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on December 6, 2015
It seems like a good quality stainless steel scoop. The problems I have with it are the inconsistencies with the product. The image shows the scoop marked with a 1 tbsp engraving on the handle. Some customers who have purchased this that replied to my question said theirs is clearly marked 1 tbsp. However, other customers, including myself, our scoops are not marked anywhere as being 1 tablespoon. Mine did not even say it on the packaging.

I took another tablespoon that I have and then filled this one with the same contents and it did not fill up all the way. Perhaps my old spoon was inaccurate? So I took a digital scale and weighed the equivalent of a tablespoon which is half ounce. Well guess what? This scoop definitely holds more than a tablespoon! Perhaps this doesn't matter to some people but to bakers, dieters, for medicine and any other scenario where accuracy is important, this scoop doesn't cut it. I realize this is being sold for scooping coffee but it is also being sold as a scoop measuring a tablespoon and it does not. If they did not describe it as a tablespoon, I would give it more stars. But then, I wouldn't have bought it either!

I ordered two and now I am debating sending the other back. It's too bad because the quality and price ($3) was nice.
If you don't care about the measurement being slightly off then please purchase this without worries. :)
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on October 21, 2016
I spent a lot of time viewing individual 1 tablespoon stainless steel coffee scoops here to be sure I wouldn't get the same brand from a different seller that I had later found faulty.

Armed with that knowledge I can unequivocally say these Prepworks by Progressive 1 tablespoon coffee scoops are better than the brand I had started with and thought so nice that I ordered two more.

These appear to have been stamped out of one piece of stainless steel, like my later purchase of two RSVP Endurance Individual Measuring Spoon, 1 tsp individual 1 tsp measuring spoons, since I see no joint where the handle meets the bowl of the scoop, and there are no rough areas around any edge, the topmost part of the scoop esp.

Hence, I feel this brand merits five stars and recommend it to anyone looking for the same.
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on January 22, 2013
I always made a mess trying to reach anything close to the bottom of the canister, leaving little crumbs from tilting the container too far. This simple spoon has solved that problem. It's about 6" long, and just long enough to reach the bottom of my coffee canister (or a coffee bag, too). Took a picture if that helps anyone.
review image review image
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on March 24, 2017
Purchased for my husband. We grind our own beans at home, and my husband takes a big airtight jar of grounds to work every week to use in his personal coffee maker. He is a coffee snob, and freely admits it.
Anyway, normal scoops just aren't long enough for his jar, so I bought this for him. He says it's perfect, and is very happy with the purchase.
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on November 10, 2016
This is well made but not as pictured or described. Mine, as others have reported is not marked 1 Tablespoon, which is appropriate because the three that I bought do not measure accurately at 1 tablespoon. How do I know? Using a digital gram scale a tablespoon should hold 15 grams of water, or three teaspoons. Test this for yourself if you like. Turn on your scale, place a small bowl on the scale and hit zero/tare to compensate for the bowl. When you fill this measuring device to the rim you will (at least I did anyway) find that the spoon holds 20 grams, or four teaspoons, a 33% excess. I will return the two I haven't opened but use the one that I used for the calibration. When I use it I'll have to short fill it to approximate a tablespoon.

This is not an uncommon problem with all volumetric measurement tools. For example, the tablespoon I have from a legacy set holds 11 grams of water, making it short.

I purchased this because it says 1 Tbs on the handle, mine arrived without that marking as yours probably will too. The seller needs to remove and replace the picture with an actual sample of what they are shipping.
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on September 13, 2016
I bought this to scoop powdered peanut butter, the tablespoon I was using had a very short handle and I wanted something longer to reach the bottom of the large jar. This scoop actually exceeded my expectations! It is built very well and is heavier than I thought it would be which was awesome! The handle reaches to the bottom of my jar easily. I really like the deep scooped cup as it holds the powder in very well (if you are familiar with powdered peanut butter, it is very light and powdery). The edges are smooth and the color is a shiny silver. My product differs from the one pictured because mine does not say 1 Tbsp on it, but otherwise it looks the same.
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on May 2, 2016
I needed a new coffee scoop, and without really looking into it bought this one. I am blown away by all the little details that I didn't know were important to me until I had them. The cup is angled ever so slightly down so that it is easy to tap against the can to level the grounds, the scoop fits very nicely in a standard size coffee can, the handle is angled in such a way that it is very easy to pick up and doesn't cling to the counter, and there is a little lip between the cup and the handle which I have found prevents residual coffee grounds from littering around my coffee pot. I initially bought this scoop because it was aesthetically pleasing but owning it has opened my eyes to the joys of a well designed coffee scoop.
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on April 23, 2016
Appears to be well made but the handle was thinner then I expected and arrived bent (not in line with the top of the scoop). It took me 30 seconds to get it bent so the scoop and handle are in a straight line and not at a angle. Overall, I'm satisfied and will keep the spoon. It serves its purpose and does help getting coffee out of deep bags. On the flip side, this is a $6+ Chinese made coffee scoop that arrived bent.

The take away here is it's a decent spoon and you shouldn't shy away from it if you struggle with getting coffee out of deep, pre-ground bags. The scoop portion is curiously thick, heavy and durable - the handle just feels weird being so thin in comparison.
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on March 18, 2017
Lovely scoop. Way too small. I've got a standard plastic coffee scoop, use three scoops for my coffee and it's perfect. This one, I need six scoops. Kind of pointless how small it is.
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on October 16, 2015
The scoop I received doesn't look the same as pictured ( no writing on the handle) and I find the handle very bendy. I had to straighten it out once I removed it from the packaging. Not sure it's going to last. Love the bowl of the scoop but disappointed in the handle.
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