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on July 28, 2015
The feel of this Prime Suspect is completely different from the previous six. The director is different, for a start, and it was not written by Lynda LaPlante. Apparently Lynda LaPlante hated this story and it's not hard to see why.

Yes, Helen Mirren does her best to rescue it but the implausible narrative arc, badly researched procedural work and heavy handed direction really stop this from being what it might have been.

The direction is everything that a good Brit cop show shouldn't be: lots of clumsy incidental music (because we'e too stupid presumably to realize that a scene is REALLY IMPORTANT) lots of wobbly hand held cameras (to make it feel SO IMMEDIATE) and lots of quick cuts among camera angles (to remind us that this is happening REALLY FAST) all belong in an American TV cop show, not a Brit classic.

Mirren's acting can't be faulted but her character is not at all the character that we know from PS 1-6. She is completely unsympathetic and the narrative arc of her personal story is threadbare. The plot shifts are implausible and the secondary characters are totally two dimensional.

This is a travesty of Prime Suspect. No wonder Lynda LaPlante hated this version. I own it because I'm a PS fan, but I won't watch this one again. Buy any of the first six (indeed, buy ALL of the first six) before you buy this piece of rubbish.
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on May 6, 2015
This series said CLOSED CAPTION and the English movies do need this, especially when you are hearing impaired. The first six didn't have it but then my husband's earing wasn't so bad. I found a complete set of Prime Suspect and most of them had the CC, so my husband enjoyed those. I had Prime Suspect 7 but didn't have closed caption. This one stated CLOSED CAPTION so I purchased it. Didn't provide CC and don't see why they advertise it as such when it isn't available. Amazon was good enough to take it back and gave an instant refund.
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on March 4, 2010
Three Cheers for the return of Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison. In this DVD, the series comes to an end with a bang. This is the episode that ends it all. Tennsion retires in three months when this episode begins and ends.
After viewing all the previous episodes of this series, it feels as if I'm saying goodbye to an old friend.
This episode does a good job of illustrating Tennisons' weaknesses and strengths,and faces her demons, both outward and inward. As she searches relentlessly for a missing teen girl, she befriends the girl's best friend, another teen girl that greatly reminds her of herself. Sadly, the friendship is not tobe. Surprises and eye-opening shocks await this episode in almost every scene.
Enjoy watching British Mysteries? This is a show worthy to add to your shelf.
Enjoy other Prime Suspect episodes, I highly recommend brining this one home, too.
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on September 10, 2014
Excellent series and acting. We watched the whole thing in a few days and really became enthralled with Helen Mirren's character! She surely is an Oscar level actor! The writing was excellent too. In some cases, you knew who committed the murder, and you watched the team try to solve the case. In other shows, the team was at a complete loss as to who they should be searching for. The interesting difference between British detective shows and American is most of the British shows include a lot of "office politics" especially in regards to upward promotion. Sometimes Helen's character was told to lay off investigating if a high level person was involved. If she thought they were the correct culprit she hung on like a pit bull and solved the case! The series shows what a high price she pays for being a woman in a male dominated field. Excellent series!
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on February 9, 2016
Excellent series. I remember when this first came out I looked forward to each series. I am purchasing every season on prime. Helen Mirren is excellent. Excellent writing. D.C.I. Tennison has a strong sense of what she wants and needs from her career. She's dedicated, a fighter. She's a perfectionist and expects the same from everyone else so she pushes harder than most. Her personal life, however, is in shambles. Work consumes her.
The cases are interesting but mostly,Helen Mirren's portrayal of D.C.I Tennison pushes this crime/mystery to the next level.
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on June 26, 2016
This is a wonderful series. Really exciting and has lots of intrigue. Helen Mirren plays a senior police officer in Great Britain who has to work against the glass ceiling in the department. Her life is police work. In this season, the main character (Helen Mirren) is winding down her career toward retirement. Having gone through a similar life transition in the past couple of years, I could really identify her difficulties in making the switch.
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on September 14, 2011
Everyone who's spoken so highly has covered the substance and style of Prime Suspect which in toto is probably a defining series of what television drama can be and should be. If you haven't seen it, you should if you can reconcile yourself to there being so few of these gems and then no more. What you can count on is that the creative structure that gave rise to remarkable television such as this is still intact, despite the worst Murdoch could do.

Some notes about that. A series? Really? Well, yes it is, but look at the span of years that it took to complete. The way PBS did it, the series carried over a period of weeks that didn't really quite add up when you considered the actual length.

The shortest season was two episodes. The longest season was three episodes. Most Seasons were two parters, including this seventh season, that add up to about four hours. The three episode seasons were no less strong, but could be more episodic.

There are rare breaks that you might associate with station ID periods, but there is not that constant drumbeat of building in dramatic pauses for the endless stream of commercials. The typical American 1 hour show is 46 minutes of program and 14 minutes of commercials, etc. That's a bare 3.28 minutes of program for each minute of commercial.

So much for how government can't do it anything. That's what the BBC is. If it's done right, a lot of good things can happen.
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on July 15, 2016
If you were a fan of Prime Suspect, don't miss this two CD set. Helen Mirren is at her best in this ending to a great series.
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on August 9, 2016
Helen Mirren always delivers as an actor...sometimes the writing can be predictable. The reason I did not give it 5 stars.
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on March 8, 2014
Helen Mirren's acting, the complex and yet clearly laid out plot and the convincing creation of the atmosphere in the station make this fascinating. It is a variation on a typical theme in which the protagonist cop faces the tension of crime solving along with political and personal antagonism from above and below. And she is quite imperfect with her vaulting ambition and sometimes inappropriate lust.
I was disappointed when it ended. Unfortunately by the time I reached the final episode 7/2, Amazon streaming failed for us. I was so frustrated, I bought it to download ( although it is free to stream for Prime customers) which shows you how riveted I was.
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