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on April 13, 2015
I wanted to bring to everyone's attention that there is a potentially dangerous design flaw related to this grinder. Whatever internal mechanism is used to wind up the power chord has the potential to strip the insulation from it in a particular spot about 2 inches from the base. See the picture I attached. I have used this grinder regularly for about 3 years and just noticed this. I would recommend everyone checks their grinder's chord for damage and be gentle when winding it up to hopefully avoid the problem.
review image
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on July 26, 2016
This is exactly what I needed and nothing extra that I didn't want. It is quite simple to use and very fast. I plug it in. I simply put in a small amount of coffee beans into it. I place the clear domed cover back on. I press the button and grind to my desired fineness. Then I pour out the ground coffee into the container I am using. Then I simply wind the cord back into the grinder and place it back on the counter behind my Keurig. I grind beans every day to every other day. It is not super loud but it does make noise. I prefer fresh ground coffee as that way I can buy different types of beans in small amounts to have a variety. This way I just grind up whichever flavor/type I want that particular day. It has been working well for me and I am happy with it especially considering it was not expensive and does the job that I need it to.
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on October 6, 2016
I love this grinder! I use it every day and it's never given me any problems. If you want fresh coffe in the morning you need to use freshly ground whole beans, it will completely transform your coffee experience. The only things I'll say about this grinder are that you can only fill the grinder up half way. If you fill it all the way up then it doesn't grind properly. Another thing someone complained about is how it can make a mess when you take the lid off because it fits over the base. If you flip the grinder upside down when you're taking off the cap then that problem goes away.
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on May 3, 2016
This is a strong grinder and I was initially really excited about the way it was designed. The cord is retractable, which makes it easy to store. However, to retract the cord you have to twist the top, which means there's an open seam in the middle of the grinder that errant grounds make their way into. I got this for mixing pigments so I imagine the particles I have are far smaller than any person making coffee will be creating. But this keyed me into a serious design flaw, which is that dust and grinds get into the body of the grinder and stay there...when the cord is retracted and pulled out it drags out new grounds and sometimes gets coated and stuck. I do appreciate the lid, which sits on the outside edge of the grinder instead of jamming in alongside whatever you are grinding, but I don't think I can get past the impossibility of getting the grinder clean when the smaller bits are getting trapped in the body. If you are grinding pigments or super fine coffee I don't think this will work for you. Sadly, it isn't working for me.
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on January 18, 2016
This is a great coffee grinder for the price. I usually pre-grind my coffee in the store when I buy it because it doesn't last long in my house, but this time the machine at the store was broken. I had to find one to order and choose this one, and I am glad I did.

It grinds very fine coffee for some of the people in my house and semi-coarse for me. I use a percolator and getting a good coarse grind is hard to do in any small grinder but this one doesn't do too bad. Every once in a while you will get some over ground beans and some whole beans in it but if you just shake the coffee the small grinds will fall out the the whole beans definitely can't hurt.

If you are looking for a simple grinder that you aren't going to be using forever, I would definitely recommend this one.

I have found that it can take up to 6 Tbsp of whole beans
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on November 17, 2016
This is just a so-so grinder. I realize burr grinders are superior so I was not expecting that sort of quality. Still, I had a blade grinder in the past which provided a much more even grind. The round design of the lid means if you need to funnel the ground coffee into a small container (reusable K-cup) it's going to go everywhere. I do like the size, storable cord, and tip-resistant flat spot on the lid. Still, I'd go back to my old grinder if I could.
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on June 15, 2017
Sigh. I guess you get what you pay for. The motors in these things have a way of dying and hobbling the grinder. Not exactly dying; the grinder still works, but it's not at all well. It whines, and the grind is uneven. I use a french press, so as long as the grind isn't too fine, I don't mind the uneven sized grounds. But my next grinder will be a different brand. This is my fourth Proctor Silex, and they've all done the same thing. This one wins the prize for earliest half-demise.
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on June 1, 2015
This grinder fell apart after the 2nd use. The white tab came off. It does not grind very fine and if it is not measured to the line it will not grind at all. I was very disappointed but because I only needed it for one bag of non-ground coffee I decided it was more of a hassle to send it back.
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on March 17, 2016
This Proctor Silex grinder is a blessing to me. I am so happy I bought it. It arrived undamaged, secured in its own box, within another larger shipping box, with bubble protection sheets. And it got here fast: within a week.

Before I used this grinder, I had a terrible time getting chia seeds down me without repulsing on the consistency and complaining to myself about those tiny seeds lingering in my mouth and getting trapped under my partial. I needed something that would grind them fine so that I could add them to my Bob's Red Mill 5 grain oatmeal cereal and to smoothies. I was miserable trying to eat these tiny super food wonders, even in the gel form.

Update: I no longer add them to oatmeal. I use them only in smoothies and I don't even know they are there. Yipee! I have found a safe and good tasting way to get these little darlings down.

But this grinder has saved me. It is wonderful and it works so good. I did the grinding test today and found out that 1-Tbsp whole chia seeds is equal to 2-Tbsp ground chia seeds. You could safely grind 3 - 4 Tbsp. at a time. The directions are easy to understand. And the grinder is a breeze to use and clean. It's small and takes up practically zero space. And it has a chord that rewinds, if you want it to.
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on December 7, 2017
This was my second purchase of the same model. This review refers to my experience with the first one I purchased rather than the most recent one. Overall, I'd say that for the price this is a great little coffee grinder. My first one lasted for over two years; during the colder months it got daily use and during hot months (iced-coffee weather) it saw occasional use. It fit neatly on my counter behind the coffee pot for storage. Note: I never retract the cord for storage because I don't think that's good for it; I only wind it loosely around the coffee maker. Being lazy, after grinding and unplugging I like to just turn it upside-down and gently tap before removing the lid so that I can dump the coffee directly from the lid into the coffee maker. For a serious coffee connoisseur who requires a precise grind it may not be ideal but if all you want is to enjoy freshly-ground coffee in your drip coffee maker, it does the job just fine.
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