Customer Reviews: PowerGen® 9000mAh External Battery Pack High Capacity Power Bank Charger Dual USB output (w/imbedded Micro USB) for Apple and Android Devices
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Th PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack 9000 is an immensely valuable piece of gear that can charge and/or power your various devices that are capable of being powered and charged by USB.

Roughly the size of an iPhone4, it's a little shorter and a little thicker. It has two USB output ports and a permanently attached micro-USB output cable. You are actually able to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously if you wish. One of the USB outputs provides up to 2A (this is shared with the micro-USB output) while the other USB output provides up to .6A. The 2A USB port is designated the "Apple" port but you are certainly able to charge non-Apple devices from this port as well although they may charge at a lower rate. Same can be said for the non-Apple port, you can charge an iPhone from that port but it will charge at a slower rate. If you have an iPhone5, you'll need an Apple Lightning to USB cable.

The PowerGen is chaged via the micro-USB port on the side of the unit. It can be charged via a USB to micro-USB from a laptop or from an AC-USB charger.

The PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack also includes an LED flashlight. Two taps of the on/off button turn the flashlight on or off. Amazingly, the Juice Pack enables the flashlight to last over 400 hours.

In my video I demonstrate the ability to provide power to 3 devices simultaneously; an iPad, iPhone and Kindle. I need to make clear that the Mobile Juice Pack does not have the capacity in this situation to fully charge all those devices. Practically speaking, a fully depleted iPad3 can be charged to about 45% of its full capacity by a fully charged Mobile Juice Pack 9000.

Now that I've been using portable battery packs I can't imagine not having access to one as an emergency power source. I always try to have a fully charged battery pack with me, either in my vehicle, or in my laptop case. It's very useful and gives greatly extended run-time for my iPhone, particularly when I'm using the GPS which tends to drain the built-in iPhone battery rather quickly.

There is not much I don't like about this. However I do have a minor quibble. it is a slight nuisance that there is no carry bag for the battery pack, nor is there an easy way to carry the tips.

It is a huge advantage to have the built-in micro USB cable since many devices use micro-USB now and that means you don't have to worry about carrying any extra tips with you. And of course you can always buy an addition micro-USB to whatever adapter to enable you to carry just a single additional plug with you.

You should expect the battery pack to have a lifetime of at least 500 charge cycles. The 1-year warranty provides assurance that this will last and my experience with other PowerGen products has been very positive.

PowerGen provided me with a sample for review.
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This is a great product for anyone who travels or works long days. This powerful battery pack can charge your smart phone or extend the use of your smart tablet. It is beautifully designed, small and portable. It uses three top of the line Samsung 18650 power cells which will provide years of recharging capability, up to 500 plus times. These are the same style of batteries used in many portable computer battery packs.

What I like is that the unit is priced well and it is so small and portable but can really carry a lot of power. It easily fits into your purse, briefcase or pocket. You could recharge most smart phones from 3.5 and up to 4.5 times with this power cell. It features a built in Micro USB cable and connector for your android style devices. I have included a video of this review and I hope it is helpful to you.

The output current to charge your devices is limited to 2 Ampere on port 1 and 0.6 ampere on port 2. It also has a built in micro USB cable and adapter that shares its power with port 1. Please remember that after you connect your device to press the power pack's "On" button one time to start the charging. Make sure to take note that your electronic device indicates that it is charging. The blue LEDs on the front that flash when the unit is charging or stay on to indicate the battery charge level are bright. If you charge it in your bedroom turn the LEDs side down to cover them up at night as to not light up the ceiling of the bedroom, especially when they were flashing. (Very distracting) Each LED represents a 25% level of battery charge.

PowerGen included accessories:
* 6 adapter connectors for most phones. You may have to use your own cable on some devices.
* 2 USB cables 7 inches and 27 inches in length
* Instruction manual
* 1 year warranty

PowerGen Main Features:
* 9000 mAh capacity
* The unit is compact and beautifully designed and weighs in at 7 1/8ounces.
* Highly attractive design
* It features a Dual USB ports rated at 4.8 to 5.3 VDC and one is rated at 2 Amps and one at 0.6 Amps.
* You can charge three devices at once using the built in Micro USB cable and the dual USB ports.
* It has 4 LED status lights that indicate the battery charge level.
* Built in bright LED flashlight that will operate for approximately 410 hours when the unit is fully charged.
* Utilizes three Samsung Grade A 18650 power cells to assure the highest quality and reliability. Up to 500+ possible recharges with proper care.

