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on January 16, 2015
I purchased this camera in September of 2013. It is now January 2015. These units are 4 months out of warranty.

Initially I really liked this camera, especially for the price. I purchased two of these cameras, and used them for hunting and around the property to spot the wildlife that came around at night. The batteries lasted through a couple thousand pictures initially. Video did not last nearly as long, as expected. However, the quality of the photos and videos during the daytime was quite good. The nighttime photos and videos were adequate.

After a year, I noticed the quality of the photos began to degrade. I thought it might be the batteries, so I switched to Duracells. This did not make a difference, nor did cleaning the lens and sensors.

In October of 2014, the unit stopped taking pictures at night (black screen pics, no video). Knowing that the warranty had just expired, I tried to determine whether or not this was due to cold weather or just happened to get a couple of bad batches of batteries. After trying various things over the last few months, I finally started doing some research on Google and discovered this is a known issue with this camera. Both cameras I purchased started having this issue at the same time. Primos knows about this issue, and has known about it for a considerable amount of time.

In speaking with Primos customer service, they offered me a 30%-50% discount on my next purchase. I can't see myself ever buying another Primos product given that these units fail consistently, that it's been a known issue since long before the warranty expired, and Primos is unwilling to make it right. This is not the first time I have had quality issues with Primos products, but it will be the last.

What I do wonder is why there isn't a class action against Primos for this camera. They are still selling old stock of this camera, full well knowing it is defective.
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on November 30, 2013
Nice easy to use camera. This is as effective a trail camera I could ever imagine anyone would need. Day pictures are very clear and night pictures are clear and have nice range.

I may have had a very small number of false triggers, but expensive trail cams false trigger too and it just doesn't seem to be an issue with this camera.
I am using a Transcend class 10 32gb memory card without any problem.
The 4 "D" cell batteries (required) last a very long time.
After many rainy weeks, the Primos Truth 35 still functions perfectly.

Things a buyer may consider:
Some of my buddies have expensive trail cameras with built-in L.C.D. screens that are really nice. However, most all of these screens I have seen are small and have a low pixel count and the image is never going to be as clear on the trail camera as it will be on a computer monitor. My brother found a buck in the top right corner of his monitor while viewing images from his data card at home on his pc. He never did see the buck when he viewed the same frame on his trail camera's L.C.D. Some will say that the built-in screen helps with camera placement to take practice pictures. Well, if that makes you feel better thats good. Just know that the field of view of this Primos Truth camera is pretty wide and your going to get perfectly good pictures.

Another reason I bought this camera. It's inexpensive.

I wasn't impressed with other camera's trademarked camoflage schemes. In November, you can easily spot a camera that is camoflaged for spring Turkey season. You can also spot a camera that is comoflaged for regions other than where you will be hunting. I bought camoflage tape from my local farm store and used camo grease facepaint to perfect it. The best part of using your own camoflage is that you can make it perfect for your area at the time of year you will use it. Remember this...... no matter how well you camoflage it, that olive drab strap around a tree is going to stand out like a sore thumb, so its very easy to spot a trail camera just by seeing that strap around a tree. Be clever, old rotted stumps have worked well for me, dig into the side of a little mound of dirt and place it upright, pack the dirt back around it and use whats laying around to conceal it. Felled rotten tree on the ground makes a good little hiding place with a little creative effort. Those L.E.D.'s? Go get some cheap dark window tint and cut out a piece to fit over them. If you're sneaky and keep your mouth shut, that camera will be very very hard for anyone to find.

Practice makes better with trail cameras but never perfect. Specifically where good concealment is concerned. Remember, its going to do its job when you walk away from it.
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on December 5, 2013
Bought this to see what was wondering up and down the wash behind my property. Got amazing night time pictures of coyotes, javelina, raccoons and the occasional human. I put it next to my bird bath and I got some great pictures of a couple of hawks and got sampling of the neighborhood birds. It takes some pics of waving branches and flying birds will set it off and be long gone before the 10 second delay sets in. Not the greatest resolution but I know an artist who uses the same camera model to take pictures and then enlarges the pics to poster size and then paints and draws on the images to produce remarkable art. Overall, its been more fun than useful but I'm not a hunter and the price wasn't bad.
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on February 8, 2014
I purchased two of these as a xmas gift because of all the good worked and one took endless pictures of nothing and everything was so "foggy" it was nearly all white, even though the weather was clear. We thought the second one might have the settings screwed up so we kept messing with them, but it never improved. Meanwhile the one that worked, suddenly wouldn't turn on anymore, so they were both useless. Given that I also purchased holders, memory cards, batteries and a field reader for was a huge waste of money. With so many good reviews, I can only assume they have some serious quality control issues and we just happened to get two duds. That doesn't really help.
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on February 17, 2014
There is a lot of activity in the desert behind my house. I just bought this to try to capture some of it, not for hunting. The picture quality really took me by surprise, particularly the daytime color. I wish I could find one that does color at night, but apparently people think the flash will scare off the animals (there is no evidence of this). Anyway, the infrared photos are excellent as well. I got a beautiful color photo of a bobcat the second day I had it.

For the money, I couldn't ask for more. It would be nice to be programmable, but that's asking a lot at this price point. I was a bit skeptical about the potential quality of the photography, but now that I know how well this works, I will be looking into a higher end camera.

Update 2 months later:

Because there is a bush near the camera that triggers it, and I have it set to shoot five times each time it is tripped, I average 700 to 1000 pix a day, so it's taken tens of thousands of shots (mostly daytime) and is still on the original 4 batteries. The 4 D cells make the camera kind of bulky, but they last a looooooong time.

