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on December 9, 2012
This is a very nice backdrop. It is very white and is a thicker muslin so the effect is about right in photos. As others have noted, it comes folded so it is wrinkly but it took about 15 minutes to steam iron out. I can't figure out how a heavy weight muslin could avoid wrinkles unless they shipped it as a 6' roll. But imagine the expense of shipping it or the 10 ft backdrop! Seems like a little ironing is well worth it. It comes in a plastic bag inside a cloth bag (inside a box of course) and is well protected for both shipping and storage. For those who don't leave the backdrop up, I would suggest a trip to your local carpet retailer. They often have the 4" cardboard tubes that carpet is shipped on. Just make sure it's clean (or wrap it in plastic) before rolling the backdrop onto it.
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on December 9, 2013
We did a corporate video shoot with 2 VPs and we 'dropped them' into a variety of locations. I was at first a bit skeptical that this material would work well (as I have used professional GS Material on large shoots). I was able to pull a key with minimum fuss. I guess they dialed in the correct 'green' on this one (although you can key out any color). I was even able to pull out shadow areas with relative ease. Worked better than expected.

Technical details: A Camera: Panasonic HVX200 (P2), B Camera: Canon 7d. Shooting iso 320/f2.8. Foreground and BG were lit to the same stop (although you can light the screen 1 stop under to prevent spill). I recommend Kino flows (or any soft floresent) on the screen - I used 2 Diva Lights at 45 degrees each side and got perfect results. Action area was lit with a single Arri 650 through 4x4 silk. Arri 300 was the backlight. Fill was a 4x4 foamcore bounce. Worked out great. Green Screen was stretched over a PVC frame. Let it hang for 48 hours before shooting to get wrinkles out. Digital key was made by Adobe AE 5.5 using Keylight. Probably one of the easiest keys ever. Good Luck.
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This Prism Backdrops 6X10' Black Muslin costs the same as the thin tie-dye backdrops I bought from Cowboy Studio, Fancier studio and StudioPro. However, it's a step up in quality: heavier fabric, drapes nicely and suffers less light bleed through. My other backdrops feel like bedsheets! It also makes a great backing for thinner but more colorful tie-dye backdrops. Yes, it shipped with wrinkles and fold lines--after all it is 100% cotton--but a few minutes with a steamer made it smooth. However, it's jet black and normally a couple feet behind the subject and out of focus, so wrinkles normally aren't visible. If you're a hobbyist photographer you may find this backdrop more challenging to meter than medium toned backdrops: black fools meters into overexposing, so manual mode is the best way to go (set for subject exposure rather than scene).

One nice touch is it includes a protective bag with plastic window to check color. They included a cheap keychain LED too! The only con is the backdrop edge "surge" stitching is a little sloppy. I'm impressed and would love to buy more Prism Backdrops once they come out with something other than black, white and Chromakey Green.
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on January 9, 2017
This was a replacement green screen for me as I wanted to expand the size of my coverage area. Because of the layout in my studio, I have this green screen placed in front of other items instead of against a wall. The green screen I was replacing was a 'burlap' style material in which I could see my hand, and consequently anything that was behind the screen when filming. This one reminds me of flannel material - it's soft and thick enough that I cannot see through it. In addition, it smooths out wonderfully. I hung it and spritzed it with water and waited a little while - the screen is so smooth that my chroma key efforts are greatly speed up, which saves me lots of time in editing. I've told several people about this screen and at least one has purchased it as well. I'm very impressed with the quality of the product.

