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I've added pictures to show the nice fit, even using a 300mm telephoto with Wimberly head. This rain coat rocks!

You'll see various views, even using the back lifted up as I like to get close to the camera for viewing through the viewfinder. There are all of the possibilities available with this rain cover. I did not use the hands through the side access sleeves as that is too clinical unless there were buckets of rain coming down. At some point, you just have to decide for yourself and keeping the camera dry is what this rain coat does very well. The strap inside the lens sleeve seems to be in the way and I'm considering cutting it off as a nuisance.
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on January 4, 2013
The product does what it's supposed to do, and for a reasonable cost. Only one quibble, and since there aren't any reasonable alternatives, it's hard to fault the manufacturer: The "window" through which you look to see your camera controls is made of a vinyl, typically called Eisenglass by boaters (since the material is widely used in windows in boat canvas items). It's prone to drying out, becoming cloudy and/or scratched, cracking (especially in cold weather), and developing more or less permanent creases when folded for too long. So my advice is to make sure the item is folded/stored in such a way that the window is as flat as possible, and keep it from drying out as much as possible. (Relatively inexpensive commercial products for this, including polishes and cleaners, are available from many boating supply stores.)

UPDATE: As I starting using this, and as I believe one reviewer noted, the end of one of the cords used to secure the device around the arms or the camera lens untied, and the round metal retaining ball on the end fell off. It was a relatively simple fix, but somewhat annoying nonetheless.
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on January 21, 2016
Why do some people put their camera away at the sight of bad weather? Some of my favorite images (either taken by myself and others) are of extreme weather scenes--in rain and snow. Sometimes the effect achieved in extreme weather can be described as "romantic." Steiglitz. Steichen. Doisneau. The Rain Cover works great for the price if you keep the following in mind:
1. Use an internally focusing lens, if possible, so you can closely tighten the strings around the lens.
2. Keep your lens on autofocus, since its not really feasible to focus manually with this rig on your lens.
3. If you have a choice, use a somewhat deep lens because the Rain Cover is deep. Keep your lens hood on--this gives the string a good surface to grab onto.
4. The most vulnerable part of your system will be the front element of your lens. Experiment with holding your left hand over the top of the lens shade to reduce the chance of moisture settling on the front on your lens. Keep a lens filter on front of your lens (for the added protection) .
5. Relax and be willing to meet the Rain Cover halfway--spend time experimenting with it. Soon enough, you will get the hang of seeing through the protective plastic window.
6. Play around with camera exposure. Darker images in the rain can have a moody feel.
7. Remove non-critical gadgets from your camera since they can get in the way. Example: Tripod mounting plate, etc.
8. Just to be safe (we are dealing with water here!) I sometimes use my cheapest lens/camera combination.
9. I do not bother with gloves using the Rain Cover.

This review was written after photo sessions during the East Coast USA near-blizzard of January, 2016 [record-breaking 26" of snow]. Despite the heavy snow swirling everywhere around me, the Rain Cover kept my Nikon DSLR dry. Go outdoors when the weather gets bad!
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on December 13, 2015
I finally tested this thing with my 6D and it worked well. I am giving it 5 stars for the following reasons:

Price - Most pro covers/ boxes can be 50-500! This does its job reasonably well.

Ease of use: It is essentially a bag that you fit over your camera that provides a viewing area and open end for your lense

Results: It kept my camera dry.

Tips: Keep your lens cap on until you have the cover on and read. Use a hood if you have one to give it that extra protection and filter.

The viewing area is not completely clear as it is a thick plastic material, do not expect tack sharp focus on manual lens. I would suggest focusing at infinity or using auto focus and then locking focus to manual if you are shooting a landscape or scene.

I always consider pricing when it comes to my reviews. Is this a top of the line product with bells and whistles ? No! It gets the job done. I would not recommend this for everyday use and it is NOT for underwater photography. Its a nicely designed rain cover.
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When I first got this cover I thought it was going to be a bit unweildly. Turns out I was very wrong. So easy to put this on the camera and use your camera while the cover is on. I use this most when my camera is tripod mounted since the way it is designed is that you have to slide your hands into the sleeves of the cover. I have put it on/taken it off several times and have not had any issues with rips or tears. Since you are using this in wet conditions just be sure you wipe it off and then air dry it before folding it and putting it away until the next heavy dew or rainy day shoot. Definitely recommend this cover!
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on August 20, 2016
I got this rain cover because I do a lot of sports photography for my son's football team and they play in any weather. I got the cover two days ago and tried it out for the first time yesterday in light rain, so it went through trial by fire (or rain). I am using a Canon DSLR with the 70-200 zoom lens so it sticks out pretty far from the camera body. The rain cover fit over the while kit nicely with lots of interior room to spare and did what it was supposed to do: keep the camera dry. I'm only giving it 4 starts because of the following:

