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on March 20, 2016
I'm really enjoying this paper! I use it mostly for watercolors. Its weight prevents bleeding through to the backside, which is fantastic. It's durable and withstands multiple layers/applications of paint and water.

It doesn't absorb the water immediately, which is great, since I really love that drippy, splattery look.

The water does make the paper bend and curl, but I've found using a steam iron with the paper in between a bed sheet makes most of the wrinkles, at least the prominent ones, disappear.

Will definitely keep buying!
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on February 22, 2014
I spent forever checking at art shops and online to find the right journal for a class I'm doing - I wanted it to be big enough to paint/draw/glue/etc. in, but not too bit to carry easily.

The weight of the paper is enough that it'll probably take the watercolor well, as long as I don't get too wash-y, and certainly enough for pens, with just enough texture to make it feel good without being distracting.

The spiral binding makes it easy to keep open to the page I'm working on, and the pages could easily pull out where they are perforated, but also stay in nicely.

I'm so glad I picked this journal/pad.
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on October 6, 2017
Canson's mixed media paper is by far my favorite to use since I never know if I will be wanting to do watercolors, acrylics, pencil, pen, or marker. It holds up very well to paints and pencils and pens. There IS some bleed through with certain kinds of markers, but that's honestly to be expected with any kind of paper expect super thick types. So basically what I do is tear out one sheet to place behind the current one being used, to make sure there is no bleed through or anything. I have many of these notebooks of this specific type of paper, in various sizes. This is my go-to art paper for everything I personally do.
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on July 5, 2017
This is maybe my fourth purchase of this size of notebook. Both my kids and I love working out of these. The pages are just right to practice on or to draw and design and not get overwhelmed with too large of paper. I love the quality of this product and the durability. I have traveled with this all over the place and have had no problems with it holding up. It absorbs watercolors really well and does not warp. Overall one of my favorite brands to work with.
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on January 13, 2017
I bought these for a young just starting out artist. I figured mixed media paper would be a good choice so she could draw paint etc. The quality of the paper is on par for the cost. These is a good size for a young person or for portability. The tooth of the paper was very good. I would enjoy playing on it myself. Its not the best quality mixed media paper I would consider probably medium grade. Should be a great buy for students or people just starting out in mixed media wanting to mess about and learn on.
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on July 19, 2016
To begin, I got my drawing pad and i'm excitedly filling it with drawings.

The XL brand is known to be an excellent sketchbook brand. I also think it's the best, and I ADORE my new sketchbook.

Constant Problems/DownSides:

I've been known as that one person who always has a sketchbook around with me. Since I constantly draw and I post it on my DeviantArt. One of the main consequences of having such a large sketchbook is trying to travel with it. Which was surely expected.

The other downside is that the metal spiral thingamajig has to be constantly adjusted so the paper won't fall off. Which is the same problem I had with my last XL sketchbook.

Positive Parts ^.^:

Firstly, and the thing I most adore this sketchbook for is it's paper. The paper is just right for me. Not to thick, nor to thin. The paper is in the goldilocks zone for me.

I also think that the XL brand made an excellent choice for having little amount of paper in this. 30 pages is certainly enough (don't be greedy), since I do detailed inked drawings of whatever I might've chosen to draw.

Another positive thing about the sketchbook is when you use drawing materials that bleed won't bleed to excessively. I use Copics which bleed. Thankfully they don't bleed as bad as I expected.

With a downfall of the size, also brings something extremely positive. SPACE. When I draw on a normal sized sketchbook, I usually have to hunch over and squint my eyes. With this sketchbook I can make the drawings whatever size I wish, normally they're pretty big. Now I don't have to squint my eyes, I can simply think big.

Overall this is an excellent sketchbook. Stop looking at this review, and buy it. It'll be worth you're time.
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on March 13, 2017
Good sketchbook for different mediums such as pencil sketching, alcohol markers, and watercolors. Was disappointed by the paper thickness in comparison to the same product bought from Walmart. Did slightly get used to this perk though. Warning, alcohol markers (such as copics) do bleed through (not to the next sheet if that makes sense) and the paper warps a bit with watercolor and handles only medium/ light washes. I would recommend closing the sketchbook after painting with a paper towel to flatten the paper.
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on October 5, 2017
Great pad! We use this to nature journal on our homeschool hikes and nature outings. The paper holds up well to all kinds of media, from crayon and pencil to paint and pastels. The paper is perforated on the edges so it easily tears out if you need it to but doesn't rip/tear out if you don't want it to. Great size for sketching! I have bought more since. Highly recommend!
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on June 4, 2017
Not much to say here other than Canson Mixed Media pads are excellent. Tolerate all kinds of medium, levels of wetness, and the paper holds up great. I have used with acrylics, watercolors, pastels, lots of water, lots of medium, glue - you name it. The spiral binding makes it easier to work on your pages. I love the variety of sizes. Perfect affordable pad.
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on April 24, 2017
Absolutely love this paper. The Canson Mixed media is perfect for mix media work. I have used water color pencils with it and it is fairly durable with little to no warping depending on how water happy you get. Takes layers well. I use it mostly for Pen, Colored pencil, Water color Pencil and marker.
There is little to no bleed through with marker. Heavy usage you will see on the back of the page, but rarely leaves marks on the next page.
This is my go-to art paper and usually use it in my home made sketch books.
The 11x14 size fits standard frames.
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