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on January 3, 2015
I've been listening to vinyl since I was 5 years old (34 years now). My first real turntable was a direct drive Marantz. I later graduated to a second-hand Rotel servo model with a midrange Audio Technica cartridge. For all of its faults, that table delivered music that was very enjoyable until the motor failed. I feel it is important to a review to understand the background of the reviewer, for the sake of perspective. As all of this stuff is mid-fi at best, I was extremely anxious to try something a little better.
Enter this project debut carbon. I am playing it through an Adcom GTP-400 and GFA535L power amp, with custom built speakers using Vifa and Morel components. With a good source, it's a pretty revealing system, although lacking some in bass punch.
Setup impressions: It's a pretty table, and perfectly functional. Installation and setup was super easy. The only problem I've had are the weight-on-a-line anti-skate, which is clumsy, and the cuing damper sometimes does not want to lower fully. The felt mat included is cheap and will need to be replaced.
First listening impressions (about 30 lps worth)... The table itself is very nice. The dc setup is very speed stable. The noise and rumble are all at very low levels... very impressive. It tracks wonderfully. BUT... and here we get to the reason it loses a star for me:
The Ortofon 2m red cartridge. It's not up to the same performance level of the table. At first I truly hated it with a passion, but in taking some more time to get it dialed in, it's charms have come out and the drawbacks somewhat lessened. On the positive side it has a very neutral tonal balance, but is somewhat lacking in the upper mid / lower treble. The attributes that I hate are a tendency toward distortion in the midrange around the vocal range which gives it a congested sound that is truly ugly at times. Inner groove distortion is worse than other cartridges I've owned. There is also a somewhat spitty quality to cymbals. I guess for being included it is passable, but I wouldn't consider purchasing it... ever.
The more I listen, the more I'm enjoying the table. Definitely worth the price, and with a different cartridge should meet my needs well.
EDIT: I recently installed an Audio Technica AT 120 in place of the Ortofon, and now I'm loving this table. Without the grunge ruining the experience, the wonderful qualities are coming through. The speed stability is great. It lends to a solid feel with bass lines and rhythm section (I've heard this called pace, rhythm, and timing, and now I really understand what that means). I am really satisfied with this setup, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality vinyl experience without spending ridiculous money.
EDIT 2: Some bearing noise has developed. It is clearly audible as a pulse occurring once every turn, no matter the record. I question the quality of the bearing material. For this price, this should not be a problem. One star lost because of this.
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on December 27, 2016
Only had the product a week but it is wonderful so far. Product came well-packed and with all parts and was easy to assemble with guidance from instructions and youtube videos (several available for this turntable). Also came with high-quality RCA cables for connecting to phono preamp. Bought a Lounge Audio phono preamp to go with this turntable, and the sound through an Onkyo amp (CD channel, not a high end amp at all) and Klipsch Forte speakers is fantastic! Very clear, lots of detail and with a good record the music joins you in the room. Tested with Leonard Cohen's last album and RadioHead's recent release, and both were impressive. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge supplied with the turntable (and pre-installed) produces wonderful sound, but if you are a more serious audiophile this turntable appears to offer easy upgrade options. Please note this is a fully manual turntable: changing from 33rpm to 45rpm requires manually moving the drive belt, and when the record ends you have to pick up the tonearm and move it back to its cradle. At this price point, for a turntable that produces this good a sound, a fully manual turntable is pretty standard and I don't consider it an issue, but it is something to make sure you understand when you are shopping for turntables.
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on June 25, 2016
Way higher quality, better looking, better belt design, and more stable playback than the UTurn (which is not bad for it's price...but the Pro-Ject is better). I got a Q-Up tonearm lifter so that i can let a record play and not think about it finishing, a good preamp, and an ortofon 2m blue stylus upgrade for $160 on the 'bay, and I'm stylin. I also compared this Debut Carbon DC to the upgraded Espirit -- and the Espirit fact i got two espirits and both had a buzzing issue that this model did not have
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on January 27, 2017
This is really a great turntable! IIt sounds wonderful, is well made and looks super. The finish is amazing. I have a Yamaha R-S700BL 2-channel stereo receiver rated at 100W RMS per channel and Bose 901 speakers. The sound is warm and beautiful, and I could not her any rumble or noise from the turntable. I really don't think there are any other turntables in this price class that can compete with it. Project publishes the key specs like Wow and Flutter, Rumble and the Signal to Noise Ratio while it main competitor, Rega does not. Further, I would like to warn everyone about Rega turntables. They may be good turntables but they are a rip-off. For example, you can go to and the Rega Planar 1 costs 248 British Pounds (BP) and at the current USD/BP exchange rate of $1.25 buys 1 BP, it costs $310 in the UK. Next, the Rega Planar 2 costs $675 in the US but only 375 BP in the UK or $468. Now on the other hand, the Project Debut Carbon DC costs 349 BP in the UK or 436. Rega dealers here in the USA are really have a day with us and are enjoying huge profit margin. Just throwing that out there.
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on June 9, 2017
Really great turntable. Doesn't cost an arm and a leg, easy to set up, and sounds great (even with a cheap preamp, for the time being). Very impressive. Easily a major recommendation. Love it.
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on December 10, 2017
Hardest part of assembly was finding the power switch (under front left corner)😬

Love it so far. There are YouTube videos to make the assembly easier.
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on July 25, 2017
Love this turntable! The first I purchased and was easy to set up. The cartridge is definitely high quality and you can hear every detail of the music.
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on August 12, 2016
I at first received a used and broken turntable, but after shipping it back I got a factory fresh turntable in perfect condition, at no extra cost. Aside from the shipping fiasco the turntable itself works wonderfully though I suggest you check if your receiver has a phono input; otherwise you'll have to buy a preamp
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on June 25, 2017
so glad to have vinyl again! this is great entry level turntable. easy to setup, comes with a good cartridge.
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on March 2, 2017
I chose this turntable after reading a review from The Sweethome. We love this turntable - very high quality, great sound and sleek look.
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