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on August 11, 2017
This way too rushed. The big ending that I was hoping for, and that the author led us to in the other books, just didn't happen because it was rushed and we already knew the ending because for some reason she revealed literally EVERYTHING in a vision that Gemma had. Which ruined it. There was absolutely no conflict whenever the ending came, it was just like the vision. Gemma and Alex just held hands, had one last stupid make out session and then they just died. But, oh, they were brought back to life even though that literally has never happened before. Seriously? You couldn't have just done a Shakespeare thing and made it where they died in each other's arms, happily? I would have been happier with that ending honestly.

I absolutely hated reading Alex's side of everything. I basically just skimmed through his parts because, 1) it's basically just a repeat of what happened on Gemma's view but with Alex's feelings and 2) all of his thoughts were just about how obsessed with Gemma he is. How ridiculous is that?! Throughout this series the author makes it seem like Alex actually likes Gemma but he's not good at revealing his feelings. I had this view of him and how I thought he thought but boy was I wrong! In the first chapter of his view all of that went out the window. He just became this needy, obsessed boy and was nothing like the MAN the author portrayed him to be. Honestly, I think she only added his view in because she didn't have anything else to add. I could have done without his view on anything.

No one mentions at all how or when the whole world got destroyed by the Mark of Malefiscus. It just kind of happened and the worst thing is, she doesn't even tell you how or when throughout the whole book. Another thing that just kind of happens is Aislin and Laylen get the mark. Literally one second they're outside defeating bad witches that just appear at there door for no reason (which wouldn't seem so random if there was more of an explanation as to what the hell happened between the third and fourth book), and then the next second Laylen is attacking Gemma and then switches to Alex's view and he just shows up and Gemma is all tied up and knocked out and she tells Alex that everyone has the mark. She does not mention anything at ALL about what happened and how she got knocked out and tied up. Apparently, something happened that made her KNOW that Aislin also got the mark along with Laylen but we never know what happens because the author never tells us. She's too focused on other things in the book making it all rush to a really stupid ending that was ruined because she put it all in a vision.

When this book ends, everyone is happy and everything is great. Blah blah blah, it's the end of the series. NOT!! Not only does she try to keep you interested by adding the whole thing about trying to save her dad, but the author creates ANOTHER series on Gemma and Alex's relationship, which you can get a preview of the first chapter at the end of this book. Apparently, even though they've been happy for a long time the Queen of the Underworld decides to come up and take Alex hostage ruining everything. Just --- no. There's a point where you need to stop and these four books were enough on Gemma and Alex's relationship.
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This is the final book in this series, and it was awesome. There is so much going on now. Gemma knows what she has to do to save the world, and to save her love Alex. But Alex also has something up his sleeve to help save Gemma. It kind of reminded me slightly of Romeo and Juliet, I won't give away more than that though. But I was extremely happy with the end. I ended up loving Alex, even though at times I thought he was a real jerk, but he is perfect for Gemma.

I highly recommend this book, and series. Seriously it is just that awesome!!
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on January 6, 2014
Oh. My. Gosh. That's the only way I can think to put it. This book is amazing, possibly even the best in the series. I couldn't put my Kindle down until I finished it. Jessica Sorensen has done it again! It never fails to amaze me how real she makes everything. The characters and plot are (as always) well developed. Unlike the previous three books, the point of view switches between Gemma and Alex. I like this because your able to see into both of the characters minds and know what happens when Gemma isn't around. The only complaints toward this book (and the previous three) of the Fallen Star series is that there are many minor grammar and editing errors throughout the book. This whole series captivated me from the very first sentence to the last word and I was so happy when I saw there's a spinoff series. I probably would've died if it had ended (well, maybe not DIED...). After all that rambling, I just want to say that this is by far one of the best things I have ever read and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this amazingly epic (yes, I just said that) series to all my fellow book lovers out there.
-Madison :)
Btw, who else want to date Alex? Back off Gemma, HE'S MINE!!!
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on June 22, 2013
No direct spoilers in this review but if you read on you'll probably be able to figure a lot out as you read the book. This book did a decent job of wrapping up the storyline but the ending was too simplistic. Everything that was any kind of action with regard to the conclusion was foreseen in advance, which meant when the end finally came there was little to tell. I felt that the "loophole" was pretty obvious well in advance too. In addition, I'm starting to get more annoyed with spelling and grammar errors in these apparently self-published books (it's a VIAL; vile is something disgusting, unpleasant or wretched!!). Overall I did enjoy the story though. Just felt that the repetitive things detracted a bit. Not sure if I'll read on into the next series with these characters.
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on September 30, 2012
This final book in the Fallen Star series is, actually, not the final book at all. It is, but it isn't, if you follow what I just said. Having just completed the novel, I was sad to see that the series was over, especially because not all my questions were answered. However, at the very end of the novel I was informed that The Lost Soul is already out and it's a spinoff of the Fallen Star series. It's a new series, but it continues the story of Alex and Gemma. Happy dance, the story does continues!

