I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase this Proform treadmill. I had a Proform treadmill in the past that was passed down from my mother. It had been a really good one and lasted a long while. I even passed it down to my mother-in-law so it had been used for many years. I didn’t have a ton of money to spend so I was not looking at high end treadmills. I wanted a good mid range priced treadmill and I felt like this one would fit the bill.

The treadmill is super heavy and the box it comes in is enormous. My husband and I spent a good while just unboxing all the parts and getting the box out of the way so we could see what we were doing. First thing to do after unboxing is make sure you have all the parts before beginning to put it together. Actually I take that back, the first thing to do is make sure you are putting it together in the room you intend to use it in. Otherwise, you may have to remove a door, or worse, take part of the treadmill apart to get it through your doorway.

After laying out all the pieces we consulted the instruction manual. The instructions are very clear and certain parts are marked with ‘left’ and ‘right’ so there is little chance of error. You definitely need two people to put this treadmill together. At certain points one person has to hold a piece in place while another person screws it together. Some of the parts are quite heavy too. The only tool we needed that was not included was a Phillips screwdriver. It only took my husband and myself about an hour to put it completely together. It would have taken less time if we had paid attention to some of the directions. We often do that. We think we know what comes next but then when we next consult the instructions, we find out that we did something wrong two steps prior. Lesson learned: follow directions step-by-step.

Besides recommending that you set it up in the room you intend to use it in and having a buddy help put it together with you, I also recommend having a surge protector to plug it into. It would be awful to pay so much for a piece of equipment only to have a power surge destroy the circuit board. Also keep in mind this treadmill takes up a lot of space when unfolded. I intended on folding it up after each use but it is so heavy that I don’t bother. One final recommendation is that you may want a mat to help save your floor and some lubricant for future use with the treadmill belt. I purchased Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch) and it works great with this treadmill.

Measurements (unfolded):
Total length: 72”
Width: 35.5”
Height: 56”

*Measurements taken at the longest, widest, and highest points.

This treadmill gives a nice cushioned ride. It does a great job softening the blow to my knees and feet while running. There are several workouts from which to choose from including those that focus on calories burned, intensity, speed, and incline. Personally, I never use the programs. There is no way to input your height, weight, and level of activity, so I find them to be inaccurate on calories burned.

The heart rate monitor is not to be taken seriously either. I have yet to encounter a treadmill that measures heart rate accurately anyway. Your best bet is to wear a heart rate monitor if you want to know if you are in the zone.

You are able to hook up an Mp3, iPod, smartphone, or tablet to this treadmill. You will need a male to male auxiliary audio cable to do it. The speakers on this treadmill are not top quality but are definitely louder than my iPhone 6 speaker anyway.

There are two cup holders which is nice. They are quite large and will fit most drink cups. While running, my bottled water does move but not much. It is never in any danger of tipping over.

There is also a ledge which you can lay a book, magazine, or your tablet on. I mainly use it to hold my iPhone, when listening to music, or my remote, so I can quickly fast forward through commercials.

Final thoughts:
Overall I find this to be a great midrange priced treadmill. I am glad I went with this one opposed to another one I had been thinking about. Would I change anything? Yes, I wish it weren’t so darn heavy. If it were easier to lift the walking deck, I would be able to fold it up without worrying about it falling on me. I am very petite and not very strong really, so your experience may be different from mine.
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on January 27, 2017
I got the CST 505 PLTF60913.1, 2014 Model. Firstly, the display does not have the blue backlight, so that is definitely misleading as I probably wouldn't have bought it.

The delivery was on time, they called before they showed up, and the package was about 200 pounds. I was able to slide it down into my basement and get it set up. Took 2 hours by myself to do the setup. Instructions we're pretty good and all the pieces we're there. The treadmill itself does have a clean/nice look about it. It is very sturdy. I'm a big guy at 6'2 275lbs, and it seems like it would hold me just fine.

