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on January 23, 2013
I've loved Addison since the first time she appeared on Grey's Anatomy and I've been watching Private Practice since the first season. The show has had it's ups and downs but I can't deny that I was addicted to the show. The series finale aired today and I'm bummed that we won't be able to see our favorite docs every week now. Since the last season only had 13 episodes, here's a brief synopsis of each:
1) "Aftershock": We get to see who Addie chose (Jake!), Sheldon gets news that he might have cancer, Charlotte tells Coop that she's pregnant with triplets and we get to know Pete died while he was out on a run.
2) "Mourning Sickness": This episode was kind of Violet-centric but other characters sufficient got screen time as well. Sheldon deals with a man with sexual feelings for a little girl while Violet throws a party as Pete did not want his loved ones to get depressed but nonetheless Violet finally bursts out towards the end of the episode when she scatters Pete's ashes with her best friend, Cooper by her side.
3) "Good Grief": Violet goes to a grief counseling group, Addison mourns Mark's death & Sam tries to start afresh with his nurse girlfriend Vanessa. Also, Sheldon is in denial about his cancer.
4) "You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone": A very fast paced and intense episode. A new ER doc, James joins St. Ambrose on a busy rainy night where a girl gets kidnapped.
5) "The Next Episode": The worst episode in the entire series. I never liked Sam to begin with and this episode did not help. Sam's life viewed as a reality show with alot of family drama.
6) "Apron Strings": PPP bounced back fast with an awesome Addison-centric episode where Henry's biological mother comes back and we get to see Addie's mentor. Addie also gets sued by a former patient for the wrongful birth of her child! A great episode overall.
7) "The World According to Jake": Jake's a really likeable guy and this episode delved into his personal life: his daughter, his relationship with Addie and a destructive secret from his past comes back to haunt him. We get to see him interact with his dead wife as well.
8) "Life Support": The Cooper-centric episode, we get to see things from his perspective... literally! Char goes into early labor and one of the triplets have to be delivered early.
9) "I'm Fine": Finally, Sheldon gets the attention he deserved all these years as he goes through cancer treatments and finds love in another terminal patient, Miranda. He also helps find the missing girl. Another solid episode.
10) "Georgia on My Mind": Charlotte goes through physical & emotional hell as the premature baby starts to have complications and Mason acts out in school.
11) "Good Fries Are Hard to Come By": The Amelia centric installment felt bland as opposed to other character centric episodes because the romance with James felt a bit forced. Just was not able to connect with it.
12) "Full Release": The penultimate episode of PPP could have been the finale. A great episode. Addison goes to court for finalizing Henry's adoption and receives bad news. Charlotte finally gives birth to the other two babies. Violet realizes one can be happy alone.
13) "In Which We Say Goodbye": The series finale! Addison & Jake finally tie the knot. A lot of time jumps in the episode. The finale felt very rushed and was a little disappointing. Naomi returns to stand by Addie's side at her wedding and jumps into bed with Sam at the reception and gets knocked up. Once again, felt very forced. Addison did not get much screen time which was very wrong considering the show is a spin-off on her character. Sheldon quits to take care of Miranda during her last days. CharCoop, Mason and the triplets are a happy family. Violet writes a new book titled 'Private Practice'. Sam and Naomi get married. No mention of Pete or Dell. Betsey, Maya were nowhere seen nor was baby Henry and Lucas. This should have been a two hour special.
Overall, the season was good but could have been better. The series bid adieu and I for one will miss it very much.
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on January 14, 2013
When Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes decided to give Seattle Grace's Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepard her own show, she created Private Practice as a spinoff - I boycotted it because I never liked Addison.

However, one season into the new series I decided to give it a watch and got hooked in spite of myself. It seems that Ms. Rhimes has made some magic with this show.

Just like "Grey's", the Private Practice docs and characters are complex, loveable, flawed, and ridiculously attractive. Even the mufti-million-dollar beach houses Addison and Dr. Sam Bennett live in are gorgeous.

But, instead of putting me off, all that "wonderfulness" drew me in. In addition, each episode contains one or more fascinating medical cases. These alone are worth watching for. Really, who isn't going to stay tuned to see what happens when two women are implanted with each other's embryo's in error.? Or what about the two women and one man who decide to have a baby?

Not only is Private Practice addictively watchable, it can easily become a new guilty pleasure.
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on December 17, 2016
I still miss this show! After six seasons, we finally say goodbye to Oceanside Wellness and its oversexed employees. I love that we find out what the future holds for everyone. Plus the connection to the events in Grey's Anatomy and its characters is still there.
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on March 24, 2013
This was an outstanding series that my wife and I had been enjoying for the past several months. I highly recommend Private Practice.
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on December 10, 2013
Well after the phenomenal Grey's Anatomy, this spin-off never took off not for me anyway the only thing I've ever been interested in was usually the last show of the season, the entire season might be so so but that last show always leaves you wanting to see what happens next. I hoped it would get better. But It never did, and although the show had fantastic actors, it simply couldn't follow Grey's Anatomy. The last season, was a real let-down
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on July 14, 2013
I'm glad that Addison found her man! Though it wouldn't be good without some suprising guest reuniting near the ending. :)

They did a wonderful job!
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on June 5, 2013
I have trouble sleeping and one night as I was thumbing through the channels I came upon this show. The show was in season 4 when I started. I went to my on demand and started watching from the beginning. Of course I became addicted and needed to sea season 6, which caused my purchase. I sat on the couch all day Sunday and watched season 6. Loved it! I love that I can buy on Amazon and watch instantly!
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on January 12, 2013
I just started watching this show about a month ago, and was very disappointed to hear that it is ending!
I am so tired of scripted "reality" TV, and their attempts to fool the viewers into thinking it is so spontaneous. As a health care professional, I am well aware that many of these scenarios are far-fetched. But it is a drama!! II really enjoy seeing how far they push the envelope. It is a nice escape from reality!
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on February 5, 2013
Anyone who likes "Greys Anatomy" will like "Private Practice". I like that the actors' character roles and personalities and interactions change quite a bit on this show. Quite a variety in scenarios. Is very much a DRAMA- very little humor - some episodes can be a bit intense or tedious
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on August 10, 2013
The quality of the dvd and acting is excellent, but the story line was a bit disappointing, just quietly wrapping up all the loose ends of the various story lines. Lovely to see all the characters where they should be, but a bit predictable. Violet at the end accepting life and her aloneness was probably one of the most powerful scenes in the series. I wanted more.
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