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on November 12, 2011
Like other reviewers we bought this because it looks good. That said, it is a nice basic toaster. It toasts evenly, and it has the basic shade selector. There is a cord wrap on the bottom which is nice if you put this away when not in use. The bagel setting toasts the sliced side while warming the round side. The outside is cool to the touch. You can find this for under twenty dollars if you shop around.
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on January 15, 2012
i wanted bright red--it is. i read some of the reviews which said it didn't toast evenly--a situation i was having with my current toaster. but i thought i'd take the chance and am so glad i did. it is a nice design and stays on my kitchen counter. it toasts so evenly i can't believe it. it also has the cancel and bagel buttons...super toaster. i would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, solid workmanship, yet easy on the eyes product.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2012
First thing I noticed was the cord is really, really short. You have to put this right up against a plug with the plug on its right. Second thing I noticed is the lifter would not stay down. The only way to toast anything was to stand there and hold the lever down the whole time. Well, that sucks. So I am returning it for a replacement. Let's see if the second one works. My husband made jokes about how it says "durable" all over the box and in several places, the box brags about how much it was tested to prove its durability.

The instructions say the lifter will not stay down if it is not plugged in, so this is an added feature which boomeranged. It won't stay down plugged in, either.

Later: the replacement toaster stays down and toasts very well, so I added another star. If it keeps working, I will add more.

Well, it's been a month or more now, and I am still ambivalent about the toaster, so not changing my vote. It does English muffins really well. Bagels, it leaves them too soft, even though it has a bagel button, which I don't know what that does. Sometimes it throws the English muffin all the way out of the toaster, and sometimes I have to get a plastic fork and lift them out of the well.

Later still: I am deleting a star because the right slot doesn't pop up anymore. This is malfunctioning quicker than it should.
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on November 7, 2012
Bought this on the strength of its positive reviews here on Amazon. It has replaced a toaster oven that was consistently delivering half-raw, half-burned toast.
The Good:
*It toasts fairly evenly. Haven't had any trouble with burning.

The bad:
* Even with the manual lift, there's no way you're going to get an English Muffin or standard waffle out with your unburned fingers. The toasting slot is much too deep, and the muffin gets caught under the metal lip to boot. Thankfully my kids have some plastic forks around, which make a decent retrieval tool - but get used to using one every time!

* Worse: After approx. 3 weeks it appeared that the spring had failed in my unit: the toast no longer "popped" (although the element turned off appropriately, so no burning problems), and you had to force the lifting handle up to access your item. Closer examination showed that one of the guard / guide wires that hold the toast in place had slipped out of its channel and was rubbing against the wall, preventing the spring from lifting the platform. It was easy enough to slide back into place using a long plastic utensil; unfortunately this now happens about EVERY TIME. A couple months later, the guide wire on the other side started doing the same thing, and one time when husband used it the wire got wedged and tangled completely and I had to work at it for 10 minutes with a variety of tools to get it back in the right place. I thoroughly regret this purchase - wish I'd paid another $10 or $20 for a better quality appliance.
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It is almost unbelievable to me to spend $20.00 for a product that actually works better than I expected. What an excellent (cheap but good) gift this would make. I would advise new owners to run it through its cycle a few times to get rid of the hot metal smell. And with this toaster, 'dark' means dark. Buy it and enjoy it!
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on March 22, 2014
The bagel option is a nice thing only cooking sliced side.... or for any other one sided toasting function.

Well insulated, but for some reason the top very hot part is elevated rather than flush or depressed so burn more possible. The raise boost is a great idea for small items easy removal. In the picture lever is in the popped up position... but you have another inch or so you can manually raise it further.

I guess its an OSHA/UL thing but seems all appliance come with absurdly short cords these day as this does too and must be within a foot of an outlet. Reason for the only 4 star rating but maybe not their choice.

At this point can't speak to durability, but seems reasonably well made.

Speaking of silly safety stuff the user warnings are sort of entertaining.... like do not cook toaster pasties like Pop Tarts in this toaster. Well OK turned up to high and not watched the frosting could cause fire. Bust surprised they just don't say for these use the bagel function and put the frosted surface on the untoasted side.

Also don't put the toaster in your oven???? Someone has actually done that and melted it?
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on July 4, 2015
I loved this toaster when it arrived. Attractive, worked well and there was a special feature that allowed me lift the bread up higher than normal while retrieving it from the hot toaster. But here I am eight months later replacing the toaster with a different brand. The wire that made it possible to lift the toasted bread higher than normal slipped out of the slot that it was in and imprisoned the wire that normally allows toast to "pop up" so now my toasted bread sits at the bottom of the toaster until I use a knife and (usually burn my hand) to retrieve it. A great idea in theory but its execution failed.
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on August 17, 2012
I wss looking for something that would do a good job of toasting bagels, English muffins, as well as a slice of bread and decided to go back to a regular toaster instead of toaster ovens I had been using for many years. I hit a home run with this little toaster.

Although it's called a bagel toaster, it works great for any type of bread that simply needs toasting the way you like it. It does, indeed, do an excellent job on bagels, but it's just as good for everything else. Once you've experimented with the various settings for darkness you'll soon know exactly what setting to use for anything you toast in order to get it just the way you like it. Red would not have been our color of choice, but we put the toaster in a cabinet after using anyway, so the color is irrelevant.

I think the reason it's called a bagel toaster is due to the special setting for bagels. The push button you use for the bagel setting will allow only the sliced sides of the bagel to be toasted, while the outsides remain untoasted. Obviously, if you want both sides toasted, don't push the bagel button, just toast as usual.

The only thing I discovered to be a little misleading is the fact the manual says you can toast batch after batch and the darkness of the bread will remain consistent for each batch. I've found that after using a time or two, I have to adjust the setting to maintain consistency of darkness. It doesn't require a big adjustment, however, so that's certainly not a problem for me. I've always had to do that for all our toaster ovens over the years as well, with more major darkness adjustments required.

In summary, this is a great little toaster at a more than reasonable price, and is exactly what I was looking for so I could enjoy good old fashioned toast again like I did years ago. Happy days are here least in the toast department.
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on February 2, 2014
I have just had it a few weeks and have used it maybe 10 times. I like my toast lightly toasted. It works and has not burned anything. I am leary of toasters because all the reviews of all the toasters make it seem like they don't last. This one was not too expensive, looks good, is simple ( no digital displays to go wrong), and won't be a big loss if it doesn't last forever. But the last toaster I had, probably bought 30 years ago lasted forever. It still worked fine when we tossed it because it was old and looked it. I guess they just don't make stuff like they used to.

7-15-2014- It still works as good as new. I am not a heavy user, 3-4 times a week.
10-1-2013- Still works and looks as good as new.
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on August 14, 2012
As much as I liked this toaster when I first bought it, it only lasted 6 weeks. At the six week point, it no longer pops up all the way, so is fairly useless. (The only way to get your toast out now is to skewer it - which is varying degrees of dangerous while the toaster is hot and still plugged in). Darn - I really liked it A LOT when we first got it, but now...
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