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on March 16, 2011
I started out the X4's, then the X41's. So two years of better gaming. Both were great for many reasons. I even thought they were perfect. Now owning the PX5's for a week, it makes the other ones I have owned seem flawed. They really did justice to the PX5. Cable fits more snug to the Xbox controller, the volume control has a better range, and interference is little to none with the PX5. And even though the sound on the X41 is outstanding, the sound on the PX5 is even better.

If you have the money or can scrape up the money and you play a lot of MP type games, you really need a good headset to step up your game. Being able to know someone is coming, how close the might be, and what direction they are coming from really helps. Even if you just play on campaigns, these headsets really help to immerse yourself into the game's environment.

The biggest plus with any headset for speakers is being able to play games loudly without keeping everyone else awake. More importantly, if you play games that has harsh language and you have kids, then you keep them from accidentally hearing it.

UPDATE 4/13/2011

Well, a few weeks of use now. I use them with the 360 and so far, I am averaging 10 to 12 hours of use before replacing the batteries. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries. The best feature they added to this headset, that the other models did not have, is they finally give you a warning your batteries are about to die.

The sound is still great. I have tried the various presets and they really help depending on what type of game you play. Still highly recommended.
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on March 16, 2015
I purchased the P5 used from amazon as a replacement for an X41 that was stolen. The two models are similar in many ways but the P5 has better cosmetics and ergonomics for the averaged sized person than the older x41, I am 6'5" and a big fellow. The P5 still fits but due to the left right bias ear cups cannot be reversed for left handed mic use like the X41. also the bass response was poor compared to the X41 which was impressive in both theater/gaming use and music listening especially for a ~$150 wireless head set at the time 4 years ago. The difference in bass response may be primarily due to the X41 being an open can design and the P5 being closed can. Seeing this difference is common even in $300+ wired studio headsets. The unit is sturdy and very feature rich. nice to have the blue tooth functionality and the mic is significantly more sensitive than the X41. The sound quality other than the bass as compared to its predecessor is very good mid and highs are clear and gaming reproduction is acceptable. most of this is nits as FYI. the down side: this head set is very sensitive to a popping and crackling interference. worrying that it was defective I checked the turtle beach support site and discovered that it is sensitive to Wi-Fi and other wireless interference. I am in and always have been in a Wi-Fi hot zone within 6 blocks of a state university with lots of rentals. This susceptibility to interference in this range is significant enough that turtlebeach recommends owning only one per house hold and to disable your Wi-Fi and additional adaptors. I kind of wonder how this can be advertised as a gaming head set as most avid gamers interested in the technology will be playing chat-enabled-on-line-combat-games that require an internet connection and own, who knows how many, other wireless devices. additionally I never experienced any where near the issue with the X41 in the same location and situation. difference of 1-2 pops an hour on the x41 and popping every 2-5 min on the P5, a deal breaking difference. Surround is great but lack of bass and popping make this a no go for private theater watching. at the current prices posted these are a bust for the money unless you live in the boon docs and use wired internet and don't own a cordless phone in the 2.4ghz range. now for a used pair at ~$60 in good condition and knowing the draw backs and your situation. they are great and definitely a steal. note these like the X41 are the last series that use 2x AA batteries and happily tolerate NiMH rechargeable, the new sets are fixed Lion batteries. happy gaming!
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on April 4, 2012
I was extremely excited to get these headphones. I plugged them into the optical connection on my PS3, and put my game in. Sounded decent at first, as I have not even configured anything yet. After playing around with these headphones I noticed that they crackled a lot. I am guessing from the audio transmission, not the headphones themselves. This might not seem bad, but when I bought the most expensive wireless headphones for the 360/PS3 I could find, a little bit better product was expected. The receiver sits no more than 7 feet away from the headphones. I was also not that impressed with the bass that comes out of these headphones.

What does work great on these is the presets, to hear peoples footsteps, and the like. I already had a 5.1 surround sound system, but thought that these could do a better job. They didnt.

