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After years of doing all variety of "diets" or eating lifestyles, from raw vegan to vegan to vegetarian to omnivore with calorie counting to eating-at-home-only to regular juice fasting for quick weight loss, I was so ready for a major change.

I grew up on a Persian diet so lots of meats and vegetables and rice and moderate amounts of bread, cheese, but also a ton of fruits and salads and the usual sweets all cultures adore. So deep inside, I always craved the meats when I was on vegan or vegetarian diets.

I knew that meat wasn't "the problem". I also knew that certain breads and pastas and noodles and foods in general would give me this heavy feeling after eating, and I wanted to get rid of that once and for all. So when a friend talked about her Paleo diet at length, I jumped onboard without hesitation. My husband and I went Paleo late January and we're in week 8 or 9 as I write this review. This was one of the books she recommended and I love the author and follow her on social media. Here's my review of this book.

4-stars. It is the most comprehensive book on Paleo, giving you every reason and logic behind why eating this way is to your ultimate health and longevity. I felt that she spent a long time - about 125 pages - giving you all the health issues you could develop if you eat gluten and processed sugar and how your body reacts to all of that crap and I read them. She lost me when she was talking about all the biology and anatomy but I followed along and appreciated it.

Then between 125-225 are her meal plans but they won't apply to everyone. She addresses major conditions such as high cholesterol, or diabetics or fibromalagia or other conditions before getting to "Squeaky Clean Paleo" which would apply to you if you don't fall under those conditions (I didn't so this section applied). I'm honestly not sure if I'll follow 30-day plans, which naturally refer to a lot of her recipes. And then finally Part 3 - the recipes section starts on page 225 but first a few lessons on chopping and slicing and cooking essential.

The book is about 400 pages, and my favorite recipe so far is the blueberry cobbler (see picture) but these recipes do look slightly complex. She's also huge into bone broth and sauerkraut which I'll have to see if I make - she has recipes. I love her no-nonsense approach with reasoning and science behind it so if you love nutrition and science, you'll LOVE this book. I am giving it a 4 star even though I highly recommend the book because I wish there were less sections on all the human ailment conditions and MORE on just Paleo - how to eat Paleo, how to make quick easy Paleo foods. I hope this helps and happy Paleo eating!
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on September 27, 2016
This book is thorough in covering topics focused around digestion, offering meal plans and tips for specific situations, and providing delicious nutrient-dense recipes. Everything in this book is intentional and the photos/graphics are updated and really enhance the reading experience. Diane provides you with information and resources to allow you to customize your diet and find what is best for your body. The recipes alone are spectacular (hello cauliflower hummus), but this book has so much more to offer to guide you in your real food journey.

I highly recommend the hard-cover version. The robust design suits this material-dense resource, and it makes the whole book quite sturdy and pleasant to handle.
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on October 27, 2015
Diane is amazing! I love her approach and this book is the perfect guide to starting Paleo or for those who already eat Paleo and need more/better ideas and recipes. I love how Diane makes herself so accessible through social media, her blog, instagram, podcasts and periscope. She is my Paleo Hero and the one person I go to for advice (through her books and on social media). If you are looking for a book to explain Paleo and help you truly change your lifestyle look no further. This is it.
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on September 15, 2016
I seriously can't recommend the second edition enough. The first was already a wonderful resource (with excellent recipes - and I have very high standards). The second is even more jam packed with up-to-date information and, even more importantly, insight. It's incredibly thorough and well-organized without ever being dry or dull. I work with clients who often need to explore nutrition but find the whole process to be too daunting or mystifying or restrictive, and this is exactly the answer for them. The material on gut healing and overall digestive health is particularly helpful.

And dude? Seriously delicious fare. Trust me. The Orange Sesame Meatballs and the Lemony Lamb Dolmas are instant favorites, to name only a couple. There are a scant handful of "treats" in here, but (a) it's hardly a cookbook focusing on nothing but paleo-fied baked goods and desserts (b) the few that are included are only mildly sweet, anyway. Exactly the right amount, for my preferences, in other words.

