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on November 15, 2016
I ordered this green screen so I can make my stream look more professional. Before I purchased I read a lot of reviews about how the size is not exactly what it says in the description and how the hems on the sides are not completely straight. Yes, both of these things are true, but for the price you are paying you can not expect perfect. It did the job and is a fine size and the fabric it is made out of is actually very nice. I have had other green screens in the past that had been made out of much cheaper fabric and I paid more for them then I did this one.

The fabric was packaged very very well, which in turn made it very wrinkly when I took it out of the package. I fixed that by looking up homemade de-wrinkler and I found a "Recipe" that included a cup of hot water, a tablespoon of fabric softener and rubbing alcohol (This made it dry faster), but I sprayed it on and used my hand to "pet" the fabric outwards. Let it dry and it was perfect.

Overall best green screen for the money spent.
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on June 23, 2016
 This is a real nice quality Muslin Cotton fabric. Its thick enough to be opaque with a little back lighting, not see thru. The color is rich and works very easily with Adobe After Effects software. I recommend washing it and drying, then immediately hanging it while hot from the drier, that will remove folds and prevent wrinkling. I do not have the screen pulled taunt, so there are shadowed areas but the software works pretty well with these slight color variances.
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on March 19, 2017
Thanks, everyone, for these detailed reviews. Because of your comments, I felt confident selecting this cloth. And I'm not disappointed. The comments that meant the most to me were the ones about the beefiness of the cloth. indeed - it's not some thin piece of crap that you can read through.

I also appreciated the ideas on de-wrinkling it. I tried misting it with a water-bottle, then tumble-drying it, and... it isn't perfect. (Maybe I'll try that one more time.)

But what I do want to share is a pretty cheap solution for keeping it taunt. I went to Home Depot, purchased four 1 by 2's, (actual is 3/4" x 1 1/2") for less than a buck each. Then went over to the Simpson Steel rack, and picked up four light-duty corner-brackets and 4 braces. Then I built a 7' by 4 1/2' "picture frame" and I've used large binder clips and the like to attach the cloth to it. See the two images. I've got a feeling that this is going to work-out great.
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on August 4, 2014
This is exactly what we were after: A cheap, fairly large piece of green fabric to use as a green screen when making videos.

As for wrinkles, this is muslin, and muslin wrinkles super easy. I did, however, figure out an easy way to get the wrinkles out. Hang your muslin green screen on your stand and lightly mist it with a spray bottle of water. Stretch the fabric out at both sides (unless you have REALLY long arms, this will take two people!) and smooth the fabric you've just sprayed with your hand. Start at the top and work your way down. Wait 15 minutes for it to dry and you will have a wrinkle-free backdrop without having to bust out an iron or electric steamer!
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on August 28, 2016
It's a dark gray, not a rich black. The video camera doesn't really know the difference though. I suppose you could just buy a thick black bedsheet to serve the purpose of a backdrop cloth. Though this is heavy duty material and absorbs light remarkably well.

Two month update (09/15/2016): I was not expecting the original review to get much attention from the seller/company. Ravelli is very responsive and proactive when it comes to customer feedback. Few other sellers and companies go the extra mile. Ravelli saw the above review and shipped a package with both the new fuzzy backdrop cloth and the old version which is not fuzzy.

Below is a copy of the nice and indepth email the company sent me.

Hello and good morning. I hope this e-mail finds you well. I want to reach out and touch base with you today in regards to a recent purchase that you made through the Amazon's system recently of our black muslin backdrop by Ravelli. As of now we were able to see the positive comment that was posted about our product which we truly appreciate and thank you for. In the same you mentioned something that caught our attention which we would love to speak and explain to you. I believe that the backdrop that you purchased has sort of a fuzzy side to it and the way you can confirm is to take a look at both sides too see the difference. Because of that is why it might not look completely or rich black as you would call it.

For many customers one of their main complaint with our previous version was that the backdrop was too thin causing some light to go through, for many others they mentioned that it was too wrinkle and was a bit of a problem to remove them and also the size or pre-shrinkage was a problem as well. Now we have been working on some improvements with these products for sometime now basically going back and forth with our manufacturers and throwing different ideas in order to come up with a final improved product that customers will love best. After receiving some samples and conducting some test ourselves, we have this new version which is the "fuzzy" one as we call it and we would love for you to test it out free of charge. By adding "flocking" which is a term that we use on one side helps reduce light coming through the backdrop and adding flocking on one side also helps the backdrop to hold its shape and to some extent reduce wrinkles - although, as a 100% cotton product, wrinkles are always going to need to be dealt with. (wetting and putting in the dryer, hanging and spraying with a hot water bottle, etc.) Also, the flocking, in addition to helping with light bleed-through also offers different photography options. Light reflects differently off of the flocking side. Some customers prefer the light handling of the original non-flocked side, but some prefer the light handling better of the flocked side. The flocked side tends to "diffuse" the surface light better. It also sometime can have a "grain" affect if the flocking is brushed in a particular direction. You can try both sides to see which one works best for you.

