relationship, Improve Your Meetings, etc.). This, alone, is well worth the time and money.

I've used the book to build my business and relationships, and it's among my top recommendations for professional service providers.

You can transcend the superficial and ordinary by asking Power Questions. Engaging read & highly recommended.
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on November 4, 2015
Both insightful and easy to digest, the information in this book, could be put to use immediately in the business world. I applied two of the questions to two different work scenarios and they both had favorable outcomes. So if you read a business book, you always need to be able to apply the theories and ideas. With this book you can.
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