Major hat tip to the author. This is outstanding and deserves all the accolades. Thank you for your hard work; it will be appreciated by so many. And yes, like others, I was pleased to see that the Poop Parade didn't end up on the cutting room floor.
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on September 18, 2013
After going through four difficult pregnancies and only having two babies to show for it, I decided that it was time to get some things right in my body. My hormones were a mess and so was my digestive system. Due to three traumatic labor experiences within two years, I was also left with anemia and was suffering from dizziness, headaches and constant nosebleeds. Every single morning, I woke up with terrible joint pain in my hips, hands and shoulders. I breastfed so I was also concerned that I wasn't extending enough health to my daughter. I was confused and frustrated so I met with a naturopathic doctor to try and get some answers that wouldn't require prescriptions since I was nursing. She placed me on some supplements and strongly recommended a Paleo-like diet... with the addition of some raw cheese in order to meet minimum calorie requirements needed for breastfeeding.

I had purchased Practical Paleo awhile ago and had been following lots of other Paleo bloggers on Facebook and Instagram. So I wasn't ignorant to the lifestyle. Just never really had a reason to completely commit to it. Well - with my health like it was, I finally had a reason. The way the information is presented in Diane's book makes it super easy to understand. And she always gives the WHY for everything she recommends. This is a big deal for skeptics like my husband. It was much easier to convince him that this lifestyle would help our whole family with the information that she provides. The recipes are also simple and delicioius - which is perfect for a busy mom like me.

I've been eating Paleo for about a month now (in addition to my supplements - FCLO, B 12 and Chlorophyll) and I cannot say enough good things about the results. My abdominal cramping is completely gone. I haven't had a headache or dizzy spell in over three weeks and only two nosebleeds in a month (which were at the start of my journey). I haven't had one morning where I woke up with joint pain since I started. No more inflammation! I am still happily nursing my daughter who started sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT about a week in. She's only two months old so I really do believe that this diet has made my milk more nutritious for her. She is such a happy and content baby now and the extra sleep helps everyone in the house. I've also lost 12 pounds (and two pant sizes since my stomach is never bloated) and my skin is clearer than ever.

I know that if I had gone to my primary care physician or OB/GYN a month ago, I would still be going through tests to identify a problem right now. Instead, my family and I are happier and healthier then we have ever been. Thank you, Diane, for writing this book and committing your life to creating awareness to this lifestyle. It certainly has enriched me and my family's life and we are grateful!

As a side note to all the other stay at home mamas out there - It's so hard to convince yourself that it is OK to make your own health a priority. With kids and a husband to take care of, the demands of others seem to far outweigh our own needs. But let me encourage you by saying that if you are unhealthy, you can't give the best of yourself to your family. I have more energy now than I have ever had and absolutely no pain. Which means I really get to enjoy the time I spend with my kids and husband. Trust me, you're a much better wife and mother when you feel good. I would encourage you all to consider this lifestyle if you are dealing with any of the health issues I was dealing with.
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on January 6, 2015
I started using Paleo for Beginners in August and have never looked back or found it hard to change my lifestyle. The start of anything new is probably the most important as it is the introduction, the first impression if you will, and I'm grateful that my intro was with using this book. It's well laid out, explains in detail the various symptoms that can happen when not eating healthy. Then there are sections dedicated to different health issues such as fibromyalgia, heart, or arthritis to name a few. The book list recipes (which are delicious) that are geared toward helping the body combat and/or change health issues through sculpturing to their dietary needs. Each recipe also highlights nightshade, dairy, gluten, and more. For me this extra step helps me know immediately what's best without doing the additional calculations. I have since purchased this book for a family member that's been dairy and gluten free for three years. The sections that focuses on health is especially attractive to her. Others have borrowed the book to learn more on how to help reverse health issues. 5stars
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on January 12, 2016
I refer to Practical Paleo as my Paleo Bible. It was the first book that turned me onto Paleo (it was the picture of the bacon wrapped pineapple that sold me) and it still remains the very best.

