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on October 22, 2015
I had a NDE after a serious motorcycle accident when I was 33 years old - I'm now 70! The experience will always be with me! Our Creators name is LOVE!!! Sometimes when I tell my story, the reactions are good and sometimes people just think the brain is reacting to the death process! I only wish I had the ability to express in words what took place, however, I now realize, that words can never express the LOVE that that I felt and the removal of all hate! Hate does not live in that realm, and can never live there! To feel totally immersed in LOVE, cannot be put into the languages of this world - I've tried and failed. I will tell you this much - all religions fail - ALL. Our creator is so far beyond this nonsense that I can't even put it in words! All I know is that I will always LOVE my creator, OM, or what ever name you want to use! I really stopped caring if people believed me or not, however, when they want to know what I experienced - I'm always happy to tell them what happened to me - as best I can - with the limitations that language can express! What a great book! Thanks to you Doctor; now others may understand what I went through! Rather you are a believer or not, Religious or Attheist, Agnostic, or what ever you are, at the very least you will come away with questions, that will at least make you wonder!!! I actually feel blessed that my Creator had me go through this in my Life - as painful as it was! It really made me look at Life in a much different way! Sorry for going on and on, but, I really appreciated this book, especially from a neurosurgeon! All I know is; that to me it was no dream! This was so different that I know it will be with me until I return to my Creator. What an experience! I thought my life was over at age 33, however, he/she, Creator, OM, Love, Truth, has shown me what Life really is! I hope all, and I mean all find what I found! Maybe, just maybe, this world or realm we live in would become a better place!
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on June 18, 2017
Heavenly! Reading Dr. Alexander's account makes one think and re-think what is really "out there" and whether this (life here) is a final stop or just another transitioning station among many!...
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on October 18, 2016
Great book. Much more believable coming from the personal experience of a neurosurgeon. I recommend this book to anyone who wonders if there really can be a life after death. Easy read and he puts things into lay terms so you don't have to try to decipher what he is saying about his illness, so he explains medical terms you might not know. I enjoyed this book and feel a little more optimistic that there will be something or somewhere that I go after this life and knowing that it's not just "all over" at death is reassuring to me. Thanks to the author...would love to chat with him personally.
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on November 29, 2014
Dr. Alexander comes from a medical background and speaks very clearly about his story of being comatose for 7 days. His experience will likely be more meaningful to people in the sciences/medicine who because of their training, education and experience are skeptical of a God they were taught about growing up or in Church. It is also unique because it comes directly from a person who is well acquainted with current understanding of the brain and consciousness and he can see where we our understanding falls short.

Previous to his experience he was generally agnostic as he says "the older I got, however, the less likely supernatural beliefs seemed. Like an ocean wearing away a beach, over the years my scientific worldview gently but steadily undermined my ability to believe in something larger. Science seemed to be providing a steady onslaught of evidence that pushed our significance in the universe even closer to zero. Belief would have been nice. But science is not concerned with what would be nice. It's concerned with what is." p.35 He becomes ill and falls into a coma for a week during which he learns that not only does God exist but that he is "so completely beyond any of our human attempts at capturing God in words or pictures while here on earth. p. 160 After his experience he examines what happened from a medical view point and still comes away completely sure that what he learned in seven days trumps 20 years of rigorous study.
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on March 31, 2017
I'm on disc 3. I am very much enjoying this audio book. The author reading it to me really is a bonus, the occasional, unmistakable emotion in his voice is touching. The the charts fantastic!!
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on February 23, 2017
The subject matter of near death experiences (NDE's) has intrigued me for probably three decades. Because Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon I wanted to read his story from a brain specialist’s point of view. The book is very well written. He takes you through his experience both from his memories while in a coma and from the family and medical perspective. The medical aspect was explained in layman's terms so it was clear to me what happened to him in the natural realm.
Having read or watched a number of NDE stories I found this one fascinating for the detail, the rational and logical explanation on why his was a real afterlife experience and not some hallucination, fantasy or dream. His account was well done, engaging, and never boring. Much of his life story as well as his NDE story are woven together in a book that is both entertaining and informative.
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on September 14, 2017
I've never doubted Heaven existed. What made this book special to me was that he shared his story on finding his birth family. His comments on how his family (not birth family) handled his near death was so well written that I felt I was in the hospital room with them. I'd like to meet this man and shake his hand...or give him a hug.
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on May 2, 2015
A good read on another NDE experience. Eben has a different way of describing what his experience was like when he leaves this mortality which adds credibility to his experience. He was wise enough to write his story before reading about other people's NDEs. Many within the neurologist profession have been adamant the NDE experience can be triggered by a number of methods and Eben, having been one of those neurologists who was skeptical and a non-believer of NDEs, refutes every one of those theories based on his personal experience. I would highly recommend reading this, especially for those in the science community who have difficulties accepting these experiences are true.
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on March 19, 2017
Amazing book. I have always been a skeptic until I lost my children and some amazing things happened to that let me know they were still with me but in a different place. Then working in Hospice, I saw some truly amazing prior to death experiences that wow beyond drug induced. It gives me hope even with the daily struggles of life.
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on January 14, 2013
I lost my daughter three years ago. My sorrow has been for her sad life as a sufferer of mental illness. She had multiple myeloma and.suffered so much. To have her gone from me is so painful. Especially when I remember her last day here with us. She was in a nursing home and was rushed to the hospital. When I came in she said " Thank you for coming"' To this day it tears at my soul. We knew this was the end and she died without gaining consciousness. I believe Mr. Alexander and now I rejoice to think she is with God. I will see her and my loved ones. "Now we look through a glass darkly"............ Yesterday in church, everything made so much more to me. Read this book.
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