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on February 16, 2015
Scrap the old 2 Disc special edition DVD of this excellent sequel to the original classic

this 1990 sequel Predator 2 has been given a new High Definition transfer in 1:85:1 widescreen by 20th century fox
and the picture quality does look much sharper & clearer than the old DVD release for sure
plus a new 5.1 Master audio mix has been added aswell which does sound much better than the old Dolby digital mix

it doesn't stop there either, all the special features from the 2 Disc DVD set have been carried over which i think is a miracle
usually 20th century fox don't bother making the effort to carry over all the extras when they're reissuing a film on blu-ray
for eg John McTiernan's PREDATOR film first blu-ray release was barebones treatment by 20th century fox
Predator had to be reissued twice on blu-ray for all the special features to be carried over

so for this sequel, i think fans are very lucky that all the special features from the 2 Disc DVD have been carried over for sure
THE HUNTERS & THE HUNTED 35min making of featurette
the Promo stills Gallery
TV spots, Theatrical trailer
plus the 2 Audio commentary tracks from the DVD release have also been carried over
all this on 1 blu-ray Disc incredible

definitley time to upgrade get this new blu-ray version of Predator 2
5 stars i gave it based on all the extras carried over from the 2 Disc DVD set
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on June 20, 2016
It seems like this film receives a lot of criticism soley on Arnold Schwarzenegger's absence, but don't let that keep you from checking out this unappreciated sequel. The movie offers more than what what it seems. Has a few cliche scenes of course but a lot of the action scenes make up for it. I enjoyed this almost as much as the original predator. Glover may come off as a bad casting choice at first but he kind of grows on you once you get deeper into the film. Only setbacks about this are the phony street gangs and this annoying reporter that shows up from time to time. Other than that I'd say this film is a exceptional installment to the series. Unlike the other forgettable sequel "Predators".

LAPD is being overunned by violent street gang wars and in the midst of it all comes an uninvited guest looking to kill for the sport of it.

Danny Glover plays as the bad ass lieutenant Mike Harrigan along with his team: best friend Danny boy, Leona (Conchita Alonza), and Jerry (Bill Paxton) as the new recruit looking to make a name for himself. Also, Keyes (Gary Busey), an obsessed science researcher looking to catch the predator and recover its advanced weaponry.
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on July 12, 2013
I think the original Predator was ground breaking. It was set in a tropical jungle involving tough military macho guys who couldn't match up to the invisible predator, except for one. But a sequel is always tougher because we already know the creature and what it is capable of and what its purpose is. To go back to the jungle would be too much of a copy cat idea. So moving the setting to the city and having the Predator hunt the human predators in the city was a good idea, but the problem is that most sequels involve at least the lead from the first movie. The second movie had an all new cast and none of them was Arnold so there was a disconnect there. I didn't like the movie the first time I saw it, but giving it some time and letting Arnold go, I was able to appreciate what they did with the second movie on its own merits. I loved the humor when the cop enters the predator spaceship and there is an Alien skull as a souvenir on the wall. I don't give it five stars because this sequel, as good as it is, just doesn't top the first.
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on August 16, 2016
Just amazing how much the film can still grab my mind's shirt collar and drag me along -- on the fifth or whatever viewing. Had to review it, decades late, just to honor how much mojo it still has. If you have never seen this film, bullshit, but if you haven't, for God's Sake don't tell anyone and watch it pronto but first see the first one with Arnold, and then this one and then the other Predator films too, all in the same day. You will thank me. If not, you've wandered into the wrong neighborhood, Padre. Best scooch yersef back to Bing Crosby movies.

Yeah, it's aged. But wow how little it kicks you out of the film. It gets slow when you know what is coming next all the time, but there were many actions segments that got me about 80% invested. Lots of improbables and liberties were taken with the laws of physics. For its era, it packed a smack. But, yeah, lots of stuff pretty much memorized and that wrung the work dry, but as a historical piece, if it's been decades, heck yeah, refresh your brains about it. It's a bookmarked moment in time for American culture, circa who cares watch it.
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on July 21, 2017
I don't know what all these people are talking about, saying that the original with Arnold Schwartzenpussy is better! This one is set in the city, not the jungle! How many people have ever been in a jungle? About one in a thousand who are reading this, if that, but I bet just about everyone has been in a city. Those who haven't are just too young, but I'm sure you know all about cities! It's all about frame of reference.
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on June 5, 2013

I felt the need to preface the review proper with that, as neither the DVD, nor Amazon give any indication of this. As far as the film itself goes, Predator 2 can best be described as one part Predator, one part Robocop, one part Death Wish 3, and just a splash of Highlander (After claiming a trophy from Bill Paxton, the Predator has a Quickening). For some, this might seem completely stupid; others will see a kind of demented genius in it.