From the informative first half of the book that's basically an encyclopedia for all things paleo, to the amazing recipes in the second half of the book, this is a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about Paleo or clean eating. It's my go to and the first book I recommend for newbies! I even have two copies so that I can always lend one out!
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on August 5, 2016
I have enjoyed the recipes in this book for a few years. I have loaned this book to friends to explain how the Paleo diet works and why. The information is an easy read and the meal planning helped me get started and get back on track when necessary.
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on September 23, 2015
Practical Paleo is the #1 all-purpose guide to paleo. Diane Sanfilippo does an outstanding job of providing an easy to follow, well-written & user friendly resource for anyone interested in improving their health & understanding their specific health concerns. I have purchased several copies over the years to hand out to family, friends & clients. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I use Practical Paleo as a launching pad for the majority of my clients. The book is smartly laid out in 3 sections, the first is an overview of paleo & provides a clear picture of why we should take this approach towards nutrition; the second offers several 30-day guides targeting specific health conditions or concerns (including meal plans & specific nutrients & recommended supplements). And the third section is full of tasty, paleo meals that are simple & quick to prepare. You don't have to be a chef to eat well! Take the plunge and try Paleo!
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on October 19, 2013
I suffered with angioedema 3-4 days a week for over 3 years after having an allergic reaction to a medicine. My allergist tested me for dozens of foods, many of which I was allergic to and was avoiding. I was still experiencing choking, hives, and eczema on my hands and inside my ears that would swell and bleed, in addition to all over angioedema that was caused swelling, itching and shortness of breath 3-4 days a week. I saw multiple allergists repeatedly. They had no trouble treating my allergies to environmental factors with weekly allergy shots, medications, etc., but were at a loss when it came to my food allergies, and could offer no solution.

I went to a dermatologist due to the eczema and the PA there said, this is off the record--leave here and drive straight to the bookstore and get a book on the Paleo diet, try it and let me know if it helps. I did, and experienced immediate relief! All of my symptoms were gone within three days--after suffering for 3 years!! I was able to immediately stop taking the Nexium I had been on for over 6 years that a doctor had prescribed without even testing me for acid-reflux. My indigestion had actually been allergy-related and ceased as soon as I began eating a Paleo diet.

I continued to research the angioedema I had experienced, to try and find the root cause. One time when at the doctors due to bad flare-up (oh no, not steroids again!) I asked the PA at my allergist's office to test me for Hoshimoto's disease, as I remembered my Grandmother telling me she had it. The test confirmed I had it; this autoimmune disease of my thyroid was at the bottom of all of the issues I had been experiencing.

I have read many books on the Paleo diet. Some give you the in-depth science and history behind it, and they all give you information on the diet itself. Practical Paleo is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, easy to read book on the Paleo diet as it relates to autoimmune, Hoshimoto's and leaky gut that I have read. It gave me the specific information I needed to be able to modify my diet to adjust to those issues and allowed me to identify a couple of the last allergens that were causing me problems.

Practical Paleo is the best book for those wanting to tailor their diet to a specific health issue, with chapters outlining steps to take and what to avoid for each. I have used many of the delicious recipes in Practical Paleo for me and my family and continue to find new ones to try. It gives you the hit-the-ground-running information needed to implement this new way of eating, giving people a way to help heal themselves through diet modification even when the medical establishment is at a loss. I continue to meet at least one new person a week who is experiencing some sort of food allergy, eczema, or other autoimmune or diet related issue to whom I recommend Practical Paleo.

In the year and a half since I began the Paleo diet, I have had relief from my symptoms (except when I stumble across a hidden allergen by mistake!). I have lost 57 lbs. (over a third of my body weight), gone from 7 daily prescription medications down to 1, and resolved my food-related autoimmune symptoms by following the Paleo diet. I am so thankful to have my life back. Thank you Diane for a fantastic, and for me, life changing book!
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