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on November 4, 2015
Be very careful before ordering this. Our fault for failing to do a THOROUGH read of unbiased reviews. Many reviews are questionable, i.e., "just got this item and it's fantastic!" More thoughtfully detailed reviews, especially in the last year or two, paint a darker picture. We ordered this pan through Amazon Prime and, as expected, it arrived right on time. Opened it up and started reading the warranty and instructions. Item presented OK with exception of a circular burn or etch mark in the center of the pan (pics attached). First area of serious concern is no corporated contact other than a Dallas, TX mailing address on the warranty card. No phone or email for customer service. This is a China jobber product which passes through several corporate names, i.e., it's sold through SKIVU, the corporate name plate on the skillet is "Link Fair" with Chinese address, and the Texas address is listed as CSC with a P/O box #. The warranty terms spelled out clearly on the 3x5 warranty card requires you, the buyer, to pay shipping to the Texas address (about $25 to $30) and for you, the buyer, to enclose a check for the return shipping for the privilege. What a croc! Then there are the instructions which on page 5 under "Assembly Instructions" states "the skillet base (and cover) are immersible." The next page, page 6 item 4 however under "Cleaning & Maintenance" states that both the temperature probe and skillet base are "not immersible." We suspected that when we saw 6 screws holding a underside grill vent in place. For us it was game over before even plugging it in, especially after carefully screening through more detailed reviews and problems with this clearly cheaply made and historically troublesome item. Thank god we're Prime members and Amazon has kindly offered a return with full refund (an option that the manufacturer, whoever that is, would never consider).
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on September 26, 2016
This was supposed to be an ALL Stainless frying skillet.... It is lined with some kind of coating..... Check the add... No coating.... Below is a pic of what I received today..... I'm not too happy.....Precise Heat 16-Inch Rectangular Surgical Non Stick Stainless Steel Electric Skillet EDIT 10/20/16
I did not adequately "condition" the skillet.. It gave the food a terrible flavor and odor... Then I cranked the heat up to high for several hours.. the coating smoked and finally cleared up... Now I am very pleased with the skillet.. temp control is VERY good... pretty uniform heat distribution.. it simmers wonderfully for long, slow cooks.. It browns food well on lower heat setting... I like the lid does NOT have a vent... Sort of pressure cooks the food with the lid on for tenderizing meats... I would buy this skillet again... even with the coating I did not want..
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on September 5, 2011
Huge skillet. Nice crust on fish, chicken, etc. Browns nicely and then put lid on to maintain moisture. Delicious. No sound when lid on at all! Cooks huge amount of food; 8 stuffed chicken Cordon Bleu; 8 minute steaks; wonderful for swiss steak. Of course food will stick as it is not teflon. But that is what I wanted instead of the poison teflon bits. Never put any skillet, teflon or not, in the dishwasher. It destroys (and changes) the coating of your skillet as the dishwasher soap is a chemical mixing with the Teflon chemical. This is a known fact. This skillet sits on my countertop ready for use. It is beautiful...and ready to go. Just adjust how you cook in the stainless steel compared to the non-stick. My foods have only been cooked at 225. For cleaning I place hot water in the stillet, use a rubber spatula and gently removed the remains of food. You can use regular dishwashing soap after massaging a bit and just let it sit. Cleans up nicely. Don't use metal scrubbers but simply use soft plastic. Use baking soda if tidbits somewhat hard to remove. Skillet cannot hold large pot roast or full sized chicken. Skillet does not have a "warm" setting which it should. UPDATE NEXT DAY: Cooked spinach and collard greens together in this skillet. I placed 2 bunches of greens (both) in the skillet. I had just cooked 2 pork blade steaks that left the crispy pork crust in the pan; added a few drops of water for steam; put the lid on. Greens done shortly thereafter and were tender, tasty, delicious. Normally collards, mustards have the spine removed. I didn't do that. Just tossed it into the skillet. All were tender.
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on April 2, 2016
I absolutely love this electric skillet! I have gotten rid of all teflon pans and only cook with cast iron in both my skillets and pots. My last hold out was my electric skillet, and I hated giving up the convenience of a non-stick one. One day I just threw it away so I would be forced to replace it, bit the bullet and paid over $100 for this one based on reviews. An excellent use of $100! It is so attractive that I leave it out on the counter all the time, it is a breeze to clean...seriously, cleans almost as easy as my non-stick pan no matter what I cook in it. I use it almost daily, some days, multiple times. It seems expensive, but it is a GREAT buy based on it's quality!
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on November 20, 2015
Love this electric skillet. I will never waste money again on one with the non stick coating. They have never held up, not only that but very rarely does the handles last on mine. I have broken so many in the past just from using so often that the handles would wear out, become loose and break. The non stick coating in other types also comes off in no time and gets all in your food. With this skillet, it's large for a big family, heavy duty and no worries about black flecks of gross in your food, unless you used too much pepper or are a bad cook LOL..Seriously this is the second one I have bought and I love it.
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on January 26, 2015
I did not want to believe the poor reviews as there were many happy reviews so I experienced the product for myself. I can live with uneven cooking but when the cord shocked me and caught fire it because too dangerous to use. Not to mention there was no one to report this matter to or hold liable. In my opinion do not buy this product. I had this product for a total of four months until it shocked me. And it immediately cooked uneven.

