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on March 14, 2015
This Charger Completely melted down while charging my iPad 4. The unit melted a hole through it and it destroyed my amazon basics lightning cable. When I found it, it was burning, smoking and was so hot it burned my hand when I tried to unplug it. If I wasn't there to find it in time, my house may have burned down. Amazon refused to do anything about it because it was purchased about 10 months ago. If you still want to buy this thing, use extreme care when charging an iPad.
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on January 15, 2014
I plugged my device in to charge, it was resting on my bed. I went back upstairs about an hour later and smelled smoke. The charger had melted to my blanket and was probably minutes away from starting a major fire. I can't post pics of the melted and mangled charger in my review or you could clearly see how bad it was (or could have been!)

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on October 31, 2014
This product did not meet my expectations. We have used it only 4 times and it began to smell like it was burning. When we unplugged it from the wall, the top pulled away from the bottom and it exposed the inside which we could now see that it was melting, I have attached a photo for you to see. I have purchased two of these and would like a refund since they are unusable and dangerous. I do not want a fire in my house or place of business. Please get back to me on what the process is for obtaining a refund.
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on March 7, 2015
Purchased this item in July 2014. Had been working fine for us for quite awhile, but... It just melted while charging an iPad2 (plugged into the "A" port). Hottest portion was at the end with the USB ports near the side with the Powergen label. Cannot read the left end of the label, but reading from the right end (to fully identify this charger), the info is: Model HLPG-001-12W. Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.45A. Output: DC 54. 2,4A(total).

Thankfully we got the charger unplugged before anything else was damaged.

If you search these reviews for the string "hazard" you will find other similar reports.

If you are looking for better option, I would suggest which is rated for 50W and has 6 intelligent USB ports and has been working very well for us. (Had mostly switched over to the Photive 6 port charger, with the Powergen as a spare/backup, but no longer.)

We did notify Amazon Customer Support and was told that the info would be forwarded to their investigation team.
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on July 30, 2015
I received this on June 29, 2015. I used it maybe ten times, today, July 30, 2015 I tried to pull it out of the socket. Not only was it burning hot but if fell apart with the wires showing. Thank goodness I wasn't burned or electrocuted. This PowergenDual USB wall charger is downright dangerous. Please look at the photo
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on July 16, 2015
Dangerous! Pulled this wall charger out of the socket and the front part disconnected from the back, exposing the wiring. There was a visible spark that actually singed my finger. I used a plastic spoon to force the two metal prongs out of the socket and finally was able to remove it from the wall. Not a good design.

If you look closely at the pictures, you can see the seam between the outer casing and the back panel. This product came apart at that seam when pulled out of the socket. Most of the body came forward when I pulled it, leaving the back panel stuck in the wall socket. Resulting spark hit my index finger leaving painful but non serious burn.

Didn't expect to have my life flash before my eyes when unplugging it, so I must give one star.
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on January 9, 2017
Fire hazard. DO NOT BUY THIS. After occasional use over the last year or two, something went wrong with this charger, and it smelled like it was burning and became too hot to touch when charging. I caught this before it melted down but if you check the other one-star reviews, you can see examples of cases where these chargers got so hot that they melted/burned. Seriously, don't buy this, and if you have one, throw it out.

A note to Amazon: I wish you had notified me. This could have burned my house down. The responsible thing for Amazon to do for this product is not just to withdraw these from selling but to tell people who have these not to use them. This is as much of a fire hazard as a hoverboard charger.
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on May 22, 2014
I bought like 6 of these to spread around and have regretted it ever since. The "A" port vs. "NA" port is very misleading, at best. After plenty of (non) charged iPhones, iPads and GoPro's here's the deal. If you plug your iPhone / iPad into the "A" port, it will charge fine. And actually pretty fast. And if you THEN plug an iPhone into the NA port (while you still have one plugged into A) it too will charge but at a much slower rate. Here's the baffling part - If you ONLY plug your iPhone / iPad into the NA port (with nothing in the A port) it will NOT charge your phone at all. Your phone will make that 'beep' noise like it's connected, but it will not be charging, and you'll wake up in the morning wondering why you wasted $10 on this thing. The NA port may charge (by itself, without anything in the A port) if it is a VERY small draw. But I have yet to find anything that will charge in the NA port, without something already being in the A port. Baffling, and just a pain.....
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on March 24, 2016
For all of you who are looking for one wall charger for your iPhone and iPad, this is the perfect option. I did not realize that the iPad requires a different wattage to charge than an iPhone. Most wall chargers that show two USB slots each have the same 5W power. This charger has one 5W and one 10W. Your phone will do fine with the lower wattage, but if you are charging an iPad, you need the higher wattage. I didn't realize the difference until on a trip with a friend when her iPad kept the charge about 3 x longer than mine. She explained that I was charging my iPad on a USB port without enough wattage. Tried her Powergen charger, and the difference was amazing. I ordered this immediately, and have never looked back. This fabulous charger means you only have to have ONE wall charger. Look at the device.....use your iPad on the USB slot with the "A"....that is the higher wattage. .I originally got this to take on a trip, but loved it so much that I use this every is plugged in by my bed, and I re-charge iPad and iPhone every night using just this one device. Simple and perfect. My only negative comment (and so minor that I hate to mention it at all) is the blue light that is pretty bright in the middle of the night in an otherwise dark room. I small piece of black electrical tape took care of that!
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on June 22, 2016
The wall charger worked fine when I plugged my devices (iPhone and iPad) into the slot with an A on it... but even though some reviews and questions say that their Apple devices charged fine on the NA side, mine did NOT. It was really frustrating to not be able to charge the phone and iPad at the same time. I was using cords that I received with the devices, i.e. genuine Apple charging cables. There are a few things I liked about it like the folding prongs and the charging light, but the incompatibility with most of my devices was too frustrating. The NA port does work with my Kindle and my husband's PS4 controllers, so it seems to be a specific problem with Apple devices. I do see that NA stands for "non-Apple," but as many reviews and answers state, I was under the assumption that is was just not optimized for Apple products. I did not have any problems with the unit smoking or catching fire as others have mentioned, but I did not use it for very long. Eventually I ordered a different wall charger that could charge both my iPhone and my iPad at the same time.
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