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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PS3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$8.50+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 29, 2013
After reading so many reviews of this game online, I actually opted for FIFA 14 for the first time in 14 years or so. That frustration led me back to PES 2014, despite all the bad reviews. I found out that those reviews are generally no longer accurate.

All the reviews mention frame skipping. I have noticed this once or twice in well over a hundred matches. It does occur occasionally but it does not hinder the gameplay and I've only noticed it while playing online. I suspect this mostly comes from lag, another aspect that I have not had problems with more than usual. Regardless, frame skipping is NOT and issue. Lag is NOT an issue. Yes, some games have lag, as do all online games, including past PES series, FIFA 14, and non-footballing titles. Most games have much less lag than previous PES titles, making almost every online game playable.

These are the two major technical issues that kept me from buying this game, even after playing the demo. They are non-issues. Perhaps the latest update has fixed all the problems. Regardless, there are enough problems with the game, specifically the defense and the refereeing.

The game is one of the most realistic PES titles when it plays well and one of the most frustrating when it stops being a football sim. There are problems, especially with goalie AI and defense AI. Sometimes, the goalie does stupid things, occasionally costing a frustrating, unrealistic goal. Likewise, the defense, while improved with extra controls, still takes a lot of luck and the D-line still misses a lot of long balls and through balls, often leaving a one on one with the goalkeeper. The defensive idiocy _might_ be a deal-breaker. There seems to be no consistency or any way to prevent this, no matter what the tactical settings are. Regardless of the team, no matter how good they are in reality, their defensive play will resemble that of children playing football for the first time in their life. This is the #1 reason I've brought down the stars and is particularly bad in PES 2014, however, this is not new. Defense has always been bad. Suicidal to be exact.

You will get penalties called on your defenders when no one was even fell in the box. Period. This is incredibly stupid. You will also get penalties called when the attacker has shot the ball and falls down. This is simply unrealistic and ridiculous. Other calls are made too and cards given out when the attacker doesn't even fall to the ground. Nonsensical. Still other calls are just completely botched. Everything from the ball being given to the wrong team when the ball is out of touch to ridiculous fouls not called to petty and legal contact (where the attacker manages to stay up) being given a yellow or even red card.

The free kick system has been substantially improved for shooting, but is even worse for passing. With the visual indicator, one has a lot more control over free kicks, making them as dangerous as they are in the real game. On the other hand, long passes, especially goal kicks, are still as difficult and more frustrating than they have been in any PES game since Winning Eleven 7 (my first WE/PES game). Goal kicks and goalkeeper clearances are often shanked and go straight to the opposition, no matter how well hit. It's ridiculous that such simple moves (for a real life goalkeeper) have been turned into frustrating experiences and turnovers. After over a hundred games, it seems that every punt and goalkeeper kick that's not a goal kick goes flat, no matter what, sometimes so flat as to not clear any of the players. Completely insane. Unfortunately, last year's ability to choose a player to pass to rather than using the improved-but-still-stupid long pass controls is gone. So is the ability to change your attach / defense level on the fly, which is unfortunate.

It is a lot of fun to play, but extremely frustrating to see keepers fumbling easy catches or kicking the ball straight to the opposite team, the D-Line not coordinating and letting in through ball after through ball, and despite the improved defensive controls, one's almost complete lack of control of the defense itself and of the individual player on defense. The only way to defend in PES games, this one and PES games of the past, is to stay on offense as much as possible and pray/hope that on defense your players don't act like idiots. Such prayers are answered less and less frequently with each PES game, 2014 being by far, the absolute worst. One thing to note is that the defensive controls are still some of the best out there despite being atrocious. In other words, no one has figured this part out yet in the world of football videogames, afaik. Of course, the plus side to this is that some incredible through balls and plays can be made on offense, but even on offense, the AI sometimes kills a play by running ahead of the ball and doing other completely insane and illogical stuff.

Finally, as the frustration builds up, online play becomes more restricted. You get lower "courtesy" ratings for disconnecting from games. If the game played decently, this wouldn't be an issue, but after getting a second card and penalty for a "foul" where the attacker didn't even fall down, you will want to turn off the PS3 mid game. I've played plenty of games where I was able to stay calm and come back to tie or even win after some ridiculous play by either my defense or a nonsensical call by the referee or both. The game is fun and rewarding, but it has too many flaws. Initially I gave it 4 stars, but as I played more, I started remembering more problems from all the games I played.
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on October 9, 2013
I got this game on the release date. I am a PES fan who never think to switch to FIFA at all.
I had been looking forward to play it for a long time.
I will state the conclusion fist. It is TERRIBLE!!! Don't buy it yet.