If you have a surround sound system already, do not buy these headphones. If you dont have a surround system, these might be a good buy, but definitely go wired if you can. (You could buy the Rocketfish audio transmitters, which I currently own, and am very happy with and plug a wired headset into those, which I believe is a better option)
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on December 6, 2012
I wanted to review these headphones so that PC users out there can rest assured that they work fine with all available options, including Bluetooth, and for new users to have as hassle free an experience as possible.
First off, the headphones are great. The sound is clear and the bass is what I expect in a gaming headset. I am using this on a Windows 8 machine and it was working fine on Windows 7 as well. I use these for PC gaming ONLY and they are fantastic. There are plenty of reviews about how great they sound, so I won't focus on that...other than to say they sound fantastic and the wireless works fine within the same room. I also have large ears and these come close to not fitting correctly. I have spent many 4+ hour sessions in these things and would rate the comfort level very high once you are used to them.
I've tried the wireless Sennheisers, Sony home theater headphones, and numerous others with these being the best by FAR. Thank you Amazon for a great return policy =)
Now, to use these with a PC it's as straight forward as you would normally expect; connect from your 3.5 jack on the PC to the RCA audio inputs on the base station. You can also use the optical cable but I chose to use the dedicated headphone connection on my sound card. The big issue here is getting the microphone to work. I tried several BT adapters that didn't work and was a bit put out about it..until recently. I decided to try the Kinivo BTD-400 for sale here on amazon for like $15 or so. The microphone was connected before I was sure it was in pairing mode! That BTD-400 works great with these PX5's to bring the truly wireless solution to the PC crowd.
Once they are working, you might notice that you can hear your own voice through the headphones...I found this to be distracting. It's called mic monitoring and is used so that you know the level of your own voice in game, so you don't yell or whatever. That's a crock, I know wtf I sound like. The solution to this issue MUST be solved with turtle beach's advanced sound editor software. There is no download link unless you register on their site, login, and go to the "my presets" section. There you can download the software to get rid of that damn monitoring.
Once the software is installed, power on the headsets and attach via USB. The software will install drivers, turn the headphones off, then on, and finally complete the installation. Once that is done, choose advanced settings, then the mic tab. There you should take the monitoring slider down to -100 and you will no longer hear ANYTHING from your own mic...awesome. I hope this helps other PC users out there considering these headphones.
In short, great product, great features, comfortable, and the best of the high end wireless headphones in my honest opinion.
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on May 7, 2011
This headset is amazing in my book. Whenever I'm doing multiplayer gameplay this is an absolute godsend. It doesn't have the typical crackling noise that you encounter with some wireless headsets and the 7.1 is awesome when you're playing as you can quickly figure out where things are just from the sound. Adds another level of immersion to games and the battery life is quite good on it, I've yet to replace the batteries and I've had this unit for a while. One thing to note though, it does have both an Xbox and PS3 mode on it, I haven't tested it on opposing systems (Xbox mode on when playing PS3 and vice versa) so I can't really speak as to how well that will work, I played Homefront and Crysis 2 with it and you can actually hear the bullets zinging past your character the sound is that crisp!

On XBL it sounds amazing as people can easily understand what you're saying, and people are actually going to comment on how well they can hear you and that the quality sounds a lot better than what you can attain with the regular headsets. A little pricey but if you're looking for something of quality, look no further.
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on April 21, 2011
Hi I've had these for a day now and I'm falling in love with them. I've owned the X41's and Astro A40's and now these and I choose these over both of them.

To get into specifics these head phones are of course way lighter than the A40's and according to turtle beach's website they are 1.5 oz lighter than the X41's although I think they are about even because the x41's use aaa batteries and these use aa bats. The batteries them self will seem they will last for the 15 hours Turtle beach say they will, and I don't get why people want a built in rechargeable battery, what are you going to do when that dies in the middle of game or just in general. You'd have to put it on the charger for a couple hours then buy a replacement battery when the first starts getting week and then you'll have to worry about getting it nested on the charger and the charger itself working. Just go buy some rechargeable ones at wal-mart and you'll be just fine.

The Px5's are way more comfortable because they have oval ear holes (unlike the X41's) and more cushioning in the ear cushions and the head band, and they won't try and fall off your head or give you neck pain like the A40's.

Sound wise I've always liked the turtle beach head phones over the A40's because they have a lot clearer sound and between the two turtle beach's, there really isn't much difference other than the X41's maybe have a slightly deeper bass but overall a rounded sounded as to where the px5's have a crisp sound with a little more definition.

