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on June 3, 2015
Would give ZERO stars if could.
Purchased this Presto 16-Inch Electric Skillet new via Amazon.
I've seen these Non-Stick Coatings go bad before -- so I was being extra careful.

I never had this above 375 degrees and almost always between 200 and 300.
Always used a plastic spatula that I bought just for this pan. I NEVER used any kind of metal utensil in this pan.
Cleaned with water, dish soap, and luffa -- NEVER any kink of scrubbing sponge.
Used the pan only a couple times a week, but the nonstick coating is now at least 95% gone from bottom cooking surface.
Sides still sparkle, but coating on bottom is either deteriorated or completely gone.

Customer service is TERRIBLE and they blatantly lied about the pics I sent -- that they requested I send to them.
They claim it is food buildup when high res pics show it is very clean and OBVIOUSLY Not food buildup.
Worst Customer Service EVER.
Shame on Presto.

Edit = I uploaded three pics -- to clearly show clean -- but looks like not included. Will try again.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on May 6, 2007
The 16" size of this Presto skillet actually ended up saving room in my kitchen because it replaced both an electric griddle and an old 12" electric skillet. This pan can be used for all kinds of cooking: griddling, frying, grilling, braising, roasting, even baking. The sides are high enough to use it as a chicken fryer or for stirfry. I can check how bacon is frying through the glass lid, minimizing spatter, if any. The temperature control is accurate and the pan heats up quickly, unlike my electric stovetop. In fact, you can get a perfect simmer by turning the knob down just till the light goes out. Also nothing sticks to it. The only two things you have to remember are: 1)spray it with Pam or some other cooking spray the first time you use it (just the first time), and 2)to maintain the nonstick coating, never soak it in water for extended periods (you won't need to soak it, it cleans up fast and easy). I really like this skillet and recommend it highly. I bought it in February and have used it regularly ever since.

NOTE: It is now May 2008 and I still use this electric skillet at least once or twice a week. It has held up beautifully and still looks new. I have to tighten the leg screws now and then but I'm not complaining. I would give this pan six stars if I could.
NOTE: It is now October 2008 and we still use this skillet a couple of times per week at least. It takes about 3 minutes to clean after it cools. I can cook just about anything in it. I like its temperature accuracy and the quick control I have over the heat. I use it all the time.
NOTE: It's now February 2009, and two years since I bought this skillet. I still use it at least once a week and it is holding up just fine. Other than tightening the leg/handle screws now and then, it works as well as the day I received it.
NOTE: It's now January 2010 and the skillet is still going strong. No problems with it at all. We use it every weekend for egg & pancake breakfasts with all the trimmings.
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on November 3, 2012
Long story short, this is the best thing ever. It is nonstick, it washes easily, things that are left to harden in it come off with a wipe of a dry paper towel, it is its own hot pad and serving dish, the temp can boil things or warm things... and you don't need a bunch of grease to keep things from sticking.

I've had mine since 2009 ... and frequently use it to make fried rice without the need for tons of oil. Tomato sauce hasn't damaged it which is rare in nonstick surfaces. A favorite thing to do is use it to cook a couple pieces of bacon and chicken breasts at the same time... the chicken ends up slightly crispy with the YUM BACON taste and it turns into chicken bacon and cheese sandwiches.

EXAMPLE of why it's the best things ever:
I finally convinced my mother that she needed one when we were making homestyle potatoes for a 16 person dinner... so I brought this with me and we used her electric skillet as well (one that she's been using happily for YEARS). She was ready to throw it out halfway through cooking the potatoes. Paying equal attention to both pans and turning every minute or so we ended up with 2 very different scenarios. We started with the same thing - a few tablespoons of butter, onions and 5 pounds of potatoes. In my skillet we could turn them, brown them, do whatever I wanted. Add spices and done. In her skillet, every time I tried to turn potatoes I had to scrape them off the bottom of the pan and add another few tablespoons of butter. It was like the pan was absorbing it. Even with her "nonstick" surface potatoes were getting stuck or burned to the bottom of the pan and therefore turning them just ripped that part off and turned the rest of the cube into mush. After we had added an extra 1.5 sticks of butter to her pan she gave up and we turned her skillet off. After we finished with my batch, we put her half done potatoes in my skillet to finish them. My step dad then spent 10 minutes trying to clean it while mine was already in the drying rack.

At this point I have one, my mother has one, my sister has one and we have one up at our cabin where we don't have running water... we can just bring it down to the dock, dip it in the lake, wipe it out and it's clean.

