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Look, people: This isn't rocket science. HDMI cables do not really vary much in quality or ability to get the digital signal from point A to point B. With digital, it's either going to work perfectly, or it's not going to work at all. The only reason you would ever need to spend a ton for a cable like this at a department or big box store is if you're in a hurry and need it NOW. Otherwise, this is the same thing you'll get at the Big Boxy stores, but at a more sane price.

There's nothing much to review here. It's an HDMI cable. It's 25 feet long. It connects to any standard HDMI device, such as a video game console, Blu-ray Disc player, computer, cable box, or set-top box, and will get the signal from there to your television, projector, or monitor.

Yes, some of the so-called "premium" cables might have slightly better shielding or thickness, but you know what? Unless you're dealing with a lot of interference in your place, you don't need all that. You don't need special cables.

And bonus- This is a high-speed cable, which means it should support Audio Return Channel. What is that? Well, if you don't know, you probably don't need it! But I'll tell you anyway: Some AV receivers allow you to run one HDMI cable between the TV and the receiver, allowing the TV to send audio to the receiver along the same HDMI cable that is receiving the video signal from the AV receiver. It's not all that common, and most people don't end up using it, but if you are one of those people that can use that feature this cable will (allegedly) support it.

Look, just get the thing. Don't drive to the store and pay ten times the amount for one. Just get it here, relax for a day or three, and reap the benefits of ordering from a competitive source and getting the exact same item for a significantly lower price. If you're out there buying Monster or Insignia cables for ridiculous amounts, you're a sucker and I'd like to talk to you about this super-expensive magic bean I'm selling.
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on May 18, 2015
can reach lots of places

CONS:Bought this about a year ago and it is already starting to lose connection occasionally. Right now I am using it with one of my monitors for my computer, and occasionally it will break connection and my monitor will go black for like 5 seconds. Really sucks when playing a game like LOL.

Other: If you buy this, take very delicate care of it because it is more fragile than most cables. I do not recall bending it or storing it in a hazardous (bendy) environment so the interior must be really cheaply made to lose connection so often (about once every 2 hours or so as of today, but I didn't have that problem for over a year)

PRO TIP: Don't think your monitor will look better if you use hdmi instead of D-SUB or DVI. They all work exactly the same, just hdmi and some DVI can transmit sound, but the picture is ALWAYS THE SAME.
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on February 20, 2016
Already broke it. I literally received this product a few days ago. I turned my television slightly to the left and the pins completely came out of the head. The actual cable itself is pretty sturdy, the price of course in unbeatable; however the actual head of the cable is EXTREMELY cheaply made. If you never move your TV, or you paranoid about being careful then there are no issues for this product; however I have never broken an HDMI cable in my life, and just a coincidence that this breaks only days after I buy it. If this product had a better head design I would recommend it, however I'm not going to risk my expensive TV over 7 bucks.
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on July 3, 2014
Based on some reviews where the users say they waited too long to test the cable and then the warranty ran out, I decided to test this cable immediately upon receiving it.

I'm glad to report that it works well both from my PC and from a tablet. I compared it with 6 foot cable that I used previously and could not see any difference between the two.

The only thing I'm not totally satisfied with is the thickness of the cable itself: It's a little on the thin side so I'm not sure how that will affect its durability or susceptibility to interference.

But for $ 6.95 I'm more than happy.


It has been less than 4 months and this cable has become faulty, dropping the signal intermittently. Replaced it with a high quality cable and the problems have disappeared. Consequently I'm revising the rating downward to 2 stars because it is not reliable.
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on April 27, 2014
I never buy cords or cables at a store anymore after being ripped off on costs. For all my cable needs I now come to Amazon for the great prices and sturdy cables. I have yet to come across a cable of bad quality or design from Amazon. I would highly recommend people to be patient (2 day shipping for Prime members and maybe 3-days for non members) and order from Amazon for all their cable needs instead of buying cables from the store at an inflated retail price. Also as a prime member you can’t go wrong with free shipping, especially if you’re like me and buy a lot online, the membership pays for its self after awhile.

As for the cable itself, well it’s an HDMI cable and it works, not much else to say. It’s also well built too on the ends so it looks like I’ll get many years out of it. Glad I didn’t pay an extra $13 to $20 for it at local “Box Stores”.
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on March 1, 2016
You have to see it to believe it if you've never bought a projector this is well worth it if you do not have a lot of money you need absolutely darkness for this thing to work 100% and make sure you have a surround sound system with multiple ins and outs for HDMI and if you're trying to hook an Xbox 1 up to it sound quality is terrible if you do not have a surround sound if your surround sound only has one HDMI most likely it's an in make sure it has an out to if more questions message me back
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on December 7, 2015
Giving it three stars because it technically works. However, it is NOT complaint with HDCP. This means if you're trying to use it with things like a TiVo or a box that plays digital rights managed (DRM) content, it will most likely not work with your device. However, it may work with older devices, like DVD players with upconversion.

I wound up returning the cable.

To be completely fair, the seller does not advertise this cable as being compliant with HDCP. For this reason, I gave it three stars.
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on October 26, 2015
I went to one of the big box retail stores to buy an HDMI cable for my home theater and was shocked at the price . They were asking fifty bucks for a twenty five foot cable !! I ordered this instead and considering the price I will admit i didn't expect much . However I am surprised to say that after a few months of use the cable has held up with no issues , I get crystal clear full hi-def picture and sound . The cable doesn't feel flimsy or cheap and ends look like are built to last .
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on July 23, 2012
I recently bought this cable from Importer520 for $5.92 (with S&H). We tested it using an iPhone to send a video to a 42" LG HDTV. The signal was crisp, the connections were snug, and the cord and connectors stayed cool over the 30 minute test. My only concern is that this cable is smaller in diameter than others we previously bought, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

We plan to use this cable to occasionally stream videos from our iPhones or laptop to the TV. It does the job, so it's a good deal for the money.

10' cable from eForcity is 7/32" diameter (rubber or rubber coated connectors)
6' cable from Importer520 is 3/16" diameter
25' cable from Importer520 is 5/32" diameter
(Both HDMI cables from Importer520 have the same hard plastic connectors.)
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on February 26, 2014
I was looking at HDMI cables online from the box stores and was appalled at how much they cost. Even from Wal-mart, a 25' cable like this costs well over $60.

My use for this one was to connect my kids' PC to their TV so they can watch movies off the PC. This cable is very well made and came packaged well. It is not super thick or anything, so if you are going through walls or something you might want one a little heavier. But if you are just connecting two components over a distance, this is perfect. Absolutely zero problems with it after 2 months of use. I HIGHLY recommend getting this!
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