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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 8, 2015
My daughter (14 months old at the time) was walking pretty good, but not expertly. She was able to take off running but she would always end up falling/tripping after 10+ steps. So as most parents do, they secure things around the house so that their baby won't fall into things. Tables, chairs, furniture, cabinets, etc. We thought we did a pretty good job in securing our house so that no accidents would happen. Unfortunately, the unexpected did in a way we didn't think of.

As I was playing with her (she likes being chased), my daughter was running from me but ended up tripping. I was too far enough to try & grab her and she tripped at the corner of a hallway where the edge of two walls made a L shape. She fell face first into that corner and ended up gashing her forehead. I felt so bad and terrible, like a failure as a parent. It took almost an hour to get her to stop crying. Luckily she didn't need stitches, but she does have a scar to constantly remind me.

Who anticipated that the first harmful fall would come from a corner of a wall and not a coffee table?? Shortly after, I ended up buying these table edge guards and putting them on all corners of the house where the walls make an L shape corner. Never again will my daughter end up gashing her head again.

They install quite easily and the amount of foam in these (especially on the corners) are sufficient. I tested them by punching the corner of the walls where these were installed. I couldn't feel very much pain, so I'm assuming it's plenty enough cushion for a toddler.
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on March 12, 2014
My son is on the verge of walking so we are now starting to baby proof the house. I bought this kit to protect him from the brick corners on my fireplace hearth. The chocolate color of this edging blends in surprisingly well with the brick. The foam is durable and looks like it will last. I was a little worried about the double sided tape not sticking to the bricks. I've had this installed for 4 weeks now and everything is adhered nice and tightly still, even though the bricks are uneven with some high and low spots.

Some reviewers noted that the material was difficult to cut. Based on those reviews I tried the first cut with a sharp razor. It worked, but not as well as I liked. I switched to a pair of scissors for the rest of the cuts and had no issues. It took a little extra effort, but I appreciated the fact that the material is rugged and built to last.
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on January 12, 2018
We have a natural rock fireplace hearth so we were only able to stick the double sided tape to the top and it STILL stuck on nice and snug. It’s a pretty close match in color and was easy to install. It came with a lot of extra tape so we can move it to another location later if needed. This is definitely going to give me some piece of mind while my son is learning to walk.
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on April 24, 2014
I just put this up yesterday and was glad I did. My daughter been using the coffee table to pull her self up to stand and also been crawling through it to play with the stuff underneath. Just right after I put it on she was doing that! She even bumped her head on the edge! Thank god this was on so she was fine!

Not sure how it would work on a walking/running baby into corners/edges. But this seem to be doing well. It's nice and thick.

The tape that came with it isn't that sticky though. It makes it easy to stick and restick back on so you get it on good. But at the same time, I fear my daughter would figure out that she can pull it off.

I'll see how that goes but so far I'm content with this.

Cutting the roll itself seems a bit annoying. because I can't seem to get a STRAIGHT edge using a scissor.
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on October 2, 2013
Disclaimer: I have no children. I bought these edge guards after buying a new bed and discovering that the sides of the frame protruded enough to seriously bang up my and my girlfriend's shins. I tried covering it with the comforter but that was not enough protection, so I did what any self-respecting twenty-something would do and sought advice from my mother, who suggested I outfit the corners with some sort of child-proof padding. Well, I did just that, and it solved all my problems! This stuff does a great job of protecting from any bumps or scratches that you might get from a sharp corner. It looks exactly as it does in the picture, which was a problem for my black bed frame, but some black permanent marker took care of that real quick. My only qualm with this stuff is the provided adhesive is VERY strong, and doesn't really allow for any mistakes. Not a huge issue, but I wish they had warned of how strongly it adheres.
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on October 22, 2012
We have installed 5 of those already and product looks ok even on the darker furniture. I especially like corners, before it arrive I thought I will create corners as it needed from the straight parts - when it came I've realized how naïve I was, despite this is probably one of the best materials to test how handy I am.
Another thing I like - once it is in place I can still peel it off if I'm doing this slowly and carefully and I don't see any marks on the furniture. Disclaimer: I have no idea how easy to remove this product when it is in place for a while, but sticky stripes are from 3M, this gives me some hope that my furniture can finally survive it.