My particular screen did have a stitching issue that would be a problem if I was shooting all the way to my shoes, but since I film from the knee up and the stitching issue is located toward the bend at the ground level, this was not a concern. I have no doubt that if the stitching issue was higher up and I had returned it for a replacement, that it would have been fine as well.
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on November 24, 2013
I have had a couple of other green screens. This one works great and is very good quality. I have read the other reviews, and here is my suggestion regarding the wrinkles & ironing scenario. First, be sure and have your spot where you plan to hang the backdrop ready for the backdrop to hang. Second, have an ironing board set up, with a steam iron ready to go, in a large enough space to accommodate the 6 x 10 backrop as if it was laying flat on the floor. Unpackage the backdrop and throw it in your dryer. Take a spray bottle filled with distilled water and give the entire backdrop a good spraying down as you fluff it and flip it around inside the dryer by hand (if you have a dryer with steam/wrinkle remover capabilities, even better). Set the dryer to medium heat and turn it on for around 15-20 minutes. Remove the backdrop from the dryer as soon as it stops and go straight to the ironing board to put the finishing touches on it with a steam iron. It will be much easier to iron after the dryer scenario. The ironing process is best accomplished with two people as follows . . . The person ironing is on one side of the ironing baord with the un-ironed portion of the backrop cascading down in front of them to the floor and laying in front of their feet (the 6 ft. width laying on the board and the 10 ft. length cascading down to the floor). As they iron, another person is on the other side of the ironing board holding two corners of the 6 ft. width, slowly stepping backwards as the person ironing finishes ironing each section from side to side - keeping the backdrop taught during this entire process. Once the ironing is complete, go straight to the intended location of the backdrop and hang it. I suggest tacking it to a wall if possible. This way you can keep it very taught, which allows for the best chromakey experience. If you must hang it from a rod/stand, then suggest that you have weight fatened at the bottom somehow to take ot any slack in the backdrop to keep it as taught as possible.
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The Prism Backdrops by Ravelli 10x12' green screen (chroma key) background is an excellent value and it works perfectly in conjunction with proper lighting and robust editing software such as Adobe Premiere CC.

If you're new to green screen usage, here are a few things you must keep in mind in order to get excellent results from this screen:

1. Hang the screen and use clamps/weights to pull any slack/folds out of the screen. If any wrinkles are apparent, spray it down with a water bottle and most of the wrinkles will naturally release.

2. Light the screen evenly. Position a background light so that it casts light evenly with minimal "fall off" and no distinct shadows. Make sure you place the light between the screen and the camera (conceal the light outside the edge of the frame or behind your subject). Ensure there is no light behind the screen, or else it will undermine the evenly-illuminated, opaque green color you need for a clean edit.

3. Light your subject well to "separate" him/her from the background and attain the desired exposure settings. Make sure your subject is not wearing green, and is positioned far enough ahead of the background (i.e., closer to the camera) to minimize any chance of the background reflecting greenish light onto your subject.

4. If possible, try to avoid fast motions/movements by your subject or else use a faster shutter speed. Motion blur causes the subject to blur with the background, which confuses editing software, causing it to remove some of the blurred motion/foreground as it tries to remove the green background color.

If you follow these basic rules, you should find it quite easy to get very good results using this green screen. I think it's a great screen for the money.
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on January 10, 2014
For several years I have been using various shades of green fabric from various fabric and retail stores to make my own green screens. I just was getting tired of imperfect keys and having to be very careful with lighting, I spent more time getting keys to come out well even with higher end software. I decided recently to purchase an actual green screen back drop.

As mentioned in other reviews this backdrop is not the same color as in the photograph on Amazon. It is several shades darker and is actually a little darker than the fabric I was using I got from a fabric store. This has no effect what so ever on the quality of the key result.

I immediately hung it up on a backdrop support system I also purchased here on Amazon, I did NOT iron or steam the wrinkles out but I did light it using two can lights and a couple stand up 3 way lights I have. The key came out perfect the first attempt, no artifacts or funkyness. I use Sony Movie Studio 12 for one of my video editors and this software never gets a good key with my regular fabric but the first attempt without a lot of fuzz I got a good key I can't get with just regular fabric. That was my main reason for purchasing this and it worked the first time, even in low light this fabric keys pretty well.

The backdrop is the consistency of a thick bed spread, if you stand behind it while lit up you can see through it so you would not want to light this from behind. Also any reflective material behind the back drop like a mirror, glass cabinet door or something similar would reflect back through so make sure it is pretty clean of reflection behind the backdrop.

Width: 9.5 feet I did not measure the length but I would say it is around the 12 feet in the description. The width is half an inch short of being 10 feet in width and is not really that big of a deal unless you really really need that extra half an inch this backdrop works very well.

Personally I am not going to iron or steam the wrinkles but I did read in one of the reviews either for this backdrop or another one that stated if you use a squirt bottle and spray water on this while it is hanging up it would take the wrinkles out. I was curious if this would work so I tried it as I had a spray bottle near by and it was full so I sprayed a couple of areas just to see what would happen. This technique is magic because it worked. You do have to keep spraying and letting it dry, then spray the wrinkles again to make them smaller. It even worked on the very top wrinkles of the sleeve that the rod goes through.

