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on March 12, 2014
Used it once and was pleased with it, although the chain is too short for large mugs and if the mug wall is thick it wont clip on so you have to loop it around the handle then hook it to the chain which reduces the depth at which it will float in your tea....

Second use? Came apart in my hands - the hinge where the two halves lock together is just crimped metal, no bolt or welds - completely un-fixable. Sent back the very next day.
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on March 12, 2014
This may be cheap, but unless you have very large tea leaves, the mesh screen is far too large and most of the tea leaves end up in your tea. Also, shipping took over a month for me, made me think I wasn't going to get it.
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on November 14, 2014
This product is getting a lot of negative reviews, but I wonder if everyone is reviewing the exact same product. I bought mine directly from Amazon for $2.79, not one of the 3rd party China vendors that sell these for $1. The product arrived in a Prepworks-labeled plastic blister-pack. I have used it numerous times over the past month and it still looks great, with no stains or rust.

I also bought a similar looking $1 product from a 3rd party seller. It looks somewhat similar, but the construction quality is noticeably worse. The clasp doesn't line up as well or grip as well. The mesh is wider, so you cannot use it with finely ground teas. This one rusted after I first washed it, before using it for any tea.
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on March 13, 2014
Don't waste your time on this item. The holes are too big and let's out normal size loose tea!! And the clasp is complicated and too cumbersome. Don't bother with this. It looks great in theory but in reality, zip!
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on January 27, 2015
It's good this tea infuser was under $2.00. It was shipped from China and arrived in a tiny envelope with some padding. I can't adequately describe it, so I'm including a photo. The "ball" was smashed and the metal was dark and discolored. A perfect example of "you get what you pay for." I'm not even going to bother sending it back.
review image
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on February 23, 2015
This tea infuser is a disaster. It's basically a sphere divided into two halves and held together with a hinge and a clamp. The clamp is the problem. The clamp has a hinge of its own, and that hinge has a rivet going through it, and the rivet has a head. That rivet head keeps the two haves of the sphere from coming together tightly. So when you put the sphere into the hot water, tea leaves start spewing out one side of the sphere. Disgusting!
There's no point in returning it. It's a $4 item, and the postage to return it would be greater than that. Live and Learn!
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on August 7, 2013
I think the title says it all - received the product, looked a little flimsy but it worked. then i used it, washed it by hand, and the next time I went to use it the thing was covered in rust
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on November 22, 2015
I don't really know why so many people are complaining...Mine came in a nice package, the metal toggle is pretty strong, and the metal pin is well, what it is supposed to be and is much thicker than some I have owned. It's more sturdy than the one you will pay 5.99 for at the grocery store that is for sure.

I have a few versions of tea infusers and strainers, I don't use any of them in a mug or cup that I drink out of. I always use a 3 cup ceramic pot for shorter sessions and a full pot for long days at the drafting table. I also do not leave these stewing in the tea after the appropriate time has passed. When I clean them, which is right after use, I dry it and I never toss them in a dishwasher. I bought this one just to have for my thick bark like teas. I never use mesh for fine teas that most people are used to in teabags, I just use a reusable baggy or a large loose leaf paper bag that hooks onto a funnel (best lazy loader ever XD)

Yes it is made in China but not everything from China is crap, there are legit manufacturers there >.> Sometimes you play roulette, sometimes you get a good deal. I don't expect an add-on to be something mega awesome fabulous that my grandchildren would use. :P
review imagereview image
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on July 8, 2015
This tea ball is awesome for brewing loose tea. I actually bought my first tea ball by this company three years ago and only had to buy a new one very recently because my daily use of it eventually loosened the clamp. For less than $5, I'd say lasting three years is pretty good!

The reason I came back to this tea ball rather than just purchasing one at the grocery store is the metal mesh. No matter what the size of your tea leaves, you can steep your tea without any fear of small pieces of your leaves escaping into your tea. Your tea will come out tasting just the way it should: pure and delicious!

The hook at the end of the chain is really nifty as well, as its flexibility allows you to hook it onto the edge of any mug without you needing to worry about having to rescue your tea ball with a spoon. It'll stay perfectly in place until it's steeped long enough and then you're ready to go.

This product is great for the price. If you're looking for a tea ball, I'd definitely go with this one.
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on September 29, 2016
My primary impression of this tea ball, upon opening the package, is that it felt extremely flimsy and cheaply made, something I might want to think twice before using to infuse a liquid I was about to ingest- but I was a busy student and I needed my tea fix. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the ball didn't fall apart immediately upon first use, nor second, nor third, and so on. While it did sustain some dents, they did not have any impact on the function of the product. Shortly after (a month or so?) the hinges on the ball began to adjust and I began finding far more leaves in my tea than I would have preferred, due to the fact that a sizeable gap between the two sides of the ball had begun to open up. It was time to toss this one in the trash and move on. I feel that $5 is far more than this is worth.
Note: I noticed many other reviewers speaking about the length of the chain and the size of the hook, I was using the ball in a regular-sized coffee mug with edges that weren't terribly thick, so this wasn't much of an issue for me. There were, however a few instances where I attempted to use the ball on a thicker mug, and had to resort to wrapping the chain around the mug handle and hooking it through itself.
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