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It's small. You push the button down, toast pops up. There are no buttons or gadgets (although I love buttons or gadgets), so if you want to pop the toast out earlier than you have to unplug it. The toast doesn't pop so high that it pops onto the counter (which happened with my last cheap toaster).

Oh, just a small FYI, it might seem like a good idea to unknowingly drop several packets of soy sauce into this toaster and then later try to figure out why it smells like burnt plastic, but don't do it. You would be surpirsed at how unenjoyable the entire process was. I know, I know, you're thinking, "But J, it sounds interesting and cool, what happened? Why would you attempt to dissuade us from enjoy the full pleasures of this product as you have already done?" Here's why - the bottom pops out, like it's supposed to for cleaning, but like any toaster, there's no real good way to get burnt soy sauce and plastic off the toasting bits of wire. I know, I know, buzz kill.

The good news is that if you (with a fire extinguisher nearby), toast and toast adn toast enough air, the stuff does eventually cook off the element. I tell you this because if the pop out cleaning tray on the bottom didn't work, I'd have had to throw this out. So yay, toaster bottom ready for cleaning! No, it's not as easy to pop out as some others, but hey, I bought this because I wanted very tiny counter space used not because I wanted to toast soy sauce packets on a daily basis.
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on March 21, 2010
For Everyone Looking for Toasters Based on Reviews..

If you are using this Toaster for a big family... I would give it 3 stars. Takea about 60-90 seconds for a Bagel.. Which I think is Fine. Its golden brown the way I like it and taste great. Easy clean.. BUT, I honestly Don't think this toaster Can handle Work over and over..

Why i have it 5 stars. I use this toaster For MYSELF only. 1-3 times a day. Works GREAT. No issues what so ever. I let it toast 2-3 times before I put food in it as i first got it to let the New smell burn out.
Bagels come out good. Bread nicely toasted. BOTH SIDES toasted.

If you are a college student, single, or plan on using a toaster 1-3 times a day for simple items.. This toaster is WELL worth the 20.00. Best cheap toaster I have used.

Hope this review helped.

Been using for a little less than a month now.
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on September 3, 2011
I received this toaster and was very disappointed in it, The toaster won't let us pop it up manually like it says you can, we have to unplug it to get it to pop up... sometimes the settings toast wrong... either to light or too dark.. won't recommend it to anyone.
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on May 10, 2013
I have owned this toaster for several months now. I never believed in spending a lot of money for a toaster... I mean, its technology is so simple, what can go wrong? I gave this one a chance. In the beginning, it seemed to make reasonable toast- although the degree of toasting was never controlled by the singular knob at the bottom; we would have to use two cycles to make acceptable toast. After 6 weeks or so, the toast was coming out uneven... top toasted, bottom untoasted, or one half toasted, the other not. Another annoying feature of the toaster is that the power cord exits the front of the toaster. This is not logical. Admittedly, I read this going in to the purchase but suspected it to be a "picky" discredit. It isn't...It VERY annoying. I strongly regret purchasing this toaster and have bought fingers are crossed! If you are a college student on a limited budget, you may be OK with this toaster. However, if you really enjoy well toasted bread, muffins and bagels produced in a single toasting cycle, Do NOT buy this "brand X" POC mfg-ed in China (I know,they all are). I expected more from Procter Silex.
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on August 28, 2012
Been using this Proctor Silex Cool-Wall Toaster for about a year now and it still works great! Not a lot of heavy use, but daily use of 2-3 toastings of various breads and it works just as good as it did when I got it. The wide slots help with bagels and my poorly-cut slices of homemade bread. It toasts evenly on both sides and throughout the individual slices on both sides. I looked at and researched a LOT of toasters, including the $40 to $100+ toasters (yes there are $120 toasters on the market!), and I have to say, if you want to waste money, OR you have very specific design and aesthetic needs, there are lots of options for those needs and if money is no object. BUT, if you want a solid, functional, long-lasting Cool-Wall toaster that doesn't need payments, then this Proctor Silex Cool Wall Toaster fits the bill!
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on September 13, 2012
Although writing a review for a toaster is not really to my liking, I do own this satisfied purchase to the positive reviews here on Amazon so it's only fair that I return the favor.

I bought this toaster almost exactly one year ago to the day and it has served me well - exceptionally well if I take the price into consideration. To begin with, the openings are roomy enough for any type of toast, muffin, or bagel - including one of my favorites: Sara Lee brand bagels.

Heat level tends to be on the high side; that is, anything more than half way on the dial setting and you tend to have dark toast. However, the setting is consistent enough for me to get the precise toast that I want with about 3 to 4 trial runs.

