Customer Reviews: ZICO Premium Coconut Water, Natural, 11.2 fl oz (Pack of 12)
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on October 11, 2009
Each of these three products has a number of reviews. I don't have much to add to any of the individual reviews. Coconut water is great, if you are in the market for a case of it you already know this. But which of these three is the best?

I went around town and found 5 boxes of each of the three brands (15 total) each, with no two boxes of a the same brand coming from the same supplier. The goal was to get a wide range of product batches. This I am happy to report was pointless. All three brands produce an internally consistent product.

I then ordered a 12 pack of all three brands from Amazon. The only significant difference in packaging is that O.N.E. glues a little telescoping straw to each individual box, the other two brands do not. If you are a straw person this is a feature if not this is just more trash, you decide. The amount per container varies slightly by brand but given the price fluctuation on Amazon I don't consider the 0.1 Oz differences an important factor.

All three are made in Brazil, O.N.E. mentions that it is pasteurized the other two do not (nevertheless, I suspect all three are).

On pure taste, at refrigerator temperature, I found Zico to be the best (say 5/5), but only nominally better than O.N.E. (4.5/5), Vita was a distant third (3/5). Both Zico and O.N.E. taste almost exactly like drinking right from a fresh green coconut. Vita, on the other hand, has a grape aftertaste which I did not like. At room temperature the order remained the same; however, the differences in taste became more obvious: Zico (5/5), O.N.E. (4/5), Vita (2/5). Obviously all of this is subjective.

I observed the price of three on Amazon over the course of a month. Zico (~$24) was consistently more expensive than the other two (~$18-21) which traded places as the least expensive.

Considering the price and quality, O.N.E. is my choice and the brand to which I now subscribe. I consider Zico an excellent, but over priced, product and Vita an inferior product. If, however, I preferred my coconut water at room temperature I would give strong consideration to paying the extra money for Zico. If I used my coconut water as a mixer I would buy which ever one is cheapest at the time.

All three products are better than nothing (the previous option) and I am happy to see them on the market.
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on March 21, 2012
I used to buy ZICO by the case. It was just like sticking a straw into a fresh coconut on a Caribbean island. Then the company sold to a conglomerate. First decision was to switch from fresh to from concentrate. The result was a disaster. Undrinkable funky tasting and horrible. Then the scandalous self promotion. Despite that every consumer was trashing it a string of 5 star reviews appear, every single one from a 'reviewer' with no history of any prior reviews on Amazon. One reviewer accidentally outed himself by posting a comment as a ZICO rep using the same username as his glowing review. Now fast forward they bring back the tetra packs not from concentrate. Thank goodness, right? WRONG! Stuff tastes artificial and basically only useful for making a smoothie. Old ZICO was miles above any other coconut water on the market and this stuff is miles below the worst of the bunch. And lo and behold, another slew of glowing 5 star reviews for the tetra packs and almost every single one of these from someone with no history on Amazon or only prior review was their bogus review of the from concentrate product. Shame on you for ruining a once fantastic product and shame on you for fraudulent self promoting reviews!
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on March 10, 2015
I am not one to leave bad reviews, but this was more than necessary. I love coconut water so I bought a big bottle of this. When I opened it, I caught a glimpse of something that didn't look right in the bottle. I poured out all of the water and was hoping what was in the bottle was part of a coconut. I cut open the bottle to find that what was inside was a solid piece of mold. I am so glad I didn't drink the water before I saw it. Do yourself a favor and buy another brand.
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on July 6, 2010
Zico is HORRIBLE NOW! COKE DESTROYED IT! From pure coconut water from trusted suppliers to Plastic bottles and from some nasty concentrate. Buy ONE or Vita coco or any other brand of natural coconut water. Not some dried up goop, packaged, processed and re -constitued with tap water. DAMN YOU ZIIIIICOOOOOOO!
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on June 16, 2006
This is the best way to get coconut water unless you have direct access to fresh, green coconuts. Tastes great. I prefer to use a straw to drink from the box. There's no jelly included, only the liquid coconut water. They are not cheap, but I buy from Amazon since our grocery stores don't sell coconut water. Some people don't like the taste of coconut water, but this brand is great if you do.
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on July 7, 2011
I grew up in the Caribbeans and I love drinking coconut water. I missed it after moving to the states. But one day a year ago I saw a box of Vita Coco for sale at Costco and I bought it and enjoyed it, but I had to stop buying it because they got expensive. Today at Costco I saw Zico coconut water and I bought it because I was craving coconut water. Got home and took a taste and all I can say is WTF. I am not kidding, this drink taste like dish water. There is zero taste of coconut water in this product. It doesn't taste like coconut water from any continent I am familiar with. To give you an idea of how bad this is, I gave it to my 2 year old son who will drink anything and he took on sip and pushed my hand away. I gave some to my 6 year old daughter and she (no joke) went straight to the trash and spit it out and asked me what in the world I just gave her.