Important to know
*Cooks uneven
*Cord shocks me and started fire
*No company contact information for returning product

Not as important
*Hard to clean
*30 day return policy with Amazon
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on December 5, 2011
I bought this electric skillet for my daughter as a gift. The outer perimeter (about 1 1/4 inches deep) does not heat up so that when she makes pancakes, for example, she can not pour the mix close to the edge of the skillet because part of it will not cook. This actually reduces what should be a larger skillet to a smaller cooking area. The reason I bought it was for her to have a large skillet. I did report this within 30 days and had no problem returning it.
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on January 16, 2016
I wanted a stainless steel electric skillet, one that didn't have a teflon coating. It feels like I read a million reviews, and narrowed it down to a few choices including this one. What made me buy this was the fact that the manufacturer actually read the negative reviews on Amazon and posted replies. I read the replies and realized that some of the issues I had with my electric wok were the same issues people had with this product. And once I changed my cooking habits per the instructions of the Precise Heat people, my wok issues went away.

So I bought this item. After one month of use, I have nothing but the highest praise. Sturdy, solid construction. Good cooking capabilities, if you follow minimal instructions (like waiting till the thing heats up before you dump in any oils or food). I've even burned chicken in it, and had the burned stuff lift off after leaving water in the pan to soak for a few hours.

I'm very conscious of slavish positive reviews, and generally don't read them, going for the negative experiences to gauge a products value. But here I am, presenting a pretty slavish review. And I'm not a registered or paid doohicky person, either.
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on March 20, 2016
This is my second in 5 years. The first one burned out the coils In the pan after 2 years ( I kept the plug-in ).
My second one is still working from Mar 2014, but the plug-in went to heating in the off position- so yes , I'm using the old plug-in.
The stainless is great and perfect for my cooking- easy to clean ( a little water and a 10 min soak and paper towel will do it ).
It's a shame this is the only stainless one out there with out going commercial and a lot more money.
A couple more dollars would be worth it if the quality of the elements and plug-in were a little better built. The other one died as well and makes a great door stop h well, back to buying the cheap one and just replacing them every year.
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on January 15, 2017
I love this Ele. Skillet. I have wanted one for quite some time and I'm really glad I found this one. The stainless on the exterior is very nice and washes and dry's without staining. The interior is nice and heavy so things cook evenly and clean up is easy. I put water in it when I'm thru serving which makes clean up a breeze. By the time we're thru eating it's cool enough to wash out! Nice enough quality to cook a good meal and nice enough quality to sit on a buffet somewhere. Very happy with this purchase. I have used it almost every day since I received it and have yet to find hot spots!
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