PowerGen charge before test:
* The unit arrived at a 50 to 75% charge and it took 3 hours to charge up with an AC wall adapter. When fully charged the LEDs do not flash.
* For a faster charge you can use any wall adapter with a 5VDC output up to 2 AMPs - for example your iPad wall adapter. PowerGen also sells an excellent 15 Watt dual port AC adapter for under $10.

PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Travel Wall Charger with Swivel plug - white

PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Travel Wall Charger with Swivel plug for Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3, iPhone 5 4s 4 3 3Gs, Amazon Kindle Fire HD DX KeyBoard, Samsung Galaxy Tab (USB Cable NOT included) - BLACK

Performance while charging various devices with the PowerGen:
* iPad 3 started 59% battery at 4 LEDs PowerGen mobile juice pack 9000
* 45 minutes 72% battery at 3 LEDs
* 75 minutes 80% battery at 3 LEDs
* 90 minutes 84% battery at 2 LEDs
* 101 minutes PowerGen went to 1 LED
* 120 minutes 100% at 4 LEDS
* Next morning iPad 3 at 100% and the PowerGen at 1 LED.
* iPad 2 at 50% and the PowerGen at 4 LED's
* Next morning iPad 2 at 100% and PowerGen at 2 LEDs

Limitations of device charging:
* iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity
* iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity
* Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity
* Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity

As you can see the PowerGen will not fully charge a totally dead iPad 2 or 3 because it only contains 9000 mAh of capacity. It will add to your usage time and my suggestion is to turn off the iPad while charging or start charging very early and use the PowerGen battery first while saving as much of your iPad battery as possible. You have to consider the losses in the charging circuits of both the battery pack and the device you are charging. You can generally count on using 80 to 85% of the storage capacity of the battery to charge your electronic device.

Device charging in real life:
* iPhone 4 3.5 to 4.5 full charges out of a fully charged PowerGen 9000 (I charged mine 4 times and still had 1 LED remaining.)
* iPad 2 90% of a full charge
* iPad 3 45% of a full charge

Issues to be aware of:
* This unit will not charge an ASUS Transformer or laptop computers
* This unit does not charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab unless you have a Tab-USB connector
* Not recognized by HP Touchpad as a charging source
* A full charge to a depleted PowerGen will take 18 to 20 hours with your computer
* You can also charge the PowerGen with your car's USB charger or your AC wall charger.
* A wall or car charger outputting 1 Amp will charge the battery in 9 to 10 hours.
* I charged it in under 5 hours using a PowerGen AC wall charger.
* You must push the PowerGen's "ON" button to begin charging your mobile device.

This is an excellent product and deserves a 5 star rating.

I received a sample product for evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on December 23, 2012
After a month of great use, and then a six weeks of sitting in a closet, the product has lost all capacity to store a charge.

At first, I was pleased as punch - it seemed to be the greatest device and a needed travel companion. For instance, being able to charge my iphone and kinde at the same time when I forget to plug them in the night before a big trip. It kept my iphone 5 charged for three or more cycles before needing its own recharging, if thats all I was using. I would let friends borrow it at when I was at work since it didn't matter what phone they had, as long as they had the usb cord (and it kept my own cord from disappearing). And all this while recharging itself! It went through maybe 11 or 12 recharges before it was set aside.

It was placed in a drawer and left quietly. When I picked it up next, a month later and literally on the way out the door for a trip, I was surprised that it was holding less than half the charge although put away "fully loaded" and ready to go. I was doubly surprised when, in spite of being plugged into the wall for a few hours in the airport, it never blinked more than two lights. It recharged my phone less than once - almost 2/3- before shutting off. A recharge didn't help at all. Trying other transformers rather than the OEM did nothing either. It lost at least 3/4 of its capactity.

I have had the unit for around two months. Of course, I didn't save the carton or the paperwork, although I remember it had a 1-year Limited return policy, which was not well defined anywhere I could see. I assume that failure for the product to work to its full potential within that year, especially as I have outlined, would qualify for replacement.

Except that Amazon itself handles all fulfillment for PowerGen. When you try to do a return, since it has been more than thirty days, the normal Amazon return period expired - so there is no way to get in touch with Amazon. I am simply referred back to Amazon's return policy page, where there seems to be no allowance for this limited return policy (please note it on the sales page). I never trust battery products to have an extended life, but I expected that with normal use, it would be good for a year. And that warranty was what convinced me to buy it.

