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on May 4, 2017
While this case is not exactly cut out for the Phantom 3 Pro, you can't beat the current price and with just a couple of modifications to the foam it works perfectly for me.

!. The P3P controller won't fit without a little bit of trimming, but it does come out easily and trimming was no problem at all for me.
2. It is too tight of a fit in my opinion for me to leave the propellers on, so I take them off. Some have said that you could cut the foam from the lid and make them fit, I may try that in the future.
3. The space for the propellers only fits 4 props, so again cutting out some of the foam works wonders, I can now fit 8 propellers in that front space just by making it deeper.
4. It shows space for 3 extra batteries, I also made the bottom left work for a battery by adding a little bit of leftover foam, fits nice and snug.
5. I also modified the space on the far bottom right to hold yet another battery, had to cut out some foam, and insert some leftover from trimming.
6. The original and my 12v/automotive battery charger for the P3P fits perfectly into the large left middle space.
7. I use the top space for lanyard/cables/etc.
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on March 9, 2014
I have had this case since the day I got my Phantom 2 (Non-Vision). I honestly cannot imagine an easier way to carry it and honestly, I would never want to have to rely on the egg crate packaging that DJI ships the Phantom 2s in. Don't get me wrong, the egg crate stuff protects it incredibly well during shipping, but for transporting to/from the field/site, it just wouldn't cut it.

As for this product's quality, it's fantastic. For those people on the Interwebs saying that the case feels "flimsy" or "weak", they need to figure out what kind of case they got in place of these SKB cases and return them immediately. The case itself, as in the shell of it, feels identical to my Pelican 1550EMS case that I carried in my EMT days - just as rigid and the seal also seems to be just as high of a quality as Pelican's. No, I have not submerged the case or hauled it in the back of my pickup in a Florida downpour, but that's not why I bought this case, nor why I have purchased the 10+ Pelican cases I've purchased over the years. The peace of mind this GoProfessional case brings is well worth the somewhat hefty price tag. Sure, you could get a Pelican case of similar dimensions to this for around the cost of this case/pre-cut foam, but honestly, I don't want to sit there and spend an hour or more plucking foam to fit the Phantom perfectly. The reason I say perfectly, is because the pre-cut foam in this GoProfessional case is truly perfect when it comes to the cutouts for the Phantom 2 Non-Vision itself (I do not have a gimbal/GoPro just for comparison sake). My only gripe is the amount of open space in the transmitter compartment; however, it happens to be the perfect amount of space for those of us that use transmitter straps. I have a Spektrum transmitter strap (purchased here on Amazon, as well) that folds up and sits in the compartment perfectly with the transmitter. The battery and other random compartments are also perfectly cut. The compartment for spare AA batteries is genius - yet again, more peace of mind knowing that I'll always have a spare set with me just in case I need them.

Overall, I highly recommend this case to anybody that owns and flies a Phantom 2 Non-Vision - be it the weekend hobbyist or the professional aerial photographer.
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on January 9, 2016
It arrived well packaged and in a timely manor. Upon me taking it out, I noticed how good the quality of this case is. I looked over it and could not find any issues with the way it was made or molded.

The case seems to be able to take a impact and keep on going. I opened it to find the sections inside already to be removed and with little effort I was able to remove them. The blue foam inside is very dense and seems to snuggle all the items it was designed to do. I was pleased that the parts to be removed were easy enough to get out. I used a butter knife to remove the pieces and I decided to hang onto them in the event I wanted to use them as fillers.

I began to place all my items in it, and the extra little spaces were used for tools I need and spare parts. I secured my drone inside, and made this routine practice. It is nice to be able to work from it in the field. It gives you one place to keep everything you need. There are some vertical pieces to hold the props in place while transporting.

While filming one afternoon, I finished and place everything inside. I was interrupted by a dog coming out of the woods. It was growling and barking at me and started to run for me. It was obvious the dog was wild or had run away and been on its own for a long time. I threw the case inside and climbed in the truck behind it. Once I got away I opened the case to inspect the drone and parts and everything was in great condition.

It is easy to carry and I fitted mine onto a backpack that I take on hikes and remotes areas. I did learn that it isn't waterproof, but I didn't expect that it would be. It is a great case to have and keep your stuff secured. However a lock clasp would have made this a little more practical for security purposes.

I will disclose that I am a very honest and unbiased reviewer. If you like my review, or found it helpful, please click the " Helpful " button below.
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on August 15, 2014
This is a GREAT case. When I ordered it I didn't think it will carry all of the stuff I hVe with my phantom 2. But I was amazed just how I could fit EVErYTHING there with just some minor modifications that took me under 10 minutes to do. All I needed to do was to take the foam out, cut the front space where in the imGe it shows holding the extra blades. Then with a power drill, I made 8 small holes. The result, I could fit all of the following stuff in the case:
4 xtra batteries
Remote control
7" monitor, screen visor and holder
Battery charger and cables
Monitor charger and cables
4 antennas (2 for the monitor, 1 for the video transmitter, and 1 xtra replacement)
BTU module and 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink (for the ipad ground station)
3 small screwdrivers and the propellers wrench tool
2 USB cables and charger
Plus some extra screws and gimble parts
1 fat shark directional antenna.

I just can't believe how I was able to fit everything in this case
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on April 4, 2014
This case is very well built, is easy to carry on, fits in the overhead easily. You do have to take the WI-FI range extender off but that is manageable. I do not have the GOPRO version, although I have a GOPRO, I have the P2 vision but I doubt that would matter since there is plenty of space to leave the GOPRO on the Phantom and still fit into the case.
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on December 7, 2014
A bit disappointed. I bought this case because of the very reasonable size and storage for a 7" monitor. It succeeds at both of those points, but the build quality leaves much to be desired. The biggest issue: the lid foam sheds tiny black particles all over (into the motors!). Messy at best, potentially dangerous at worse. The case feels less sturdy than other SKB cases I've own, I wouldn't feel confident checking this case on a flight.

I also own a HPRC 2700PHA2 case. It's larger and heavier, but the quality is substantially better and doesn't cost much more.
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on June 8, 2014
The quality of this case is first rate, but in order for the props not to be pushed down when the case is closed, I had to modify the foam on the lid. I cut away the foam above the props, and put that extra foam above the main body of the phantom. Also, the props barely fit in there when the case is closed. They have to be in exactly the position shown in the picture. And even then another centimeter in all directions would be nice...
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on April 21, 2014
It works great. I just recently used it on a trip and it fit in the overhead storage with no problem. Also some people have complained that it doesn’t have enough room for the spare rotors. I pulled the foam block out of the case and cut it down a layer. I had 8 rotors in the compartment with room to spare after I made the modification. I was wondering why the manufacture didn’t do it in the first place. One more thing I would recommend to the manufacture is to have a layout of where everything goes. I had to search the net for pictures to find out what each compartment is used for. Maybe throw a quick labeled diagram in the box before shipment.
Overall I really like it.
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on November 27, 2015
The Go Professional cases are a must have. I modified my phantom 2 to use Spektrum receiver with two satellite receivers. With a little modification I was able to fit my DX18 in the case. I fly more often because now its not such a pain to carry every thing and it only takes a few minutes to setup and be ready to fly. I look at this case as two products in one. Great to travel and transport my phantom but also for storage in the winter.
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on May 29, 2014
It did not fit with guards on, nor with props, and transmitter needed to be taken apart, a little expensive.
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