- The clear plastic worked well most of the time, but unless it's flush against the viewfinder it can be hard to see through. If your camera has an LCD screen in back and you use that to frame your shots this may not be much of an issue, but I'm "old school" and like to use the viewfinder when I shoot.
- Also, if your camera has a proximity detector that turns the display on and off when your eye comes near the viewfinder (as mine does) the plastic cover may fool the camera into thinking your eye is close when, in fact, it isn't. This got annoying a few times.
- The Velcro strips used to hold the cover onto the lens were kind of awkward to get fitted and don't really fit flush against the lens when tied together. It did the job OK and when combined with the bungee cord it kept the cover snug against the lens barrel, so all good there. Perhaps I need to try it out when it's not raining to see if there's a better way to get the Velcro wrapped.
- The sleeve holes took some getting used to to get my arms in and out when shooting. Eventually, I ended up just keeping my right (shutter) hand in the sleeve and put my left hand through the opening in the bottom to manage the lens zooming. It wasn't raining heavily so leaving the bottom zipper open didn't pose any risk to the camera. If it was a much wetter environment and I needed to keep the bottom zipper closed it may have been more awkward to use.

Since this is the first rain cover I've ever used and I didn't get much time to practice with it before the shoot, some of this may just be due to my inexperience using it. My son has a lot more games coming up so I'm sure there will be a lot more chances to use it.

The bottom line is that the cover kept the camera dry the whole game, and that's the most important thing. It appears well made and very sturdy and, with some practice, I'm sure it will be seeing a lot of use.
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on May 3, 2016
OK first pass review after playing with it in my basement.
Note that I am trying to use this on a Canon 7D mark 2 with a canon
battery grip attached.

1. On most lenses things seem to be accessible quite easily.
2. Fits my shortest lens with a hood (Tokina 11-16 F2.8) fine.
3. Longest lens it will fit (with lens attached to tripod) is my Sigma 70-200 F2.8) but
it just barely covers the camera with about 1/2 inch of the battery grip sticking out
from under the cover and the lens hood peeking out from the front end.
4. I like the fact that the back window has no holes for the eye piece as this would
be prone to leaks but you won't be seeing 100% clear through it.
5. the velcro tightener on the front end is prone to hanging over the front of the lens because
it is on top. Why not put it on the bottom where it won't hang in front of things.
6. The velcro tightener also doesn't work all that well.

Overall it looks like it will get the job done but I wouldn't necissarily call it "Large", maybe large
camera bodies but certainly not large lenses.
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on December 4, 2016
I was so excited when this was deliveted as I want to take some rainy day photos. I installed it on my Canon 5D Mark III body with 24-70 mm lens with the lens hood attached. It fits well for my configuration and it stayed attached around the lens. The problem was it was hard to adjust the lens to zoom in and out. There wasn't enough room in the lens area to fit your hand and reach in to zoom. Also, the fabric material was too stiff. They should have placed the left hand sleeve at the bottom to use for adjusting the zoom and adjusting all left hand buttons. To use this effectively, I had to unzip the bottom zipper and access the zoom adjustment from the bottom. I wasted my money on this product, I would not recommend it.
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on March 30, 2017
This is a very well-made product it's an excellent product for the price. I am very happy with it I can see through the clear plastic with very little distortion. My automatic Focus can move freely because of the adjustable strap around the lens. My hands fit comfortably on the camera through the arms provided for by the raincoat. There's plenty of room for a professional camera Canon or Nikon.
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on July 7, 2017
This thing was amazing in Alaska! Whether it was dew drops or full on rain storm, it passed the test. This works best with a lens hood but I used it without one just the same. It shielded my hands from the elements which helped tremendously to cut down the cold winds. Camera stayed dry and I had so many people asking me where I got it. Definitely recommend to anyone shooting in elements involving minor precipitation to full on storm. Easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy to remove. I used it without a tripod as I handheld my Canon 5D Mark III.
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