Good improvements:
- I am a MLO fan I played it all the timee. PES2014 has a really good point system.
(Basically, if you win the one stronger than you, you will get a lot of points.)
- Nice stadium graphic design.
- Nice main menu screen

Bad points!!!:
- Online game play is laggy and you will be delayed all the time (95% of 150 games I have played)
- Terrible AI especially defenders. I have to admit that I'm not good at defending.
But PES2014 the defender is too stupid, they sometimes just watch the attackers.
Sometimes when keeper punched a shot, defenders just do not move and attackers come take a second shot.
- Online flaws again, I got 3 disconnected online games in a row. I was winning all 3 games.
They just disconnected with the reason as the network is bad. So the game was cancelled out of record.
Sometimes the game just froze, I needed to quit the game to PS menu. It means I lost because I abandoned games.
- Slow formation setting. I don't know why they design the new system in formation. The cursor is really slow.
D-pad snap always goes the wrong place.
- Cannot use header!!
- Slow shot and stupid response
- Horrible referee. They are strange. Sometimes I just followed the attackers shoulder with shoulder but they gave penalty kicks to my opponent.
Sometimes, I was obstructed by opponent defenders without any fouls at all.
- Corner Kick is harder to score.
- etc.

In conclusion, don't buy it yet!!!
This game made me frustrated a lot.
Konami might patch it better around November 2013 but not now.
So far, I give only 1 star.
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on March 25, 2016
Worst game ever and I'm a pes fan. Well I did remember the old pes up until 2010 was good but after that the game was awful I feel like the players are walking and not running and yes I'm using the running button. I've been playing FIFA and it's like FIFA became the new pes. They change the way player run and add speed to the game, if FIFA adds the champions league theme pes is done.
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on October 29, 2013
I have been playing Winning Eleven since day one. I used to play the Japanese version in my modified PS1 years ago. I would recommend all WE/PES games to anyone, except PES2014. This year the game has very annoying frame rate problems - the game is too slow! I was expecting a product at least a bit better than last year, but I am disappointed because the gaming experience is not good at all. Also, I have been waiting for the "Liga MX" for many years; even though PES added Argetina's and Chile's first division leagues, I am still disappointed in the fact that they have been unable to successfully negotiate with Liga MX to add them to their game. A couple of things I like about PES2014 are being able to block cheaters/laggers when playing online ranking games and the free kick experience which is much better this year than previous years.
I do not play the game as much as I used to play the previous editions, it is due to the poor gaming experience it offers. I hope PES2015 is much better.
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on January 29, 2014
Well well well, first time I believe Konami failed, why?

This is probably the worst PES so far, I believed they worked a lot in how the players looks like, but not in how they move, the controllers, the average experience. The movements are like robots and the controllers are not the best.

Online experience, I cannot tell why but always laggy and sometimes I got disconnected. I believe people experience this same issue.

In my personal recommendation... think twice before buying this game. I hope PES 2015 will be better than this.
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on October 12, 2017
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on October 27, 2013
without a doubt this is the worst PES that seen in my life, very incomplete and too many mistakes, because that KONAMI is using for the first time a new engine after a lot of years, although there have been many improvements the game is having problems, more than anything in the online mode, gameplay is indefinite because with every upgrade you have been changing the gameplay and that a molested users
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on October 29, 2013
I have always been a big fan of PES,I bought the 2009,2010,2011 & 2012 versions and i must say,the 2014 edition is the most disappointing of them all.

1.Graphics are of such poor quality.players dont even look anything close to human beings.
2.Game play is so slow.It takes forever to load.
3.Team information does not even seem to be accurate.
4.Sound on & off the pitch is not as good as previous versions.

To be honest,i think PES did a better job with previous versions of this game.If you really want to save money,please avoid this game.
You are better off with the 2012 version.that is even more real than this current version.I really regret pr-ordering this game.
This time around i think FIFA did a way better job than PES.
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on March 1, 2014
I'm regret of buying this Game, it is by far the worst PES I ever played. I'm lucky because I still have my PES 2013, I'm playing that, but about the Order, its comes in time and in good condiction.
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on June 1, 2014
This game is not a major advance over PES2013. Even the gameplay seems slower than PES2013. The patches lanched by Konami tried to fix the situation but the row product indeed is bad.
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