Customer Reviews: Primula 40-Ounce Glass Teapot with Infuser and Lid with 12 Flowering Teas in a Canister
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Size: 12 Flowering Teas|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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BE FOREWARNED: I bought this teapot for my wife as a little surprise gift little over three months ago as we're tea fans. I was impressed by the product descriptions of its 'laboratory-strength' thick glass; I had wanted to purchase a sturdy glass pot. And the fact that this was identified as dishwasher and microwave safe seemed additional testimony to its durability.

Please note: it's never been used in dishwasher OR microwave; it's been treated with great care simply because: that's how we are. And yet, just now: as the pot stood, filled on the counter: a roundish/tear-drop-shaped portion of the pot just popped OUT from the side. Untouched. It simply: broke. All by itself. A portion of the pot blew out, with attendant crack leading up to the top of the pot. And: she had made the tea about 1.5 hours previously; it wasn't even hot. But: of course, she and the counter were suddenly treated to a half-pot of tea.

VERY disappointed as well as extremely puzzled over how something like this could even happen. And it's clear there was no concussion from the outside: both the piece AND the pot show the glass blew OUTWARDS and that portion is fully intact.
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on December 6, 2009
The great thing about a glass teapot is that you can see exactly how the tea is brewing. This means you can use the color to tell you how strong the tea is at a glance. Accordingly, we always have a few glass pots in our house.

Unfortunately, this particular glass tea pot is extremely fragile ... a lot more fragile than other glass pots we have used. The pot looks great, its true, but if you just barely clank the lid against the pot as you take the lid on or off, a piece of glass will simply break off. This has now happened to two of these pots, each after just over a week of use, and we will not be buying any more of them. The problem is that the glass is just too thin. This is great for looks, but it is simply not practical for regular use.

My suggestion, if you like glass teapots, stick with Bodum pots since these pots are a heck of a lot sturdier and will typically last a few years rather than just a week.
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on January 16, 2011
I am an avid tea drinker and often give tea or tea sets as gifts. In the past, I have given away blooming tea sets and they have been very appreciated. This kettle caught my attention because of it's transparency. I like the fact that this kettle can be used on a stove top as opposed to some pots that can only be used for brewing. I also like the fact that this kettle came with an infuser to brew loose leaf tea.

As for the tea that came with this pot. I was disappointed. The blooming tea flowers but it does take a long time and by the time it has bloomed, the tea is lukewarm. The taste of the tea does not compare to the tea bought at boutique stores.

I do like this kettle and would recommend it if you are looking for a KETTLE. I have some reservations about giving this set away as a gift with the tea that is included. I would recommend that if you intend to buy this as a gift to give the kettle but replace the tea. I am going to do just that for a gift.
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on October 11, 2012
I had been using flowering teas for quite awhile and decided to try the Primula Classic 40oz. Glass Stovetop Teapot to better enjoy being able to see the flowers opening. Well, within the first 2 weeks I broke the lid by gently setting it on my granite countertop, apparently a little too heavily. Wow, not good. Now a teapot with no lid. Was ready to throw the whole thing away but I paid full price for the set with can of samples of teas and was quite pricey so kept it. Just happened to be lucky and found another one at Marshalls at a very good price. Few weeks later I was using the infuser with loose tea and had been sipping tea out of my teacup and there in the bottom of the cup, after I was through drinking the whole cup of tea, there were pieces of glass!!! On investigation I found that the bottom of the infuser had pieces missing and they were in the bottom of the teapot I had been drinking from! This product is completely unsafe and dangerous. Someone could be killed if they swallowed a piece of glass. I am in the process of finding who I need to report them to and who can get them to take this product off the market. It is just too flimsy. By now Primula certainly knows this is an inferior product. I guess they are going to have to have a huge lawsuit before they take it off the market or make it stronger to where it is safe enough for the use they advertise! Beware. I would not support this company in any way at all, not but ANY products!
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on December 8, 2014
Major disappointment. I saw this and was excited to get it for my wife as a birthday present. The first one arrived with a crack in the glass insert (which holds loose tea leaves), so I had to return it for an exchange.
The second one arrived in good condition, but on its second use, after I filled it with hot water, the HANDLE BROKE OFF WHEN I LIFTED IT. In my mind I can see how much worse things could have been if I had turned away from the counter with it. Broken glass and hot water would have gone everywhere, and would likely have burned both my daughter and myself. As it was, I had only lifted it off the counter about an inch when the handle broke off. Even so, I ended up with a burn on my finger and a cut on my foot.

Not recommended. Don't know why it isn't double walled, but this thing is dangerous.
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on April 19, 2009
I saw this beautiful product on while I was searching for the perfect gift for my daughter's bridal shower. I was looking for a gift that would appeal to both the young and old guests we were hosting at our very special tea party. All of my guests were tea-lighted when they realized that the beautiful centerpieces that I used to decorate the tables were actually their take-away gifts. Not only did we get to enjoy a variety of delicious teas at the party, but I am still hearing raves from all of my friends as to how much they are enjoying the teas in their own homes.
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on December 29, 2011
Before I purchased this teapot, I did read the other reviews and I should have listened. I thought I could take care of this teapot, I didn't put in the dishwasher and I don't have small kids running around. It was a great teapot and it lasted about 2 weeks. One day, I just brushed against it and the handle fell off. My suggestion, do not purchase it. I didn't return it and I'm very disappointed that Amazon is selling this very flimsy, fragile teapot. The only reason for 1 star is because the tea that came with it wasn't too bad.
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on November 12, 2015
This blasted thing lasted about a week. I was carrying into the living room when the handle literally fell off, dropping a pot of boiling tea all over my foot, my carpet and my last nerve. Look at the photo. The handle literally CAME OFF. This thing is not only shoddy, it is dangerous!
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on August 23, 2009
I bought this because it was on sale and I had just brought a bunch of teas home from China. I wanted to see how they developed in the pot so the "on sale at amazon" offer was very timely. The pot is great but the "flowering" teas that are included are pretty weak. In fact the ad and instructions say you can brew their teas 3x over the course of 24 hours (I'm not sure who does that type of thing or for what reason someone would do that - it's not a part of my tea-brewing experience) but I suspect this statement is made to justify the high cost of the teas Primula is offering. If you are intrigued by pretty flowering displays but don't care a lot about the taste of your teas I'd recommend this tea & pot combination. If you just want a transparent pot I'd recommend this purchase. If you are looking for great tasting teas look elsewhere.
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on March 6, 2009
I liked this teapot first for the fact it is clear borosilicate glass - like the beakers in high school chemistry class. It's good for heated and heating liquids.
I liked it because the clear glass allows me to watch these blooming tea flowers. Some of them are quite beautiful.
I did NOT buy the teapot for the tea you get when you pour hot water over the flower tea-balls. They are pretty, but by the time they've fully unfurled, the tea part of the concoction is very over-steeped. I much prefer to buy loose leaf tea (peach and jasmine especially - when they're steeped for just a minute or two... the taste is much more subtle).
I love my teapot. It sits next to me on cold days. It doesn't care if it's full of fine white jasmine tea, a nice herbal blend, or Constant Comment decaf. All it knows it that it takes care of my tea until I claim it for my favorite cup, and go back to reading my book. It's a great little pot.
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