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on September 16, 2010
First of all, let me dispense with the negative:

What an awful title for the book! It makes it sound like a guide on how to exploit the human suffering of the economic crisis in order to stay afloat oneself.


What the book actually IS, is a detailed analytical assessment of today's US economy and where it is likely to head in the coming years. Which, of course, is not only useful for us to try to better understand the world around us, but for those of us who are investors to make prudent decisions about where to put our savings.

I have read a number of recent books on the economy. There appears to be a lot of consensus among the intelligent writers on contemporary economics- for example, 1). We are in a deep crisis of overleverage brought on by an accumulation of excessive debt that has gone on for 2-3 decades. 2). The inevitable consequence of this is a massive deleveraging.

One area where experts do differ is whether deflation or inflation will dominate in the coming years. The crux of this disagreement lies in whether one believes that the Federal Reserve has the ability (and the willingness) to turn deflation to inflation through massive money-printing. Conrad clearly falls into the latter camp, and he does so, in my view, very persuasively. (Another area of dispute between the deflationists and inflationists is the extent to which the government will continue to engage in (inflationary) deficit spending.)

At any rate, Conrad's view is that all this is leading us to a currency crisis for the US dollar in coming years. This is a hypothesis that many other contemporary economic commentators have proposed.

While there is a lot of other good writing out there on this subject, I believe Conrad's book gives the most complete, fact-supported, and persuasive assessment of today's economy.

Five stars.

Just one piece of advice: If you believe the Voodoo nonsense of economists like Paul Krugman, this book is not for you.
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on June 24, 2011
I have not finished the book but I am about 1/3 of the way through and have peeked ahead. From this I can say it is an excellent book. I read a good deal of economic material but I can say I have already learned much from the book that is highly relevant to the financial situation in the US today. To avoid repeating comments others have already made, I will simply say that I fully endorse the comments made by "Sjogren" below.

I would add that the book was published very early in 2010. As such, the author did not know of QE 2. QE 2 provided a source of treasury funding that was, I think, beyond what the author anticipated and thus caused the timing of his predictions to be wrong. However, QE 2 only kicked the can down the road and probably only delayed and worsened the effects he predicted. With QE 2 ending this month, it will be interesting to see who will replace the Fed as a buyer of the $600 to $800 billion of deficit funding in the coming year. I would expect the authors predictions for 2010 to be even more relevant in the year ahead.

It is sad how few voters have any sense of the true economic situation in this country. The book should be required reading by all politicians and members of the print, TV and on-line media.

I do feel that the title of the book is misleading. Probably it was selected by the publisher. The book provides essential information to inform one's investing in today's times. His recommendations are very general -- gold, oil, food commodities. The book to me is well worth the cost if it only helps one to staying even in real dollars in the days ahead.

This book will not make you sleep better at night!
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on May 2, 2010
I really like this book. I am only 1/2 way through but am forming some opinions. Perhaps because I, too, was educated as an engineer I value his "data based" and logical opinions developed from the data. Written with a surprising lack of obvious bias (at least to this point), he uses the concepts of systems thinking and systems dynamics to explain past and present economic conditions; all building the base from which he derives his conclusions. This is not exciting reading but it is very clear and satisfying if one really wants to work a bit to understand this kind of stuff.

However.. I am reading this on my laptop (as my wife uses the Kindle) and this book still does not lend itself to the Kindle format. He uses a great many charts and graphs to support his points and they are a key to understanding. Thus, it takes a great deal of flipping back and forth to follow his explainations of them. Despite changing font sizes, the two are seldom on the same page and often a number of pages apart. So I deducted one star.

Overall, the book is still worth the effort to me. I just wish I had ordered a hard copy so I could flip and mark up paper pages.

Added Later... I finished it a few days after the above and would still recommend it for those serious about wanting to understand what we are facing. Although he has some recommendations as to "what to do".. that is not the focus nor main value of the book.
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on August 8, 2010
Your book "Profiting from the World's economic Crisis" was absolutely outstanding!
So much so that I am paying my 18 year old son $1000 to read the book, give a 10 minute review of each chapter and write 5 - 10 page reports on selected questions.
He presented the first chapter to me last night, understood the concept and equally as important he enjoyed what he was learning.
This is better spent money and a better education then sending him to University next year!

From my part, having followed Doug and all the members of Casey Research for a long time, you have put together all the bits and pieces in a well presented order, enriched and clarified a lot of the material. It will be my reference text for years to come.
This is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the big picture of the economic world around us.

Thank you!
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on January 18, 2011
I am a licensed portfolio manager and financial advisor in Canada.

Personally, I loved this book. While many authors go off on personal tangents, Bud Conrad remains focused on the facts. I believe his book is doing a great service to everyone by pointing out how the global system is inter-connected and how the combined actions of governments around the world, over the past 25 years, is now culminating into what may turn out to be a very significant inflationary scenario. Depending on how you manage your financial affairs and your investment portfolio you could profit well from this environment, yet by following the same strategies you have used in the past you may lose significantly. In the end, time will tell.

You should read this book as it will provide you with a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the financial path the world is on today.

Thanks Bud, I really enjoyed your work and I will be putting many of your recommendations to work for my clients.
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on April 4, 2011
Great book! If you've done what this book recommends since it came out, you've probably almost doubled your money. The recommendations are simple: Cash and equities are doomed from money printing; buy precious metals and oil. How he came to that conclusion is where the book shines: elegant charts.
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on June 26, 2010
I liked the book, I liked the way it was written. It has a lot of good analysis and charts to back up the data. To save you 4 hours of reading 15 chapters of supporting data to get to the grand finale, buy GOLD. Highly recommended, its an excellent reference.
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on January 5, 2013
Understanding this material is important to all of us and the other two related books - "Endgame" by John Mauldin and "The great Deleveraging" by Gary Shilling provide more understanding of where we are and how we got here.
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on June 14, 2010
This is an accurate picture of the economic future. It is validated by graphs (enough to drive you nutz). It is clearly written. Defining the future is very difficult and uncertain but this gives a cogent picture of the future and it may well play out somewhat as described. A valuable book.
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on December 1, 2013
I learned a lot from this book. Well researched by a author who can explain difficult concepts. Slightly dated but many trends have proven to have come true.
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