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on December 8, 2014
Major disappointment. I saw this and was excited to get it for my wife as a birthday present. The first one arrived with a crack in the glass insert (which holds loose tea leaves), so I had to return it for an exchange.
The second one arrived in good condition, but on its second use, after I filled it with hot water, the HANDLE BROKE OFF WHEN I LIFTED IT. In my mind I can see how much worse things could have been if I had turned away from the counter with it. Broken glass and hot water would have gone everywhere, and would likely have burned both my daughter and myself. As it was, I had only lifted it off the counter about an inch when the handle broke off. Even so, I ended up with a burn on my finger and a cut on my foot.

Not recommended. Don't know why it isn't double walled, but this thing is dangerous.
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on November 12, 2015
This blasted thing lasted about a week. I was carrying into the living room when the handle literally fell off, dropping a pot of boiling tea all over my foot, my carpet and my last nerve. Look at the photo. The handle literally CAME OFF. This thing is not only shoddy, it is dangerous!
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on December 26, 2014
The tea is neat. The pot itself is JUNK. It was a Christmas gift for my daughter, who loves tea. The glass is so thin, it is literally like paper. It actually came with what looks like a stress fracture in the glass of the lid. Way to fragile and not worth my time to package back up and send back as she ripped the box when opening and there's no other way to get it there in one piece...Surely NOT worth the money that I paid for it...Very disappointed.
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BE FOREWARNED: I bought this teapot for my wife as a little surprise gift little over three months ago as we're tea fans. I was impressed by the product descriptions of its 'laboratory-strength' thick glass; I had wanted to purchase a sturdy glass pot. And the fact that this was identified as dishwasher and microwave safe seemed additional testimony to its durability.

Please note: it's never been used in dishwasher OR microwave; it's been treated with great care simply because: that's how we are. And yet, just now: as the pot stood, filled on the counter: a roundish/tear-drop-shaped portion of the pot just popped OUT from the side. Untouched. It simply: broke. All by itself. A portion of the pot blew out, with attendant crack leading up to the top of the pot. And: she had made the tea about 1.5 hours previously; it wasn't even hot. But: of course, she and the counter were suddenly treated to a half-pot of tea.

VERY disappointed as well as extremely puzzled over how something like this could even happen. And it's clear there was no concussion from the outside: both the piece AND the pot show the glass blew OUTWARDS and that portion is fully intact.
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on October 4, 2013
I have a very active daughter who has a first grader. They are into everything and they love creative things. With this Primula Flowering Tea Set she was able to not only enjoy the tea but share the flowering tea with her son. I not only got her this but the warmer that matches it (also clear glass but heat resistant and not made by the same company) it was just $12.00 extra and it made it more fun. What a great gift since I paid almost twice that for my set from a high priced tea company. She can continue using the teapot and it cleans right up with a little soda. It's a fun item.
Oh, I might add you obviously have to go easy with this thin clear glass to not drop it on hard floor type thing since it can crack. If you treat it like china you are fine. Tea lights are available on Amazon for really cheap. One other interesting thing: the good thing about this clear glass teapot as opposed to the cast iron ones that are very expensive is that you can not only see when the tea is dark enough, but the clear glass one doesn't retain old tea flavor in it like you do in a cast iron teapot. If you change your tea taste, the cast iron one might have a taste residue to get out or it could affect the taste of your new tea.
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on April 30, 2016
Cute idea. Tea tastes good BUT the handle on the glass teapot cracked while we were holding it pouring tea - the SECOND time we used it. You literally could hear the glass cracking. The crack formed where the handle connects to the teapot. Then the teapot started leaking water and, of course wasn't safe to use (hot water with a cracking sound every time it was lifted by the handle!) Maybe we just received a defective teapot. But note that the blooming tea does not look nearly as pretty as the picture. It's still fun, but it looks a little bit like watery seaweed washed up on the beach with a hint of color. Of course, we only got to try 2 of the tea balls - before the teapot handle cracked - so that's all I can judge by. My daughters did really enjoy seeing them bloom though - they thought it was interesting even if it did not live up to the photo in the advertisement (about 1/4 as good).
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Oh, I really wanted to like this tea set and used it religiously for about 3 weeks, even washing it by hand instead of dishwasher but one of those times, the scored glass finger that hold the tea leaves nicked the edge of the teapot as I was lifting it out and one of the little glass slivers that creates the channels broke off, leaving a 1/4" hole in the bottom of the filter. So now I have to filter the tea with the metal filter from another set, which defeats the purpose of having an all glass tea set. I would have liked the option of a metal screened insert for finer leaf teas like Japanese green teas and Assams, which easily clog the scored glass channels. A very annoying feature is the shape of the handle, which provides no firm grip esp. when the pot is full of hot tea and requires that the glass filter be removed first before decanting the tea. I have to keep a tall glass around to sit the filter in while I pour. I'm kind of glad the glass filter finally broke, as I'll buy a metal filter like all of the other sets on the market.
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on March 15, 2013
After experiencing a flower tea at a restaurant, I wanted to get this for my mom as a gift, so that she can experience what I experienced. The glass teapot is thin, but nicely crafted. You just have to be a bit careful in handling it as it is not a thick teapot. I do not recommend heating this glass teapot on top of your stove. I imagine that to move this teapot from a hot surface to a cold surface will crack it as glass reacts that way to quick temperature changes. So, in my family we placed the flower tea into the teapot and then pour hot water into the pot. While we stare at the ball of tea in the pot of hot water, the ball slowly blossoms into a flower right in front of you. It's a beautiful thing to see. Soon, a fully opened flower is in the teapot and the tea is then ready for consumption.

