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on April 24, 2013
Used an electric kettle in Ireland and really loved it. It boiled the water so fast. Wasn't sure how this would work in the USA because we have 110 volt power, and Ireland has 220 volt power.

I read the reviews on this one and decided to give it a try ($20 including taxes and shipping). It fully meets my expectations. It boils the water quickly, much faster than stove top or microwave (probably not as fast as the one in Ireland though).

Some reviews commented that there was a plastic or chemical smell. The one we received has no smell whatsoever.

Some other reviews commented that it didn't pour well, and was difficult to fill with water. We have found that this pours well (no drips) and is easy to fill (the lid opens about 90 degrees and stays in place while filling).

I would recommend this one to everyone.
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on August 18, 2014
Hi. This worked well for a while until the chrome on the heating element peeled off. Now it's bare steel. To the uninspired chaps out there reading this, that means when it gets wet it rusts. Well this device is intended to be used with water I'm pretty sure, so we now have a discord between intended use and end results. See, the rust flakes off and ends up in my tea, and then in my stomach, where it will probably stay until the universe implodes. I guess this is good because I no longer need to take an iron supplement, and my tea tastes like the barrel of a BMG .50 cal, and that's pretty cool. BTW, I called the jokers over there at Proctor Silex but their complaint department was closed due to the awe-inspiring number of calls coming in. Two stars for this because it does indeed turn regular water into boiling water.
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on December 27, 2012
I have had this item for a couple of years and absolutely love it. It boils water much quicker than my gas stove and I can leave it plugged in all day and reheat later. My mom had a stroke last spring and since then has burned several pots after putting them on the stove with water to boil for her tea. And then forgetting about them. I just bought her this pot. She loves being able to fill it in the evening as her hands are stiff and wih less control in the mornings. In the morning she pushes the button down and it quickly boils. If she forgets, it turns itself off. When she remembers again, she just pushes the button on the handle down and it heats up again. Perfect! No more worries about burning the house down.
One tip: If you have hard water be sure to drain the pot and leave it with the top open to dry out periodically. Otherwise the metal coils inside will become caked with calcium and other sediments. If this happens just soak in vinegar and it comes right off. Wash it out and it is clean as new.
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on January 7, 2015
Upon opening this kettle, I was surprised at the height of the box. It is tall! The handle is large, great if you have larger hands, less so if you have average or small hands. It is sleek and very nice. It feels sturdy and arrived free of damage. Water heats in just a few minutes.

The pour spout has a hard angle, which makes it harder to control a pour over a rounded pour spout. The on/off switch also releases steam. Ultimately, I am returning the kettle because it leaks drastically when it pours, mostly around the edges of the lid. Perhaps I received a defective item; however, I don't want to be worried about dumping boiling water all over myself when pouring into something like a tea pot or french press, which is what happened the first time I used this. My old Toastmaster kettle lasted me over six years before the automatic shut-off failed, and I never once dumped hot water on myself or had it pour around the edges of the lid.

Thank you Amazon for making returns easy!
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on January 21, 2014
So, I purchased this admittedly in a hurry to replace my previous electric kettle (sorry, I cannot recall the manufacturer since I had owned it for more than 6 years - that's how good it was), my son and I are both heavy tea drinkers, so the tea kettle gets a regular, vigorous workout at my house. Well, I have only owned this one for two months and I already hate it, here's why:

First, and foremost, the design of the lid causes hot water to leak out of the sides of the lid when upending the tea kettle to pour the boiled water. This occurs even if the kettle is only filled to the Maximum Fill line. So, if you have a narrow opening for you mug or cup, be prepared that you will have a spill around the base of the cup/mug. My workaround for this is to pour little of the water into the mug, then open the lid (as though I were filling the kettle) and pour in the rest of the boiled water. Not the safest workaround, for certain, but it is better than risking boiled water pouring over the sides of my cup.

Second, the way the handle fits into the base is not smooth. The raised knob which fits into the base of the handle and contains the wiring to heat the kettle does not always go in smoothly when lifting and replacing the kettle. Sometimes, it seems as though it gets jammed into the handle, then I have to yank the kettle off and replace. Not a huge hassle, but a regular-enough occurrence that I can safely conclude it is not user error.

Bottomline, this kettle was purchased to replace my older kettle which after more than 6 years, three homes and daily use, finally gave up and started leaking when you boiled water.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the Proctor Silex kettle is destined for the trash heap in short order.
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on June 13, 2014
UPDATE: This hot-pot worked for 1.5 years and then just stopped working. I tried to revive it, clean it, etc but not luck. I will say in our time together, it heated up fast and provided great value (despite quickly collecting calcium chips in the bottom). But I cannot give a product more than 3 stars when it comes with just a 1 year warranty and putters out shortly after that.

Original review: Overall, this pot kettle works well and is efficient for tea and coffee type of operations. When its full, it does give off quite a bit of noise while heating the water -- liken to an aircraft taking off to be honest. Also, regular rinsing and cleaning is required since white calcium "crusties" build up on the metal pipes in the bottom of the kettle - even when using filtered water.
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on March 3, 2014
UPDATE: It lasted exactly 2 years. I probably used it, on average, once a day, so I really think that 2 years is less than I would have expected. I am VERY good in getting long life out of everything I own, so I don't know why it has failed. It might still work, but it causes my GFI outlet to trip now.
I don't know how long it will last, but I love using this to get really hot water, really fast! It IS faster than the microwave, and way faster than my stove. Like another reviewer, I will even put a couple cups of water in this and then cook something in the microwave or on the stove using the boiling water from my kettle. These are used all over New Zealand and we got to like them there. It is marked in liters, not cups, so I've used a bit of magic marker to add some lines to mine. It holds 7 cups of water.
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on April 2, 2013
My wife & I have this one at home in our kitchen, and we like it so much that recently we bought a second one for a group gathering that needed hot water for tea. Because this is so convenient and fast, sometimes when I'm cooking something that needs to be boiled I'll first heat the water in this kettle, then pour it into the pot on the stove--because this kettle is much faster than our stove's electric burners.

I have a similar smaller Proctor Silex electric kettle at my office, since I don't need more than a few cups of water for my coffee. But I like this "cordless" one a little bit better, since the base unit stays plugged in but the kettle just pops right off it for pouring or filling -- unlike the non-cordless one at my office, which I have to unplug (especially since the cord on that one is so short!).
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on July 12, 2015
Sorry if this seems crabby, but we returned this right after opening the lid. Although the Amazon details say "Heating element concealed," I assure you the heating element is NOT concealed. Open the lid, look down, and there is a steel coil in all its glory, waiting for you to pour water right on top of it. The Cuisinart or Melitta brands are more expensive but don't ask you to pour water on an exposed coil.
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on December 2, 2014
This is a pretty good product...I ordered two of them... that must mean I think that they are WOWSOME. They really do heat water rapidly. That is not a joke!
If you aren't privy to a stovetop, microwave..or other heating source-this product is the perfect answer for your needs.

My family think it could be a bit faster with "heating" the H2O, but they are very ANXIOUS folks...they are referred to as the "MICROWAVE GENERATION"..because they want EVERYTHING SUPER FAST! LOL

This electric kettle comes very close to getting you FAST results and can be comparable to a microwave or stove top...when you're in a bind.

Additionally, it turns it self off when the water has reached a full boil. I like this SAFETY measure! ;-D
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