Customer Reviews: Primula 40-Ounce Blossom Glass Teapot with Loose Tea Infuser and 12 Flowering Green Teas
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on January 11, 2014
Not long ago I turned over a new leaf, so to speak, trading in my beloved morning java for tea and I haven't looked back. Reading about the advantages of loose leaf teas over the tea bags piqued my curiosity about what kind of teapot I should have. I researched dozens of reviews for many different kinds and brands of teapot, and came up with a list of features I wanted my perfect teapot to have, but unfortunately, nothing out there perfectly matched, so I set my teapot quest aside for the time-being. Flash forward to this Christmas, and I received this nice little set from my dear husband and children- he happened across it at Shopko and thought I would like it, so he picked it up as a Christmas present. It has been one of the best gifts I've gotten since my digital camera!

No, it doesn't have ALL the features I wished for, but it does have a lot of them. Here are the pros & cons, and the bottom line is, I would buy it again, and would proudly present it as a gift to anyone who loves tea.

* Large pot. Able to brew enough tea for up to 5 people (8 oz each), or about 2 1/2 large cups for me to drink through the day (one of my wishes)
* Perfect for enjoying flowering teas (one of my wishes). The whole family can watch the pod blossom and unfurl. My kids love it!
* Glass infuser works well and hasn't clogged up even with fine loose tea (although some does get stuck in the slits, it doesn't interfere with the infusion process). I was worried about the glass infusers because of the slits (so one of my wishes was for a stainless infuser- but I've since heard testimonies that glass brings out the purest flavor, and it has worked quite well so far, to my pleasant surprise).
* The lid sits nicely on the pot, both with or without the infuser (one of my wishes).
* Overall sturdy teapot, and the handle is thick and substantial (one of my wishes).
* Pleasing, classical teapot appearance (one of my wishes).
* The Primula flowering teas are quite fresh and enjoyable, with or without milk or sweetener. Even my kids like them. They are mellow, sweet, and gentle- no astringency noticed. The Green Tea with Jasmine that came with the set is wonderful- our family enjoyed it tonight with warm homemade corn bread before bedtime and it was quite a hit! Remember to filter your water or use spring water because chlorine really messes up the flavor of tea! My husband also bought the Variety canister of flowering teas (Pomegranate, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Acai Berry), which I recommend. We especially like the Green Tea with Vanilla flavor. Each tea flower is individually packaged in a vacuum sealed foil bag with a picture of the flowering tea on the outside (they don't always match up with the image).
* Microwave safe.
* Dishwasher safe.
* It's simply a lovely presentation overall.
* Well-packaged set. Comes in a colorful box with the image shown above on both faces; has information on the ends & top about the pot and how to brew flowering teas; includes a full-color brochure for ordering more teas and products; and the pot is smartly cushioned to prevent breakage.
* Makes a very nice gift.
* Flowering teas can be infused twice, or possibly even three times if used within 24 hours. The discarded tea is then great for compost or indoor flower pots, and can also be used for skin compresses for puffy eyes, insect bites, and more!

* Best for two or more cups at a time. The glass infuser doesn't sit close enough to the bottom for you to brew up just one or two servings as effectively. Works best if you at least fill the pot up half way, that way the tea can move freely in a large enough volume of water to get the best extraction. In fact, I suggest making 3 or more cups at a time and stirring the loose tea as it steeps. Get a smaller pot if you only wish to make one or two cups at a time.
* Yes, the spout does drip, IF you pour with the lid on, so I lift the lid as I pour, which takes care of that.
* Yes, the lid does get hot to the touch, but only for the first several minutes after brewing. I have found it generally not too hot to the touch most of the time, but if it is, then I just use a dry dish cloth. No big deal!
* Yes, tea does get stuck in the slits of the infuser, but it doesn't interfere with the process. I can "floss" it out using the corners of an index card to clean it.
* Yes, the infuser is fragile, so I do not set it in the sink or on a counter. When I remove it from the tea pot I gently set it in a mug that I have ready. When it's time to clean it, I scoop out the used tea (into a potted plant for nutrients), rinse it, "floss" the slits, then carefully set it in my dish rack upside down.
* As a note, the package states that it is stovetop safe, but I personally would not use it this way. I brew up my water in a kettle on the stove and pour it into the pot. No big deal!
* Unfortunately, like so many items, this is made in China... but then again, that's where tea comes from. What are ya gonna do?
* The flower is not as big in this pot as it looks in the picture. It is about a third of that size in reality, but it's still pretty to watch.

