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on December 14, 2017
This cleaning set has everything you need for a beginner photographer. All the products are good quality for the price. Not one of the pieces feels cheap. There are other sets out there, which can be had for a little less cash, but Altura is a reputable brand. The set comes with a guarantee for their product. If you have any concerns about any of the items in the set, you can contact them.

I really like the inclusion of three different size Magicfiber cleaning cloths, which are high quality microfiber cleaning cloths.

The set includes:
-2oz Spray Bottle with Cleaning Solution
-3 MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths
- 1 16X16", 2 6x7"
-Lens cleaning pen
-50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue
-Air Blower Cleaner
-Cleaning Brush

Comes with all cleaning equipment needed for your camera bag.

Could come with a light bag to carry the kit, but Altura does offer a set with a nice bag. (But that bag seems too bulky to fit in my camera bag. It could work if you have a big camera bag.)
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on August 1, 2017
I know it doesn't seem like a big thing but keeping that expensive glass you bought to take those tack sharp pictures with is important. I found my Altura cleaning kit to be just the thing I need. First the bellows's is so important to get the heavy stuff if that's always blowing around and this way you can get rid of that and not scratch your lenses with the brushes followed by the cleaning solution and then the micro fiber cloth. I bought two one for me one for my best friend but I can see I will need to buy more because when ever I'm on a shoot all the other photographers need to clean their lenses Also. It's crazy but the proper cleaning kit is just as important as the proper glass.
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on March 30, 2014
I really really love this product, everything is well made, feels profesional, I don't know wich tissue should I use with my lens so I have to do some research along with the Lens cleaning tissue papers (I don't want to mess up my $400 lens). The pen is outstanding, al the brushes if you will are incredible. I can't be more happy with this product and this seller. They even give you a signed piece of paper that says "if you have any problem what so ever, send us the product back, we will pay for everything and give you a full refound, no questions asked". That's the kind of customer service that I like, straight to the point, honest, someone who cares about their customers and understands the hard that this can get if anyone doesn't do their job. Anyways, I totally recommend this product and seller to the buyers out there.
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on December 16, 2015
I needed a cleaning kit for my Nikon D3300 camera and this kit does the job perfectly!! I was able to clean the lenses, camera, view finder and leave it spotless. Although the kit does not come with specific instructions (it did not for me), please now that there is a boatload of videos on Youtube made by professional photographers that cover products such as this one (including this one specifically), and that explain how best to provide care for the camera (lens cleaning, etc.). I followed the instructions of one of the videos and I was able to get the job done perfectly! Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Also, I've been able to use it to clean my glasses, the monitor on my iMac, and television and it works perfectly!

Note - I am in no way affiliated with the company. I'm a regular consumer giving my feedback on the product. Works great!
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Everything works perfectly. I seen some of the other reviewers complaining about the rocket blower falling apart during use, I can't say that I have seen it myself. After several "abusive" uses of the rocket blower, I could not get it to come apart like others have claimed to have happened so easily.

If you are looking for a sensor cleaning kit, keep looking, that is not what this kit is. The rocket blower is as close to a sensor cleaning as you will get with this kit. The brushes are intended to be used on the camera BODY and lens (depending on which brush you have in your hand at the time). The microfiber clothes are not all that great, but they do the job when nothing else is available. I'm very happy with the purchase of this and do recommend it for those who are looking for a general cleaning kit for their camera. As I stated before, this is NOT a sensor cleaning kit, so please do not buy it and complain when it's not working to clean your sensor or if you happen to ruin your camera sensor because of a brush bristle becoming caught on the edge of the sensor resulting in it being torn apart or bent out of shape. For those of you who seem to feel this is a kit for cleaning sensors, please do yourself a favor and pay a camera shop to clean your camera for you. It's much cheaper than replacing an entire camera body.
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on November 21, 2014
Has everything you need, several good microfiber and lint free clothes, lens cleaning tissue, brushes, bulb sprayer (for air), and a small spray bottle for (I use plain water) cleaning solution. With water I can clean just about anything and have no worry about leaving residue behind. 99% of the time the lens is cleaned by brushing and air (spraying). Rarely if ever does it need to be wet, or any liquid applied. When it does, use water. I was taught by a very famous photographer, to first spray with air. Then gently brush from the center to edge. If not successful, then a small bit of water on a cloth and wipe from center to the edge, and polish with the dry part of the cloth. That will clean 99.9% of the lenses/filters/glass. I use the lens cleaning tissues for my glasses. Its a great kit, and one I keep in my camera bag.
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Best cheap cleaning kit I've every used! I'm still using this after 8 months of use, it is so essential to have and every photographer should at least have a cleaning kit with them.