I processed a reshipment order at for a total of 2 of our backdrops. 1 of those backdrops will be the fuzzy version and 1 will be the non fuzzy or previous version. I would like for you to test the fuzzy and non fuzzy ones so you can see why we made the changes and see also the difference between the two. I will follow up with you as promised in a week in order to give you some time to try them out. After receiving and inspecting the same, if you would like to share anything with us we would truly appreciate it since it does helps us as a company. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great.

Thank you,
SPN Performance
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on December 6, 2013
It's exactly what I expected, having already bought their green/chroma screen. Perfect size for what I needed, adequate construction. Came very creased like others have said, but I don't think it was a big deal. I threw it in the dryer with a wet towel for 45 minutes and that took the creases about halfway out. Then when I hung the muslin, I used duct tape to stretch the sides out against the wall, which completely removed any visible wrinkles or creases. I do wish it were a little heavier, as you can see any differences in the wall behind the muslin through it, but all in all it's exactly what I wanted and expected.
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on April 15, 2017
Ordered this item and came right on time. Packaging was awesome. This thing is absolutly massive. I struggle to handle it myself. so if you plan on buying dont try and use it alone. It is a thin material so dont light it from behind or put it infront of a window. The biggest issue i have with the product is the creases. They are so difficult to get out. I have steamed it for an hour so far and creases are still there. I put it in the washer with softener with a warm wash and in a tumbler dryer on low setting. Still there

Update: these guys are on top of things. Immediatly was emailed and spoke to someone who was well informed and kind. They answered any question before i could even ask. Even before i said anything they helped me out in any way they could even offered a backdrop for free. Pretty cool guys. I will update the pictures once i try out their method

Update: after speaking to one of their representatives (great costumer service) they gave me some advice on getting the wrinkles out. This thingbis so big i could only get half of it in the picture but as you can see compared to the first picture it really did work well. The newest pictures its is supported by its own weight on a bar i used no clamps at all. So they know their stuff very well
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on January 9, 2017
This was a replacement green screen for me as I wanted to expand the size of my coverage area. Because of the layout in my studio, I have this green screen placed in front of other items instead of against a wall. The green screen I was replacing was a 'burlap' style material in which I could see my hand, and consequently anything that was behind the screen when filming. This one reminds me of flannel material - it's soft and thick enough that I cannot see through it. In addition, it smooths out wonderfully. I hung it and spritzed it with water and waited a little while - the screen is so smooth that my chroma key efforts are greatly speed up, which saves me lots of time in editing. I've told several people about this screen and at least one has purchased it as well. I'm very impressed with the quality of the product.

My particular screen did have a stitching issue that would be a problem if I was shooting all the way to my shoes, but since I film from the knee up and the stitching issue is located toward the bend at the ground level, this was not a concern. I have no doubt that if the stitching issue was higher up and I had returned it for a replacement, that it would have been fine as well.
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on December 21, 2016
Because of the low price, I was surprised at the good quality. As a serious hobbyist, I have used other background materials. While this one isn't *as* good as others, it's very close, and less than half the price of similarly-sized products. No, it will not block light coming from behind the cloth, but that's not really the point of a backdrop (which is to provide a clutter-free background for a photo). With the right amount of light on the subject, and the subject a few feet in front of this dropcloth, the background goes completely black, which is the whole point of a black background. (The attached photo is unedited.)

Cons -- all very minor: (1) From reading other reviews, I was led to believe this would come with a cloth container for storage/transport, but it did not come with such a container. So I will have to find something in which to store/transport it. (2) There were a few brightly colored pieces of fuzz stuck to the cloth when I first unwrapped it -- green, red, and orange -- which was weird, but they came off easily. (3) It's nine feet by 18 feet, as indicated in parentheses on the product page, but I think the *name* of the product should drop the "10x20" part, in the interest of honesty.

Edited to add: the seller contacted me after this review, to make sure that everything was working fine, which I found unusually helpful. This seems like a company that stands by its products.
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on March 4, 2013
This is a decent green screen for the price. I used it at least once a week for weekly astronomy videos that I make, and sometimes more often than that.

It is a bit darker than what a typical green screen should be, but it is perfectly usable. I edit in Sony Vegas 11, and it only takes a few seconds to slightly alter the green for keying in a background. As with any green screen, the really important thing to do is get even lighting on the green screen itself. Because of where I have mine located, I have very little headroom - only a bit over 7" of clearance. So I have to put lights more off to the side to avoid shadows. And I have more than one person in the scene, shadows really DO become problematic.

But that's not the fault of this product - that's the space and the lighting.

I used a 10' long plumbing pipe to mount it, and it works great. Came wrinkled, but all you have to do is hang it, spray it lightly with a bottle of water, and "Voila!" - it will flatten out like magic. Good product - just wish it was a tad brighter, but it still works fine.
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