The bluetooth is a very nice touch I have it connected to my iphone and I can listen to music with ease and hear when I get a text. Then on top of it I can if you have a PS3 you can sync to your PSN comms or when they finally release it, a dongle for the xbox 360 controller.

As far as editing right now you can only change you presets, edit some volume and noise gate, and morph your voice and change how much of your voice you can here in your headset. Until they release the advanced editor you can mess with the bass, mid, and treble settings.

I've seen people's reviews on here and other sites talk about the distortion you get when alot of sounds happen at once (like a car blowing and you firing your and getting shot at the same time, etc.) and yes I experienced the same thing playing black ops, especially when napalm strike and even more so with the rolling thunder and it was very annoying but I got rid of the problem. The simplest fix is to go into the games audio settings and lower the sounds. Mine were maxed on everything so I lowered master volume down to about 75% and all others to about 80%. This alone would probably fix the distortion but I also went into the headphones software and lowered its game and master volume just a little and turned the noise gate all the way off. So now there's no more distortion even with all the explosions and I'm a very pleased customer.

All in all these certainly look great, the sound is very good and customizable (when they release the editing software) and are very comfy. If your on the ropes about these or another I can say from my use these are definitely better than astros especially seeing as the astros are more expensive and they aren't wireless and don't have the bluetooth. As far as the difference between these and the X41's you really have to look at price and features. Decide if you would use the bluetooth and use the editing software really. The Px5's on amazon currently are $212 which is currently $38 off on it. The X41's are $150 on amazon I think and you can get them new and used for less than a hundred on ebay. I'm sticking with these. Thi headset will definitely set the bar for all future gaming headsets.
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on June 29, 2011
I'm no audiophile, but I love this headset. Sound is clean and crisp, mic pickup is flawless, presets are as advertised and emphasize different aspects of the sound spectrum, comfort and weight are perfect, directional audio is way better than stereo TV speakers (sorry, that's the only comparison my experience allows me to make).

Let me now give my take on some of the concerns I've seen voiced in other reviews:

Will it improve FPS performance - Maybe, maybe not. I sucked at modern warfare before, and I still suck using the headset. But now I can identify the direction the killing shot came from :).

Drops sound/wireless interference - Not for me. I sit within 10 feet of the headset base. My wireless router is 5 feet from the headset base. Compare mine to yours.

Battery life - As advertised. I use rechargable AAs in my controllers, so the lack of an included rechargable battery pack was not an issue for me.

Lack of clean bass - What? Shut the heck up! This thing will rattle the fillings out of your teeth if you turn it up high enough! If you're such an audiophile that this is a problem, here's what you do. Go buy the MOST expensive, advanced wireless headset you can find and get gold plated cables for all your audio connections. Then you can be secure in the knowledge that you have the highest quality audio that humankind is currently capable of. Otherwise, just buy this awesome headset and enjoy it.

Bluetooth functionality - Sorry to say I haven't tested it. If it doesn't work, I will send the headset back and edit my review.

Lastly, I should note that I purchased mine from Amazon marketplace in "Like New" condition, and it arrived as pristine as a newborn baby's bottom.

Unless you are an audio freak you can't go wrong with this headset. Cheers.

Update 5/28/12
Was just going back over my old review and have noted the following regarding my PX5. Read on dear Amazon user:

On my statement regarding the "clean bass" criticism of another user: my previous statement is immature and worded in a disingenuous way. That being said I am leaving my previous statement in place so that the other reviewer (if they even care) will note that I admit to being an ass for attacking their opinion on this device. Does this headset have good bass? To me, yes.

Headset does drop sound if out of the line of sight of the receiver. Minor issue for me. There was some echoing with chat using the 360 chat wire, but this only happened occasionally using the wired controller.

Bluetooth is awesome. Nothing like streaming music from your phone while gaming.

No maintenance issues to speak of. Still good as new!
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on February 7, 2013
Build quality: Good
Sound Quality: Good
Comfort: Blah, not really.
Features: Excellent (as advertised) in reality only So-So

However it does not quite live up to what is advertised. Worst of all is interference from other 2.4ghz wireless devices. If you have a dual band router you can force your other devices to 5ghz and probably be fine however the PS3 will ONLY run on 2.4. If you try and stream a movie with your PS3 and use the headphones at the same time you get all the clicks and audio dropouts you don't want. I tried moving the transmitter all over the place to get a better signal but it didn't matter. I also shut off all other wireless devices around the house (not ideal for normal use) and the problem was always directly with the PS3 and streaming movies from the internet or music from my computer. I all you are doing is playing a game it worked just fine...

