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on April 7, 2013
This is a basic toaster oven like your mom had. Even has dials rather than buttons. It is a bit slower than a pop-up toaster but does just as good a job. A plus is that the items don't cool off as quickly as they do once the toaster pops. Another is the traditional benefit of the toaster oven, it's ability to toast bread of odd sizes. Only down side is that the top and sides become very hot and take a while to cool down, so it needs to be where small children won't burn themselves.
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on August 8, 2013
It's small and looks nice.

I was concerned about it having a single element at top and at bottom that it would not cook evenly, but it actually manage to cook things surprisingly evenly.

For broiling, I sometime like to leave the door partially open. This toaster over let you do that, but it is purely based on finding the spot where the door can be left in balance, it feels nice when you find that magic spot, but it can take a few tries to find it. My previous over had a more mechanical thing to help with that which was nice until it wore out and would not stay open at all. This one should not wear out in that sense, but if you like to have the door partially open while cooking and you don't want to spend time finding the right spot, be aware of this.

Controls are good except for the fact that turning it off can be problematic. The OFF position lacks any kind of physical feedback (something that should do clock when you get to off) to let you know you reach the correct spot. Given that the timer functionality is on one side of off and the permanent on is on the other side, the result is that most people trying to stop the timer early end up putting it in the permanent ON position which I view as a safety hazard. Further more on a couple of occasion the timer failed to stop the toaster over turning what ever was inside it into ashes (BIG SAFETY CONCERN). This is the reason I don't give it five star.

It doesn't have a built in light, but the heating element end up creating all the light you need.
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on May 21, 2013
Using the broiler feature for the 2nd time in 7 days, the glue that held the screws and handle together melted and the handle fell off. I didn't realize it was glued together, unfortunately. I was happy with the unit until this development. Before I purchase something else I'll attempt to fix on my own. Would not recommend based on this event.
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on February 13, 2013
If you want a simple toaster oven, this was is for you. Easy to read dials and smaller size make it perfect for condo living. Not something I would recommend for large families. It is lightweight and easily stored away from the counter top.
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on January 20, 2014
I mostly use it for toasting bread, but depending where you put the rack, you either get very toasted on the top, and barely any toasting on the bottom, or very toasted on the bottom, and barely any toasting on the top. I wish it had a way to put the rack in the middle. I could probably flip the bread over halfway through the cycle, but that's not always convenient. I also use it for heating snacks like frozen mozzarella bites/sticks, fries, and chicken nuggets. Through trial and error, I discovered that is best NOT to preheat before cooking mozzarella products. I also figured out that chicken nuggets and fries need a higher cooking temperature than what is listed in their cooking instructions, or else they come out a bit soggy. I have not tried cooking a frozen pizza or using the broiler because I'm afraid of a big mess, and/or grease fire.

As some others mentioned, the rack drops while trying to remove food. Not only is it annoying, but can also be dangerous if you don't have a potholder in your hand to catch it. I learned the hard way to keep a potholder in my hand when using the rack. When I use the pan, I remove it completely before removing the food. Another annoying issue is the crumb tray. You have lift the entire oven (make sure it's cool, and remove the rack), turn it over, pull the tray/bottom open (it's spring loaded), and carefully shake the crumbs into the trash while trying to hold the tray/bottom open (the spring makes it want to close) - I do not think it can be done without getting a lot of crumbs on the floor. These annoyances are why I gave 4 stars.
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on May 26, 2013
My original review when I first purchased this item was 4 stars. It looks nice and used to toast well.

The lack of the extra star was because the tray did not pull out when you open the door, you have to reach in with tongs or your hand to retrieve your food.

A couple months after my initial review, the timer stopped working. Then it started working again, so I didn't think much of it.

However, this morning as I was making toast for family breakfast and getting everything around for work, the timer stopped working again. Thankfully, we have a smoke alarm that we purchased from Amazon that alert us of the smoke filling the kitchen as I was setting up the dining room table. The timer never stopped the toasting session and the bread caught on fire with the toaster oven way too hot to touch. The bread was completely engulfed in flames and couldn't be blown out, so we used our fire extinguisher, which was also purchased from Amazon, to put out the fire.

Now we need to air out the house, recharge the fire extinguisher, and buy a new toaster oven. If you do buy this toaster oven, don't trust the timer.
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on October 24, 2013
- Cheap
- Does not take up a lot of room/counterspace
- Has lots of different settings for timers, toasting & broiling
- Comes with a metal rack & tray for cooking
- Quality appears to be solid, well made
- Appears failing easy to clean
- Heats up really quickly!
- Great simple instructional booklet

- Gets hot very quickly - so keep an eye on your toast! You will probably have to adjust your settings down (i.e.: set it to the lowest toast setting for the same results as if you set an older machine to the highest toast setting)
- The door is far from dummy proof (especially if you're frantically cooking) - so watch out, because you can easily burn yourself!

Overall: highly recommend!
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on May 26, 2013
Purchased this model to replace a beloved toaster I had for 10 years. It does the job ( toast, bake, broil) The manual is concerning because it warns of fire on every page. I checked to see if this model was recalled, but this one was not.
It states to watch toaster and do not leave the room. It also states that you should unplug after each use, so I purchased a toggle switch to turn on and off instead of pulling the plug every time. I am using daily, but am looking for an old toaster oven at moving sales, etc. as the old ones seem to be more dependable and user friendly. (ie. too many dials and buttons to think about when using.
I have had this toaster for a few weeks.
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on April 10, 2013
Have had this toaster/oven for a month now. It is very simple to use if you follow the instructions. The one drawback is that the tray does not slide out automatically as in some models. Once the door is open you need to carefully pull back the hot grate to retrieve the toast. I personally use small tongs. All in all it is a perfect choice for me.
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on July 21, 2014
This toaster oven is personally too small for me. I don't normally bake huge batches of food and wanted a toaster oven mainly for those situations in which I was looking to make only two to four servings of something and didn't want to turn on the oven for that and/or wait for it to heat up. However, anything we put in here was cramped unless it was just two pieces of bread or a single serving of something, so I ended up having to always use the real oven anyway. The idea that you could cook a pizza in here is laughable. We realized very quickly that this toaster oven was not going to be good for anything more than toast in which case we should have just gotten an actual toaster as it would have been faster and produced a more authentic texture.

The quality isn't awful but it was nowhere near impressive either. I always felt like I was handling a toy and could never shake that. The door is small, somewhat flimsy, and does not close firmly. I often got the impression that excessive heat was escaping.

So I wasn't happy with this oven but figured I'd just have to deal. Then one day my fiance's mother mentioned out of the blue that she had an older model Cuisinart they never used just sitting in the pantry. We've been using that ever since. It's larger without taking up too much space, sturdier, keeps heat in well, and cooks faster. So after little more than a month, this toaster oven went in the closet. It has not come back out. I very much wish the Cuisinart had been mentioned to us sooner because unfortunately the return period for this product had just expired.

I wouldn't recommend this toaster oven unless you are in college or otherwise have a small kitchen and very limited space. Even then I think you could get a similar or better one for cheaper.
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