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on April 14, 2014

--> original:
I bought one of these to replace the Makita BL1815 (24Wh) battery that came with my cordless drill/driver set. I'd been using the two original batteries for almost three years and they've performed like a champ. It had been long enough that I didn't even hold it against them when one finally died. The lower price and higher capacity of the powerextra battery was appealing, and since most of the reviews here were positive I thought it seemed like a safe bet. I was delighted at first - the battery seemed just like the Makita (except with a higher capacity).

Well, here I am just 3.5 months later, with a battery that won't charge. Every time it goes in the charger, it charges for about 5 seconds and then stops with the flashing red/green error.

--> update:
Within a day or two of my original post, "WONDERSHOP" (the seller) reached out to me via email to say they'd like to either refund my money or get me a replacement. They walked me through return shipping (at their cost), quickly confirmed that my original battery was bad, and sent me a new one right away.

So far, the replacement is working great. I haven't been through a full charge/discharge cycle, but I will definitely update this if there are any problems.

I should note that the seller was *very* proactive, helpful, and professional in their followup communication with me. There are days when dealing with a replacement battery isn't at the top of my priority list :) , and as a result I was pretty slow and non-responsive at times throughout the process. They stayed nice and accommodating, and moved so quickly that had *I* been prompt about it they probably would have had a new battery to me about 4 days after I posted this review.

Very strong kudos to the WONDERSHOP team - the world would be a better place if everyone operated their business like these folks seem to do.
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on April 19, 2014
Have not had it long enough (three months) to determine its durability, but it can't be any worse than the Makita. It seems that I'm buying a new Makita set every 18 months just to get the batteries. The factory batteries are so expensive it's usually just a few dollars more to buy a new tool than just replace batteries. I am a general contractor and use my tools regularly but not excessively and the batteries should last longer than 18 months. I have never worn out a Bosch or Dewalt battery.I bought one of these as a test and if it holds up will buy several more. I have about 6 dead Makita batteries that won't recharge that are less than three years old. I haven't run any tests but the tools seem to have as much power as with the factory batteries, they seem to recharge as fast as the factory one and seem to have the same run time.

Update: 9-18-2014 Sorry to say, I was wrong. I have used four of these batteries and only one will recharge. None lasted more than four months. The only one that is operational is a replacement for a battery that failed 45 days after I received it. Amazon gave me a refund even though it was past their 30 day return period and I ordered a new one. Just ordered Makita brand again. At least I get over a year out of them.
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on January 30, 2015
The first battery took 2 months of regular use then failed. The free replacement has held up to heavy daily use for more than a year and seems to be as good as the day it arrived. After posting a negative review and giving 1 star for my original Powerextra battery, I was contacted by Wondershop. They offered to enchange the deffective battery for a new one with no cost to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to have another Powerextra battery but figured I had nothing to lose. They paid all the shipping and the exchange was very smooth and easy. Wondershop asked that I change my review as part of the exchange. I told them I would as soon as I made sure the new battery wasn't a piece of junk. Apparently they couldn't understand what that meant. I got emails every few days asking me to change my review, until I added a complaint about the emails to my review. They never bothered me again and I forgot about changing my review for more than a year. In the men time I have used and abused and generally beat the crap out of the battery. It has held up as well as my genuine Makitas. I will be going with Powerextra for my next replacements.
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on June 10, 2016
Original Review:- I bought this battery one month ago. I have not even been able to use it one full charge and it already will not take a charge and shows unable to charge on my Makita charger.

New Review: - I was contacted by the company and they asked for information about the problems with the battery. They immediately shipped me a new battery and made the arrangements to get the old battery returned. So far the new battery is performing well. A business like this is easy to do business with. Thank You!
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on September 13, 2016
I purchased a pair of these batteries in March of 2016 because one of my two Makita batteries threw and "overheated" code three times (when charged outside in 5 degree weather) and locked itself out. My drills are still going strong so rather than buying a whole new 2 drill, 2 batteries, and a charger set for around what Makita would charge for just a set of new batteries I decided to go with a pair of these PowerExtra batteries. They had good reviews, and were definitely selling the batteries for what I would consider a fair price. The batteries came, had two free pairs of white cloth gloves, which I thought was a nice touch (always nice to have a clean set of non marring gloves to move a piece of furniture or cabinetry into a customers house). And the batteries looked and fit perfectly in my drills and worked great! I was off the jobsite for a while in the shop, so I didn't really need my drills for a bit, but I used them to tack some shipping brackets into a couple of pieces. I'd say I drove about 16 inch and 1/4 drywall screws using one of the batteries, and the other was only used to charge up and then sat next to it's brother until needed.

Ok, fast forward to September, I'm out of the shop and throw one of my "brand new" batteries on the charger to make sure they are topped up for use annnd "Needs service" (I didn't even know this Makita charger lit up yellow, I've only seen blinking or solid red and green up till now, in all the years I've been using these things) "WOW, that can't be!" I haven't been in extreme cold or heat, these batteries have sat on a shelf in the shop, in my drill bag, pretty much since I got them. Let's try the other one...huh, same thing. Ok, charger must be bad, let's try the old, beat up Makita battery that's left from the original set (and has been sitting in the same bag with my "new" batteries) huh..."charging, charging....Full charge!" So it's not the charger, lets try the PowerExtra batteries again, and same as before.

So I e-mail PowerExtra and let them know, I get an e-mail back from "Echo" who says that unfortunately these batteries are out of stock but that they would like to offer me a refund, but that since they were purchased more than 30 days ago there would be a "depreciation" cost of 33% so they would only offer a 67% refund after I shipped these two packs back to them. I can understand that, but what I really need is a set of batteries. SO I e-mail back to say thanks but I really need a set of batteries so when will they be back in stock? And I get a reply from "Echo" again.