Search the web for PowerGen or the battery specifics, and everything points back to Amazon. I have been unable to find any other contact regarding the product. So it would seem to me that, not having the instruction booklet or packaging anymore (which may have had the information I need concerning returns), I am "S.O.L." There is no easy, customer-friendly way to get this matter resolved that I can find. Some would say that its my own fault for not having the packaging anymore (even though its an assumption it might help), but I think that good customer service is key to evaluate the product here.

If there is no easy way to have defective products returned, especially when on the Amazon sales page it specifically states that there is an additional years warranty, then the worth of the product is nil. After spending half an hour and running in circles, confirming there is no convenient way to have this resolved, all I can do is throw my hands up in the air and consider it a $43 learning experience. Sure - its a great product out of the box at an amazing price. But after a short time... far too short in my humbly realize you got what you paid for.

If people from Amazon or powerGen are kind enough to reach out to me and help resolve this, I will be happy to revisit this review. After all, as I stated before, customer service in this instance is key, regardless how cool the device might be. If I have the promise of this cool gadget realized for a reasonable amount of time, the review will be about the product I own.

Exactly as this review is.
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on August 14, 2013
As long as it works this item is great because of the attached charging cable

However, the attaced micro USB charging cable failed in about 3 months. Failed as in became very unreliable - twist it just the right way, it charges, but put it down or move it and it stops working.

Great idea, poorly executed
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I tested I 9000mAh PowerGen external battery pack with Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone, and SanDisk Sansa Clip+ player. I own several external power packs and use the same test to measure the performance of each so it is possible to compare the relative performance of each unit to each other. My methodology is to charge each device I own on each port of the unit for 10 minutes and measuring how much each unit was charge in that 10 minute period. I run each test on each port twice once with a generic cable and once with supplied cable. Each line in the table below represents a separate 10 minute test.

I am attaching a collage of 3 photos labeled with number 1 through 3 under customer photos that I will be referencing in this review.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package is that brick looks slick and well made. Its dimensions are 2.75" width x 4.5" by 0.88" thick (slightly larger than a deck of cards). It weighs 7.1 oz by itself (without charging cable). A photo of the unit is included in all three photos I posted.

The box contained two USB cords 7" and 27" and adapters to fit different devices (Nokia 2mm round, Playstation Portable 4mm round, mini USB, two micro USB). The adapters are a weak point of the design, they feel a bit flimsy and it is easy to loose all the small pieces. The minimum configuration for my devices is two connectors: one that goes into the AC plug to charge the external battery and the second (mini USB) that goes into the devices for charging.

The blue lights on top of the battery pack indicate the level of power in the battery: 4 lights indicate full charge, 3 lights indicate 75% and so forth. To turn on the device you need to press the button on the side of the unit. To turn off the device you need to press and hold the button for a few seconds (this is not documented, I found it by experimenting).
The power pack also has an LED light, which generates a pretty good bright light and can be used a flashlight.

The 9000mAh PowerGen has two USB outlets: 0.6 Amp and 2 Amp. I tested my four electronic devices using both my own USB cable as well as the manufacture cable+adapter. In the documentation booklet PowerGen states that PowerGen cables provide better performance for non-Apple devices on the 2Amp (Apple port) and I wanted to see the difference between
the cables. In addition I tested charging two devices using both outlets at the same time.

The provided adapters fit Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, Nexus 7 tablet and Sansa Clip MP3 (as they take regular USB-to-micro USB cable) but none of the provided adapters fit Galaxy Samsung 7.7 Tablet.

I used Battery App by Elvison to determine how each device recognized the charging source. 'AC' status means the charging is at full charging rate. 'USB' status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. 'Discharging' status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.

The key findings:
(1) 2 Amp outlet is aimed at Apple devices but worked fine with Nexus devices, and did not work at all with Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet.
(2) 0.6Amp outlet worked for all Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet
(3) Using PowerGen cables vs generic cables made a postive difference for the phone but not for the tablet (note that I used a generic charging cable, not a data cable)

Difference between a power cable and a data cable:
Charging cables short the two data connections together (rendering them useless for data transfer), but this fools devices to see them as an AC power connection, and thus accept the higher current of the charging source. Both my generic cable and PowerGen cables used in my tests are charging cables.

Description of my tests:
I tested each devices charging them for 10 minutes with the following permutations:
--- on 2A port and on 0.6A port
--- using PowerGen cable and using my own charging cable
--- charging two devices at the same time

The table below summarizes my findings.