- Has all the essential tools you need to clean
- Two brushes, one more advance then the other

- I wouldn't recommend using this to clean a sensor if you aren't a professional cleaner on photography equipments.
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on April 16, 2014
I wanted to get a cleaning kit for my new camera and based on the reviews, I went with this one. I'm glad I did! I was really surprised at the quality of the items, especially considering the price. You can easily spend that much just getting one or two of the items elsewhere. I wasn't expecting the little blower bulb to be of much use, but I've actually used that more than anything else in the kit, except for the cloths. This kit was obviously put together with care. We were so impressed by this kit and the vendor's service, that we immediately ordered more stuff from them! ( That kit is awesome!)

A couple comments on some of the negative reviews, which I hope will help others who are considering purchasing this kit:
1. Scratches from the paper wipes or micro clothes: Uh, NO. Paper and cloth do not scratch. If this has happened to you, it's because you did not clear off the debris before wiping. The motion of dragging grit across the glass is what scratches a lens. Wipes/clothes are ONLY for removing moisture or smears/smudges of oil (like from your fingertips). If there is any question that there might be debris of any kind on the lens, use the blower and/or brush FIRST. And make sure you keep your wipes and clothes clean and free of grit. That should probably go without saying, right?

2. Empty spray bottle - It says right in the order area that you can choose an empty bottle for using your own cleaner, or get a full bottle of Purosol. It's even in the item description and photo. Pay attention to what you're ordering.

Is this a "professional" kit? I have no idea. I do think it's excellent. I recommend this kit to anyone who cares about taking care of their camera lenses, whether they're a beginner or experienced amateur photographer. I wouldn't presume to tell a pro what to buy. ;-)
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on April 13, 2015
When I got my Sony Alpha 3000 in fall of 2014, I wanted to make sure I had a good cleaning kit, specifically a bulb-type air pump. I had found similar air blowers on Amazon for the same price I paid for this entire cleaning kit, AND I was getting cloths, brushes, cleaning papers, and a little spray bottle! It's like a sample kit of everything you could possibly need for camera cleaning, and the price was too good to pass up!

So far I have mainly used the bulb blower and the pen system brush, as I like how the brush is retractable. Everything else I have kept carefully stored in their original baggies to ensure they remain as dust free as possible when it comes time to use them.

Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase, especially in regards to its value. Should I have need of replacement cleaning supplies, I would certainly consider this again, though only if I needed the spare bulb -- otherwise, I think I would look for a smaller Allura kit to replace only the supplies I consumed.
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on May 14, 2014
The products are great. The kit has everything you could ever need, minus the cleaning solution. They're high-quality products, and you get plenty of good options for all your lens cleaning needs at an affordable price.

What I did not care for was that the day the package arrived I received an email from the company asking me to write a 5 star review (if I liked the products, of course, but the request was still a little presumptuous). Not long after that I received another, and another! I'm sorry, but my lenses aren't in need of immediate cleaning upon the arrival of this kit. I like to have a chance to fully inspect and use the items I purchase before writing a review

So, because they insisted on badgering me for a 5 star review, I give them a 4. Suck it up.

All in all, still a great product.
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