Our baby has tried a few times to put some load on those, and tested it with her teethes, and I'm glad to say that nothing has peeled off. Another great thing that it doesn't generate a lot of interest from our baby - since it isn't easy to peel off, since it isn't hard enough to use for teething, not soft enough to be vulnerable to teethes, and it has neutral color, which doesn't draw an attention.

The only minor disadvantage I would like to mention that sticky tape isn't provided already glued to the product, it is also came as a set of stripes, so be prepared to spend a waste majority of your time putting tape and product together. There is enough tape - manufacturer provides exactly right amount, but it would be much better if it will be roll, rather than pre-cut stripes.

Conclusion: definitely worth money we've spent on it, but have enough time when you plan to start installation.
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on June 6, 2013
My only big gripe is that they are stingy on the adhesive you can just get all your edge guard on with the adhesive. Just dont waste any part of the adhesive it is precious. But once on it wont come off easily even by a prying little hand it take quite a effort.
If you use the adhesive on the edge of the guard that makes sure kids cant take of easily. It become furniture. I bought two of this in light and dark for different furniture when my kid was 7-8 months old.
And i can vouch that this tape has avoided a handfull of accidents.

The paint(especially wall paint) can come off when removing it.
Once off any surface it doest stick again.
Apply after you kids go to sleep needs some time to have a firm fix and so that they dont know it can be taken off.
Also would add taht applying this when the child is young gives better chances that they stay on.
Also Matching color should help being noted by children But you know all kids are different ;)
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on January 9, 2013
I have an espresso wooden rectangular coffee table. I bought two sets of these and they are working perfectly! They come with 3M adhesive tape and attach securely. For some reason, even when I measure and lay out the tape carefully the strips always were cut a little too short so I had to cut a few filler pieces for the spaces between some of the corners and the edging. I applied the edge guard on both the top of the table and the lower table that sits close to the ground.

My little one was making us so nervous from hitting her head on this thing before so now we don't have to sit there with our hands over the corners when she plays around it! I know she will fall and bump her head from time to time but I think this could help prevent a serious accident. When I googled some babyproofing options for coffee tables I read a lot of stories about some really gory coffee table accidents so I do think this is worth it even if they aren't the most attractive thing in the world!
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on February 2, 2012
With an adventurous and slightly clumsy baby, these have gone a long way towards avoiding bruises and bumps while she learns to walk and run. The ability to cut the padding and included double sided sticking tape with scissors make it easy to pad sharp furniture edges of all lengths. However there are a couple of things we have found that help us optimize its usage. We learned to make sure the ends of any piece were very well stuck down and didn't jut out otherwise our baby would pick at them and start peeling off the padding - to avoid this, it helped to put double-sided tape all the way to the end of the piece on both inner edges. Also we didn't use the precut edges because we found that our baby managed to rip them off pretty easily and then tried to eat the backing tape.

Just be aware that if your baby is teething, the spongy texture of the padding makes it tempting for them to bite on. I'm not 100% comfortable with that as it is fire retardant-treated despite being labeled non-latex and non-toxic. For now I just wipe them down several times with hot water and dry well or try to put other more tempting teethers within reach.
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on November 24, 2013
I've used them on the sharp edges of my bed frame which costed me a lot bruises here and there. They work really well and the adhesive 3M tapes are wonderful as well.

It measures 12 feet long, so I have plenty leftover as well. And I've applied part of the leftover on my iRobot vacuum as a bumper. Since it's easy to trim and adjust according to different conditions, it can actually make a lot of things. If I had to buy the vacuum bumper product, that'd be over 14 dollars and only dozens inches long. But this, I get 12 feet long for similar price.

They also provide plenty of tapes, so I've actually used some for other purposes as well. I've applied the them about 3 months now and I don't have any complaints about the product. I'd recommend it to anyone who's seeking a protector.
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