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on February 17, 2015
This is my second time ordering this product. The product has broke both times, this time after only a couple weeks. I hate to leave a poor review, however I cant find anywhere on Amazon to contact the seller and notify of the problem.

The place where the shaft meets the screen has dislodged, so where the screen now just floats above the coffee and doesn't stop the grinds. I didn't complain and repurchased the first time, however I genuinely think I have a defective product.

I would love to speak with the seller for a way to return/get a new product. I really do enjoy the product when it works correctly
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on August 12, 2015
I bought this French Press knowing that it was maybe not the best, but based on the 4 out of 5 stars it would work adequately. However, after a couple weeks of use, it developed a crack in the bottom and spilled hot coffee all over my work desk. I examined the bottom, not able to find the crack, but it made a noise telling me something was loose. I eventually popped the bottom out to examine it and saw that it was made of thin glass, unlike the sides, which were thicker (see picture). If anything, the bottom should be the thickest because that's what's going to have the most contact with other surfaces. Will buy a better one next time.
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on July 24, 2015
Great coffee, completely cleanable press

I've used this press for over 2 years, and I love it. Here’s why:

- It makes great-tasting coffee without any grounds in it. Like any french press, there's some tasty "sediment" at the bottom of your mug, but if you aren't a fan of that then you need a coffee-making method that uses paper filter. (Troubleshooting tip: If you have grounds in your coffee, the grounds probably went around the filter somehow. You may have overfilled it past the base of the spout or you may have put the filter in at a steep angle.)

- It can be completely taken apart to be cleaned, and everything except one tiny piece can go in the dishwasher. Yes, you CAN pull the glass from the plastic -- you just have to do it while it's hot (right after you pour your coffee). Putting it back together also requires heating the plastic to soften it. I slide just a little bit of the glass into the plastic sleeve, pour some hot water in, let it sit for a minute, and very gradually push it down. Be careful and don't push too hard. If you have a silicone oven mitt, use it.

- I emailed the company and they confirmed that the plastic is BPA-free. (I was curious because the coffee touches the lid unless it's poured very slowly.)

- I like the size. It makes 2 extra-large mugs of coffee or 2.5 normal mugs. Or 3 normal mugs with room for milk.

- I like the price.

The only thing I don't love about it is that the little tiny metal piece that connects the 3-piece filter to the plunger. Because it's so small, I have to hand wash it and I worry about losing it down the drain. Also, that piece used to stop at the end of the plunger threads, but after about 1.5 years it lost that feature (it wore down a little) so I have to hold it in place while I twist the filter on. Since those annoyances don't affect whether I can use it or how good my coffee is, I think that results in maybe losing 0.2 stars... but 4.8 rounds up to 5 anyway.

I highly recommend this press.
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on February 3, 2015
The Primula Tempo Coffee Press, for $10, is a great bargain. And, it's not just for coffee! I use mine for tea, and it work like a charm. I'm a big fan of ESP Irish Breakfast -- -- and my usual program is to place 1.5 tablespoons of loose tea to the Primula beaker, add boiling water, steep for five minutes and the tea is wonderful. It's also totally different (and delicious) than anything brewed in a cup or pot -- that was a real surprise. Plus, the Primula retains heat wonderfully well, so from first cup to about third (that seems to be the capacity) the tea remains good and hot.

Cleaning the Primula is a breeze too -- I simply give the carafe a good fill with water and then pour out the remain tea leaves/liquid on my roses and other yard plants. I've also washed the Primula in a dishwasher, top shelf, and it cleans up nicely. One thing I have noticed, and it's minor, but the carafe doesn't quite clean as nicely as typical glass or crystal in the dishwasher. Not sure why this is, but a quick post-dishwasher wipe with a pristine microfiber gets it sparkling.

The only imperfection, and this may be only my Primula, is that I have to pour very slowly on the first cup. If not, the tea will drip down the spout and that creates a mess. I've tried popping the lid slightly at first and that helps, but it seems that when my carafe is a bit full some care is required during the first pour.

