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on November 9, 2011
I'll start off by saying for 5 bucks, I was not expecting much out of these, but come to my surprise, they really had a lot more to offer than I thought. The reason to why I purchased these was so that I could have the ability to chat and nothing more. As for the headset itself, you can hear little to no static while players are chatting and the mic works fairly well as I have asked players to give their opinion on how the mic sounded. This headset can fit comfortably on you're ears for about an hour and a half, but after that you may begin to feel numbness and pain along the ends of you're ears. One downside to this headset is that it cuts off sound from the actual game play so It can be a bit difficult to hear the pitter patter of an opposing players feat as he comes in for the knife to ruin your streak. I'd recommend either turning up the volume so that you can hear, or keep one of the earphones on and the other off. Although the headset feels a little cheap, It still has a sufficient amount of durability considering that I've already dropped it a couple times and have had no problem with them sense. Overall, this is not you're top tier gaming headset, but for 5 bucks, they can certainly get the job done in a sufficient manner. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an inexpensive headset merely just for the ability to chat.

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on June 11, 2013
The brand name on this headset was"Generic" and that should have been followed by cheap crap and then they would have labeled these correctly.
I purchased these and hated the fit and adjustment of them, I could never get them to fit comfortably, and then in order to get them to work you had to hold the cord in the right position.
The volume control did not work and eventually they died all together after I gave them to my nephew,he ended up throwing them out, they weren't worth the warranty that is how big of a piece of trash these were.
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on April 5, 2012
The headset grabbed my eye just like it did yours. But to be honest, they sound ok, the mic is a little below average, and there is that high change that the cables are so thin in the connection for the controller that they may short out.

Note, im not a heavy gamer but the headset lasted for about 2 months and then the small connection on the cable end (Mic connection plug for controller) stopped working. I mean i could still hear without issue but, the mic just quit all together.

Like I said above, the headsets are ok for the "I NEED A HEADSET QUICK" option, but don't rely on these to be that "Ultimate-go-to" headset.
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on March 28, 2014
First of all, I would like to start by saying that this was given to my little sisters who abuse all technology.

My sisters used this for probably a month or two before it broke. The cable is really flimsy as well as the flex cable for the microphone (the microphone is literally glued to the flex cable). The headset part didn't break after much abuse. The end result was the cable broke and the microphone fell off.
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on April 14, 2012
I am giving this 2 stars because the construction of the headphones looked pretty decent in certain respects, but mine were dead on arrival. I liked the metal arm for the mic and thought this was pretty cool. The ear cushions were pretty comfortable and the size of the earpieces was good (and I would say I have pretty large ears). The plastic does feel a little cheap, but overall, it fit my head well (my head is also a little big). The cord and plug for the 360 control on the other hand were pretty poor in quality. The plastic from the plug seemed extremely cheap and it was a very snug fit to try and get it plugged into my controller. That is not my general experience when using these kinds of plugs, so I believe this was just not designed extremely well. The cable is also extremely flimsy, more-so than other cables of the same width. I believe that the plastic they use to cover the cable must be very poor quality. On arrival, my cord had a few cuts into it like the plastic was about to be torn open and leave the cable exposed, so I was not happy with this when I saw it.

Also, this headset comes in bulk packaging so you have no idea if these headphones have been used before or not. In my experience with the headset I got, I am fairly certain that these headphones had been previously used. For the most part, the white plastic from the headset looked clean, and I thought they were new when first looking at them. Then I saw the ear pieces. Because the ear pieces can bend away from the head band, I noticed there was quite a bit of reddish-brownish (?) kind of dirt/dust on this part of the headphone. For this reason, I don't know if they were previously used and they didn't think to clean this part or maybe it just happened to be that way from the manufacturing process. I have no idea in the end, but it seemed a bit strange to me.

