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on February 10, 2014
The tablet seems to be very well made, and when Amazon was shipping it they got the product to me in two days at no cost with Prime! The big problem is that ProntoTec is in China with no customer support, website or FAQ! Amazon absolutely stands behind their products 100% with incredible and outstanding customer care and really tried to help even though the manufacturer didn't. The bottom line is that Amazon will solve this with a return BUT if you would rather keep what looks like a great entry-level tablet, you need to trouble-shoot it yourself. If you are not a hacker or Android user here are a couple of tips to get up and running.

1) In my case, the charger plug would not seat and I didn't want to force it - so it couldn't charge the tablet! Others mentioned the power switch not working - it is likely that the battery never charged properly! FIX: plug the supplied USB cable into your computer while it is on and your tablet will get a full charge in about five hours (see #2).

2) The tablet USB doesn't show a connection to your computer. FIX: in my case the micro USB didn't seat properly in the tablet so it was not physically connecting. You need to press it in firmly and make sure it is all the way in.

3) Biggest problem for me - the error message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" flashes every five seconds" out-of-the-box," locking you out of your tablet! FIX: After over a week of poking around, the solution is so simple I can't believe ProntoTec never answered my emailed question! Go to the top of your screen and finger-swipe down, then select SETTINGS. If the error messages persist, just keep hitting OK for a few minutes and it will go eventually stop for a minute. Select RESET and click through the menus to reset your tablet. This will erase all info and settings on the tablet but this is a brand new device so there should be nothing to erase other than resetting the system. Once reset - the tablet works great (so far)!

4) Directions are included in very, very broken English - with solutions blacked out! Also, the manufacturer assumes you know Andriod Jelly Bean and can navigate the tablet on your own. FIX - The important icons are: HOME (looks like a building with a roof), PROGRAMS (circle with dots inside), GO BACK (looks like return carriage), RUNNING APPS (box over box). You can close apps on this page once you see them by swiping them each off the screen with your finger.

Hope that helps!
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on April 9, 2015
I bought this item as a gift for my mother. I thought it would be a good way to introduce her to an Android tablet. It turned out to be a terrible product. For starters, it only lasted two months before it quit working. Here is what you can expect from this product (while it does work):
-Terrible screen resolution (Must be looking at the screen straight on)
-Terrible sound quality (Headphones are louder from the same distance)
-Weak processing power
-30 to 60 minute battery life (not an exaggeration)
-Terrible Android software (I'm an Android fan, but have never seen Android software this awful)
Bottom Line: Spend the money to get a decent tablet that will last a long time and that you will actually enjoy. I seriously don't understand the good reviews this product received, it really is a bad product. I have apologized so many times for giving this "gift" to my mother.
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on January 17, 2015
FINAL UPDATE: I just got the replacement tablet after the first one died and the new one they sent me does not have an HDMI port. The retail box has stickers plastered to cover the old spec which had dual core and HDMI port. The seller has switched to the newer version of the tablet without updating their Amazon page.

UPDATE: Had to knock off one star because the battery is not holding a charge anymore. It wont turn on even when plugged to the power adapter. Returning it and getting another one. Hopefully it will last longer like the other ProntoTec tablets that I have. Can't expect much about reliability since these are budget priced gadgets with no warranty.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: This tablet comes already rooted making it easy to customize but also easy to mess up. The first thing I did was turn off developer mode in order to prevent my wife from accidentally modifying the system files. The app menu shows only 23 apps at first powerup. The only non-standard apps are ES File Explorer, File Manager, Fruit Ninja, Flash, YouTube, Skype and OWL Player. No junk or trialware installed. And unlike other Chinese made tablets the time zone and language settings are already set for the US! There is no bluetooth but it's a battery drain so it wont be missed. I purchased this tablet mainly for the HDMI output in order to watch Netflix and YouTube on our TV. Audio is good and video quality is excellent at 1080p. It can handle racing games pretty well but modern 3rd or 1st person shooters are beyond its capability.
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on March 8, 2015
I loved the price which is what made me buy 2 of these for my kids. The screen cracked on the first one when it was sitting on my sons pillow. He flopped on his bed and his head bumped the screen and it was broke. My daughter took good care of hers but after a month it wouldn't charge or turn on anymore. Both of them changed to chinese language on their own and it took about an hour to figure how to change them back. When they did work they were okay, but holding it you could tell what low quality it was. Dont waste your money buying this. Spend the extra money for a better tablet.
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on July 2, 2015
I've been buying Microsoft tablets- either HP, Dell or Asus and within 6 months they've all broken on me not to mention they're super expensive. THIS TABLET IS THE BEST 40 DOLLAR PIECE OF EQUIPEMENT, it's sturdy (im mean you can tell its made cheap but it doesn't feel overly light or breakable). Right out the box I downloaded Hulu off of google play and immediatly started watching all my shows. Lets just say Im not rich but I liked this tablet so much I got one for my husband, my mother-in law and myself. Next is for the kids- if it breaks buy a new one! The charger is kinda specific to the brand (old school) and it has a micro USB port for a keyboard. I love this tablet, been playing plants vs zombies all night. LOL highly suggest you buy this is your on a budget and want something good but simple, this is it.
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on December 11, 2017
My Dad uses this. The only trouble he has is it won't rotate all the time like it should. He likes it to be tall like in the picture but it likes to be sideways.
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on August 6, 2015
Honestly, I wasn't expecting something amazing. I mean, $40 isn't much to spend on electronics. But come on. I just got it today, about 6 hours ago. I let it charge, then attempted to get the apps I needed (I got this to try and get my business off the ground) In the last 45 minutes or so it's frozen 6 times. I've had to turn it off and back on to unfreeze if. It's happened twice while in the Play store and 4 times it's been the instant I open the camera. Granted, the quality of the camera itself is pretty bad, but there are things I need a camera for, despite the poor quality. Needless to say, if it continues to do this, it'll be getting shipped back, and I will expect a refund. I'll find something worth the money.
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on December 22, 2014
It goes online.. it does work but not impressed with the durability. It feels very cheap when you hold it. My 8 yr old son put a password lock on it and there is no way to reset it that we have found. Just all and all not to impressed. It was cheap so that's why I gave it a 3 stars.. it does do what it says.. the sound is good.. the screen scratched right after the first use, before I had time to put the screen protector on it. The screen protector did come with the device, but honestly I thought that being it was brand new, trying to take it away from my son to just put the screen protector wasn't necessary. No, really, you need it because everything scratches the screen. The device looks like we have had it for years and it has only been about a month. Good for the price but just be careful and put the screen protector on immediately.
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on March 26, 2015
Tech is my thing, so I have no delusions about low end hardware. I really wanted to like this little guy but unfortunately it was hardly usable.

The low screen resolution is one thing but the lighting made it difficult to see keys and links, especially if you were looking at it from any angle other than face-on. I'm a heavy Google Drive user, but this tablet regularly froze when I would load a spreadsheet or multi-page document. I felt like the power just wasn't there even for some basic document viewing. Mine also powered off at random from the day I unboxed it; not the graceful "your tablet will shut down" event, but the "blink and it's off" phenomenon.

It's possible I got a bad unit; many others seem to enjoy this model. *shrug*
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on December 29, 2014
It is o.k. if you only plan to do a few things on it. The images are not very clear, few pixels when trying to watch Netflix or any types of video. I believe the same would go for video games as well. I had ordered them as Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew to play with. My niece attends a school where they list and put her assignments online as well. But the screen is small and do not feel that it would fulfill it's purpose. Great price but you literally get what you paid for. I am just glad I charged it and tested it before wrapping it. I had the chance to send it back.
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