Without anyone on it, we started it up and it sounded great and very quite. So my wife started the first workout of this treadmill and after 20 minutes the motor underneath the hood started to have an issue. There was this loud ticking/clicking sound coming from the motor (crud).

I emailed Proform Support and didn't here back from them, so I called a couple days later. I was debating about just returning this item back to Amazon, but I didn't really want to go through the hassle of trying to take the treadmill apart, repackaging it, then moving it upstairs and out the door. So after calling them, amazingly (based on reviews), I got an agent in about one minute. The agent had me take off the hood and check a couple of things. I told her the problem and the agent immediately shipped me out a new motor. The agent was very helpful which is why I gave this review 3 stars. If not for the agent, this would be a 1 or 2 star review.

The new motor arrived a week later. Meanwhile Proform just got back to me about my email, lol. Anyways, Proform also sent me an email with a video link that showed me how to replace the motor, which turned out to be very helpful. It took me about an hour to swap the motor out. The hardest part was removing the electrical wires from the connections. The wires are zip tied to the frame, so you have to cut the zip ties to remove the wire assembly and motor. It would have been good for Proform to send replacement zip ties as well for the new motor so I could keep the new wires away from harm. Getting the wires disconnected from the board was hard as they are connected to the board very snug. So I took my time, ensuring I didn't break any connections.

After I got the new motor in, it sounds brand new again. My wife will try another workout so we're crossing our fingers this is the permanent fix. If you buy this you better get an extended warranty and even look into getting the in home warranties that available. I only got a 3 year squaretrade warranty on this. I could have easily busted something under the hood when replacing the motor. All in all so far, I wish I could have afforded a better treadmill. If you can hold out, save up and get a more expensive model, with a better motor, and with a better treadmill company like Horizon or Sole. I'll try to post another update in a month or two to let you know how things are going.

UPDATE: 2 Months Later

After replacing the motor, the Treadmill worked great for about 2 months. Now there is a terrible loud noise coming from what appears to be the motor again. The faster the treadmill goes, the louder it gets. Sounds like a bad bearing in the Motor. Back to Service (LOL, ugh).
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on September 7, 2016
Machine broke after three weeks of use. Filed a warranty claim and two weeks later have heard nothing. Tried to contact via phone only to be on hold for over an hour. Tried to contact online only for an automated reply to tell me I will be helped shortly, after 30 minutes of no response I give up. I'm out $500+. I have tried three different avenues and have not yet to make contact.
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on March 25, 2016
I had the Proform 500 for 10+ years and it finally broke. Parts being 50% of the replacement value meant it was time to upgrade. The Proform 505 is better as it is quieter and has shock absorbers!

I was frightened with the reviews saying how hard it was to assemble. As I am NOT a handy man I also ordered an installer to assemble it for me. But then the installer canceled as it was out of his area. So I wringed my hands all week waiting for the delivery date. When it arrived (on-time) I carefully followed the instructions, had lunch and did not hurry. It took 3 hours from starting to open till it was completed and working. No stress. Not bad and not something to be put off by as long as you plan on a 3 hours easy assembly.
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on March 23, 2017
Unfortunately, we have had nothing but problems with this treadmill belt since we received it. We center the belt - then walk on the treadmill and by the time you're done - the belt is all the way to the left again. Then we center the belt again.....and so on......

The belt is now rubbing against something as there are little pieces of shaved belt behind the treadmill now. I don't have the funds to call in a treadmill repair person (is there such s thing?) right now, so I guess we cannot use it. What a waste of almost $500!
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on January 11, 2017
Broke down after 1 month of use, HORRIBLE customer service by ProForm. Belt came off center, and the motor started straining severely. Spent a few hours trying to fix it based on troubleshooting advice in the manual without success. Trying to contact ProForm to resolve this through the warranty is a nightmare. While the product has an active warranty, every single interaction you have with them through website or phone is to push you to buy an extended warrant. Attempting to receive support from them without one seems to be impossible. You request help through the website and you simply get no response (waited 3 days). Try and call them when you've registered for your warranty and their phone system will just say your phone number isn't in their records (it is) and drop the call. You can only reach someone by going through the extended warranty menu system, where again, I do not have or want an extended warranty, I already have an active warranty that came with the product.