Nexus 7 Tablet (photo #1)
2Amp outlet ..... generic cable .... AC source .... 2% charge in 10 minutes
2Amp outlet ..... Powergen cable ... AC source .... 2% charge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... generic cable .... AC source .... 2% charge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... Powegen cable .... AC source .... 2% charge in 10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone (photo #2)
2Amp outlet ..... generic cable .... AC source .... 3% charge in 10 minutes
2Amp outlet ..... Powergen cable ... AC source .... 5% charge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... generic cable .... AC source .... 4% charge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... Powegen cable .... AC source .... 4% charge in 10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone and Nexus 7 Tablet together
2Amp outlet ..... Powergen cable ... AC source .... 3% charge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... Powegen cable .... AC source .... 3% charge in 10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 (photo #3)
2Amp outlet ..... generic cable .... discharging .... 1% discharge in 10 minutes
.06Amp outlet ... generic cable .... AC source ...... 1% charge in 10 minutes
PowerGen cable -- no adapter, Powergen cable cannot be used

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player
0.6 AMP outlet ... works
2 AMP outlet ..... works

The MP3 player recognized the charger on both outlet, however it behaved differently than charging from the charger it came with.
When I charge Sansa MP3 with a standard AC charger, the MP3 player goes into charging mode, displaying the charging animated icon. When it was plugged into the PowerGen external battery it continued to play the content. I listen to books on my MP3 player so this caused me to move forward in my book and I had to manually reset my position by a few chapters to get back to where I was when I started charging. The positive side of this, is that is possible to continue listening while MP3 is recharging. This is very handy for Sansa MP3 player since it has built-in battery that cannot be swapped for a charged one. I used to have to stop listening to have it recharged and now I can continue to listen while it re-charges. I was very happy to have this feature during hurricane Sandy when I lost power and my books on MP3 player were my only source of entertainment.

To summarize:

I liked:
1. Good behavior with Nexus devices.
2. Galaxy tablet consistently works at AC rate on 0.6 AMP outlet (best behavior of the four PowerGen external batteries that I have tested)
3. Solution for MP3 player with built-in battery
4. Looks sleek, feels solid, is compact

I did not like:
1. The multiple piece connectors are flimsy and easy to loose. I prefer a one piece charging cable I bought as a replacement.
2. Labels and documentation are hard to read: 2A and 0.6A labels are white on white and are hard to read. The documentation is in microscopic font.

I received 9000mAh external battery pack for testing from the manufacturer to write an honest and unbiased review and I noted both pluses and minuses of my experience in this review.

Overall, I am pleased with this unit and recommend it.

Ali Julia review
review image
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The 5-6-hour battery life typical of many cellphones is barely enough for heavy telephone usage, much less the texting, emails, location services, and apps that drain batteries. Since it's not always possible to be near an AC charger or car charger, an external battery pack is a must-have for many people. Based on my experience with these battery packs, I think there are four important things to consider when shopping for one:

1. Form factor. I'm including both size and weight. You'll most likely be carrying the charger in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment of your vehicle. How convenient is that going to be?

2. Capacity. Rechargers come in a range of capacities from about 2,500 mAh to as high as 12,000 mAh. Figure that 2,300-2,500 mAh is about the equivalent power of a rechargeable AA NiMH battery, and that may give you some idea of the battery pack's capacity. Mobile devices will vary a lot in how much capacity it takes to recharge their internal batteries, with the larger tablets requiring considerably more power than a small cellphone.

3. Reliability. As with any other product, go with brand names you're familiar with, or ones with reviews that you trust.

4. Compatibility with your hardware. I once bought an inexpensive battery pack that came with seven different adapter cables. I think there was a cable for just about every device under the sun except my cellphone. I had to order the cable for several dollars plus shipping, and it took two weeks for delivery. Make sure the battery pack you buy has an adapter for your device.
PowerGen sent me one of their PGMPP9000 External Battery Pack units to review. Having used an older model PowerGen 8,400 mAh unit, I expected the 9,000 mAh battery pack to be well made, and it was. It included cables and adapter plugs for almost all devices sold today, but the product description does list specific exceptions that are not covered.

Three features that I really liked:

1. A built-in LED flashlight.

2. Two USB outputs (2.0 amp and 0.6 amp) so you can charge two devices at once. Check the device that you're recharging to determine which output is most appropriate.

3. This is a really nice feature that has been added - an imbedded 2-amp micro-USB output cable that fits neatly into the case. You could actually charge three devices at once, although this would significantly limit the charging capacity available for each device.

The product guide indicated that a full recharge of the battery pack from an AC adapter would require about 6-10 hours, depending on the output of the AC adapter (or car charger) used to recharge it. For me, that's not much of an issue, since I recharge my cellphone and tablet overnight.

