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on December 24, 2011
This is a pretty nice set of lights. I like the blue color, and most everything about the construction is as expected. Not great - but not bottom of the barrel either. My biggest problem is simply that the solar panel really requires a lot of direct sunlight to power the lights. A full sunny day will power the lights for the whole night, right to dawn. A cloudy day, although it's bright outside, is worth almost nothing in terms of power gain, and you will get no significant lighting at all even for an hour (I say significant because if you walk right up to the lights and look close, you'll see that they are on but just ever so slightly).

After a few months wrapped around a tree, all it took was one big storm to pull this thing to bits. It still works, but two sections are not disconnected and not working. To fix it will take some very fine soldering work, as the wires are super thin.
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on February 28, 2011
I bought these to wrap around the railing of a back deck where we had no outdoor receptacle. My husband said they would not work because we have huge cedar trees that hang over the deck, and he felt there was not enough direct sunlight to charge the battery. However, that evening, they all lit up perfectly and looked amazing on the deck. They are a very light blue color and one string was enough to fit around the entire deck, which is probably about 8 foot deep by 10 foot wide. I am planning on buying another set for the front porch. I am going to leave them up year round and will see how they withstand the weather. I am very delighted with them.
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on December 17, 2011
I must start my review with the disclaimer that I live in Germany, where the cloudiness is enough to make a Twilight Vampire drool. That being said, I bought two strands of these lights. One I set up outside and the other inside on my stairs with the solar panel in a sky light. I got excited and set these up right out of the package without following the directions to fully charge. They worked like a charm the first night. The second night however, they held charge maybe 30 minutes after sundown (sundown being 4:30 pm). The next night, hardly a glow. After about a week of me being disappointed every night, I decided to follow directions. I bought new rechargeable batteries and made sure they were fully charged before putting them in the light box. With that small change they work splendidly! I do have to recharge the batteries about once a week, but that probably has more to do with limited daylight and even more limited sun than the product itself. I imagine if you were to live slightly closer to the equator you would be able to enjoy these lights for quite a while on one charge. I'm only giving four stars though because they aren't super bright. I moved the strand that was outside onto my Christmas tree and it's routinely outshone by a strand of good ole electrical lights nearby. I would recommend these to anyone with lots of sun and windows but not so much for basement dwellers and cavemen.
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on December 28, 2011
These lights only worked a few days during a Massachusetts winter. Before installing them I left them out all day on the porch where there isn't any shade except from the house. I hoped that would energize the solar panel.

Then I turned them on in the evening and they worked but shut off automatically in the morning. The following night the lights turned on at about 4:30 pm when the sun began to set and they were on for at least 6 hours. They turned on the next night but after that they shut off completely.

Perhaps they stopped working because the sky was more overcast after the first day. Maybe the battery was used to replace the lack of solar energy from the cloudy sky. I don't know the reason but I decided to return the lights for a refund and I don't plan on getting another set.

I gave the lights a two-star review because they did work for a few days and there's a possibility that they will work if the sky is bright and clear all day, but where I live we frequently have cloudy skies during winter so even if they did work when the sky is clear they still would not be reliable for our home.
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on February 8, 2014
I've had these for 2 years. They have survived blistering Texas summers and below freezing temperatures and torrential rains. With newer rechargeable batteries, they will last all night. When the batteries get older, the lights don't last as long, but that's no fault to the lights. The blue is a nice cobalt color and gives off a pretty decent glow considering it's just running off 1 AA battery. The raccoons in my yard even like the lights, so much that they chewed through the wire. Ordering another set. Hopefully, they won't make another meal of it. These lights do what they're supposed to do, give off a cheerful color glow. Good stuff.
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on July 19, 2012
These lights have been out in the Georgia July sun for 3 days now - not a glimmer of light! The unit looked used when it arrived and has never worked, am going to contact seller for refund or replacement.

A disappointing experience, probably won't risk buying any more.

Update 9/12/12 - OK - after 5 full days in full on Georgia sunshine, these finally began to glow but ever since autumn began to creep in - again, not a glimmer - which is disappointing because when they do work, they do look beautiful. I would just make sure you get full on sun for at least 8 hours to guarantee a glow - I recommend the color, it's awesome.

Update 6/6/14 - these have been up in my screen porch for almost 2 years now with the solar pack on the roof, they never fail to light and still look pretty, I'm going to get some more!!
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on October 18, 2011
I charged these up in the sun for two day before switching on.
I strung them across my mini horses' fence,- once across the top wire, then back across his eye level. I waited around till dusk to see what they looked like.
Sure enough, they turned on nice & bright blue,- even the horse was impressed. Now he has some pretty lights to gauge his border in the dark. They are in my opinion expensive for a string of these, but after seeing them in action, I really wanted to do his other side too, so I ordered another box. Am curious to see how long they last & how bright they stay. I've never been overly excited about any other solar lights i've bought in the past, but due to the decent reviews of these, I went ahead & tried again. If they were a little less expensive & i'd had them a long while going bright & strong night after night, i'd give them 5 stars.
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on January 4, 2011
I bought solar lights for the first time this year. I got a few Philips 50-light strings from Target, and this 100-light string. I think this string is superior to the Philips lights because the solar collector is larger, and these have the "flashing" option. I found that the ground stake was a little hard to screw onto the collector base, but it worked well enough. With a good sunny day charge, these lights come on at dusk and are still on in the morning! The Philips lights go out by 2 a.m. I am definitely buying more of these for next year.
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on December 2, 2011
I bought a set a little over a month ago. Super easy to set up, fabulous rich blue lights. What makes me hesitate to buy a second set is that the battery life is just too short. Initially, they lasted the entire night until dawn! After about 2 to 3 weeks, they only stay lit for about 3 hours! and beware if you have any outdoor lighting e.g. security motion sensitive floodlights,even low wattage ones,anywhere in the vicinity- even if the solar panel is facing away, they'll cause the battery to discharge altogether. We turned off the floodlites but the problem still persists. Even our solar powered path lights which we bought a year ago last SO much longer......
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on February 2, 2013
i needed these lights to go around my sons gravesite 1 mile from electricity, up on a hill. the lights did what it was supposed to do, for awhile, but didn't last through the winter. we have very cold temperatures, and high wind winters, so maybe it just wasn't heavy duty enough. the following spring there were only a few little sections of wire left where i had duct-taped it to the fence panels. even the solor collector parts were gone. (I replaced these with rope lights and they are still there and still light, so i just chose wrongly.)
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