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on June 10, 2014
This pack certainly seems like a good value. The main problem I had was that the microfiber cloths were not clean even when sealed in their packaging, resulting in a damaged filter. On arrival, I set down with the kit to clean my SLR lenses and filters. The brush and air blower worked well. I tool one of the microfiber cloths from its sealed plastic packaging and buffed the filter. Immediately the the filter scratched. I did a double-take and looked carefully at the cloth and noticed little specks on it. I took the cloth into the lab I work in today and checked it out under our high-mag dissecting scope and saw that the specks were chunks of dirt/dust and (what looked like) skin flakes. I checked the other two cloths that come with the kit and one of them was dirty as well (both the black ones were dirty) while the other was admittedly spotless. While I could have checked the cloths prior to using, I think most would assume they are clean when sealed. As it is, I only lost a $25 filter. Thankfully I didn't start with a lens! As a whole, this kit is a good value for all the pieces (though I haven't tried the pen cleaner yet), but it wasn't worth losing a filter worth more than the whole kit. If you do buy, I'd recommend washing the microfibers prior to use.
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This kit is good simply because most of the components at a local shop would cost about what the kit costs.

Lens paper is about useless, toss it. The brush, microfibers and solution were all useful and nice quality. The thing I use the most though is the blower - which is worth every penny of this kit's price. Usually the only thing that gets on a well-covered lens is a little bit of dust. So just use the blower to blow it off and you will rarely if ever have to actually clean your lenses. It's also useful around the office for blowing out a little dust from electronics every now and again. Though I try to keep my photography stuff away from truly dusty stuff even if it's unlikely that there'd be any contamination :).

The spray solution is OKAY, I'll admit that cleaning a lens is a very patience and experience necessary kind of thing, especially around the edges but this kit should get you going.

Oh, and the travel lens pen - I guess it's okay but between the lens cloths, blower brush and solution - probably not necessary.
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I've been floundering along with a bottle of questionable cleaner and some small lens tissues from a free kit that came as a gift when I purchased a camera from Camera World some thirty years ago. Lately, I noticed that after several cleanings that the lens surface still had 'spotting' and was not clean like it should be. I was skeptical to spend the money on this kit at Amazon, but I needed something that worked so I ordered the best. This really paid off for me. I set the lens in front of me with a good overhead desk lamp to see what was happening, I sprayed a mist onto the smaller microfiber cloth and did a quick circular wipe over the lens. BAZINGA!!! the lens was as clean as a new lens fresh out of the box.I now see the value of the blower, the soft brush, and the lens pen. I'll tell you, I'm 100% satisfied and pleased with this purchase. I call this kit a MUST HAVE for any serious photographer.
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on March 14, 2015
Very cheap! Poor packaging. The metal and plastic brush fell apart as I was taking it out of the package. The cleaning solution was in a ziplock bag to keep any leakage from getting all over everything else ... but the bag was too small and could not be closed. Luckily it did not leak. Personally, I would recommend buying individual components of higher quality from a local camera shop, that way you know what you are getting, that's what I plan to do next time.
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on January 25, 2015
This kit it is a good value. I actually purchased this kit solely for the lens cleaning pen, but have found I use several of the other items too. I'll use the bulb more than I thought, it is handy to blow dust from the sensor area of my digital cameras. It is the safest method for this use, as canned air can blow propellant onto the sensor, fouling it in the process. The lens pen is something I use all the time, and I've repurposed the lens cleaning fluid into a very tiny dropper bottle that with a few sheets of lens cleaning paper is easily packed into my backpack, with negligible penalty in weight.
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on January 11, 2013
Just got this in the mail. Everything included in the order was shipped in one simple package. It acually came with 3 good microfiber cloths PLUS one awesome keychain pouch that has another cleaning cloth sewn into it. All in all, thinking about how much just ONE microfiber cloth is at a store, you actually get a great deal considering this comes with FOUR cloths alone. It also comes with a pretty powerful blower to blow dust away from your lens, sensor, etc. (While using this blower, be sure to keep your index and thumb fingers of your left hand on the blue piece of the blower while pressing the bulb with the right hand, this way if you press the bulb and too much air flows at least the blue piece won't hit your actual lens while blowing it.) It also came with a brush, cleaning solution, and a pen-brush. They all seem like decent quality and I'm glad to have recieved this because I'm leaving for a trip on the 15th of this month.