I was concerned that this actually may shrink the fabric and that is why this works but from visual inspection it seems to be the same width though after taking a tape measure it does seem to have shrunk width wise just a little to be closer to 9 feet in width than to 10 feet but from visual just looking at it on the support system I can't tell other than there are much fewer wrinkles and the ones that are there are not anything that would concern me. Now taking it down and putting it away I am sure that would cause wrinkles again but if you get some clips and attach them to the sides to stretch it out there shouldn't be any wrinkles at all.

Though if you use a pretty good software and not the cheapo $50 to $150 software then wrinkles shouldn't be any concern as long as you light the back drop to reduce or get rid of large shadows these wrinkles would cause. The main ingredient that makes this work is that this fabric is limited to certain shades of green compared to regular fabric from stores and bed sheets etc which have reds, blues, yellows and is harder to chroma key than this backdrop.

It is made of cotton. I think muslin is a default keyword used on backdrop descriptions and titles because I have actually touched muslin back drops and the material is different, it is thicker and has a wooly type of feel to it while this backdrop is just cotton, thicker than a regular bed sheet but still see through if there is a light source or reflection behind it you will see this in the camera.

Mine came with a bunch of loose threads I had to cut off, especially the thread sewed to make the fold for the back drop pole. I wouldn't worry too much about it though if yours comes with loose threads just don't tug on them and make sure to cut them close to the surface of the fabric without cutting the fabric.

Overall this is a good backdrop, if you expect the color to be the same as the photograph on Amazon it isn't but that doesn't mean it won't key well because it does.

Mine did not come in the 2 day time frame promised it took 5 days due to weather but it got here.

It does come in a pouch carry bag but it is so cheap I am not sure it would last very long of any real use.

If you need a good backdrop to get good chroma key results then this one is worth the money.
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on June 16, 2015
Decent back drop. I little thin, but proper lighting fixes that problem. Mine also came with some black fuzz and something else stuck to it on one side of the fabric. Some of it could was removed by scratching it off and some of it wouldn't come off. I simply use the opposite side. It doesn't affect me, but speaks a little to the quality control. Works perfectly for video merge effect in Adobe Premier so that is what I really care about.

UPDATE: A few days ago I left some feedback about the quality of the product I received. It was a green screen backdrop to be used for video I make at home. The color works great for Adobe Premier and I was able to video merge with very little effort (having an evenly lit backdrop). I think I gave it 4/5. It does what is was supposed to do, was new, well packaged, etc. However, when I unfolded it prior to ironing, I noticed several black spots. Some were simply fuzz, but others seemed more like fuzz mixed with wax and I was unable to remove them. They were all on one side of the backdrop so I simply used the other side for my video. Not really a big deal to me. Well, apparently it was to the seller who read my comment. Unsolicited, he reached out to me and issued me a verbal phone apology as well as one via email. He also refunded me my money. Again, I didn't request anything and certainly was happy paying for the product I received, but the seller went above and beyond to ensure that I had a positive experience, and I thank him for that. I will certainly be looking for other products from SPN Performance because of the level of service and value.
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on June 4, 2013
You can't get any better than these muslin backdrops. They are heavy, color is deep, and hang beautifully. Definitely recommend for any photographer- pro to novice. The added free bonus of a storage/carrying case will keep them clean for travel as well. It wasn't even listed in the product listing!

Wrinkle removing trick- Hang it up and stretch it with 3-4 muslin clamps to your frame. Spray mist it with water and let it dry- 20-30 minutes. Repeat if still a few tough wrinkles. It WILL flatten and you have little "elbow effort" to make it happen. Try it, it really works. I discovered this with a REALLY heavy green screen muslin and could not believe how easy this east to get "wrinkle free".
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on March 5, 2017
Love my backdrop! I ordered the blsck one and it's the perfect size for my headshots I take of my makeup work. I set up in my home and didn't have it in front of any type of window or anything and noticed it was slightly see through. I messaged customer service about it and they responded incredibly fast! They shipped me out another backdrop without me even asking ask suggested I double up. Absolutely free! It arrived so fast. Just in time for my huge client rush that weekend. I'm extremely pleased and definitely recommend. The material is cotton so it's going to get pretty wrinkled. I just took an iron to it but a steamer would work best. I'm so happy with this purchase. Definitely recommend. I included a picture of my clients headshots in front of the background. Hope this helps!
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