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on October 22, 2015
I had a NDE after a serious motorcycle accident when I was 33 years old - I'm now 70! The experience will always be with me! Our Creators name is LOVE!!! Sometimes when I tell my story, the reactions are good and sometimes people just think the brain is reacting to the death process! I only wish I had the ability to express in words what took place, however, I now realize, that words can never express the LOVE that that I felt and the removal of all hate! Hate does not live in that realm, and can never live there! To feel totally immersed in LOVE, cannot be put into the languages of this world - I've tried and failed. I will tell you this much - all religions fail - ALL. Our creator is so far beyond this nonsense that I can't even put it in words! All I know is that I will always LOVE my creator, OM, or what ever name you want to use! I really stopped caring if people believed me or not, however, when they want to know what I experienced - I'm always happy to tell them what happened to me - as best I can - with the limitations that language can express! What a great book! Thanks to you Doctor; now others may understand what I went through! Rather you are a believer or not, Religious or Attheist, Agnostic, or what ever you are, at the very least you will come away with questions, that will at least make you wonder!!! I actually feel blessed that my Creator had me go through this in my Life - as painful as it was! It really made me look at Life in a much different way! Sorry for going on and on, but, I really appreciated this book, especially from a neurosurgeon! All I know is; that to me it was no dream! This was so different that I know it will be with me until I return to my Creator. What an experience! I thought my life was over at age 33, however, he/she, Creator, OM, Love, Truth, has shown me what Life really is! I hope all, and I mean all find what I found! Maybe, just maybe, this world or realm we live in would become a better place!
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on October 14, 2014
A useful addition to the NDE literature. Like all the other books on this subject, this one does not prove there is life after death. However, it does show that there is a huge amount we don't know about the brain and consciousness. Anything that helps us wake up to that fact is a good thing, in my view.

I applaud Dr. Alexander for his courage in publicly recounting his experience, and thereby helping to move the field of noetic science further forward. I also highly recommend Dr. Charles Tart's review of the book. He has done vast amounts of research in this and related fields--the "forbidden" areas beyond mainstream neuroscience.

here is the link to Dr. Tart's review of the book

Esquire Magazine's article bashing Dr Alexander thoroughly distorts the facts: regarding Eben Alexander's reported experience, regarding witness statements, and even regarding His Holiness the Dalai Lama's statements. For their own gain, the Esquire editors have trashed Dr. Eben Alexander's reputation.
Score one for "scientific" dogmatism...

Here is the link to Esquire Magazine's unwarranted attack upon the book and its author
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on November 10, 2012
I pre-ordered this title when I heard it was written by a respected Neurologist who had held, previous to his own "Near-death experience (NDE)," to the standard line that consciousness is a product of brain function. When I was finally able to read it, I was happy to find, first of all, that this was written in a very non-technical accessable fact it reads a bit like a novel, as he recounts his experience while in coma resulting from severe bacterial menengitis. Much is about the experience of his friends and family, which he obviously had to piece together after hearing their stories after his recovery. A lot of it (an almost tedious amount of it, in fact) is about how dire his situation was while in coma to demonstrate how unlikely it was that he was able to fully recover, and how unlikely, from the conventional medical point of view, he should have any conscious experience whatever while in coma. And the experience itself is quite remarkable, and fairly unique among NDE experiences; a uniqueness he addresses as attributable to his circumstances (I would tend to agree). He relates a lot of personal information about his life and how meaningful his experience has been in resolving his deep personal issues. He also reflects in various ways about the experience, as his on-going effort to process what happened to him, I think. By the end of his account, just when you think he has told all, he reveals a starling little twist that really does approach the claim of "proof" in the title.

Now, I have been an avid follower of NDE research ever since Raymond Moody's seminal "Life After Life," and found the account by Eben Alexander especially compelling because of his strict orientation as a scientist and neurologist. As such he was in a unique position to evaluate his experience, and came away utterly convinced that consciousness is definitely not a product of brain function, but exists independent of the brain and body; the complete opposite of what he believed prior to his experience. Previously he believed that the death of the brain meant the end of consciousness, but his experience taught him otherwise. One thing I should point out, though, is since he was in a coma, and not in a state of clinical death, that this experience should not be described as a "near-death" experience in the classical sense. I think that the fact he was not technically dead would account for the differences between his experiece and the experiences of those who technically "died" and rescusitated (this is just my non-expert opinion, though). Nevertheless, I find his account very compelling as his brain was, although not technically dead, virtually non-functional during his experience, and so invalidates any medical explanation to account for it. And Eben Alexander is certainly a qualified expert to determine this, which seems to be in accord with his central reason for writing this account.

I have read some criticisms where the reviewer felt Dr. Alexander did not provide enough detail about his "heavenly" experience. However, his purpose here, it seems, is not to have written a kind of travel log, or tell-all about the afterlife, but to show how and why his experience changes everything about what he formerly believed. All in all, I found this to be a very compelling read, well worth the readers time if interested in this sort of thing. Highly recommended.
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on April 18, 2013
This book is truly a gift. Dr. Alexander felt compelled to share his profound NDE experience, and he has become in a sense a modern day prophet. The book does not use traditional religious images, but rather transcends orthodoxy with a deeply spiritual description of afterlife. I especially appreciated his reflections on the meaning and source of consciousness. There is much to ponder in his writing, and his bibliography gives many excellent sources for continued study. This is one of the few books I have encountered that upon finishing it, I immediately read it a second time, and began recommending it to others. Because it does not use traditional religious language, this book can be a deeply meaningful experience for people of any faith background (or lack thereof).