Yes, I'd recommend this to someone who is just getting into photography or even to someone who is looking to save a few bucks. It's a simple quality kit that works.
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on June 16, 2015
The product is as described and feels solid enough to me.

The solution and lens tissue cleaned up some old lenses for a film camera that I have not used in years and were quite dirty.

A couple of nice touches are that touch is that shipping is faster than I expected and includes a personal note from the company owner, which does make it seem like service will be excellent. The large MagicFiber cloth is also an added bonus, since I expect to use it on other screens -- such as my monitor.

Negatives are that there is no pouch or carrying case for the equipment or instructions on how to use the equipment. I will use a plastic bag to create my one pouch, and (as pointed out by another reviewer) there is a nice video that shows how to use the equipment. I won't need to carry everything in the kit with my camera, which means I will have some spares.

Here is a link to the video:
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on February 14, 2015
If you don't want to spend too much money on getting your camera professionally cleaned right now (noticed i said RIGHT NOW, because sooner or later, you WILL NEED TO do it) then this is the right kit for you. It offers everything in the picture, which is pretty self explanatory. This kit gives you a little piece of mind about being on the go and getting debris inside or on your camera, lenses, equipment etc. This way, you can clean really quickly so your images are always up to par with the next photographer (considering your skill and experience are as well).

This is FOR YOU if:

-You don't want to break the bank right now
-You take care of your stuff
- You Don't need to have your camera professionally cleaned right now
- You Travel frequently with your camera and remove lenses, bodies, etc.

This is NOT FOR YOU if:

- You don't know what you're doing
- You are not a professional
- If you have only ONE lens
- If you don't travel with camera and remove lenses, bodies etc.
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on May 27, 2013
SUPER good price for the best eye glass lens mirror computer monitor cleaner out there! And the extra goodies in these packs are great! I am chemically sensitive and cannot use other eyeglasses cleaning products because the chemical residue left on the lens out-gas and cause a rash on my face. But after using this brand for a couple of months I still report no problems, it passes the test with flying colors.

I use hair spray which leaves spots on my eyeglasses lens which even soap and water don't seem to wash off, only eyeglasses cleaner gets it off - thus I need to use some sort of product. When I read Purosol's claim that it was ammonia free and "green" I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did! My glasses looked brand new after one quick clean. No spots, even the frames and silicone nose pads look brand new.

Good uses: Clean your eye glasses and the frames daily especially if you use hairspray - this cleans it right up. Polish up dirty CD's & DVD;s without scratching or streaks. I keep my laptop screen dust & finger print free without scratches or chemical marring with Purosol. One spritz on a mirror cleans a large area and does a better job than a whole lot of Windex that just streaks. I am not sure how this super little magic-liquid works, but I love it --- and I don't go through it as fast as it sound like I do.

Also, GOJA shipped super fast for a 5-Star experience. I'll buy from these folks often - I already have for gifts!
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on May 23, 2015
I'm generally too lazy to write a review, but this was such a comprehensive kit I felt compelled to do so.
The whole kit comes in a bag and has pretty much anything you would need to clean your lens. The blower was well made and blew a nice burst of air. You get 2 brushes, both with very gentle soft bristles. The one that retracts is in my camera bag already. The cleaning solution is excellent, leaves no streaks. Then you get 3 well micro fibre cloths, 2 smaller and 1 large. I have a smaller one also in my bag already. Then you gat a package of lens tissues.
All in all you can't beat the variety and quality items for the price.
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