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on March 23, 2011
I am recovering from a long illness during which I have been mostly sedentary, am now doing better and need exercise. I was looking for a recumbent that has a comfortable seat and is solid, not rickety like so many of the cheaper bikes can be. This bike is great, very sturdy, easy to get in/out of. Screen is easy to read, comes on as soon as I start pedaling and turns off about a minute after I stop pedaling. I don't have to program it every time I get on, since all I want to do right now is hop on and pedal at the lowest resistance setting, which comes on automatically! I like the readouts, including speed, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned. I'm not too sure about the accuracy of the heart rate monitor, it seems to jump around alot. You can use batteries or plug it in, but you need to plug it in at the front of the bike, the cord from the console is not very long.

My husband put the bike together in about an hour and a half, it seemed to be very easy to put together. I love the seat, sooo comfortable and adjusts very easily. The pedals/foot straps are comfortable (not too tight) and the bike pedals very smoothly. I love the speakers for my ipod. My husband, who is in great shape, has started to ride the bike too because he loves the games! They get easier the faster you pedal and the controls are right on the handles next to the seat. I am using the bike every day and would really recommend it for rehab or for fit people who like to exercise while they play video games. It comes with 20 workout programs and you can get iFit programs too, which I hope to use someday! For this price I don't think you can find a better recumbent.
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VINE VOICEon May 9, 2011
So in comes a well packed box that the delivery guy had serious problems with; however, he managed to drop it off in the garage and ran back to his truck in case I might want to move it. I can see why he ran so fast. It's heavy. I removed each piece and placed them in completion order in my living room. I read the instructions and then I reread the instructions. Instead of bringing it in I assembled the feet and then almost broke my ring finger. Bummer, but not on the bike or anything to do with the bike. It was just a stupid attempt to see if my finger was stronger than the trucks door. Truck 1, John 0.

When the time comes to bring it into the house be absolutely sure help is available even if you are a full strength person. It's more of a safety thing than a strength thing. Then before you get in, decide exactly what room you want this in. I almost attached the handles to the body and that would have been a bad thing because it would have taken some careful maneuvering to get it in properly.

The blister pack with the screws, bolts and Allen wrenches (a nice touch to have included them) is really handy. Each set of screws and bolts are identified on the pack and that ties in perfectly with the instructions. I just wish they included the same info on the Allen wrenches.

Except for the display, putting this joy together was fairly simple and this is where the second hand comes in. Four hands are needed to attach the back and the seat. The display can be done by one person but two are better. The display installation was a nightmare and needs some serious redo on the next iteration of this well made machine.

When the workouts began they went off without a hitch. The seat stayed in place even though some have mentioned some slippage. The pedals worked well. All in all this is the best made of our three Proform products (eliptical and treadmill) and is some sturdy bike. I did not expect it to be so strong. Moving it from one location is simple and easy even though it is quite heavy at a little over 100 pounds.

After a significant go at the process I'll return and fill in missing parts if any and report on the effectiveness of the purpose. Shucks, if you do not lose weight or lower blood pressure then something might be wrong. More later.
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on December 27, 2011
See Review Update below:

So far-no good. I received this item yesterday. The bottom part of the the box was in tatters. The delivery man made a note of it on the shipping slip and I took photos, just in case. I was hoping that all would be well (a battered box is okay, as long as the goods are intact, I figured) as I have been looking forward to getting started. A friend helped me put most of it together. We noticed that the seat was wobbly and the seat adjustment handle wouldn't stay locked in place. No amount of screw tightening would stabilize the seat. A practice turn on the bike showed how annoying this would be once I really start riding.

After my friend left, I investigated further and believe that the seat adjustment mechanism was improperly installed at the plant--in fact it looks to be put in upside down. Since this was put together at the manufacterer's and I would have to take the entire section apart to fix it, I need some assistance. There are also a couple of additional items I need help with concerning the electrical portion of the assembly.

No problem, I thought. I'll phone the company tomorrow and get some help.

I phoned the company today as it expressly states on the paperwork--"Do not phone the vendor from where the item was purchased. Please phone us directly." That was over two hours ago. I have been able to continue working while waiting for someone from customer service to pick up the phone, which is why I've hung in there, but I can only imagine how upset I would be were I sitting at home patiently waiting for someone in customer service to take me off hold and answer my questions.

I know this isn't a review on the product so much as the follow up service, but that's all a part of the experience, is it not? I want to trust this company to be there for me now and in the future and as this is the point of first contact, I'm left with a rather negative impression.

I'm going to continue to try and get through (perhaps today was an anomaly) and should the situation resolve itself, I will definitiely add an addendum to this review, but in the meantime...there's no bright light at the end of this tunnel.