From there, I spent an hour and a half troubleshooting the same things I had already done over and over and over again. After an hour and after being put on hold for about the 5th time I was told I should loosten the belt even more than what the manual suggests because I'm putting so much weight on it (235 lbs, only ever used for walking around 3-3.5 MPH). Even when it was painfully obvious to both the service rep and I that I needed help from someone, she kept having to put me on hold to talk to a mysterious team lead to get approval who would always come back with another obviously useless suggestion to try to fix it. After my patience was long gone and I got more aggressive, they still refused to send a technician out to help with the problem but instead are sending a replacement motor which I get to install myself (bear in mind I ordered this treadmill with assembly service so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of stuff). I want to emphasize that when I say their customer service is horrible, I mean the company's policies are obviously horrible, not the actual person I spoke to.
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on December 11, 2016
Overall this a very nice treadmill. It's very sturdy and runs smoothly with very little bounce or vibration. If you like to manually add in bursts of speed you will love this treadmill as it adjusts between speeds very nicely and evenly. I'm a huge runner and I can tell you it runs better than the more expensive brands I've had in the past or have used at the gym. Although the price is good it's a pretty basic treadmill and I think if you don't need the larger belt size you could find a comparable one for less. One negative is the console sits back farther and since I like to run closer to it I constantly hit the plastic cover by the front of the belt. I also want to mention I assembled it all by myself and it really wasn't bad at all.
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on October 19, 2015
I rarely write reviews on products but I will write one for this item. Got this treadmill a couple weeks ago to put in the basment. I was very leery about set-up because so many people commented on how difficult it is and I am not very handy. Set it up, by myself in a little over an hour, no issues at all. Have been using it for about 2 weeks and it is great. Not as big and bulky as treadmills you would find in a gym, but just as sturdy. Love it so far
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on March 26, 2014
The treadmill arrived well-packaged and therefore in excellent condition. It took some assembling ability, but thankfully my husband is very handy. He put it together, following the instructions carefully, in 2-3 hours. He needed no second person. So one capable person can manage it alone. I was surprised at how much different it was from my last Proform I bought 10 years ago at Sears. The machine is a vast improvement! It's larger - like a treadmill you would see at a gym. It's construction is very sturdy and solid. It has more exercise/track options. And it has built-in speakers, along with a MP3 or phone jack, so you can listen to music with or without headphones. Easy music access make the workout much more desirable and the time flies by. But the best part is the price! This is a LOT OF MACHINE for the price tag. It's half the price of lesser machines I've seen in stores. I strongly recommend the Proform 505 CST Treadmill.
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on June 4, 2018
One of the best options at its price point at the time of purchase, this treadmill provides a great value on the lower end of mid-range machines. It is multiple steps above your most basic treadmills w/a solid spread of functionality. The treadmill maintains speed fairly well but does tend to drag a bit when sprinting (stomping) at a higher pace. A nice plus with this is how stable the machine holds when running at higher elevations. The built spits out a bit of "running dust" at the base so good to keep a mat underneath. And the treadmill is extremely heavy in general so a good idea to have something below to protect your floors in general.

Electronically, the programming options cover all the basics but nothing that will knock your socks off. The intervals could be a bit better as well as the flexibility in adjusting the overall workout. The console provides a nice multitude of metrics so nice to have all immediately visible. I am a big fan of the built in speakers/audio jack so you can ditch the headphones and hook your phone up directly to the treadmill to get a decent volume for whtaever music/show you care to listen to!

Again, this is not the most amazing treadmill on the market but it is one of the better options you may find for its cost in terms of the needs it meets for the infrequent runner!
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