There are twelve tea balls that come with this set, but every ball gives off almost the same taste even though each ball has a different flower in it. My mom normally doesn't drink tea because she's afraid that it would keep her awake. However, since she started drinking this tea, she's been sleeping just fine and she likes the taste (green tea with jasmine flavor). The tea seems to withstand a few refills without losing much of its taste. The pot is pretty big and it looks nice on my mom's table.

It also comes with a glass tea infuser in case you want to use loose tea leaves (that you buy separately). The infuser fits inside of the teapot, but is not used for making tea from the flower tea balls. I was a bit confused when I saw the infuser because the flower tea balls don't fit well in them. My mom really liked the whole set. My niece bought one for her friend's mother as a gift as well. I'm considering getting one for myself. If you've never tried a flowering tea before, you have to try it. You'll like the pot that comes with this set, but you'll love the tea as it flowers in it.
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on February 10, 2016
Love this teapot but the "flowering tea balls" are a joke. Teapot was as described and I was impressed with the infuser.

The flowering tea balls did NOT sit on the bottom and "bloom" as beautifully as the picture...they were a total disappointment. Took a long time to unfold and the ball would just float to the top (instructions said to use them without the infuser). I suspect if you want things to look like the picture you would have to glue it somehow to the bottom of the teapot. Blooming was by no means like the picture...actually just looked like a bunch of seaweed after finally "blooming" and the tea was cold and weak.

So, this rating is for the teapot only, which was excellent, but you certainly need a warmer to keep your tea hot as it does cool down quite rapidly.
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on February 23, 2018
A beautiful product! I think it was designed to be ornamental and not actually used. I handled this teapot with kid gloves because it looked very fragile. I only washed it by hand and was so careful to keep it from bumping counters or any other surfaces. I didn't even store it in a cabinet, in case something bumped it. I was hoping for a heavy duty teapot, with glass like Pyrex, because I am a tea drinker who prefers loose tea. The tea strainer has now cracked and broken: nothing touched it, it just happened. I'm able to still use the pot but not the strainer. So I'm disappointed since I've had this teapot a little over a month. I don't expect the pot to even last 6 months; the handle will go next and I'll just toss it out or use it as a planter. So if you actually want to use this pot, I recommend something sturdier. But if you just want to display the green tea blossom, this teapot is a very ornamental and pretty.
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