Also another selling point for these headsets is the Bluetooth. Yes it works and yes it is super easy to set up BUT not for everything they advertise. One feature they are trying to sell is that you can listen to your music from your phone while playing your games. Fine, yes you can BUT in it is over a MONO transmission via Bluetooth... WTH! Seriously? What is the point if my music sounds like an AM radio station... and yes the music over the Bluetooth was of horrible quality. Phone calls worked but you didn't get a total hands free experience, their voice command feature didn't work with my android phone.

The comfort level was not great. No it didn't hurt but it was not the most comfortable headset either. The foam pads were rough and quite stiff. They might break in over time but for being a top tier model I would expect better.

The sound quality of the main RF transmitted sound was what I expected, not great but not bad, just good. The surround sound was totally underwhelming though. I tried several movies and it was totally lack luster. On games it worked well but still not nearly as good as expected. The volume was also sub par but I expected as much from 2 AA batteries.

That is it, I would totally recommend these for someone that is only playing games and has no other 2.4ghz devices around the house but if you want them to work is a situation like mine don't bother. (my house, 1 dual band router, 3 computers, 4 mobile phones, 1 TV, 1 PS3, 1 Wii all running WiFi) and in that environment these did not play well.
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on January 4, 2013
The PX5 certainly aren't the worst gaming headsets. I have a cheap pair of Rocket Fish wired that blow the bass away on my Turtle Beach PX5. The quality of the unit itself seems decent and my headphone looked and felt new,,however my Transmitter base, which worked fine, was used, scratched around the plugs, fingerprints, kind of dirty. The sound quality was decent without bass, I could hear a lot of things I could not otherwise, like distant footsteps which was cool. The 8 different presets did offer a nice variation of sounds and different and was easy to use. Having wireless for both consoles in very nice, with a push of a button and a voice prompt, I was on my other console wireless. Paring up my Bluetooth was easy and being able to have my phone on standby is nice. I had the stand on top of a Sub woofer and had clear sound with no signal issues.

My experience with navigating the website were not good, lots of their links came back as,"the page you are looking for no longer exists",. which was frustrating. My attempts to contact support were pointless, there is none. My worst complaint would be the bass quality for such an expensive headset. Bottom line, it is terrible. It sounds like a cheap blown speaker even at the lowest level. I was lucky enough to try a friends yesterday and the bass was the same. This is inexcusable. The headsets have a lot going for therm but there are roadblocks which ruin the experience with the core reason you bought them.


1) Wireless with Bluetooth Support for additional devices.
2) Comes with necessary cables.
3) 8 handy presets.
4) Great treble sound.
5) Transmitter doubles as a nice stand for headphones.
6) Easy switch between consoles
7) you can hear the footsteps of your enemy coming.


1) Horrific distorted bass on any setting. It simply sounds like a blown speaker with explosions or loud gunfire on any preset. Expanding the bass only makes it worse. Soon you realize anything you do with any bass sounds terrible.
2) No customer service - And you will need it, send an email, wait 24 to 36 hours for a response, start process over again.
3) Overpriced for quality, should be more in the $49.99 range.
4) Downloading custom presets is a nightmare, lots of blank pages, on site videos don't match their website, poor instructions. ([...])..Nothing there?
5) Turtle Beach using refurbished materials.
6) No 7.1 on PS3 or XBOX. You can look at the manual and PS3 website, you wont find a screen for Dolby 7.1, setting only allow you to set to 5.1.

For 50$ for a headset to just play a game and not annoy your family with the option to answer your phone without sound being a major issue, than these aren't too bad..