The only reason every one of my friends doesn't have one as well is because they never have to serve a group of people. They just always come to my place.
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on April 14, 2017
I haven't used the skillet yet, so I can't comment on how well it cooks food. This review is about some initial observations that creates the potential of a safety issue you should be aware of. The skillet legs do not have rubber pads on the legs to minimize the skillet from being easily moved when cooking food. The slick plastic legs allow the skillet to be easily and inadvertently moved, even if you don't intend to move it. The chord also does not have a magnetic breakaway cord. Those 2 oversights creates the potential of catching something on the cord, and the skillet being pulled off of the counter onto the floor. In all fairness, I'm not aware of any other electric skillet that has a magnetic break-away chord, but every skillet I've seen, except for this one, has had rubber pads that keeps the skillet from sliding around easily on a counter-top; the legs are designed in a way that you cannot place rubber pads on the legs (the legs are too narrow at the base).There are many ways to solve this problem. I'll be placing a piece of rubberized carpet padding under the skillet's legs to keep it from sliding around on the counter when it's being used.
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on August 8, 2017
I purchased this item to avoid frying foods on my glass stovetop. After receiving the skillet, I like using it rather than my cooktop because it saves energy and provides different cooking options in addition to frying. Moreover, I have a larger space for cooking. My largest regular skillet is not as large.

This skillet is deep, does not splatter, and it is easy to clean. Lastly, I avoid the dried on grease on the glass stovetop. I keep it on my countertop for myriad cooking projects.
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on March 22, 2017
I got this to replace another brand that ended up with the non-stick becoming STICK. This skillet is a dream come true. Make sure you follow the instructions to "season" the skillet before use. I am cooking almost everything in this. It cleans up very easy and heats very even. I could not be happier with my purchase.
I make sure I am the one to clean it though so that my kids do not end up scratching it up. I want it to last a long time and I am confident that it will.
The size of this skillet is perfect for my family of 7
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on February 20, 2016
I absolutely love my Presto 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover. You won't find a better skillet anywhere. I had one a long time ago and it lasted for years and years. It finally gave out and I had to get another one. The problem is, I had a very difficult time finding a new one.

Since I couldn't find one, I settled for a different brand. I won't mention the brand name because I don't want to be sued or anything, but lets just say it was junk. It looked okay in the store so I figured I'd give it a try. I couldn't even fry bacon properly in that piece of junk and don't get me started on how if fried eggs. I took it back and got my money back. They asked if I wanted to trade it for a different one, but that was the best thing they had.

I knew I had to find a Presto somewhere. I'm so glad I looked here. The price is very reasonable and the quality is amazing! It truly is nonstick inside and out and it cooks evenly. Cleanup is so easy. No one has time to spend soaking and cleaning pots and pans. At least I don't have the time nor do I want to.

I have a food blog called Deer Recipes and I use my Presto electric skillet constantly. I have fixed everything from Panko Deer Nuggets to Chicken Fried Deer Steak, Creole Deer Burger's to Deer Calico Beans and much more in this skillet and it always turns out perfect.

I know my recipes will turn out perfectly, no matter what I am fixing, when I use this skillet. I have even had people asking me what the brand name is and where they can find it. It seems as if this particular electric skillet is difficult to find in stores.

I absolutely love this electric skillet and would recommend it to anyone that cooks. You will not be disappointed.
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on December 24, 2017
Great product. Make sure to use non-stick tools to protect the cooksurface. Upon unboxing, you'll need a screwdriver to assemble the legs onto the base; takes < 3 minutes. Item is easy to use and clean. Used oil at a depth of 1.5" to fry several batches of potato latkes. Oil reached desired high temperature in a short amount of time, and skillet maintained the temp without having to tweak the dial. I plugged in using an extension cord, and did the frying outside to keep my kitchen free of the odor and airborn fry grease. It'll only be used seasonally, but it's a game changer for me. Price was comparable to some other similar brands, but Presto products have a decent long-lasting reputation: not fancy, but practical and functional and this item didn't disappoint. I'm glad I went for it.
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on December 14, 2016
I could NOT be happier with this skillet. I have been trying to work around a hotplate with a frying pan for a year, and the power cycling turned breakfast into an hour-long ordeal. This appliance has saved. my. weekend. I am able to cook a lot, in a short amount of time. I am able to pan fry a whole bag of dumplings in 15 minutes. Chicken and rice in 30. I can't wait to try it for breakfast!
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on March 29, 2016
This is our second Presto electric skillet and we’re just as happy with this one. It’s large (about 16x12 inches) and fairly deep (about 3 inches). The glass cover is tall, so that easily gives another couple of inches to its height. It’s got a quality non-stick coating and is quite sturdily made. Temperature ranges from warm to 400 degrees, which covers just about anything you’d want to use it for. We’ve found the distribution of heat to be fairly even. The skillet cleans up very easily – just unplug the heat control and it can be immersed in water. The glass cover sometimes takes a bit of scrubbing, but also cleans up nicely. We’ve used this for big family breakfasts – eggs, potatoes, pancakes, bacon, and even casseroles. We also use it to fry fish and chicken. I have a friend who uses hers for Chinese stir-fry, although we haven’t tried that yet. I do wish that it included a guide with time and temperature recommendations for common foods, but we’ve used these skillets long enough that it wasn’t required. All in all, a very handy kitchen tool.
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