I've had three Bodum french press coffee makers -- they are pretty and durable, but after buying the Primula, I wouldn't go back to Bodum. For all you tea drinkers out there, I hope this review is helpful!
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on February 27, 2014
A co-worker recently hooked me up to Carrabassett Coffee Company online and when I referred another friend to them, he started using a Mr Coffee Coffee Press he found at Walmart. I decided to start to dabble with a French press as well and I've turned into a full fledged coffee snob.

I use this product at work every morning and it is fantastic. I'm the only one drinking so this 6 Cup press will provide me with almost two full cups off coffee. We're talking regular LARGE coffee mugs, not the little 4 or 6 oz cups you see in fancy coffee shops. Two cups is more then enough for me since I can now brew my coffee on the stronger side with my own grounds and steep time.

Everything here is high quality, ive even had a few instances where ive been a little less gentle when washing it out at the end of a shift. Plastic and glass both are still in great shape (ive read a few instances of glass shattering with different brands, but no problem here). The screen and press are high quality as well, do a very good job of separating the grounds and grit from the coffee. I've found that while pouring the very last of the coffee out there is some sediment but I attribute that to the grind of the beans itself as it is very fine particulate.

For the price, this press can't be beat, I've already had two other friends order as well based on my suggestions and they love it. If you're on the fence about investing in a French press, pull the trigger with this one, its a great product.
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on June 21, 2015
The day it arrived, I used it right away. A few hours later, I was cleaning it out, patting the bottom to shake out the clumps of coffee grinds, and sure enough the glass bottom broke out. That's when I realized how thin the glass really is.
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on February 24, 2015
I drink a lot of tea and have used dozens of French presses. I can now safely say that all of the ones I have seen/used have both positive and negative things about them. However I took my chances with this one off of Amazon and boy am I pleasantly surprized - it is one of the best there is out there for the capacity.

Pros/Features that impress me:
1) The handle and frame is thankfully heat resistant material and glass fits snug in it.
2) The glass is very durable and has not yet cracked after many uses or rough handling.
3) Nice grip. Feels sturdy.The build is awesome.
4) Capacity is enough to hold 3 large mugs. Not too big not too small either.

My only nitpicking complaint is that the strainer could be a bit more sturdy.

I would buy this in a heartbeat. In fact I'm getting a second one.
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on February 21, 2015
What a great Primula Tempo Coffee Press 6 Cup!! I'm very excited to try this out. I'm avant coffee and tea drinker. So this is right down my alley! It worked perfectly! Im excited to say that its not your typical cheap press. Its very well made!!!

Built to last
Primula tempo 6 cup coffee press brews delicious coffee
Stainless steel filter and parts
Large, ergonomic handle makes pouring easy
Borosilicate glass beaker is dishwasher safe
Elegant black plastic frame and lid Sturdy handle for pouring your Coffee or Tea

I received this item for the purpose of inspection and unbiased review.
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on July 4, 2014
I use it every day. It's not "commercial" build, but fine for daily use at home. I like the flat top on the plunging filter unit. When I'm stirring and steeping my coffee, I sit the filter unit on its flat top, so the thing won't roll off the counter and the filter won't ooze water onto the counter if it's wet from prior rinsing.

I like that the handle is one-piece thermoplastic, so there's nothing there to rust, and the filter unit seems to be all high quality stainless. That said, it's still a glass unit, so if you want one for camping be sure to get something to cushion it for the ride. The glass is borosilicate, which means it is resistant to thermal shock, but that doesn't give it any better shatter-proofing than regular glass.

Mine had a "stylish" BLACK handle, as pictured--not red, as described in the text.
If I drop mine I well definitely buy another of these.
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on January 6, 2014
I looked at tons of french press options all over the internet. This was very affordable, and had really good reviews. Don't believe any of the coffee makers when they tell you the number of cups they make. Those are either 4 or 6-ounce cups, and you and I never use a cup that small. This thing makes 2 mugs of coffee. Well, maybe an extra fourth of a cup…for topping off. But it's really good coffee. I don't see a reason to pay more for a french press unless you want to impress your friends with an expensive model. No problems with the grounds coming through the filter. Easy to wash…pull out the pump, rinse the fllter under the faucet, rinse the pot, tip it up to drain. Bingo.
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