"Sorry for that, we didn't hear from concerned department regarding this battery. So we cannot send you replacement.

Would you like to accept the suggestion and get refund? Please advise."

Now I can only assume that "concerned department" is Amazon but it is clear that they only intend to make good on their product if their hand is forced. If both of these batteries are dead in exactly the same way after essentially no use this is definitely a manufacturing flaw, and I am CERTAIN they aren't the only two in the lot suffering this issue, and that was before coming here to write this review where I see numerous people with the same issue as mine. PowerExtra is clearly the kind of company that is fine with putting out a substandard product and only standing behind it if they absolutely have to. I'm way out of the timeframe where Amazon will make them buck up, and they told me themselves that they wouldn't do it on their own so I have no option but to say I cannot in good faith recommend these battery packs, or purchasing anything from PowerExtra. They don't manufacture a consistently quality product and absolutely do not stand behind their work.

Feel free to see my other reviews and you will see that I give detailed and fair reviews when I find it necessary and most of the time, I'm happy to say, they are positive.
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on April 13, 2014
The batteries worked when I received them. I typically keep the batteries in the charger (as recommend when the tools are not being used). After about 3 months they did not hold a charge. They show green on the charger, but have no power. Not even one screw from the driver! I had one of the same brand/model a year ago and it is still working fine. The last 2 are garbage.
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on February 12, 2015
Purchased 4 of these units and only one of them works. Two of the three bad ones will not take a charge and the other only lasted for a few minutes. The one that does work however works just fine. One out of four is not good for the price. Lesson learned.

Update: After multiple months I emailed and asked if I might get a credit for the batteries I returned at my cost in March that were complete garbage. The others I purchased completely stopped working. I was told my credit is for less than two batteries. After explaining my displeasure I was then sent a sarcastic, condescending and very unprofessional email. I cannot believe Amazon agrees to let this scam company sell on their site. Stay away from Wondershop and anything Powerextra. Products are cheap and faulty, every one. The Echo person who emailed me could use some old fashioned attitude adjustment. So in all I basically had $200 plus stolen/scammed from me. Again, lesson learned. Please stay away for your own sake.
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on July 24, 2016
Bad! Not only a total waste of money, but also a waste of my time. I purchased 2 of these. Both failed in a short time and I never did really get any use from them. I charged them soon after they arrived and they worked fine the first time, but.... Did not use them for a few weeks and they both went dead on the shelf. They may have died quickly as I did not check them until I wanted to use them. I tried to charge them again and the Makita charger indicated that one was bad and it would not charge. The second one charged but it went dead after 2 days with very little use... and then would not charge at all. I contacted the support group and they suggested that I partially charge them with an external power supply that would not communicate with the battery microprocessor.. then put them in the Makita charger. They said if this does not work they would send me new batteries. This worked for both, but they both again died on the shelf it only two days and would no longer charge. I tried the power supply trick again. It worked on one battery but not the second. After another cycle neither battery would charge. I tried to contact the support group again, but this time they did not reply at all! In fact, I think that the support group does not really respond to the web sited. When I contacted them the first time I clicked on the address link and copied the email address and used my mail client rather than the web mail on their site. This seemed to have given me an email address that was NOT part of the support group and the person seemed to be perturbed that I had contacted them and wanted to know how I got this email address. I told them and they changed this link on the support web page! After this no one replied to my email! Seems like a sham to me!
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on April 17, 2015
Ok, based on other reviews these batteries are sometimes great... but not always. The OEM from Makita is smaller by 1,000 mAh, but always out performed the Powerextra. Disapointing, but I figured maybe it's just not as efficient, That's OK it still works fairly well. 6 months later and 6 charges later (I get 3 weeks out of the OEM and 10 days from the Powerextra on my vac) TOTAL FAILURE! The charger reads the battery as defective, the first timeit happened I unplugged the charger and it reset resulting in a partial charge. That worked once, but just once. Six months and six charges just isn't enough. Roll the dice if you want but be ready to return within the 30 day window if it doesn't live up to the promise.

UPDATE! Original review was "one star" based on the product failure. Although I will give it four stars now, it isn't based on product performance. The supplier (WONDERSHOP) deserves all the credit. As soon as my negative review was published they contacted me and offered full support for the battery, sent a replacement, and a return label. They've assured me, upon return of the defective unit I'll be credited for the return expense ($ 5.05) based on this experience I believe them. I don't know if the replacement will last but their effort to "make it right" can't be denied. Good to see that a supplier take their business seriously.

The Makita batteries seem to be a problem whether the are OEM or aftermarket. The tools are so good though it might be worth the hassle of replacement batteries so long as the supplier will provide this kind of support. Good job WONDERSHOP.
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on January 23, 2016
I should have read more of the reviews prior to my purchase. I bought this battery as a replacement for the one that came with my Makita drill (original Makita battery lasted many years). This Powerextra battery lasted only 3 months. During that time I maybe charged it 10 times at most. Now when I put it in the charger, the red and green lights flash indicating a damaged/defective battery. Complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!

UPDATE: The seller contacted me after seeing my review. They offered to send me a replacement (I accepted). After receiving the replacement I attached it to my cordless drill but it didn't work... Figured it needed to be charged first. I put it in the charger and immediately the red and green lights flashed indicating a damaged/defective battery. So I reiterate... This was a complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND!!!
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