The pictures are surprisingly good; I've enlarged a few to 8 x 10 and framed them. That good. Now if only the drought would end and bring more subjects around...

Update in July:

I've tried everything I can think of to reduce the number of false triggers, to no avail. I'm guessing the sensitivity setting doesn't work. I average around a thousand photos a day in daylight hours (I rarely get a false trigger at night), and this can go over 1500 on a windy day. Still, the minor annoyance of having to speed scan all those empty frames is offset by the quality of the photos. I'll stick with the 5 star rating, but with reservations.
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on March 16, 2015
I work at a cat shelter, and we bought this camera to find out if a feral kitten was still around. We were able to catch two of the 4 week old babies, but one slipped away. We didn't see any signs of him, and decided to purchase this camera to see if he was still around. After weeks of nothing, going through the videos one morning, I saw the little guy trotting in by right behind his mom. It took us a month and a half to catch them, because the momma was so trap savvy, but we finally did. I fostered the baby, and grew so attached that I ended up adopting him. If it wasn't for this camera, we probably would have given up thinking that he was long gone. We have used it multiple times since then, and have saved quite a few kitty lives with it! One of the best purchases we have made!
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on December 17, 2014
Nov. 2015 Update
- I have used this for one year with no problems and a lot of enjoyment.
- I use this 24/7 and the four D batteries are at 75% - pretty amazing
- My concern about the rubber grommet sealing the memory card being fragile has proven to be false - the grommet is sturdy.
- I now have a photo collection of deer, birds, rabbits, fox, and racoons.

Our house borders on woods and I wanted to see what animals we get passing through. I like this camera very much. It's my first trail camera so I cannot compare to other units.

- easy to set up, nice switches instead of a software interface
- it's nice and sturdy
- long life D batteries
- easy to mount, I use the strap to mount to my deck railing
- three levels of sensitivity to fit most situations
- great price

- a bit awkward to get the memory card in and out - I would prefer placement inside the unit where the switches are located
- the rubber sealing grommets for the memory card and optional DC plug seem fragile

I would give this unit five stars except for the two cons.

I placed this on my deck 30 feet from the tree/azalea line - I get excellent photos in the day and acceptable photos at night. This is probably the limit for night photos.

In night videos, some of the deer I captured seemed to be aware of the red light on the camera, but it does not spook them much.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 1, 2013
I was so pleasantly surprised with the performance of this camera that I bought a second one. I bought the first one on a lark to capture the cats, squirrels and critters that run along my fence line, but it turns out to be an excellent security camera as well as a game camera. I have it pointed at the fence next to my house. On sensitive setting it will take a picture of the wind blowing the tree leaves, so I have it on "Normal" and it still captures creatures as small as little finch birds roosting on the boards.
I love the range of settings - one picture, 3, or more, video or stills, and zoom function.
The batteries seem to last forever. I have the same batteries as when I bought it 3 weeks ago, and it still reads over 95% charged. I also like the mounting options; there are grips on the back, belt loops, and screw holes. Several different options for securing to a surface or tree.
The only drawbacks . . . the squirrel is pretty quick. Sometimes all he leaves is the wisps of his tail in the frame, as the camera is a bit slow to respond. Also, on foggy mornings dew can collect on the lens. These are minor points.
The operation overall suggests it would be perfect as a security camera. Anyone trying to jump the fence would easily trigger the camera.
The night vision photos are excellent too.
Finally, I love the rugged construction. Nice job, and my hat's off to the manufacturer.
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on July 15, 2015
I have 2 of these Primos Truth Cam 35 cameras. I love them. Battery life is great. Cameras have been up for 6 or 7 months and have taken around 20,000 pictures each on one set of batterys per camera. Deer see the red IR lights (I think?) (or it might make a high pitched noise?) as they seem to spend a lot of time looking at it but never scare them away like a flash will do (I have had a flash spook old bucks). The deer now dont even look at it any more as they are used to it now. Im here to purchase a third camera for security pictures on my drive way. My only complaint is at dawn and dusk the camera switches back and forth from day to night and sometimes they take black or white pictures that you cant make out whats in the pictures. For the price and battery life its great. I have had cuddyback cameras in the past ($200-$300) and had nothing but problems and they ate batterys for lunch. 8 gig card hold a bunch of pictures. The only reason I can see to have larger cards is if you are going to take all videos with it.
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on July 17, 2013
Recommended for first time trail camera users. I'm sure the more expensive cameras are for someone, but this camera is perfect for everything I have asked of it so far. I've done night and day light tests in various weather and all the pictures look great so far. Would not recommend this for most security purposes (From what I've read it doesn't sound like it would be effectively compatible with an EYE-FI card for instant broadcast due to it's auto power off). It will work to let you know after the fact if people have been around in a remote area of your property and you WILL have their picture, if they don't steal your camera. Careful placement and use of security cable or lock box or both (separate purchase) may stop all but the most determined camera thieves. The pass through for a cable lock is a bit small and will not fit the bicycle style cable lock that I already had, so go with the cable lock they recommend. I do not suggest that you listen too much to any "advice" that Amazon gives you about pairing products though. I had a bad time with the 8G SD HC Memory card that Amazon suggested I add to this purchase and ended up using instead an old 2GB SD card that I bought retail maybe 5 years ago, works fine and has more than enough memory for my uses so far, as I check the camera pretty often, I may get a second card so I can switch them out quick and leave the camera in place.
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