On the con side, as some other reviewers pointed out, it is not easy to cancel toasting operation. The lever is hard to release in order to eject the toast. As a result, when you manage to dislodge it, it will spring back up with enough force that will most likely send toasted breads sailing through the air. As is, I found a simple way to remedy to this problem - simply unplug the socket from the electrical outlet and the lever will release smoothly. It may sound weird but it is much better that trying to catch flying toasts.

Another small downside that I noticed is that after about 2 months of use - at the rate of approxinately once a day - the toast is slightly uneven where one corner is lighter than the others. However, this condition did not get worse.

In conclusion, for those who want a cheap toaster with barebone function that works well with light to medium usage, you should consider this little toaster.

One last note: To those who may find it important, this product is not made in USA; it is made in China.


Update 4/27/15: I'm still using this toaster; and it's still going...
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on April 10, 2012
Works good, looks good, BUT... Cheap hinge on clean-out door - open with extreme care or it rips off. Set darkness adjustment to 12:00 and be ready to put a lot of force on the manual pop-up knob if you want your toast out early. Toasts evenly and pops up on it's own otherwise. Nice looking if placed facing sideways, otherwise because the short cord comes out of the control end of unit, the controls face away from the user. I wonder if the units were assembled backwards?

I purchased this toaster to replace my mom's that lasted since before I was born. The fact that the sides didn't get hot was a main factor over the ones I see at the second hand stores for 4 or 5 dollars.

New is better, right? Ha. The toaster was to be shipped directly to my Mom's house, but It came here instead. I just had to try it out. It looks beautiful and sturdy, BUT, I just had to open the crumb clean-out door, which takes a little force. I ended up ripping the thing off the toaster. Normally, the flap on even the cheapest units are hinged by two tabs that are part of the flap or door. Not in this model. They saved 3 cents worth of labor by incorporating a spring loaded wire the thickness of a sewing needle, that when it is assembled, needs to be squeezed ever so slightly, or it pops out and gets lost, to clear the door's opening so when the spring is released the thin wire pops into two holes on opposite sides of the opening (a depth of maybe 1/4 inch.) and acts as the hinge.
Weeks later, after another toaster arrived at my Mom's, I found it in the box still. She complained that it was too hard to get the toast to pop up early, using the manual lifter that you push down to start toasting, if it appeared to be ready (the control is not that sensitive, but set to 12:00, no problem). After closer examination, Her new toaster had no clean-out door attached. She had tried to open it and overcame the spring hinge. I tried to re-attach it, but it fell and bounced out of sight. Being such a thin wire, I could not find it.
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on November 18, 2012
Well Ive only owned this product for two weeks but with my large family its had a good deal of use thus far. Its simple and basic for my children to use and seems to keep the crumbs at bay good enough. The color, material and quality all are up to par in my opinion with a fairly easy to keep clean stainless steal look. My only complaint & reason for taking away a star in my rating is due to the fact there is no way to pop up the toast if you think its ready before the toasters done its toasting. The settings even on low sometimes seem to over cook my toast so Im often having to unplug the toaster mid job so it wont blacken my bread. My old toaster had a button to push if you wanted to stop toasting at any point, which now I miss. I feel its kind of dangerous to have to keep doing this so Im trying to keep the toaster on a low setting to not keep running into this problem. As far as cheap toasters go though this one isnt a bad choice.
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2011
I read the reviews on this product; basically they say the toaster is simple, works, and is cheap. They be right. It's very simple, no digital buttons to push, no fancy dials to play with. That said, it works as advertised. For less than $17 (including shipping) you can't beat it (and I just saw a sale coming up on Black Friday for the product for 8 bucks!). The toaster seems to heat both sides of the toast evenly. My only gripe is it takes quite a bit longer to do the job (it doesn't have very heavy duty electric heating elements). As long as you don't mind waiting (probably an extra minute compared to my old toaster), it works well. It is easy to clean (has a bottom section that has a hinge to allow crumbs to fall out the bottom when you release the little lock). It is chrome, and has some plastic parts. Like almost all the manufactured products today, it is made it China. Oh, one other good thing, the rectangular area for the toast is big enough for most pieces of bread, both in length and width. Some of the new toasters (even the expensive ones) make the toaster area too small for the bread to fit in unless you cut the bread.
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on March 26, 2016
Various toast settings produce a good range of browning with one slice
Browns evenly
Toasts consistently from batch to batch with two slices
Easy to use
Accommodates oversized slices and bagels
Toast and English muffins pop ups high enough to grab easily
Doesn’t get as hot as most
Very helpful instruction manual

Doesn’t toast consistently from batch to batch with one slice
Bagel fits tightly and is hard to retrieve
Slight striping on both sides of toast
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