Summery - For 150$ to 250$ I cant recommend these headsets due to the poor bass sound and complete lack of support.
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on April 15, 2012
A little history on my experiences with Turtle Beaches. I started out with the XL1 Turtle Beaches about a year ago and they were the first pair I owned. I loved them. Playing Search and Destroy on Black Ops and being able to hear the bomb being defused or planted. It was awesome. I saw the PX21 at GameStop for about $10 more so I returned the XL1 and bought those and loved those. For my 18th birthday, my dad asked me what I wanted. I really had no idea. I asked if we could go to Best Buy and look around to see if there's something I wanted to get. I honestly still had no idea. I pretty much had everything that I wanted. Then I saw the Wireless 7.1 X41's and told him that's what I wanted. Having that Dolby 7.1 was amazing. It made all games sound great. Although I wish they could handle more bass. They seemed to crack a lot. I really didn't mind it all too much. I couldn't stand the battery life. I had bought rechargeable AAA batteries but they'd burn through those very quickly. I'm a huge Gears of War fan. When I saw the Tritton 7.1 Gears of War 3 Edition, I had to get them. I sold my x41's to my buddy and bought those. They sounded great. I wear glasses and they were always comfortable. They had 8 speakers in both ear cups and the bass was terrific. I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop and Rap and they handled the bass very well. I just got sick of all the cords fast. I had those Trittons for about 5 months or so and was sick of the wires. I sold those and have had these Turtle Beach PX5 for about a week now.

What I like:
- Sound is great. Not a huge step up from the X41's. Sounds about the same.

- The presets you can have and download from the website (they have one specifically made for Dead Space and it's made from the creators of Dead Space. It makes it ten times more scary). Just install the software, follow the directions on how to download, plug the Turtle Beaches into your computer, upload and your set. It is great if your play more than 1 game.

- The Bluetooth is a great feature. I have a Smartphone and whenever someone is calling while I game, I just click a button and it mutes your mic for Live and also mutes the people talking on Live. You just talk to whoever is on the phone. I would miss calls with my Trittons.

- Takes AA batteries. The battery life is great for these. I don't need to change them all the time.

- Spending the extra $30 for the XBA Bluetooth Adapter for my mic was a great investment. I don't have to have a cord hooked up to my controller and my Turtle Beaches. I'd always get the cord caught or would snag it on something. You're completely wireless with this, making it a lot more comfortable.

What I don't like:
- Uncomfortable with glasses. They seem to press hard against my glasses and after half an hour or so, they start to hurt the side of your head because they push your glasses tight onto your head. Warning people who wear glasses, these suck with glasses. I didn't need to worry about that with my Trittons. My Trittons had a really nice foam material that was comfortable.

- Apparently, these are suppose to tell you when your battery is low. They've told me once that they were getting low, but for the last two times, the Turtle Beaches died on me without it saying it. I'm not too sure if it was from the XBA Bluetooth Adapter or if it's just a flaw?

- Bass could be better. The Trittons had the best sound a best quality I've heard so far in Gaming Headphones. These sound very similar to the X41 and could be improved.

To sum it up, I'd tell my friends to buy these. I paid $212 but I think they should be worth more around $180. The Trtittons sound better and have better quality, but too many wires. I love being completely wireless, sound is still great, Bluetooth is awesome on these, and the presets make these amazing. And for that I rate these 4 out of 5 stars.

EDIT 10-24-12:
After having these for about 6 months, I've figured out that you need Alkaline Batteries in order to get the "battery low" prompt. I looked into it a few weeks after I got these. So you can use regular rechargeable batteries but those will hold battery then die right away, where as the Alkaline Rechargeable Batteries will slowly die. I am now selling these PX5's. Having to replace and change your batteries really started to annoy me. They'd last me a good 4-8 hours of gameplay, then die. I'd be right in a middle of match of either Call of Duty MW3 or Gears of War 3 and I'd have to replace the battery. I do wear glasses so after an hour of wearing them, they start to push on my side and pinch my glasses into the side of my head. They're not very comfortable for long time use. I love having all the EQ's on my PX5's and I'd play with a different one for each game but having to change the batteries really bugged me. I would recommend these to a friend still, but for serious gamers who play a lot and spend long hours playing, you're looking at the wrong headset. Get a wired. I feel these should be for Casual gamers. I finally decided just to go ahead with the new Tritton 720+ that are wired and 7.1 Dolby Surround. They are designed for comfort and are nice. No more having to worry about changing any batteries. I'd give this about a 3.8 out of 5.
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