Note that the battery pack can be recharged from a PC through a USB port, but that takes 18-20 hours. Most users will want to use an AC wall charger with a USB cable. There are dozens of these on the market, including chargers made by PowerGen.

I tested the PowerGen battery pack on my Samsung smartphone and my Nexus 7 tablet long enough to see the battery charge increase by 20%-25%. I also tested the battery pack on my wife's iPhone 4 and Amazon Kindle HD, and it worked fine. The next time my Kindle e-Ink reader needs recharging, I'll try it with the PowerGen.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the PowerGen mobile "Juice Pack." It appears to be well made, it's compact, it looks great, and it works very well with all of our mobile devices.
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VINE VOICEon December 13, 2013
We've owned several PowerGen chargers in different models, and except for one flaw have been very satisfied with this model. It is well designed and works very well. I can charge a couple of devices with this on one charge. The built in flashlight works well. The issue I have with this model is that the built in cord is very fragile. I've own two of them and on each, the cord broke after a couple of months of normal use. One of the best features of this charger was the built-in cord. Now I have to carry a separate USB cord around with then, which is a pain. They really need to consider a redesign that include a better quality cord. I would probably have given this 4 or 5 stars if it had a better built-in cord.
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on July 14, 2013
I bought this battery because of the attached mini usb cable for my phone. After 30 days the cable no longer worked and the battery itself split in half after normal use. Please do not waste your money as I did.
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on December 13, 2014
When purchasing electronics, I really try to do my best to buy a decent product while still being conscious of how much I'm spending. I've only had the batt pack for a week but I use it several times daily. It has been a life saver for me.

First, out of the box, it is very sturdy and the size of an iPhone 4, which is perfect for placing in my purse. The USB cable is so nicely tucked into the side of the device and it stays intact without issue.

My smartphone is one year old and the battery is not lasting thru the day so it was vital to have a back up battery. 9000mAh seemed to be just what I needed and for $19, I could not ask for more. The next size up seemed to large to be portable and the 6000mAh was $29, so there in lies the great deal with my purchase.

Daily I use it to charge my samsung phone once or twice a day and my 10" tablet sometimes once/day. I have to then recharge the battery for 2-3 hours every other night. Based on the manual, this may not be the most appropriate way to use it, but this method works great for me. I am not overly concerned with getting the most life out of the battery pack. Convenience is the top priority for me. With that being said, I do watch the phone/tablet battery percentage to quickly disconnect once fully charged.

Thank you, Powergen, for a super product. Better than sliced bread!
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on January 21, 2014
First off, i have had this since Aug 9th, almost 6 months. I have used it at least a few times a month since then.

the reasons why i landed on this unit:
overall the 9000mah seemed like enough, there are a bunch of cheap-o ones on ebay that say 12,000-20,000, but they are huge, require an external cable and dont last as long, according to my friend who bought one.

this unit is very nicely designed and is high quality, i have dropped it on cement, only damage are scratches to the nice shinny finish.

built in micro cable is nice, since almost every portable device besides apple products uses it!!! the cable seems just as sturdy today as it did on the day i opened the package.
2-amp, the usb closest to the cable and the cable are 2 amp shared. this means you can get 2 amp from either that usb or the cable, but not both at the same time.
stylish and durable
can charge my ipad 4th gen
built in light is cool, havent needed to use it yet (like most people i have a flashlight app on my phone)
can fully charge from extremely low overnight, i would say 6-8 hours (using a 2 amp charger, made to samsung note 2)

for some reason it auto shuts off after 3 minutes when charging my ego vape pen (smoking pen)
scuffed up in 1 drop, i wish they made an xtremegaurd or shieldzone for it

i have charge the following with this:
ego vape pen (as long as my phone is charging along with it)
ipad 4th gen (lightning adapter)
extended battery for iphone (iphone case with built in battery)
ps4 controller

customer service:

is BAD!!!!! i emailed them about the vape pen not charging, as well as my BT headset only charging for a few minutes before turning off. i also mentioned that the button was starting to stick. (this email was around 11 months into the warranty).

this was their response: "The battery pack is supposed to charge mobile and tablets. We have
not advertised it for other electronics.
Is the battery pack able to charge
your mobiles/tablets?"

i responded yes that it charged my phone correctly.

the responded:
Thank you very much for your input. We appreciate that.
I will pass this onto our listing team."

Cool, thanks for telling your team, can you also tell your manager your bad at your job!
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