Overall, for me, the pros outweighed the cons 2 to 1, so I am giving the set 4 stars because I am very happy with it overall, it made a wonderful gift, and it serves my general purposes extremely well, and I think you would agree as well.
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on March 24, 2014
This tea pot is made out of very thin glass. It was definitely not designed to last long. The tea it self is no where as pretty as shown on pictures when it opens up when brewed. Overall, this is not a product I would suggest for anyone to buy.
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on September 11, 2013
This tea pot is not worth the price, the infuser is horrible it's carved and there was pieces of shaved glass inside of it!! And also came with a crack in it! Not worth the shipping cost to send it back. Save your money people.
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on March 12, 2014
As mentioned in the title this teapot looks really cool, but the down side is that you have to heat up the water in another dish, or kettle, then pour it into this one.
The glass itself is very thin.
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on April 15, 2014
I have always wanted a glass tea pot. I finally ordered this one. I was a little worried about some of the reviews saying that the pot just was too thin or broke easily. I have not found this to be so. I have used this pot many times in the few weeks I have owned it and have found no issues with it. I always pre-warm the pot by running it under increasingly warm water so that there is no chance it will shatter from being heated too quickly. Its easy to clean and easy to use. I do not like the infuser part very much, which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. The infuser does not work very easy and clogs up. I will probably just use my stainless infuser for my loose teas when I use this pot. The blooming teas that came with the pot are nice but not great. I will search for another type to try out as I felt the tea was too weak for my tastes unless I let it sit for several hours. But I do like stronger tea, so for someone that likes a lighter or weaker tea this would be perfect. The blooming tea looks very nice in this tea pot. Definitely something to talk about if you have a guest over for tea. Overall I think this is a very nice product.
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on March 5, 2014
I have had this on my wish list for 15 months. When I first looked at glass tea kettles this one had pretty much All rave reviews. However when I got around to purchase it was another story! I almost did not purchase it because of all the ballehoo. Let me first say my previous teapot was also glass. I was so in Love with it but it only made 1 cup at @ a Time and Everyone would always without fail want to have some tea w Me. That Teapot was the Tea Beyond Teapot and I Adored it! It was more delicate than the primula and More Fair! However just when I looked at it a week ago and frowned and thought that perhaps I needed another teapot to accompany my Fairy teapot she died. One of the kids jubilantly threw a foam sword at her. I have grown accustomed to having a glass Teapot so I promptly ordered the Primula. She is actually stronger than the Tea Beyond but I hope to One day have Both at the same time. Might as well I have two teapot Warmers! I guess I'm ready to host a Faery tea party! ! ! !
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on August 17, 2013
We purchased this for a friend who is convalescing after a long illness and surgeries. In my mind the blooming flower symbolizes a renewing of life. Our friend loves it - this is the perfect gift to brighten someones life.
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on February 24, 2014
I love drinking tea and this is such an elegant pot. The blooms also make a pretty pot of tea. This is my second pot and I also bought one for a friend's birthday. I did notice that the lid is slightly different and isn't the easiest to lift. My other one is much easier so I wish that they had kept that design which is more of a bulb. This new one has straight sides and a flat top making it tougher to pick up.

I love the infuser. I can use it for lose tea or for fruit if I want fruit infused water. For fruit infused water, I just put the fruit into the infuser and then add cold water. It just takes a couple of hours for the water to get some flavor and then I drink that when I want a treat other than tea.

Love the pot!
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on May 27, 2014
As you probably know, flowering tea really doesn't come with that powerful of a taste. However, this flowering tea is especially bland. I don't know if it's just my batch, but it was not a great experience. Also, the glass on this pot is EXTREMELY thin, so be extra careful. This makes a great gift, but if you bought it for yourself and are a heavy tea drinker, beware!
Makes for nice conversation while entertaining guests who have never seen flowering tea before.
(Remember: you can reuse the tea balls! )
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on September 24, 2013
My husband purchased this for me for our 5th wedding anniversary after seeing me eye it online several times. It came promptly, no chips or scratches and looked amazing. I immediately tried one of the flowering teas. The taste is mellow and soothing. The flower floats a little at first, but settles once fully open. It was absolutely beautiful! I quickly thereafter tried a loose leaf tea. For all the comments mentioning the glass infuser doesn't work very well or that the leaves get stuck, I did not have any of these issues. I even technically used it improperly - I forgot to add a little hot water to the teapot first, and then set the infuser in it, adding the scoops of tea. I realized it just shortly after starting. The tea leaves still came out just fine. The teapot is absolutely gorgeous and it's amazingly fun to watch the tea steep, even when it's not a flowering tea. I highly recommend this set!
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