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on April 3, 2017
A thoughtful guide to praying for your children, young or adult. This is a nice complement to the Circle Maker, which I recommend you also read.
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on April 11, 2017
Loved the easy read! Topics were varied and concise. Have already recommend to other parents before I finished the book!
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on December 31, 2012
It has been a long time since I have read a book so immediately applicable, a book that literally drove me to my knees. It is a book that instilled a greater desire and conviction of the need for prayer and ways to pray specifically. But this book is much more than just a guide book. It is amazing that a book of just over 100 pages can have so much power and an incredibly lasting impact. This book was so powerful I did not trust myself to write a review at first; I waited until after a second reading and a month had passed to have some more perspective. All I can say is that it truly is an amazing book. I honestly believe that every Christian parent should read this book to be better equipped to pray for their children.

My first time reading this book I highlighted 20 passages. I have pulled out some of the best to highlight for you in small glimpses, some of the knowledge and wisdom that this book will impart.

Mark starts off by acknowledging that becoming a praying parent is hard work. To be disciplined to pray for our children is work and many in family life start to let things slide. "You don't become a praying parent by default. You do it by design, by desire, by discipline. Spiritual disciplines take sheer determination, but if you determine to circle your children in prayer, you will shape their destinies, just like Susanna Wesley shaped the destinies of her children. Your prayers will live on in their lives long after you die. Your prayers for your children are the greatest legacy you can leave." p. 18. From there he moved on to remind us that all our prayers must pass two tests: "It's imperative to distinguish between your will and God's will. Every prayer, including your prayers for your children, must pass a twofold litmus test: your prayers must be in the will of God and for the glory of God. ... Prayer is the way we take our hands off and place our children in the hands of God." p. 20-21. We need to pray God's will and God's glory or else we are just not doing it right.

Mark's earlier book, The Circle Maker, has been immensely popular. This book is an off-shoot but can easily be read without reading the first one. Mark States: "Drawing prayer circles is a metaphor that simply means "to pray without ceasing." It's praying until God answers. It's praying with more intensity, more tenacity. It's not just praying for; it's praying through. ... We need to start praying ALAT prayers - as long as it takes. That's what praying circles is all about. It's resolving in your heart of hearts that you will pray until the day you die." p. 29 And that is what God is after for us as parents, to be Prayer Warriors in our children's corner, interceding for them, to stand between them and the enemy and them and the world, to raise them up in the ways of God. "Parenting is the hardest thing you'll ever do. And the more you love your kids, the harder it is." p. 31. The more we love, the more we can be hurt.

Finally, he reminds us this will be a life-long journey. "Does this mean the final battle has been fought? We know better; we're parents! The challenges never end, but we need to celebrate our victories along the way. And for the record, prayer is the way we fight our battles. Prayer is the difference between you fighting for God and God fighting for you. Secret prayer is our secret weapon." p. 33, 34. We will be praying until we go home to God or until Christ comes again.

This was an incredible little book. I cannot say how beneficial it was to my prayer life and know I will be reading many more of Batterson's books in the months to come. Give it a try - it is more than worth the low price tag!
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on December 27, 2012
Do you have about 2 hours? Do you have children? Then you need to read this booklet. More a guide than a step by step how to, Batterson details the importance of praying for your children and suggests areas and ways to do so.

Batterson begins with honesty, "you'll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer is your highest privilege as a parent." We are reminded that, "you don't become a praying parent by default. You do it by design, by desire, by discipline." While this may be a quick read, the implementation requires time, effort, and work. This isn't a name it and claim it idea. This is a pray it for as long as it takes program.

We are reminded that throughout the Bible are promises that God has made to us. Promises like Psalm 37:5 "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act" or James 1:12 which tells us that "blessed is the man who perseveres under trials...he will receive the crown of life". As a parent, with God's guidance and instructions, we should be using these promises to pray for our children, to guide us in training them in the way they should go.

Included in this booklet are what Batterson calls 5 prayer circles. These are Circling the Promises of God (literally circling them in the Bible), Making Prayer Lists (individualized lists for each of your children), Creating Prayer Mantras (short sayings or verses that help you to focus on God's truths), Forming Prayer Circles (inviting others to pray with you) and Praying through the Bible (allowing God to lead your prayer as you read His word).

While there may not be a lot of meat to this booklet, the bones really do give you something to chew on. My only complaint is that at times it feels like an advertisement for the book this spun off from, The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears. I haven't read it and therefore can't comment on the content.
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on August 22, 2017
This would be an awesome gift for new parents, or a great gift for parents seeking guidance on how to really pray for their children. I've enjoyed what I've taken away from this book, and would recommend it to a friend for sure!
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on January 10, 2013
Mark Batterson, author of Primal, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, & Wild Goose Chase, is passionate about parents praying for their kids.

In his original text, The Circle Maker, Batterson emphasizes the power of persistent prayer and the effect that it is on those being prayed for, as well as those who are praying.

If you've read the original text, you will understand that the general principles from that text are being applied in this text.

The author encourages parents & grandparents to understand the following about prayer & their kids.

1. Use scripture to guide the nature of your prayers. Simply pray scripture!

2. Know that praying is changing you as well as those you are praying for. Everyone benefits from prayer!

3. Keep praying. Rejoice in the answers, when they come. But don't stop praying because they've been answered or haven't been answered....yet!

4. Pray with your children. Do not let time pass by that you do not let your children hear you pray, nor that you do not hear them pray.

This text is a very brief paperback book that is easily formatted for the encouragement of praying for your children. The packet of books came with a box of chalk to emphasize the idea of circling your children in prayer.

Overall, this is a light book, an easy read, but very encouraging & most certainly useful in parenting and/or grand-parenting.

I received this book from Zondervan publishing in exchange for an honest review.
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on July 9, 2017
This book is very practical with Biblical foundations. I wish I had read it when my children were young, but it can be applied to my adult children and grandchildren. I love the verses mentioned and ideas of how to daily pray for my children. I'm buying a copy to give to my son to read as he and his wife have their first child. Love it!
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on July 10, 2013
I have read a few chapters of the original book by Mark Batterson called The Circle Makers Prayer. This book was a lot easier to read. I do feel that I now need to go back and try to read it again. Praying Circles Around Your Children is a very quick read, therefor I feel it leaves some things out. However, it's full of creative ways to pray for your children that will inspire you. While I think this book is geared for parents of children in high school or younger, I feel that any parent can get something from it. If you are like me and your children are mostly adults, you understand that you are not really finished praying for them until you are called Home. I especially liked the ideas that included keeping a written record of how and what you pray for your children so that they have tangible evidence of your prayers. The author emphasizes praying the Scriptures which I heartily agree with!
I highly recommend this book for parents and grandparents who want to give their children the best gift they can give them. When we put them into the hands of their Creator, we don't have to worry over them and we can be assured He will take better care of them than we can.
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on March 4, 2013
The Circle Maker changed the way we think, pray, and live. I was expecting big things from this version in praying for your children, but was disappointed. I felt that much of the content was the same, and that which was different, didn't warrant an entire separate book. If you want the challenge, and your life to be changed, buy the Circle Maker and apply those principles to praying for your children.
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on January 31, 2014
A friend recommended this book. I called her this morning to thank her for sharing her blessing & being a blessing to me & my family. All glory & praise be to God!
I'm a first time mother & pray daily to be a better mother to my son. This book is life changing. I feel for the first time, I have a new direction, new found faith...pray in circles, allowing God to lead the way!
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