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I've added pictures to show the nice fit, even using a 300mm telephoto with Wimberly head. This rain coat rocks!

You'll see various views, even using the back lifted up as I like to get close to the camera for viewing through the viewfinder. There are all of the possibilities available with this rain cover. I did not use the hands through the side access sleeves as that is too clinical unless there were buckets of rain coming down. At some point, you just have to decide for yourself and keeping the camera dry is what this rain coat does very well. The strap inside the lens sleeve seems to be in the way and I'm considering cutting it off as a nuisance.
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on January 4, 2013
The product does what it's supposed to do, and for a reasonable cost. Only one quibble, and since there aren't any reasonable alternatives, it's hard to fault the manufacturer: The "window" through which you look to see your camera controls is made of a vinyl, typically called Eisenglass by boaters (since the material is widely used in windows in boat canvas items). It's prone to drying out, becoming cloudy and/or scratched, cracking (especially in cold weather), and developing more or less permanent creases when folded for too long. So my advice is to make sure the item is folded/stored in such a way that the window is as flat as possible, and keep it from drying out as much as possible. (Relatively inexpensive commercial products for this, including polishes and cleaners, are available from many boating supply stores.)

UPDATE: As I starting using this, and as I believe one reviewer noted, the end of one of the cords used to secure the device around the arms or the camera lens untied, and the round metal retaining ball on the end fell off. It was a relatively simple fix, but somewhat annoying nonetheless.
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on February 19, 2016
I'm not overly excited about this purchase. It's kind of sloppy and rigid. When you move your hands, the front moves (even if you use the provided drawstring). There is a Velcro loop on the inside for attaching it to your camera and prevent this... but I can't for the life of me figure it out (the layout is front to back, when I think it should be side to side).

With that said, it does protect your gear from the rain. As long as you don't really need to quickly take pictures you'll be fine. For stationary video it would work great too i think (using a remote). If anyone is paying attention to product improvement, maybe using a little bit lighter material would help (if that's possible while remaining waterproof). I'm sure there are pricier options.

Just my opinions, take all the reviews into consideration of course.
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I honestly believe this rain cover will do very well. However, it doesn't rain often in the Mohave (Mojave) desert. I also am not a pro getting paid for a job. So if and when, I have occasion to be caught out in the rain or snow and use the cover to protect the camera in an unavoidable situation trying to capture a special picture. I'll come back and tell you about it. I do have confidence in the cover though and would not have bought it had I thought it would not protect my camera. It certainly is nicer than a generic cover I carried for years and never used. It was more of a cover and run thing and not a stay-and-shoot cover like the Altura rain cover.
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on August 4, 2015
I shoot with Fuji X-E1 cameras, with zoom lenses and was having a difficult time find rain covers for them as most are specifically built for Canon or Nikon DSLRs. These are a good size for my smaller, mirrorless cameras. They don't fit perfectly, but they work just fine.

The prices for camera rain covers are all over the place. I've seen them cost as much as $200. Don't let the inexpensive price of these fool you into thinking they're a poor quality because they're not. The material is thick, has the extra feature of sleeves for your hands and a clear backing which allows you to view your screen or take a shot looking through your finder. Other models that are more expensive than this are just a sleeve with draw strings at the end and are missing the extras.

Setting the camera in this is easy. There's a zipper at the bottom and drawstrings for the lens and your hands (if you feel the need to close your hands in). As a photojournalist I carry a couple of cameras with me so I bought two of these to have in my camera bag should the need arise.
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folds up to be pretty compact (compact enough to fit in the top of my bag and zip around it), good design, repelled light rain for a few minutes to get a shot while keeping the camera bone dry (that is all i've had to test it so far) while still being able to access the camera's functions. Kind of difficult to get it to fasten around my small 50mm lens, unless I put my 58mm adapter and a tulip hood on it, it fastens well with tulip hoods. Remember, you get what you pay for! I don't know if I would trust it to keep my camera completely dry in pouring down rain, but If I ever get caught out in it, I'm sure this will keep everything dry until I can run to some shelter. Great product for the price! I gave it 5 stars because of how it performed for such a low price. Great customer service!!!
-Make sure you read the product disclaimer in the instruction booklet before using-
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on October 16, 2015
Have not used them in the rain yet, but they are well made and I think they will be perfect for what I am looking for. We shoot high school sports and I ordered 2 of these for my Canon cameras for my wife and I because it has been raining every Friday night lately. We shot several games and a Color me Rad event in the pouring rain before we got these on a Thursday several weeks ago. They came in on Thursday and I thought we were all set to go. It rained so hard on the next day that every high school game in the area was canceled...hasn't rained on Friday since! So I am sure we will get to use them soon and I will update at that time. I will say that these things seem to be very well made. They are a bit snug around my 5D Mark III and battery grip with the 70-200 f2.8. But we will report on real world scenarios in the future.
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on March 30, 2017
Good quality materials and well made. Folds easily for compact storage. The only negative is that it comes with tissue to protect the clear plastic viewing window, I now use a microfiber cleaning cloth since it will last longer and keeps the cloth handy. It's a very cost effective solution to rain protection.
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on November 27, 2017
I have had this cover for about 1 1/2 years now. I have used it only twice. The 2nd time I got it out I was very disappointed. The clear areas had turned VERY cloudy. I was unable to see my camera buttons because visibility was so poor. It also has a poorly designed lens sleeve in that even after tightening the sleeve onto the lens it comes loose constantly and became useless. Sad too since I was attempting shooting a heavy waterfall at Yosemite National Park.
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on October 13, 2014
Just filmed a tough mudder for 5.5 hours in the poring rain.

gear: Canon 5D M2, 24-105 lens, 70-200 f2.8 lens mounted on a video rig.

-my camera and lens survived and stayed dry
-side ports to put your hands in worked well.

-the back window plastic often fogged and made it really hard to see (I often folded the bottom of the cover over the top of the camera to make a shelter more than an enclosure

-bigger CON - is that the 'tube' fabric for the lens is rather stiff. Not a problem if you were using a fixed length lens (e.g., canon 70-200), but using the canon 24-105 lens where the front element translates during zoom was a real pain. The fabric would bunch up when going from 105 to shorter focal length and prevent me from going all the way in to 24 mm. or the end of the fabric would not hold on the lens when going to shorter focal length and the cover would stay in place as the lens pulled into the cover, providing a dark tunnel in the field of view. It looks like there is an elastic/Velcro strap inside to help but I couldn't figure out how to make it help.

- the lens tube was tight enough that it was difficult to get my hand in to control zoom or focus, for my 24-105 I ended up grabbing the lens hood and push/pull to zoom in and out. The inability to access the focus ring during video made it very difficult to get a good focus pull. Using AF for stills was no problem.

-due to the stiffness and length of fabric for the lens, I am not sure that any of my shorter length prime lenses would work really well with this cover, too much fabric to make it easy to use on a physically shorter lens. This is designed to work with the 70-200 and get the fabric to the lens hood.

-using the 70-200 F2.8 lens, the zipper on the bottom is a really tight fit with the tripod mount on the lens.

I would probably try to find another solution for video work, it would be OK for photography/stills.

seems like a good starter cover to see if you are going to do outdoor rain/snow photography before any bigger investments.
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