My only quibble is the title...perhaps suggested by the publisher as a way to pique popular interest. Dr. Alexander is simply describing his experience, not trying to prove anything, and the word "heaven" is used rarely if at all in the book. A more accurate title would be (smile) "Reflections on the Meaning of Life, Love, and Consciousness Following a Life-Threatening Illness Written by a Neurosurgeon Who Really Understands How the Brain Works" ... but in the publishing world, less is more as far as titles go. Bottom line - a fascinating and enriching read, highly recommended.
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on January 26, 2017
I loved this book. At times it can be difficult to comprehend as he is a neurosurgeon and uses medical terms to justify and explain his experiences. But overall, I absolutely loved this book and the fact that is written directly from someone in the medical field who would have, before his journey, said it wasn't possible.
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on March 16, 2015
Does consciousness arise strictly from the anatomical structure and biochemistry of the brain OR is the brain some kind of "radio receiver" which when tuned into some, as yet, undiscovered "dimension or realm", produces or "transmits" consciousness to our brains? Until science can actually develop experiments which can answer this question, we will not know. If science can never decide this question, then either possibility remains on the table. Nevertheless, after reading this book, I tend to think we would not need a brain so complex if all it had to do was cope with the physical world around us. Hence, it is my guess that science will someday discover that "dimension or realm" which "transmits" consciousness to our brains. In those cases where the brain is damaged or diseased then the brain simply cannot make a good connection to that unknown dimension and its "transmitter" -- but that leads to a paradox about this theory. This is the "radio receiver" theory of consciousness...
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on January 11, 2014
Dr. Alexander writes about his personal near death experience (NDE), which was unique in its causes and somewhat different than most reported NDEs. His insights are deeply personal, and the doctor stresses the impossibility of using language to describe what happened to him - or at least his remembrance of it - but he determined that the experience was valid and had a purpose. The purpose was to allow him to expose the fact that consciousness survives the death of the body. Like many other NDEs reported his is both unique and common. Much like the survivors of the Titanic, each has their own special story but all of the stories swing around the common theme of shipwreck.

Evidence of the doctors experience actually comes from a source not mentioned by him. As he detailed in the book, his near death was the result of a specialized bacteriological agent that, if it was loosed upon humanity, could destroy at least half the people on earth in a year. And while he talks for awhile about this bacteria and what it could do, it is actually a minor part of his story. There is the key. As a rock solid scientists and medical man, in other circumstances his ENTIRE focus would be on that potentially mass killing agent and not on his personal experience. But in this instance his entire focus is on his remembered incident.

This focus is unusual in the extreme for a person with the author's background. This should tell the reader that Dr. Alexander is absolutely sincere and deeply believes that what he saw, heard, felt, and otherwise went through was absolutely real.

The author does not spend any time on philosophy or trying to explain the conundrum of life. Descartes' "ghost in the machine" doesn't concern him. He tells us that consciousness is nothing like any philosopher has told us or could ever tell us. What the doctor has said is life and consciousness are so vast and mysterious that they cannot be explained in language or comprehended by our earthly minds. Deeply within creation is what he sometimes terms a creator, but he stresses that our minds cannot grasp what this reality is or means. With this he moves far beyond human experience as a foundation for truth. He clearly denotes that our minds cannot find or determine truth and could not comprehend it if we did find it - at least through observation and measurement. What he describes is beyond measurement and science.

While the doctor does not say it, his ideas mean that all our philosophy and science will not attain the ultimate goal of understanding existence because we are not capable of such understanding. His result is neither rational or irrational, it is beyond any kind of rationality. In the final boiled down explanation he tells us love is the key to the universe and that we can, through meditation and other semi-spiritual means, move closer to that truth. This idea is not new, and in fact reaches back thousands of years to the very beginnings of humanity. Thus, the doctor offers little that is new outside of his individual experience.

The book is easy to read and understand and gives the reader a good insight into the doctor's mind. Dr. Alexander is a brilliant man and has a mind honed to a fine edge by his education and insights. Well worth the time to read. His list of other reading sources on NDE is excellent.

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on January 3, 2013
Thanatophobia - " The fear of death " rules my life and has been getting worse as time goes by. Reading this book has brought relief and hope to me. Authored by a very educated scientist / doctor and I presume well off financially man makes me trust in its content all the more.....Why ? Because as a scientist he has forged ahead against : what most of his colleagues believe ( which I'm sure affected him negatively in their eyes ) , against everything he was taught, and what he himself believed for years. And I also doubt being a man who was greatly respected and we'll off authored this just out of greed....... He was surrounded by so many others who could attest to this miracle. This book strengthens my belief in GOD that has been growing as I get older and knocks down any little doubt I did have.... Am I still scared to die ? Of course I am, but it is less intense now and I will continue to read others experiences , have faith , hope and love , and to keep praying to GOD to see me through... Thank you for sharing your story Dr. Alexander and spreading GODS message to us all ; that he is REAL and that he LOVES us !!!
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on May 1, 2017
One of these best of the books written on this topic. It is a good place to start for those without faith to start.
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on April 19, 2017
I had read the book on Kindle, and as I love to be read to, I buy a lot of good books on CD. Usually I am able to find good books on CD in used good condition, but this story, written and read by a brilliant neuron surgeon, was well worth have pric. I bought another for a good friend and she told me that this book has changed her life, and her previous fear of death. I am getting ready to play it again, as I finish a blanket that I have been knitting
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