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on February 6, 2017
needed in my collection
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on June 23, 2012
I didn't even know this movie was out until I saw a preview for Showtime...I asked myself how did I miss this one. I go to 10-20 movies a year and I totally missed any previews. This tells me that the advertising budget was pretty nil. It was only a couple weeks before it aired so I figured I'd wait instead of rent. So I kept catching it at different parts of the movie and getting more and more intrigued. Then I finally got to watch the whole thing and I was very very pleased with how good it was!

Predators made more sense to me than all the other movies combined. 3 Predators on a game reserve honing their skills...instead of 1 Predator marooned on a planet with 6 billion people hoping to find some action. AvP brought up the concept of 3s but Predators expands on this giving them each a specific task. The Falconer-in charge of recon, The Trainer-in charge of stratagy testing weakness and strength and the berserker-The muscle of the group. A real fighting force. From my military background someone of Brody's stature makes more sense to me than Arnold....although Arnold, Ventura looks good on paper and film. It's just not reality. The people I knew in the seals and special forces were all average size..albeit in very good condition.

The movie starts with Royce falling from the sky and from that moment on it's nothing but action....Just what I'd hope for from an action movie! There wasn't a lot of dialog between characters but that's just what I'd expect from a group that was thrown together unexpectedly. The movie really pays homage to the original but it should it's a sequel. Like in the original the Predator hung it's prey in a tree. Same here. Royce covering himself with mud...well it was already told to him that this is how Dutch survived....The best tactics are passed on by the survivors. They used pretty much the same soundtrac as Predator, so they could have come up with something different but it didn't spoil the movie for me, as a matter of fact I barely even noticed because of all the action. The movie even gives a nod to Alien and I haven't seen any other reviews about this but what and where did the ancient tunnel boring mechine come from??? Why was it abandon??? Don't really need those answers not what the movie was about. It's about survival!

I think the casting was perfect! Brody pulled off a great action figure with Royce. The russian, The yakuza(sp) perfect! Fishburne was almost perfect as a schizophrenic survivor for 10 seasons...I say almost perfect because he is a little hefty for scavaging for so long....I would have laughted my a** off if he had called his friend Wilson! lol

In reality this is a 4 star movie but I believe it to be the best of all the Pred movies and the job they did with a minimal budget looked great so I give it another star. I'm ready for a sequel!!!

The blueray disc looked really good except the scene after the water fall was real grainy...the extra content was great. Gives some background on some of the characters before the abduction. Some of the deleted scenes they should have left in the movie especially the deathrow guys scenes.
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on February 21, 2011
...Drop in.
I love a movie that kicks off instantly with an action sequence. Pow, you're in the thick of it, shut up and hang on!
Yes, I have to admit it, I'm a sucker for this franchise (even the 2 movies that shall not be named), so I'll forgive them most anything; it's been a long long time between movies.
Why do I like this series? It's not complicated. Hunt or be hunted. Scream and run. Stop, drop, and roll. They have a good formula. You know what to expect and you expect most of the cast to be fodder for the Predators. It's not art. Although the locale was beautifully filmed. It's meant to be exciting. I found it so. And better still, it's a keeper for my collection!
I also have no complaints with Adrien Brody, supposedly slumming in a creature feature (he has to make a living and was obviously committed to the role): he's always an interesting actor to watch. As for poor Topher Grace (why do I have the impulse to replace the first letters of his first and last name?), he was the standard red herring; it's mandatory that most movies have one. He was neither good nor awful, I barely noticed him or the second guy that went missing (I'm embarrassed to say that it was quite awhile before I actually realized they were down a man). There wasn't much time to establish personalities. I even forgave them for lifting most of the plot from that oft remade classic: The Most Dangerous Game (1932).
I also must add that I loved the 'dogs'.
It's a great franchise, I hope they keep making more. In fact, I insist.
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on April 24, 2017
Great movie
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on May 4, 2017
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on September 1, 2014
Great premise and setting. This is what the other Predator sequels should have been. The Predators are very well done and this film introduces a new race. Clever idea for the group of the humans that are hunted. Some surprising plot twists. Good acting, good production values. This film gives a couple nods to the original and is true to canon. Recommended.
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on May 27, 2013
Many of the other reviewers have captured the gist of the story line and most have referenced the obvious flashback to the original as this instalment returns to the jungle. I don't have anything bad to say about the acting. I felt the cast all worked well together and enjoyed the plot. They could have built more into the use of additional alien creatures but they chose not to. They could have built more on the internal predator war but they chose not to. There were a few holes in the continuity like an early reference to the sun not moving but then later it becomes night. Also... one of the characters knowing so much about the flora of an alien planet seemed a bit of a leap... but then again... the fact that they were on an alien planet sort of renders that moot anyway. All in all not a bad addition to the saga. Certainly opens the door to future follow ups. They really could build a great sequel if they take the time to think it through (of course that doesn't always happen). Worth a watch if you like the rest of the predator series... it is as good or better than the Danny Glover contribution but that is just me.
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on December 5, 2012
The more and more I think of this film from the first time I watched it, I become more impressed. It's the same way I felt about the film American Pyscho. The first time I watched both films, I didn't like them. Then they both grew on me after I gave them another shot. I love Sci Fi so I wanted to like this movie. Problem I have with Predators, is even though I thought it was very well made and very original. It could've been soooo much better. I like when movies tie into each other. And this could've tied into the earlier films allot. Since Predator 2, Aliens and Predators have been mixed and tied together which started the AVP franchise. Here's how I would have tied it in. In this story, people get abducted to this planet so the predators can hunt them like wild game. My thoughts were, if you survived and beat a also got abducted to do battle with the Predators. The dead solider in the beginning could have been Arnold. That could've ended that story there...And Lawrence Fishburne could have been played by Danny Glover. This could have tied Predator 1 & 2 even more so then just Alice Braga's character. The alien ship could have had Weyland sign on it as well. Just these 3 changes could've made this movie a great one. Instead, it's just a good one.
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on May 10, 2015
Love the universe, though really it was just a different and unexciting version of the Most Dangerous Game. It didn't bring much new in, and confirmed what was already known so a little disappointing. 3 stars because I liked the universe, the actors, and special effects.
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on October 19, 2014
Okay, so it's not a classic film. It's called Predators, it's clearly a movie that resides in the Predator franchise and expects you to understand that fact. Given that, it's probably a better produced, and absolutely a better acted film that the first predator movie. The story itself isn't quite as nifty as the original, but the execution is better. The novelty of the concept has been eroded by the regrettable sequels, and the very existence of the fun, but stupid original. If you are in any way able to tolerate any movie in this franchise you should, in my opinion love this thing. Which is clearly superior to everything else with the word Predator in the title. With the possible exception of the original.
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