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on July 2, 2015
Warning! This book is very informative! They weren't lying, I am in the Threads chapter of this book now, and though dates, it gives me the historical mindset of the late 90's with detailed information about every fundamental aspect of Perl -- this book goes deep... Watchout for the the Regular Expressions chapter though -- it seems like it goes forever, but in the end, it's rewarding to type out a Perl example with a RegEx and have a better understanding on what's going on... I'm going to read the more current versions of this book later --- it's worth the struggle...
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on September 23, 2017
This is a book worth reading many times as my skills with Perl mature.
I gain new insights, and deeper understandings with each reading.
I am reading it for the third time in about 10 years now.
(Unfortunately I don't get to do much Perl work on the job. So this is generally a weekend and early morning activitiy for me.)
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on December 9, 2001
If you are a programmer, with an extensive background in programming theory, and a passion for Perl, this book is for you. This book, written by the creator of Perl, contains more details about Perl than one could possibly find in any other book. This book doens't hold back in discussing perl topics, but rather it discusses them inside and out without excluding anything. For someone who has a thorough foundation in Perl, this is definitely the next step in exploring Perl.
If you are a casual programmer though, I must caution you that this book is pretty intense reading. I found it helps to read this book while reading the "Perl Cookbook". The chapters for each book correlate to each other. This book explains how everything works, while the Cookbook shows you how to apply these concepts in real life situations.
One complaint I had about this book were the unclear examples. Other books by O'Reilly such as "Learning Perl" and "Perl Cookbook" will label each line of code in their examples so that there is no ambiguity. However the example scripts in this book are sparsely labled, so it is not always clear what the author's intent is.
However, if you feel up to the challenge, I would definitely recommend this book. After reading this book, your understanding of Perl will improve dramatically. In addition, the last few chapters will provide a very useful reference regarding Perl's many modules, functions and such. For serious programmers, you will thank yourself for buying this book.
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on August 12, 2014
I have read this book cover to cover once, a long time ago, and have used it as a reference ever since. This particular offering by O'Reilly is actually written by the creator of the programming language it is attempting to cover. Larry Wall did a very good job with the book. I have owned many many programming books over the years and quite a few were donated to Goodwill, this one remains in my personal library.
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on January 14, 2013
Despite being written by the language's creator, this book is not as informative as you might think. It is very verbose, but it's structured so poorly that it's not suitable as a tutorial nor as a reference.

Don't get me wrong. I love using Perl, and this book is very interesting at times because Larry Wall is an interesting guy. But the discussion is a little dithering and philosophical.

It also has very few example programs. The book recommends that you use _Perl Cookbook_ (from the same publisher) as a companion. While _Perl Cookbook_ is a very good book, it's kind of silly to buy two books if you just want to learn intermediate Perl concepts.

As an alternative to _Programming Perl_, I highly recommend _Intermediate Perl_ from the same publisher (it has an alpaca on the cover). _Intermediate Perl_ is more concise; more informative; better structured; and has more examples.
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on June 5, 2010
This is THE Perl book, but unless your style of learning is very different from mine, I wouldn't recommend it as your FIRST Perl book. For that, try Learning Perl.

But after you've spent some time writing simple Perl scripts, this is an excellent choice for your SECOND Perl book. Don't be alarmed if you don't understand everything; this can also be your fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth Perl book. As your experience grows, this is the book you'll keep coming back to -- and not just for the reference material. You'll learn more each time you read it, but only the parts you're ready for NOW will stick with you.

Challenging and rewarding.
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on March 22, 2001
I was recently asked by a peer (a senior software engineer more at home with Java than Perl) my opinion of this book. After writing it I thought it suitable enough for framing:
"Hmm. Learning Perl and Programming Perl 3e both have roughtly the same information. However, the presentation in Learning Perl is a little more clear on some topics--and is more suitable for less experienced programmers. My recommendation is that you shy away from Learning Perl unless you find that Programming Perl 3e does not fulfill all your basic Perl needs."
This is to say that if you are reasonably technical and able to pick up on programming, Programming Perl is more suitable than Learning Perl. I have found both invaluable in my career, but looking back I realized that Programming Perl has been most helpful.
The authors of this book are the names in Perl. They are intimately familiar with the material and have had years of experience in finding the best way to present the material. I also suggest the Perl Cookbook, but it has enough recommendations on its own.
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on February 4, 2000
This is an excellent companion to the Learing Perl book (also by O'Reilly). If you are new to Perl like I was not too long ago, then start with the Learning Perl book first before you touch this one.
This book is intended to serve as a reference as it tackles the more complicated aspects of Perl. If you start learning Perl with this book, then you will find it a very difficult language to graps. However, I do not want to take anything away from this book. This book is fantastic for those who want to dive into Perl a bit more and have passed the beginners level. I purchased both the books and once I had finished reading the Learning Perl book, I started turning to this book to get a better understanding of things, especially regular expressions.
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on November 16, 2012
If you need a reference text for Perl, look no further. This is it. I used the previous edition for over a decade, and look forward to using this one for many years more. It is updated with the many features and enhancements that have made their way into Perl over the past dozen years or so.

"Unmatched power for text processing and scripting" doesn't even come close to describing Perl.
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on July 15, 2007
Programming Perl, also known as "The Camel Book," is the ultimate reference guide, written by the creator of Perl, Larry Wall. As one might expect, this guide covers every nook and cranny of the Perl programming language. It's greatest strength is also it's greatest weakness: useful nuggets of information are buried everywhere throughout the text. This is a strength in that, when looking up a particular topic, you'll often stumble upon a useful morsel of information. It's a weakness in that you have to slog through often dry reading to find these hidden gems.

It should be noted that this book assumes a working knowledge of Unix, in addition to some previous programming experience. If you are new to programming, or just new to Perl, you should check out Learning Perl, Fourth Edition instead. It is a much easier read, and ranks in my mind among the most well written technical books. Programming Perl makes for a great second book, as well as a desktop reference.
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