Someone who has never had coconut water may think this is the greatest thing ever, but trust me this product is not fit for dogs. Zico should be ashamed of themselves. If you taste this product and thinks it's a great taste, I don't know what to say other than your taste buds have magic power to turn crap into gold. You should be studied to find out your tongue's secret.

In other word, DON'T BUY THIS, unless you like throwing money out. I am grateful I got mine from Costco because I am returning this abomination back ASAP.
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on August 31, 2007
My husband runs and we'd read that coconut water is a much better replenishment drink than all the artificial sports drinks, so we began our search for a good brand. He is Latin American and I'm West Indian, so we're quite familiar with how this is supposed to taste. The canned drinks were awful - they picked up the taste of the can and many companies chose to add in coconut pieces which didn't do anything pleasant in terms of taste. This is by far the best brand we've tasted. It is expensive but so is Gatorade and similar drinks, so if you work out and use those, this is much better. It is higher in potassium by far, very important for post-workouts. It is also great for hangovers (hah!) and for women who've recently given birth. Essentially it does a great job of helping the body to recover and replenish essential electrolytes, so whether you go with this brand or another, coconut water is a great drink. To us, this is the best tasting and most authentic tasting brand out there. We do wish it was cheaper, but unfortunately we live in a society where it's easier to eat crap and get obese and unhealthy than it is to eat well and stay fit. (We have NOT tasted vitacoco yet...hoping to try soon. Will review again if our opinion differs after tasting!)
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on August 9, 2006
When I visted Thailand, a woman offered me a coconut. I nodded and she whacked it open with a machete with all the precision of a samuari, stuck a straw in it and handed it to me. It was decidedly different and unlike any other coconut product I had before. I enjoyed several of these while I was there, and some European tourists asked how was it as we floated by in the canal at the Rose Market. I gave them the thumbs up, but for people used to the ultra sweet and syrupy soda pop drinks and juice sweetened with high frutose corn syrup, they'll likely find the taste vile. It's very light and refreshing and if your taste buds aren't conditioned by overly sweet drinks, you'll probably enjoy this.

I gave it 4 stars because the contents say the coconuts are from Brazil and I found the ones I had in Thailand a bit more tasty.
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on June 18, 2006
I would strongly recommend tasting one of these before order a 12-pack, as this is a very acquired taste. I bought one pack at the local health food store as a trial, and it was one of the most horrible tastes I can remember in recent memory. So just don't go blindly ordering this or you may be sorry.
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on September 1, 2010
I used to order the original Zico sold in Tetrapaks, before they introduced the plastic bottle version. It was great... very refreshing and not too sweet. The new re-introduced Zico in the Tetrapaks tastes nothing like the previous version. It has a somewhat strong syrupy sweet/sour taste that leaves a weird residue on your tongue. I came back to this product thinking that it would be the same as before they messed with it, but I think I'm done with Zico. I was getting shipments of O.N.E. (which is wonderful), but sadly they have been out of stock. I guess I will have to wait for them to restock again...
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