In the fourth installment of the Fallen Star series, Sorensen gives the reader both Gemma's and Alex's viewpoint throughout the story. It's a first for the series, but I absolutely loved having two points of view and I hope this continues in the Fallen Soul series. Being able to follow both characters throughout the novel was amazing, especially as Gemma and Alex were away from each other throughout much of the story. This allowed me to stay connected to both characters as Sorensen begins to bring them back together again, which I really enjoyed.

I have to say that the ending wasn't really what I was expecting. Based on all the twists and turns within not only this novel, but also the entire series, I really thought there would be some sort of knock down drag out fight at the end in order to save both Alex and Gemma from death. There isn't. It all sort of neatly resolves itself, and while I love a happy ending, it did leave me scratching my head. However, like I said, there is a spinoff to the series, so it's not over yet, and I'm sure we'll learn even more enticing information and perhaps some of my questions will be answered as well.

Overall, I really liked this series and I highly suggest picking it up if you haven't tried and of Sorensen's novels yet.
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on December 4, 2016
I am re-reading this series with the shattered promises series. Both series are great and love thia author. Juat like reading the other books cant wait for more.
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on June 16, 2014
I really enjoyed this series! Really every book I enjoyed. Not sure I could pick a favorite. On characters I do have my favorites of course it is going to be Alex and Gemma. I mean they are the main characters. There love for each other is very sweet. But Overwhelming to each other because of the whole star thing.
Knowing this series is ending is kind of bittersweet to me. I love the characters and the storyline that much.
I didnt really care for the ending of this book. I thought she could have ended it better. But knowing now that their is a spin off series makes me incredibly happy. I was ecstatic to find this out.
I liked the switching back and forth to Gemma and then to Alex. Although it did get confusing at times. I had to go back and check whose POV I was on. But it was a great idea.
I loved this series. Cant wait to read the spinoff series.
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on April 24, 2017
I loved this book so much. So happy with the ending and they finally got to be together. Loved it all sometimes it pays to be good.
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on October 1, 2012
What a great ending to the Fallen Star Series! My actual rating is 3.5 Stars, but since I'm not cool enough to give half star ratings on this site, I just settled with four.

As always, I loved the character chemistry between Alex and Gemma, and finally we got some good romance in there! I still feel like there's a lot left unresolved, including the Aislin/Laylen/Gemma situation, but hopefully the spin-off series answers those questions for me. My favorite character through this whole mess has got to be Alex. His character is so complex, so brooding and mysterious, that he kept me guessing until the end. Plus he just sounds really cute. :)

The plot was just as fast-paced as the other novels, but I will admit that the ending was a bit of a disappointment. Not gonna lie, I expected a HUGE showdown and stuff, but then when it rolled around, it just...well...ended. Just like that. Throughout the entire series we had this motif of suspense and plot-twists, but in the end it kind of all fell flat for me. Plus, it just seemed like whoever edited this was in a hurry or on a caffeine buzz because I saw a lot of mistakes that could've easily been caught.

I still loved the premise of this entire series, though, and I think Sorensen did a bang up job of putting her new idea out there. Looking forward to the spin-off series! :)
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on September 20, 2016
This story drags you in from the beginning of the series and made me read all the books back to back within a few days.
Gemma grows in (emotional and physical) strength and power. You finally see things from Alex's perspective and actions that he had made in the past start to click together and make more sense. I thought I was at the end of the series and then I find there are two more following the story in a spin off... well I know what I'm ready next.
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