Much like Robocop, the film satirizes the depiction of violence in the media, here done through a series of news reports called Hard Core. This program seems to run in an alternate universe version of 1997, where a reported can show several skinned bodies and advocate the murder of criminals on live TV. This is a failing of the film, as while Robocop took place in a desensitized dystopian future, Predator 2 is set firmly in the decade it was made.

However, Predator 2 has one thing over Robocop; it's committed to it's message. Robocop satirized the rising levels of sex and violence in pop culture by depicting both in a comically overblown fashion; having its cake and eating it too. Predator 2, while still fully deserving it's R rating, is notably less graphic in its violence than the first, and because of that the condemning of graphic violent content rings more true.

Many people complain about the city setting, saying that it robs the film of a connection to the original. I respectfully disagree, as the "concrete jungle" of Los Angeles offers many of the things that helped make Predator intense; lots of high places and blind corners for the Predator to hide, and other dangers besides the Predator for the characters to worry about. This keeps the same spirit of the first, while giving the sequel it's own identity, rather than making it feel so similar you wonder why it exists.

The film's only real crime is not being as memorable as the first, but the bar was set very high in that regard. In short, most fans of the first will probably find Predator 2 a thoroughly entertaining sci-fi/horror movie, and a worthy successor to the Schwarzenegger classic.
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on February 17, 2013
I thought this sequel was pretty good as far as sequels go. Sure, it wasn't as good as the original but the concept was cool and it was a fun and entertaining movie. As far as the Blu-ray quality goes, this is the best the movie has looked yet but it was far from a perfect transfer. There is still a lot of dirt and grit from the original print that shows through the transfer, and the overall definition is a little flat but I actually think this is somewhat due to the source content. Colors and contrast are quite nice though, and there is no significant enhancements or digital noise corrections present which can really detract. I highly doubt that this film will get a reboot with a better transfer, so this is probably the best it is ever going to look. Generally speaking, though, I was very happy with it and fans of the film will also be pleased. The extras are pretty decent as well, with interviews from the director and other assorted stuff.
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on February 2, 2011
After it first came out critics and fans of the first film alike trashed this film, and personally I don't see why. While it may take some things from the first film (it is a sequel after all), it doesn't overly do so like Predators does. For starters it doesn't tease us with the Predator. Right off the bat we see from the hunter's view as he watches humans fight in the streets, eventually selecting a main target in Lt. Mike Harrigan (played by Danny Glover). The predator also has some new toys, like the smartdisk, spear and netgun. The film also explains the Predator honor code a little more than the first film, which only showed they will fight on even terms with prey they consider to worthy, as well as fight armed opponents for the most part.
A lot of people criticize Glover's casting in an action film as the lead, saying he can't pull it off. I disaggree with that. For starters do people forget Glover was in the Lethal Weapon films, in which he is involved in action scenes that involve gunplay. After recently watching those films I buy Glover in an action role even more than I did before. Granted he's not the same size as Arnold, but he's not supposed to be. He's a cop, not a soldier.

As for the special features on the dvd, they're ok. The documentary was very well done, but I wish they could have put on some deleted scenes (which I know for a fact exist; a whole subplot involving the female cop's pregnancy was all but cut out of the final film). There's also two featuretes from when the film was being made, but they were on the bare bones dvd.
If you're a fan of Predator 2 like I am this is a buy worth making. Soon I plan on getting the one for Predator. Predators (which I do like to an extent) can wait for a price drop.
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on June 4, 2017
I think it's better than the first one but I love both.
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on March 29, 2016
An underrated gem. Predator is a much cleaner blend of old school action and sci-fi horror than its sequel but Predator 2 mixes up the formula a little more, weighing itself even more heavily towards the action side and playing up the camp. It's a blast in the same vein as some later slasher films.
You get more of the monster. It's more tongue-in-cheek. Danny Glover fighting the City Hunter is just a good time. Don't write off this movie.
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