The biggest reason this product was a dud for me is that it didn't work... I tried it out with my 360 and the sound did work through the headphones, but the mic didn't work at all. I tried chatting in games, sending messages, etc. Nothing came from the mic. I tried troubleshooting it and went through looking at all sorts of options to see if something was wrong, but found nothing. I then tried it with another 360 headset I have and that headset works fine. This headset was didn't work from the minute I got it and I am hesitant to even say that it was new when I received it.

For the price, I guess it is worth the gamble, because if you end up with a headset that does actually work, I found it to be pretty comfortable on my head. On the other hand, I won't be ordering another set because I don't feel like risking getting another dud and don't feel like having to send back another set. As a side note, the return process was pretty easy and painless. Good luck with your decision.
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on September 24, 2013
I needed a nice, cheap pair of headphones to use with my Xbox 360. I only talk once in a while when I play, so these were attractive because of the price ($10). They aren't super comfortable but they get the job done. I've had them for about 2 years now and they still work with no problem. If you place once in a while like me, these are perfect because they function well and are very cheap.
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on August 1, 2014
worked good for talking to my friends kinda had had an echo problem. really cheaply mad if you drops it too hard kinda looked like it would break and if you pulled on the chord slightly to grab it I would break,

I had mines for about 2 day and had only used it about 3 times. the first time I used it, it would echo back to my friends mic and they complained. second time I used it, it did not echo anymore and I could hear my friends perfectly and they wouldn't hear themselves anymore. third time I used then they broke I, I went to move the cord from my arm rest and when I took off my headset to move it I pulled the wire out.

since then I asked the company to replace it they said they would but I never sent it yet. when I do I will update.
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on January 12, 2013
Contrary to all of the negative feedback, these headphones are extremely great in functionality and price. I took a chance and bought these headphones after reading all of the negative feedback left from previous buyers. DO NOT pay any attention to the video about these headphones. I have no idea what that guy put his headphones through, but these remain solid and great. Microphone is excellent quality and clarity, along with the speakers. Padding around the speakers is very delicate and comfortable, the cord is sturdy, and the component that connects into the controller is great as well. Not once have I had difficulty connecting and disconnecting the headphones from the controller. I take great care of these headphones, maybe that's why they still work perfectly and I don't have any trouble with them......it all depends on how the customer (you) takes care of them. I give these headphones an A+. Great quality, great price.
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on August 28, 2011
Okay, I know this is going to sound stupid but I bought this thinking that it'll be one of those game speakers where you can hear your game with headphones. Completely wrong, I just said "ehh.. it's fine." I'd use it just for parties I guess. However, while I was using it, I noticed some annoying things. One of the biggest would be the mic. I'd talk into it, sometimes yell into it, and it still wouldn't detect me talking. Another thing is that it fits my head perfectly, but on the other side, my brother's head is a little bigger and it can't fit his. This is just super annoying but you know what? I bought this for about $2. So who am I complaining? Am I going to send it back? Nope. With those $2, it's only going to be a small $2 mini meal at McDonalds, so it's no biggie.

But seriously, I don't recommend this product but if you choose to spend your money so you can hear your friends better other than buying a mini meal and get fat, then by all means, this product is for you. That's all I have to say, have a nice day.
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on June 2, 2011
At first, I was a little skeptical of this headset. I read the previous reviews and saw it was praised well for it. I took the shot and ordered this for around five dollars in total. Those five dollars were nothing compared to the amount of breath I lost from how amazing this headset is.

The microphone, for starters, is bendable. You can position it however you want, and it is STRONG. My friend was on the other side of my room whilst I had been playing online, and he was picked up crystal clear even talking with an indoor voice. It was glorious!

The headphones themselves are comfortable as well. They're a perfect fit over the ears so you can focus on the action, or talk with your friends without the in-game sounds disrupting your hearing. They're an adjustable length as well, and fit around the head very well. My only one single complaint about this product, is that it doesn't come with a free smoothie.

Or that it's incompatible with the Messenger Chatpad. But who really uses that anymore?
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