UPDATE: 2-9-2012 - I'm updating my review because, after dealing with the delivery and setup issues, the bike itself turned out fine--so I'm upgrading my overall review from a two to a three--for the bike alone I rate it a four. I had a recumbant bike for years (from Horizon) that worked well. I purchased this new one mainly due to space issues. I didn't want the equipment to overtake the room where it resides and this one doesn't. It's compact for what it is and does the job. I get a good workout. The resistant levels are excellant. The bike is both quiet and smooth. The seating is comfortable. The only reason I wouldn't give it a five is because the heart monitor tool doesn't work properly. I actually expected this from having read a couple of the other reviews, but this wasn't as important to me as the distance, time and calorie burning functions, which I can only trust are acurate.

As far as the bike being delivered with a piece incorrectly installed from the factory--I ended up hiring someone to come and fix it as the person I was finally put in contact with couldn't make it out to my place for at least a week and a half after we spoke. (I had called him for about five days before he returned my call.) By then, I'd had the bike sitting, unused for almost three weeks.

So, my advice, if you do get this bike (which based on the equipment itself, I would recoomend) make arrangements, in advance, for one of their contracted guys to come out and put it together (unless you know someone who is savvy with machinery). The casing that houses the electrical tubing for the monitor is so narrow in its design you have to have someone with a little mechanical knowledge to assemble this without damaging the wiring. In fact, the manual stresses practically every other sentence to make sure you don't pinch, squeeze or shove the wiring. But the casing is so narrow, that seems impossible. The guy I hired took care of that as well.
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on January 5, 2012
I am participating in Wellness Challenges and used a bike similar to this at my mother-in-laws house last year. When I would fly back home I would really miss just being able to hop on the bike in the morning and get my exercise done for the day. So Christmas just past my husband told me I could pick out whatever I wanted to. I chose this bike. Some of the reviews made me skeptical to purchase it but I decided to get it anyway. I don't feel like I am sliding forward off the seat. Another complaint about it was knees hitting the handlebars. I am short (5'3") and this was a problem but easily remedied with an adjustment of the knob to raise it. I was worried that might make the console too high to see but that is still just fine. The workouts can be intense (at least more so than the older model my MIL has) but that is what I really need. I would definitely buy it again.

I've had the bike for a year now. I still love it but around the year mark the pedals quit adjusting for resistance. The workouts on the console work fine but the resistance doesn't change. I need to have my husband or son take it apart and see what broke and then hopefully get the part to repair it. Will update again when that is complete.
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on February 5, 2012
Beware! Delivery is by tractor trailer w/ driver only pushing the 140# package to the edge of his tailgate. Be sure that you have help in receiving this package. Assembly was difficult. My engineer spouse ended up tossing the directions and using a different technique to put the wiring harness together. Another case of electrical engineering not talking to mechanical engineering in the design room! But.... once the bike is together, it is very, very nice. Comfortable and comparable to the bike that I used during my physical therapy. Games are not worth viewing (think Atari). I would recommend this bike VERY highly if it came assembled.
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on September 20, 2011
I bought this bike several months ago and it works as it is intended to. The seat is comfortable but, I always felt like I was sliding off(forward)! I had to make an adjustment...I put six inches of wooden planks under the front end and raised it up. I don't slide forward anymore. The multiple workout levels are great. The games are a nice distraction. Overall, I like this bike...except for the sliding forward thing!
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on October 13, 2014
Good Product
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on May 15, 2012
My wife and I bought this bike so both of us could get in shape. Over the course of the six months we had it it worked great, up until the last month. Throughout the last month we had it, there was a clicking sound coming from inside the bike but it was working fine. Then, last weekend, the pedals started catching on something. We decided to follow the maintenance instructions that were not very helpful and take apart the front cover to see what was wrong.

Before this, we called Proform customer service and my call was answered by some surfer dude who didn't seem like he cared at all. After telling him twice we couldn't get the front cover off because we didn't have the correct tools his response was "um, like, do you, like, want to call us back when you get the right tools dude?" I asked him about a technician. He said it was $140, plus we would have to pay for any parts, and then pay him again to come back out at HIS convienience. Plus he wanted to charge us right then for a tech and then had the nerve to tell us that it would take 2-3 weeks for the tech to contact us. I hung up at that point.

So after finally spending two hours getting the front cover off we called them back and this time our call was answered by a lady who had an immediate attitude and gave us a snide remark "uh, well, it shouldn't take you two hours to get the cover off". She was completely clueless. I hung up again. After tinkering with it for another half hour trying to fix it ourselves, we ended up trashing the bike and buying a new Marcy bike off Amazon.

I will NEVER buy anything from Proform again after this experience. If I would have know that this thing was going to break after six months, I never would have wasted my money on it.
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on January 20, 2013
Good product easy to put together, I am on it at least 2 days a week I need to get that to every other day. Took one star off at one point the it started to make some noise like the belt was slipping then it stopped after a few days.
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on September 12, 2014
Very nice exercise bike, still in great shape even after several years.
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